The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1552

Yin Sector outer southern continent! Outside the corpse ancestor hall.

The Panshi clan fell into despair. True God is dead?

Jiangchen created the Panshi clan. In the eyes of the Panshi clan, the general is the god of Supreme, but the god of Supreme was swallowed by Yan Chuan?

While all the powerhouses of the rock clan are angry, they are also full of great hatred towards Yan Chuan.

At this moment, the Great Zhen Crown Prince Fu Su is coming in the Ziezu Hall.

The Ten Great Powerhouses of the Rock Clan met with them, and the outside world also surrounded a large number of Rock Clan powerhouses, each with red eyes, looking at the envoy of Great Zhen not far away, and even wanted to tear it up completely. .

In the corpse ancestor hall.

Pan Jia, Pan Yi,..., Pan Xin, Ten Great Powerhouses stared at Fu Su in the center. All eyes were filled with anger.

"The general is dead, where do you go?" Fu Su said with a smile.

"True God was killed by Yan Chuan, are you here to mock us?" Pan Yi coldly said.

"He is Yan Chuan's son, kill him!"

"Kill him!"

"Get revenge for True God!"




The rock family in the temple is extremely excited.

Fu Su shook his head and said: "Everyone, I dare to come alone, don't you even have the courage to listen to me?"

"Okay, stop arguing! "Panjia shouting loudly.

In the great hall, it calmed down instantly.

Pan Armor stared at Fu Su: "Fu Su Crown Prince, I think you are here today, not to talk cold words?"

"Am I such a boring person?" Fu Su said with a smile.

"Then what do you mean?" Panjia coldly said.

"Hehe, I want to know, in your eyes, what is the name of my father, the second master?" Fu Su said with a smile.

Everyone is frowned.

"Secondary master, the second-class master outside True God." Panjia said solemnly.

"That’s right, my father is your second master, and the minister has been destroyed. My father’s second master should go a step further, why you waited so angry at me, Great Zhen ?" Fu Su said with a smile.

"Yan Chuan killed True God, he deserves to die!" Pan Geng suddenly shouted.

"What is True God, then?" Fu Su said solemnly.

"Jiangchen is True God!" Pan Geng said solemnly.

"No, no, no!" Fu Su said with a smile.

"en?" Everyone looked towards Fu Su in confusion.

"My father is the second lord, and the general minister is True God. When True God was present, the second lord was the second. However, today the second lord has replaced True God. Today, my father should be Your True God!" Fu Su seriously said.


"Asshole, Yan Chuan killed True God, and still want me to wait for the acknowledge allegiance?"

"Yan Chuan also deserves to be True God?"




Everyone resents, but Fu Su It is looked towards Pan Jia.

The Pan Jia is slightly silent at this moment.

"Panjia, perhaps the generals have guessed about the situation today, so I gave my father the name of the second master. If my father is defeated, the generals will naturally return to True God, if the generals are If you lose, True God is out of place, isn't it?" Fu Su stared at Pan Jia.

Fu Su has a strong confidence in his eyes.

This is not only persuasion, but also persecution. Great Zhen nowadays is no longer compared to Great Zhen in the past. It is the best for the Panshi clan to persuade surrender. If it can’t fall, even if it’s gone, it won’t. Broken muscles and bones.

Fu Su is forcing the plate armor.

Either you recognize the new True God, or the Rock clan awaits annihilation.

"Brother, how can you listen to this kid's nonsense?" Everyone looked towards Pan Jia.

Panjia looked towards Fu Su, but what he saw was Fu Su's uncompromising gaze.

Since a while, Pan Jia opened the mouth and said: "The second master is the last wish of True God, the dispute between true and secondary, and no one is involved. All respect the last wish of the general True God. From then on, Yan Chuan is the new True God of my Rock Clan!"

"What? Brother, what did you say?" Everyone looked towards Pan Jia in surprise.

"I said, from now on, Yan Chuan is my new True God for the rock clan!" Panjia said solemnly.

In the "hua!" great hall, there was a sudden uproar.

Some people understand the meaning of Pan Jia and have agreed, but more people are dissatisfied with this decision.

Fu Su is not in a hurry: "Everyone discusses, I am waiting outside the hall!"

Speaking, Fu Su stepped out of the corpse ancestor hall.

At this moment, ten people were not in opposition.

Get out of the great hall.


Fu Su picked up the door of the great hall and stood at the entrance of the great hall, looking at the angry gazes of the rock family not far away.

Outside the temple, Fu Su waited for a day.


The door of the great hall opened again.

At this moment, among the ten brothers, some people's unwillingness flashed in their eyes, but most of them have been persuaded by Pan Armor.

"Everyone, how is the discussion?" Fu Su said with a smile.

"Meet the messenger of True God!" Everyone opened the mouth and said.

Fu Su smiled with satisfaction.


The occupation of the evil world has been surprisingly smooth. In just one year, various places have been occupied accordingly.

In Yang Sector, the ring of Southeast Continent, the Golden Great Emperor itself is very loosely controlled.

The golden Great Emperor fell, the Central Southeast Continent suddenly lost its backbone, Great Zhen was approaching, and powerhouses in many territories took the initiative to vote.

As for the central heaven continent, Zhong Shan's army attack also achieved benefits in a short time.

"The evil world, the first world, hey!"

Yan Chuan yelled for the first time.

"Great evil world, first world, together!"

Zhong Shan shouted a second time.

"Great evil world, first world, together!"



One by one peerless powerhouse Shouted one after another.

"hong long long!"

The whole evil world has moved, and is rapidly merging towards the first world.

Yin Sector, almost a mess, the whole evil world merges into the first world.

Yang Sector is also in chaos.

The outer western continent, which is unique to the evil world, seems to drift with the sea, drifting to the south of the outer southern continent.

Except for the Yang Sector outer western continent, which cannot be integrated, all the territories of the evil world are integrated with the first world.

"hong long long!"

The world is boiling.

"Great Thousand World, the first world, together!"

Zhongshan is shouting loudly, the corresponding part of Great Thousand World is also the same as the first world central heaven continent, Yin Sector outer northern Continents merge together.

"hong long long!"

Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

The entire Four Realms Heaven and Earth are trembling.

There is chaos, and everything enters the era of great integration.

Yin Tong Yan Chuan and Yin Tong Gui Guzi sat together in Xianyang to observe the dramatic changes in Heaven and Earth.

Silver pupil Yan Chuan is surrounded by three thousand Heavenly Dao.

At this moment, with the two silver pupils constantly penetrating Heaven and Earth, three thousand Heavenly Dao outside, reappears another three thousand Heavenly Dao.

The first three thousand Heavenly Dao is the first life of Yan Chuan, the Great Thousand World three thousand Heavenly Dao.

At this moment, it is the three thousand Heavenly Dao who have performed the evil world.

Six thousand Heavenly Dao, surrounded by two people Zhou Che.

"hong long long!"

The two are restoring the Heavenly Dao cycle of the evil world.

Three months have passed. Everything was calm again.

Xianyangkou, Yan Chuan looked at the calm world, and the entire Xianyang World's Essence Qi thickened again.

In the sky above, the luck, merit, fortune, and fortune are getting stronger.

"Great Zhen now holds the first world six continents, Yin Yang East Outer Continent, Yin Yang outer southern continent, Central Southeast Continent, inner southern continent, and even the remnants of the outer western continent of the evil world. The territory of Great Zhen is only comparable to Zhongshan now!" Lu Buwei sighed.

The person Yan Chuan looked at the Quartet Dao: "I want to walk a circle in this world and realize it. I will wait for a battle soon. During my absence, I will temporarily be represented by King Xing and Pluto. Government affairs!"

"Yes!" the group of officials answered.

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