The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1549

In the Promise.

zombie Yan Chuan confronted the generals, and the two spread out huge keel wings, their eyes were red, and their mouths fangs.

The fighting intent rushed out without moving.

Jiangchen coldly smiled: "I taught everything about you. Do you want to fight with me?"

"What you taught? Oh, it's just the body of the minister! "Zombie Yan Chuan coldly said.


The two shot almost at the same time, each punching out.


In the fierce collision, Yan Chuan retreated three miles, but the generals remained unchanged.

Jiangchen looked at Yan Chuan with a sneer. Yan Chuan is not afraid.

"Ten 7 Heavenly Layer's cultivation base, ten Nine Layers Heaven's fleshy body? No wonder the fate will choose your body!" zombie Yan Chuan said coldly.


Yan Chuan didn't pay attention anymore, but suddenly a dark road appeared behind him.

zombie Yan Chuan fast integration road.


During the roar, zombie Yan Chuan turned into a Black Dragon, glaring at the general.

As for the person Yan Chuan, but standing in the distance holding Zizi, he didn't intend to intervene.


The Black Dragon roared, swinging its tail and heading straight to the generals.


Coldly snorted the minister and slapped him with a palm of his hand.

dragon tail threw away.


The two immediately separated after a violent collision. But this time, Yan Chuan is no longer at a disadvantage.

"en?" Jiang Chen complexion sank.

"Come again, Ang!"


The dragon body once again collided with the generals.

To fight in Promise, in addition to the most powerful moves, the fleshy body is the biggest weapon.

“bang! ”“bang! ”“bang! ”………………

Black Dragon and the generals are fighting fiercely, and the two are exuding anti-matter. , Resisting the erosion of Promise.

The fierce impact is irrelevant.


The dragon tail hit the general's right palm again, but this time did not separate quickly, but stood in a stalemate, colliding against each other.



Zhenshi bronze coffin suddenly appeared, and from top to bottom, the generals were suppressed.


Coldly snorted the minister, sticking out his left fist and hitting it up.


A golden boxing gun slammed on the bronze coffin of the town, with fierce strength and brazenly blocked it.

"hong long long!"

The two sides were deadlocked, and the generals gradually became serious.

"What a weird coffin!" Jiang Chen said in surprise.

"Kuang!" The lid of the bronze coffin of Zhenshi suddenly opened.


Inside, three thousand Heavenly Dao suddenly appeared, surrounding Black Dragon and Jiang Chen.

Jiangchen fisted and slapped the Dragon's Might and Zhenshi bronze coffin respectively, and the three thousand Heavenly Dao suddenly appeared, and his eyes were condensed.


Heavenly Dao loops, countless turbulent forces rush toward the generals.

"hong long long!"

It was like a long knife with a handle on Jiang Chen's body.

"Heavenly Dao cycle? With these turbulence, you still want to hurt my fleshy body?" Jiang Chen proudly said.

Jiangchen's body is extremely hard, even if it is turbulent, it can't hurt him at all.


Black Dragon roared unwillingly.


Three thousand Heavenly Dao suddenly congealed a huge eye.

A golden pupil suddenly opened.

In golden pupils, a fierce golden river suddenly spewed out, and the golden river carried infinite power and went straight to the generals.

Jin He is fierce and hits the generals hard. The power is so great that it is several times stronger than the Yan Chuan full strength attack.

“bang! ”

Jiangchen was hit back and flew out, flying hundreds of miles away.


Three thousand Heavenly Dao once again returned to the Zhenshi bronze coffin.

For the first time, Yan Chuan beat the minister back.

In the distance, Jiang Chen's hair was slightly scattered, looking towards Yan Chuan in surprise. didn't expect Yan Chuan already so strong?

"The Avenue!" Jiang Chen said solemnly.

A golden avenue suddenly appeared behind Jiang Chen.

Suitable for the avenue.


Turns the minister into a huge Golden Dragon, which is twice the size of the Black Dragon.


Golden Dragon roared and ran into Black Dragon.


The two dragons fierce collision. Once again, the Golden Dragon knocked out the Black Dragon hundreds of miles away.

Jiangchen has no special magic weapon, because his body is the strongest magic weapon.

Two zombies, fighting each other's fleshy body.

“bang! ”“bang! ”…………

After collisions, the Black Dragon was knocked out again and again, and the bronze coffin of Zhenshi came to be suppressed, even more so. The golden dragon tail flicked and flew out.


Golden Dragon is fierce and roar is invincible.

"Yan Chuan? If I swallow you, I will improve again!" Golden Dragon roared straight away.

"hong long long!"

The fleshy body is strong, and the two can't break through their fleshy bodies. However, each collision consumes the strength and energy of the Black Dragon.


Suppressed, the Black Dragon was thrown out by the Golden Dragon time and time again.

"ang !"

Black Dragon and Zhenshi Bronze Coffin made all-out efforts at the same time, but the Golden Dragon was so fierce that Black Dragon could not fight back for a while.

In the distance, Jin Dayu and Zizi showed anxious expressions, while Killing Emperor, Wu Zhao, Emperor, and Lian Shen all looked complicated. Netherworld River Old Ancestor and Dongfang Bubai watched quietly.


Once again, the Black Dragon was flung out.

"ang!" Black Dragon steadied his figure and suddenly roared.

During the roar, Black Dragon suddenly opened his mouth and spit out a ball of silver light.

"Dragon Ball?" Jin Dayu said in amazement.

Yan Chuan is not a dragon, and he just fits the road in front of him, where is the dragon ball?

"Huh?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor showed a hint of surprise.

"en?" Dongfang Bubai is also expression changed.

But I saw a faint blue light glowing inside the dragon ball, but it seemed better to have a pattern of three thousand stars.

"This is?" Dongfang Bubai frowned.

At the same time, the three thousand deep star superstars in the first world suddenly disappeared.

The dragon ball that Black Dragon spit out suddenly exudes a mighty fierce might.


The Dragon Ball smashed towards the Golden Dragon.

"Oh, overestimate one's capabilities!" Golden Dragon said with disdain.

The dragon tail flicked and hit the dragon ball.


The power of horror, the Golden Dragon dragon tail was knocked back in an instant, the dragon ball grew bigger, and the generals were brutally suppressed.

"ka ka ka ka!"

In an instant, the whole body of the minister was sealed by countless frost.

"Ding Yinzhu? The nest's fixing Yinzhu?" Dongfang Bubai eyes shrank said.

"Master, what is Ding Yin Zhu?" Lian Shen asked puzzled.

"In the Second Age, I planned three thousand stars. At that time, powerhouse turned into three thousand superstars in the middle and late period of the Second Age. Although there was a chance to sleep, they jointly selected the nest as theirs. Tomb keepers, if the nest dies, they will recover. Therefore, each person forces a drop of blood essence to the nest. The nest uses Soul Power to refine an ice toad dzi which receives 3000 drops of blood from the group and refining the yin pearl. !" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.


"Ding Yin beads, the material is normal, but it is a token!"

"What token?"

"Take three thousand superstars, use them for yourself, suppress everything!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"To mobilize the power of three thousand superstars? Master can do it at any time, there is nothing special about the yin bead!" Lian Shen said strangely.

"No, as a teacher, I can mobilize three thousand Power of Stars, and this fixed yin bead, which is enclosed with Space Divine Ability, has moved three thousand stars. Don’t look at this little one. Ding Yinzhu, Heaven and Earth three thousand superstars, all are in it at the moment!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"Huh?" Lotus complexion sank.

Close your eyes, Lian Shen suddenly felt.

"The three thousand stars among Master, Heaven and Earth, have disappeared!" Lian Shen said in surprise.

"It's here!" Dongfang Bubai frowned.

"hong long long!"

The suppression of the yin jewel is stronger than the general is now frozen in ice and cannot be shaken.

Black Dragon urges the yin bead, the yin bead to rotate, and the formidable power is getting bigger and bigger.

"ka ka ka ka!"

The golden dragon meat body made a crisp sound.

"This, is this hurting my fate?" Golden Dragon was surprised.

The Great Emperor altar suddenly appeared at the foot, but the repair of the Great Emperor altar could not keep up with the destruction of the Ding Yin beads.


The Black Dragon roared, and the rolling power poured into the Ding Yin Pearl, which became more fierce.


Golden Dragon roared and wanted to struggle, but, in front of Ding Yin Zhu, it was basically impossible to move, letting Ding Yin be destroyed strongly.

After struggling for an hour, Golden Dragon is getting more and more injured.


It sounds like a broken fate.

"It's over? Haha!" Jiang Chen suddenly smiled and stopped struggling.

"ka ka ka!" Cracks suddenly appeared on the Ding Yin beads.


The Dingyin Pearl suddenly collapsed and opened.


The original suppression suddenly disappeared.

"Master, three thousand stars, return to Heaven and Earth!" Lian Shen said suddenly.

"Yan Chuan urged with all his strength to excite all the potential of Ding Yin Beads, and Ding Yin Beads are useless!" Dongfang Bubai nodded.

The Dingyin Pearl shattered, and the Golden Dragon was immediately relieved.

However, the fate is broken, what's the use of liberation? Will Yan Chuan give himself time to repair his fate?


Black Dragon swooped in and crashed into Golden Dragon.


Golden Dragon flew upside down, his fate was shattered, and he was no longer able to fight.

"Ha!" Golden Dragon laughed bitterly.

The bronze coffin of Zhenshi rushed straight forward and hit the Golden Dragon.


Golden Dragon was rammed into Black Dragon.

On top of Golden Dragon's body, one after another golden mist radiates, as if to dissipate in the Promise.


Black Dragon opened his mouth, and a huge suction quickly swallowed Golden Dragon.

"hong long long!"

Black Dragon trembled.

“weng! ”

The Black Dragon avenue disperses and turns into a zombie Yan Chuan. The dark keel giant wings are on display again, and then they seem to be shrunk in half and gradually retracted In the body.


Zombie Yan Chuan made a loud noise all over. There is a Divine flame with seventeen colors flowing out of the body.

"Ten 7 Heavenly Layer?" Wu Zhao complexion sank in the distance.

zombie Yan Chuan twisted and slowly clenched his fists.

Beside zombie Yan Chuan, a golden robe illusory shadow suddenly appeared, but it was the illusory shadow of the general.

"Can Nian?" zombie Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Look at Yan Chuan in the illusory shadow: "I will feather, Yan Chuan, you surprised me, heh, you swallowed my body, and it has reached the tenth Heavenly Layer, the body of the minister , But he has to bear the great pain of the fateful body, I hope you can bear it!"

"I won't let him host the body!" zombie Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Jian Chen Cannian slightly smiled: "I thought about it before, but when the number of fate comes, I can't resist it at all!"

Yan Chuan frowned.

"Furthermore, with the previous host, I found that the fate is stronger than before. You are improving yourself, and the fate is not stopping, beware!" Jiang Chen said seriously.

"It will!" Yan Chuan nodded.

"The four realms are one, and the number of fate is awakened. This time I emerge, I don't know if I can wake up again. May the world live and everyone will live forever." Jiang Chen was faintly sighed.

While speaking, slowly dissipate the thoughts of the ministers, and die in the infinite.

Everyone saw Jiang Chen disappear, and there was a moment of silence.

Zombie Yan Chuan stepped on the Great Emperor altar of the former general.


zombie Yan Chuan, step on three Great Emperor altars!

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