The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1548


The consciousness body of the grand grandeur exploded.

Is it just a word of fate?

Everyone is complexion changed, no matter what the previous attitude is, everyone instantly stands on the opposite of fate.

"hong long long!"

After all, the air statue is the air statue. Although it was exploded, it quickly formed again, but it faded out a lot. Was hit hard.

Yan Chuan was fortunate for a while, if it was a little later, the explosion would be Zizi, Zizi does not have the divine ability to recover.


Netherworld River Old Ancestor stood in front of the grandmaster.

"Fate? Oh, today is in a hurry, but I also want to ask Fate!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said solemnly.

While speaking, beckoned, the Netherworld River Avenue around Yan Chuan was suddenly recruited, and the broken blood sea of ​​the original beginning also recovered as before, rolling out with fierce power.

But the fate at this moment is only staring at the grandeur.

"The past is gone, why rebirth! Abominable parasite!" Mingshu opened the mouth and said again.

The same words as before.

"Exit!" The fate was repeated again.

"The river is overwhelming, and the black river is raging!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor shouting loudly.

The billowing black river rushed towards the fate, and instantly stopped the heavy blow to the grand grandeur.

“bang! ”

A huge crash sounded, the Netherworld River skyrocketed, and the original blood sea exploded again.

"This is a consciousness with incomplete fate!" Zhong Shan opened the mouth and said on the side.

"Incomplete?" Everyone looked towards Zhongshan.

"Yes, not complete, he is only targeting the grandeur, that is to say, he has only one purpose and is not interested in other purposes!" Zhong Shan said.


"We provoke him, he will not be irritated, because this is not him yet, or a trace of his remnant thoughts. It is all on this instinct to act, no Thought. He has only one purpose, to destroy the grandeur! As in the past, now Great Thousand World, he only does things within the purpose!" Zhong Shan said.

"Come for me? hahaha!" A strong unwillingness flashed in the eyes of the grand grandeur.

"Abi, Yuantu!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor shouting loudly.


The two long swords stood in the Promise in an instant, and the fortune spurted out.

As soon as the fortune came out, all around suddenly formed a new Heaven and Earth general.

"hong long long!"

Abi and Yuantu Shuangjian are creating a perfect world.

"The past is gone, why rebirth? Abominable parasite!"



The same shock caused the Abi Yuantu world to collapse for a while.

"Netherworld River is monstrous!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said coldly.

“bang! ”

The figure of the fateful general was beaten away from several li.

Qingshu still stared at the grand grandeur.

"The past is gone, why rebirth? Abominable parasite!"



The huge impact caused the Netherworld River Old Ancestor that was blocking the front to fly upside down. For a time, the world created by Netherworld River suddenly shattered.

Netherworld River's face is gloomy.

The opposite is still staring at the grand grandeur.

"Ten 8 Heavenly Layer? Netherworld River Old Ancestor is also the 10 8 Heavenly Layer?" The grand grandeur asked in surprise.

It turned out to look down on the younger generation, but Dongfang Bubai and Netherworld River Old Ancestor actually all showed the strength of the Ten 8 Heavenly Layer.

This is just a part of the consciousness of fate, every action can kill oneself.

Today I can't resist it at all!

"Heh!" The grandeur of the air showed a bitter smile.

"Happy, hahaha, come again, the world will decide!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor shouting loudly.


In the Promise, a huge black giant cauldron suddenly appeared and rushed down.


The fleshy body of the minister was suddenly blocked. But his body shape sank suddenly.

"The past is gone, why rebirth? Abominable parasite!"

"Who dares to stop me?"

Fate number shocking loudly, this time, than Earlier there was an extra sentence'Who dares to stop me! "

The fate number was hit in one palm, and the monstrous giant palm rushed straight to the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.


Bigger than before With double the power, the Netherworld River Avenue suddenly shook strongly, and the Netherworld River Old Ancestor flew upside down.

"Huh! "

Netherworld River Old Ancestor suddenly stabilized his figure.

"Is it stronger? "Netherworld River Old Ancestor said in surprise.

"The consciousness of fate has awakened partly again! "Zhong Shan frowned.

Part of the previous consciousness was just to kill the grandeur, but as the effect could not be achieved, another part of the consciousness was revived.

Relatively, fate At this moment, the power has also skyrocketed partly.

"The fate must kill the Grand Thousand. If the effect is not achieved, I will not give up. Just like Great Thousand World, only the death of the Grand Thousand World can he retreat! "Zhong Shan frowned.

Venerable Grand Master?

Everyone looked at Grand Master Grandmaster.

In a blink of an eye, everyone once again stood in front of Grand Master Grandmaster.

No matter how giving tit for tat was before, now it is considered the same enemy and hate, no one will give up allies at this time, because everyone is a grasshopper on the same line, today because of fear, give up the grandeur, tomorrow Others will give up on themselves in this way.

Looking at the fate that is getting stronger and more sensible in the distance, the air is showing a bitter smile again.

"It seems this It was wrong to unblock this time, I shouldn't wake up! "Wei Qi Zun said bitterly.

Wei Qi Zun looked at Heaven and Earth behind him.

"The descendants of the ages, I will re-emergence again. Looking at this world, I will not be completely fated. Take control, and hope that all the people in the world can survive, and the fate can't be fully awakened, otherwise the world will be wiped out. please! "Venerable Qiqiu suddenly gave a respectful salute to everyone.

Except for the Netherworld River Old Ancestor's battle, everyone was silent for a while.

Yan Chuan, who was prejudiced against Qiqiu Zun, It is also faintly sighed at the moment.

Looking at the fate of the battle in the distance, the grandeur smiled sadly.

The probe waved his hand.



The purple purple in Yan Chuan's arms suddenly shivered.

"Husband, why am I here? "Zi Zi said in surprise.

Not only Zi Zi, but countless creatures on the entire central heaven continent were suddenly shivered, and their hearts were restored one by one.

"What's the matter? "

"Why am I here? "

"What did I do? "




central heaven continent, countless The creatures were at a loss, and then they listened to other people's narration of what happened.

"ZiZi, how are you? "Yan Chuan has a joy on his face.

While the grandeur is looking at Heaven and Earth behind him, there is a strong reluctance in his eyes, and his arms are slowly opened.

"With me eclosing and changing the world peace, everyone, I will look at you! "Venerable Qiqiu said with an unwilling sigh.


Venerable Qiqiu's consciousness slowly dissipated, becoming more and more faint, until it gradually disappeared. .

Yan Chuan, Zhong Shan, Dongfang Bubai and the others are all regretful.

With the atmosphere, self-destroying consciousness.

Not far away, The fate of the battle with Netherworld River Old Ancestor gradually stopped.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor stood not far away and stared at Fate.

Less and less, and gradually disappeared completely.

Everyone felt heavy.

As fate was getting its own purpose, consciousness slowly faded again.

The fate is gradually retreating, but the generals who were sent to the body trembled and gradually recovered their mind.


The fate of the commander was trembling.


The breathtaking breath suddenly disappeared. Everyone exhaled for a long time.

"The fate is gone! "Zhong Shan opened the mouth and said.

The generals not far away are also embarrassed.

The fate is gone, but everyone can’t calm down. After all, the scene just now But it’s too horrible.

If it weren’t for the grandiose deity finally voluntarily eclosing, as the fate consciousness continues to return, all the people here might die.

"The Great Emperor! "Zombie Yan Chuan takes a step.

"en?"Jiangchen looked up towards Yan Chuan.

"We want to know what happened just now, why, you will be killed Body? "Zombie Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Everyone stared at the generals together.

The generals were faintly sighed.

"The fate chose me, and I was also helpless. There has been one in the Er Ji. That time, the fate of the fate parasitized my body, slaughtered the world's heroes at that time, and erased a piece of common people's memory, and I only knew it when the fate of the consciousness retreated! This is the second time! "Jiangchen frowned.

"The second time? why are you? "Yan Chuan said again.

"Maybe it's my body! "Jiangchen said solemnly.

"The flesh? "

The body of the minister is so strong that it overflows the nineteen-color rays of light.

The Dongfang Bubai on the side shook his head: "This is the end of the matter, the minister, you still have to Lie again? "

"oh?" Everyone looked towards Dongfang Bubai.

Jiangchen eyes slightly narrowed, but did not stop it.

"One life, two luck, three geomantic omen, Four accumulate yin virtue and five reading! hehe, the emperor, cultivate Fate! But do you know what is cultivate Fate? "Dongfang Bubai looked towards Yan Chuan.

"Five readings, what you cultivate is air transport, that is, the body of condensing the majestic grandeur, that life, what is cultivated is not a'fate number'? "Yan Chuan suddenly shivered.

Wu Zhao also suddenly complexion changed.

"The Great Emperor's position is the same as Heavenly Dao, why can it be the same as Heavenly Dao? Have you thought about it? Three thousand Heavenly Dao form Heaven and Earth. It can be said that World's All Living Things is made up of three thousand Heavenly Dao. Why is the Great Emperor's position equal to Heavenly Dao? "Dongfang Bubai asked.

Yan Chuan suddenly looked towards the Great Emperor altar at his feet.

"Fate? "Yan Chuan said in surprise.

"What you cultivate is fate, or one day, one of you will be the fate of the future and the chief culprit who will kill the world! Perhaps you are the fate! "Dongfang Bubai looked towards Yan Chuan.

Dongfang Bubai looked towards Wu Zhao again.

Everyone's eyelids jumped wildly.

"No, I'm impossible It's fate! Yan Chuan said with a palpitating heart.

"Yes, you are indeed not fate now, but in the next day, can you be sure that you will not be fate?" After all, your Dao is the Dao of Fate! "Dongfang Bubai said.

"If this is the case, then I will not wait for this Great Emperor altar! "Wu Zhao said with a trace of horror on his face.

"Don't? Haha, look again, is the Great Emperor altar really so easy to give up? "Jiangchen said with a bitter smile.

"oh?" Everyone looked towards Jiangchen.

Dongfang Bubai said: "The Great Emperor altar, once owned, is very It’s hard to fade away. I faded the Great Emperor altar back then, but it cost a lot of money. Of course, Great Emperor Changsheng counts separately. His temperament is not ashamed of the fate, and the shameless temperament that can’t even be transformed. He didn't stare anymore. In my opinion, the Great Emperor altar of the three of you is already very difficult to fade away! "

Dongfang Bubai looked towards Wu Zhao, Jiang Chen and Yan Chuan.

"Cultivate Fate, cultivate yourself to life?" No, I will never be a fate! "Zombie Yan Chuan coldly said.

Speaking, zombie Yan Chuan suddenly looked towards Jiangchen.

"I understand, Great Emperor, you release the cultivation of "The Body of Jiangchen" The technique is not for refining us, but for one day, we can replace you, be your surrogate, and be destined for you? "Zombie Yan Chuan's eyes are cold.

"Heh, you still guessed it! "Jiangchen did not hide anymore: "Previously, I was almost able to break free from my fateful body. I didn't want to refining you in the past, but unfortunately, you still disappoint me. In this way, it is useless to keep you, and I am refining. Well, next time, I will be able to break free from the destiny parasite! "

"Oh, I will deal with fate by myself. If you want to fight, then fight! "

Zombie Yan Chuan took a step, his eyes were cold, and a pair of black keel wings suddenly stretched out.

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