The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1551

The killing of the emperor came, and a group of powerhouses profiting from somebody's misfortune were suddenly destroyed.

Ten 7 Heavenly Layer Peak, it is not something that these young people can collide with. A murderous aura can kill a large number of people.

Big inside the formation, the crowd of God World dísciple suddenly opened their eyes, watching this scene in disbelief.


Vajra, where the seven giants of God World are combined? Isn't it dead?

Not dead?

"Sect Founder!"

"Meet Sect Founder!"

"Sect Founder, you are finally back!"

… …………………



A crowd of God World dísciples are cheering up, just collapsed Faith is once again established.

"Meet Ancestor Master!" Meng Hongying also respectfully said.

Meng Hongying's expression is complicated, and the seven people are united in front of him, which is unacceptable for a while.

Especially in the old days, the scene of the grandeur taking away everyone's hearts. The other God World dísciple doesn't matter, but Meng Hongying is still a little bit brooding.

"From today, Meng Hongying is the Lord of Divine World!" Killing Emperor said seriously.

"Yes!" All dísciples have no objection.

Emperor Killing looked at everyone quietly.

"Meet the Lord!" A God World dísciple opened the mouth and said.

"Meet the Lord!" A crowd of God World dísciples spoke.

Meng Hongying was a little at a loss. Killing the emperor is nodded satisfied.

"I will prepare for you for ten days. After ten days, follow me into the Great Zhen Heaven Realm and live in Great Zhen!" Said solemnly.

"What? Go to Great Zhen?"

"Yan Chuan killed the grandeur!"





A group of people are somewhat reluctant.

"en?" Killing the emperor's eyes became cold.

Suddenly, all God World dísciples stopped talking.

Meng Hongying did not resist going to Great Zhen at all, and quickly arranged the migration.

There are killing emperors in town, but no one talks a lot about God World dísciple.


The evil world.

Pluto quickly traveled to the tribes of the evil world with a group of demons exchanged.

The minister fell, and the Divine Idol collapsed.

In the panic of countless demons, but gradually calmed down, the general's hypnosis also slowly disappeared.

At this time, the arrival of the demon leader quickly gathered the demon.

Everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Personal Yan Chuan sits in Xianyang City, and zombie Yan Chuan sits in Daqin City.

Staring at the battle in this world.

Xianyang City. Go to the study.

"The Great Emperor, the forces of the Great Thousand World, entered the evil world!" Lu Buwei frowned.

"I know!" Yan Chuan nodded.

"Oh? The Great Emperor knows?"

"In this battle, the grandeur invited all the heroes from all over the world, but they may have promised all kinds of benefits. But the cause and effect of this favor has been returned!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

On the day of the battle against the grandeur, it is not a sure victory, but the risks are huge.

In the end, after achieving the victory, Yan Chuan will naturally not swallow the victory alone and lead the world to conquer his own excuse.

"How much land does Zhongshan take?" Lu Buwei said curiously.

"Coincident with his first world territory!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Ring Northwest Continent, Ring Southwest Continent, Yang Sector outer northern continent?" Lu Buwei said in surprise.

"No, there are central heaven continent and Yin Sector outer northern continent!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Central heaven continent?"

"Yes, this is also the reason why I have not attacked the central heaven continent. Zhong Shan has already taken action. It will definitely be the territory of Zhongshan soon. As for the Yin Sector outer northern continent, I have to pay it back. The Netherworld River Old Ancestor borrowed from the Netherworld River Avenue and the original blood sea!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes!" Lu Buwei nodded.

"Notify Dongfang Bubai and let him collect the Northeast Continent of the evil world by himself." Yan Chuan said.

"Will Dongfang Bubai go?" Lu Buwei said curiously. After all, Dongfang Bubai still only guards an eastern frontier.

"Will go, the world overlaps, Heaven and Earth are more perfect, don't worry about him, he still has the lotus god, and the lotus god alone can conquer the continent!" Yan Chuan said.

Lu Buwei is nodded. Indeed, the great evil world has been ruled by the Lotus God for that many years. As long as the man appears, it is very easy to conquer.

"The emperor, also let me know!" Yan Chuan's expression was slightly complicated.


"In this way, the Great Emperor is to integrate most of the evil world into the first world, except for the outer western continent of Yin-Yang two sectors, the rest All blend together?" Lu Buwei asked.

Yan Chuan nodded.

"Great Emperor, why is it so fast? More time, wouldn't it be better?" Lu Buwei said with some worry.

Because everyone understands that the perfect unity of the four realms means that when the fate is completely revealed, wouldn’t it be better to delay a little more time?

Yan Chuan shook his head: "Now the speed is just right for this world. Sooner or later, I will fight the fate. It may not be good to drag it down!"

"Why "

"Jiangchen once said that his fate is constantly increasing. It may not be a good thing to drag it down!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes!" Lu Buwei answered.

"Leader Liu Gang, please!" Liu Gang's voice suddenly came out of the book.

"Come in!" Yan Chuan opened the mouth and said.

Liu Gang hurriedly walked into the study.

"Great Emperor, it's not good, the outer western continent has sent troops to the evil world!" Liu Gang frowned.

"Wu Zhao?" Lu Buwei said in surprise.

"No, Wu Zhao did not send troops, but Yin Sector outer western continent!" Liu Gang glanced at Lu Buwei and said.

"Great good world?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes!" Liu Gang was nodded.

Yan Chuan frowned slightly in thought.

On the side, Lu Buwei coldly said, "Dashan world? They didn't make a move at all in this battle, and they wanted to take a share? How could there be such a good thing? Then Wu Zhao didn't make a move, but he knew that he couldn't. Reach out, the great good world is too act recklessly!"

"No!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"en?" Liu Gang and Lu Buwei looked towards Yan Chuan in confusion.

"In the past, the entire Yin Sector of Dashan world was destroyed. It can be said that Dashan world was scared. At this moment, Dashan world dares to emerge at this time? Liu Gang, let someone explore again!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes!" Liu Gang answered.


At the same time, Yin Sector Daqincheng.

zombie Yan Chuan, but met a purple robed man.

The man smiled slightly: "Emperor Yan, it’s been a long time!"

Zombie Yan Chuan's expression moved slightly: "Fenmu Guihuo?"

Fenmu Guihuo, the tomb The dísciple, within reincarnation cultivation, Yan Chuan, is the lifeless soul obtained with Fenmu Guihuo. At that time, three lifeless souls, one gold and two silver, Fenmu Guihuo took away golden’s lifeless soul, Yan Chuan and Gui Guzi took away two silver ones.

"Please forgive me if I rashly disturbed Emperor Yan this time!" Fenmu Guihuo said with a smile.

"Before you come, there must be important things!" Yan Chuan said with a deep gaze.

"Yan Di Mingjian, ah, I came here this time, but I have something to ask for!" Fenmu Guihuo said with a smile.

"oh?" Yan Chuan asked in confusion.

"I want to ask the Yin Sector outer western continent of the evil world for the great good of the world!" Fenmu Guihuo said.

"It turns out that the great good world, the war against the great evil world, are you because of you?" Yan Chuan solemnly said.

"Also please Yan Di Chengquan!" Fenmu Guihuo seriously said.

Yan Chuan stared at Fenmu Guihuo for a while and said: "I heard that your grave family has a Great Emperor altar?"

Fenmu Guihuo nodded: "Yan Di, you Don't want it?"

"en?" Yan Chuan solemnly asked.

"My grave clan is in charge of a Great Emperor altar, but it is also for Great Zhen to share worries. You know, today’s peerless powerhouse is better than Netherworld River Old Ancestor and Fuxi. They all hope you can gather Qi Great Emperor altar!" Fenmu Guihuo said solemnly.

"You actually know that too?" Yan Chuan asked in surprise.

"This is not a big secret. I saw the battle of Emperor Yan in the Promise not long ago, but at the time I was in Celestial Demon World and did not enter the Promise! Emperor Yan divine might!" Fenmu Guihuo said with a smile.

"It's too famous!" Yan Chuan modestly said.

"Emperor Yan is welcome, the general is the ancestor of the zombie after all. Originally, I guessed that there will be a world-wide battle between Emperor Yan and the general, a Great Zhen Heaven Realm and the general Heaven. Unexpectedly, the collision of Realm would be in the Promise. It was so simple to pass through, he never thought of it!" Fenmu Guihuo said seriously.

"A coincidence!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

"Di Yan, I paid attention to the eyes of Netherworld River Old Ancestor and Fuxi. In their eyes, they are all expecting you. I think this expectation may not be well-intentioned. !" Fenmu Guihuo said with a smile.


"Everyone understands that the minister was ordered to count the body, and the fate is revived again. It is very likely to find someone who can get the Great Emperor altar. Nowadays, one is in the hands of Emperor Yan, one is in Wu Zhao's hands, one is in Zhong Shan's hands, and the other is in the hands of my tomb, and Emperor Yan has only six shares, and has the body of a general, the fate of the next time is very likely. Find you parasite!" Fenmu Guihuo said seriously.

Yan Chuan eyes slightly narrowed.

"Emperor Yan, if the Great Emperor's altar of my tomb was given to you, wouldn't it make this chance a bigger one?" Fenmu Guihuo said solemnly.

Yan Chuan stared at Fenmu Guihuo, slightly silent.

"Fuxi and Netherworld River Old Ancestor did not fight for the Great Emperor Altar, because they knew that even if the Great Emperor Altar was destroyed, the Great Emperor Altar would be reborn, instead of knowing how the fate would appear next time. It’s better to host you, or to be on guard against you. Although Emperor Yan has the Great Emperor altar, he is always under the surveillance of Fuxi and the Netherworld River. The world treats you like an enemy and not a friend!" Fenmu Guihuo seriously said .

breathes deeply, Yan Chuan stared at Fenmu Guihuo. These Yan Chuan also understood in his heart, but he just didn't think deeply.

"It's okay, since I have chosen this route, I am willing to go on, I don't know if the graves are willing to let go?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

The grave clan stared at Yan Chuan for a while, and finally nodded and said: "Since Emperor Yan is willing, there is no need for me to hide and tuck him, and Emperor Yan will fight with me sooner or later! "

Yan Chuan is staring at the grave.

"So, my graves are willing to use the Great Emperor altar in exchange for the Yin Sector outer western continent of the evil world!" Fenmu Guihuo seriously said.

"Okay!" Yan Chuan nodded.


Fenmu Guihuo seemed to have been prepared for a long time, and with a wave of his probing hand, a Great Emperor altar suddenly appeared.

"Sure enough!" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

"My graves knew the Great Emperor's altar was weird, so I have never sacrificed it! So, Emperor Yan will take it!" Fenmu Guihuo said with a smile.

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