The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1550

zombie Yan Chuan, stepping on three Great Emperor altars, the Divine flame of ten 7 Heavenly Layers is burning.

Everyone here looks different.

Wu Zhao's eyes flashed with jealousy, but he was helpless.

Step on, towards between Heaven and Earth.

"Haha, let's go!" Dongfang Bubai was slightly smiled, facing the Lotus Shendao.


Lian Shen followed Dongfang Bubai towards Heaven and Earth with a complex look.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor looked at Yan Chuan, a little divine light flashed in his eyes, and finally flew towards Celestial Demon World.

The emperor made no sound and left with his back.

In a blink of an eye, there are only two Yan Chuan, Zizi, Jin Dayu, Shadi and Zhongshan left in Promise.

"Kill the emperor, let's go!" Yan Chuan said.

"en!" Kill the emperor carrying a golden bottle gourd, nodded.

The person Yan Chuan took Zizi, and the killer took Jin Dayu towards Heaven and Earth.

In a blink of an eye, only Zhong Shan and zombie Yan Chuan are left.

"Congratulations! Ten 7 Heavenly Layer, one step further away from the cultivation base!" Zhong Shan said with a smile.

zombie Yan Chuan nodded: "Today's height, didn't you reach it a long time ago?"

Zhong Shan indifferent expression. Looking at the backs of the people leaving, their expressions gradually became serious: "You actually invited Wu Zhao to the siege of the grand prince? I remember, you still have a heart for the death of Heavenspan, and you have a grievance with Wu Zhao. Don't you have a good face?"

"On the matter, invite Wu Zhao? You should be able to understand what I think!" Yan Chuan's face gradually became gloomy.

A flash of Light of Wisdom flashed in Zhong Shan’s eyes, nodded: "This time, the one you invited was not Wu Zhao, but Hongjun?"

Yan Chuan nodded. Finally frowned again.

"What did you see?" Yan Chuan asked.

"No, Wu Zhao looks the same, there is no strangeness!" Zhong Shan shook his head.

Since a while, Yan Chuan opened the mouth and said: "Anyway, through Wu Zhao, Hongjun should be able to see everything before!"

"Hong Jun is invincible mentally and fell into suspended animation early. I don't know why?" Zhong Shan frowned.

"We follow our own path, just beware of him, and we can't be disturbed by him!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"en!" Zhongshan is nodded.

"How about Jianao?" Yan Chuan asked.

"I have already ten 6 Heavenly Layers. I should go to Xianyang soon. Jianao is a peerless Divine Sword. I was helped by him back then. This time, I hope you will succeed!" Zhong Shan seriously said.

"I will, I have to fight with you!" Yan Chuan nodded.

"Clean the country and wait!" Zhong Shan said with a smile.


Death to the court, the grandeur Fall, the golden Great Emperor fell, for a time, the world was chaotic, and beliefs in various places collapsed.

The personalities of Yan Chuan, Zizi, Jin Dayu, and Slaying Emperor entered Heaven and Earth, and suddenly felt the bursts of luck between Heaven and Earth boiling.

Everyone went to Xianyang first.

In Xianyang.

"Emperor Yan, the atmosphere is respected to take luck, and the only thing I can overflow is these few parts, which are much less than what Dongfang Bubai and Zhong Shan get!" Said the Emperor.

After all, Zhong Shan killed the mountain god, and the lotus god killed the vine god, overflowing all luck.

And killing the emperor just destroyed Vajra's consciousness and seized his body.

As soon as the bottle gourd opened its mouth, suddenly, a gush of luck gushed out.

In the body of Yan Chuan, the Golden Dragon of Qi Luck flew out.

At this moment, without the grandeur, the Qiyun Golden Dragon is again waiting for Yan Chuan's dispatch.

"ang !"

The Golden Dragon of Qiyun opened his mouth and sucked, and the billowing Qiyun was instantly taken by him, and then brought to the sea of ​​clouds.

"hong long long!"

The sea of ​​fortune and clouds churned.

"many thanks!" Yan Chuan nodded said.

"Emperor Yan is polite, and I have to thank Yan Emperor for completeness this time." Emperor Killing shook his head and said.

"Killing the emperor, what are your plans in the future? Shouldn't you stay in Great Zhen?" Yan Chuan asked.

Skilled Emperor shook his head: "Many thanks Yan Di’s kindness, I'm not good at serving as a minister! However, this time I owe Yan Di’s favor, I have something to do with Yan Di, but I can send one or two."

Said Emperor directly rejected the plan to join Great Zhen as an official. Although there is human affection, human affection will only become weaker and weaker.

"Well, you don't want it, and I don't force it. I just hope that I will be Great Zhen in the future and don't fight each other!" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

"Absolutely not!" Shadi shook his head.

Jin Dayu wanted to persuade him, but after all, he was his ancestor, so he could only give up in the end.

"The central heaven continent, God World has collapsed, and the world has been conquered. Without the protection of the old heroes, sooner or later, it will be damaged. If it is moved to Great Zhen, I will delineate an area. For his cultivation, let Meng Hongying take charge of God World, and you will occasionally help kill the emperor. How about?" Yan Chuan asked.

Kill the emperor and look at Zizi aside.

If Meng Hongying is in charge of the current God World, the relationship between Zizi and Meng Hongying will surely keep God World safe.

"Okay! So, many thanks Yan Di!" Said the Emperor.

"Little things!" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

"This is Dongfang Bubai's contribution to the Great Emperor altar. I originally planned to study one or two, but I understand that it is the treasure of fate. I don't intend to study it anymore, so I forwarded it to Emperor Yan, Wang Yan The emperor is good at dealing with it!" The Emperor Shao handed out the Great Emperor altar.

The Great Emperor Altar?

Yan Chuan's expression moved slightly, and finally nodded: "Then I would be disrespectful!"

Kill the emperor nodded.

Yan Chuan stepped on it.


At the feet of Yan Chuan, there was also a third Great Emperor altar.

"So, then I will first go to the central heaven continent and move to God World!" Said the Emperor.

"Okay!" Yan Chuan nodded.


The killing emperor stepped towards the central heaven continent.

Yan Chuan is looked towards Jin Dayu.

"Jin Dayu, after killing the emperor, you will settle it!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

"Yes!" Jin Dayu answered.


One day later. Xianyang City.

"Dongen!" Yan Chuan called.

"The son is here!" Pluto said immediately.

"Take you with the leader of the group of demons, enter the evil world, and conquer the great tribes! Expand the territory of Great Zhen!" Yan Chuan ordered.

"Yes!" Pluto answered.

"Meng Wenruo, organize the world test and recruit the world's talents! After the Crown Prince, fill the local management!" Yan Chuan ordered.

"Yes!" Meng Wenruo answered.

"Yi Feng, you will preside over all matters surrounding Southeast Continent. The Golden Great Emperor has been destroyed, and all of its territory will be conquered!" Yan Chuan opened the mouth and said.


"Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Meng Tian, ​​and Shang Yang, led their respective Legion to collaborate with Yi Feng to win the ring southeast continent as soon as possible!" Yan Chuan ordered.


"Fu Su, you go to the Panshi clan, and persuade the Panshi clan to be brought down to the Great Zhen territory!" Yan Chuan ordered.

"Er Chen Accepts This Order!"

Orders were issued quickly, Great Zhen quickly entered the state of combat readiness.

Expand the territory and expand Great Zhen.

The world is turbulent again.

At this moment, the outer northern continent immortality hall.

"Yi Yan, you presided over the attack on the central heaven continent. Lin Xiao and Zhaoxiang led their respective Legion to collaborate!" Zhong Shan ordered.

"The ministers follow the order!"


The world Everywhere, the two forces of Yan Chuan and Zhongshan were conquered, and the other forces were almost untouched.

Wu Zhao is on the outer western continent. At this moment, he is beyond reach, unable to vie for supremacy of the world, and at this moment, Wu Zhao has no intention of vie for supremacy of the world.

"I want to retreat. During my retreat, Shangguan Wan'er acts as the agent of the government!" Wu Zhao said solemnly.

"Yes!" Manchu Wenwu shouted.

Wu Zhao retreats.

Dongfang Bubai still guards the Eastern teaching field without any expansion.

When the killing emperor returned to God World, God World was in chaos at the moment.

The death of the grandiose grandeur is felt on the entire central heaven continent. God World is dying, and some formidable persons from all directions have rushed into the now ruined God World.

God World's heroes have fallen, but there are countless Heavenspan cultivation techniques, and the foundation of the first era makes all the formidable persons extremely jealous.

Fight against the sky.

God World powerhouse resisted for a while, but could only defend hard outside a huge Formation.

Formation was made by 49 exchange beasts in the past.

The purpose is to conceal the awakening of the great grandeur, so that the fate can't be noticed.

Unfortunately, after covering it for a while, after all, he let the fate detect it, and forced the grandeur to death.

At this moment, Meng Hongying is guarding with a crowd of God World powerhouses.

Outside, at this moment there are nine peerless powerhouses standing, one by one with a large group of subordinates, staring coldly at the inside of the large array.

Nine Great Jue powerhouses are the nine territories of the central heaven continent. Some are subordinates of the former Zi Wei Great Emperor, some are rising stars, and some are silent old monsters.

However, these people are undoubtedly bullies and fears of hardships. When God World was strong, no one dared to oppose. Now God World is declining, and they are slaughtered.

"God World? hahaha, Meng Hongying, don’t you all feel it? The grandeur is dead!"

"Not only the grandmaster, your mind is connected to the seven No, six bottle gourd brothers. When they die, you feel it, God World is over!"

"Open the big array, I will wait for you to die!"

"hmph, the grandeur is dead, and God World has offended Great Zhen Heaven Realm even more. Your God World is simply the land of extinction, hurry, hand over your treasures!"

............ …………



The wicked outside the formation clamored.

God World dísciple is also exhausted at this moment, faith collapsed, one by one mentally and physically exhausted, if it weren't for Meng Hongying to hold on to the forefront, these dísciples, who have been loyal to God World for a lifetime, would have already collapsed.

"Shameless villain! Why didn't you dare to come when I was grandfather?" Meng Hongying said angrily.

"hahahaha, aren't they dead? God World? It's just a shabby sect, I want you to live, you live, I want you to die, you die!" a unicorn powerhouse said arrogantly.

"Really?" A cold voice suddenly came from the void.

There was a huge murderous aura in the voice. When the murderous aura came out, everyone was shivered abruptly.

Look up. But I saw in midair a golden robed man with blond hair and a golden bottle gourd on his back.

"Vajra?" The unicorn powerhouse suddenly face deathly pale.

Vajra? Vajra is not dead?

Don't talk about Vajra, even any of the previous bottle gourd brothers, they can only run away.

Vajra is back?

"Why didn't Yan Chuan kill them!" the unicorn powerhouse cried out in grief.

"Run!" The powerhouses of the nine forces turned around and fled in grief and horror almost at the same time.

"I just thought of running away now? hmph!" Killing the emperor was coldly snorted.

The ferocious murderous aura rushed out.


The large powerhouse was suddenly smashed to Divine Soul by the murderous aura of the emperor, and fell to the ground. Be lighter, crazy on the spot.

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