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Five years have passed since the great evil world merged with the first world.

All continents in the world have amalgamation, only Great Zhou Heaven Realm has not been amalgamated.

Yan Chuan and Wu Zhao’s animosity is naturally unwilling to give Wu Zhao to Heaven and Earth in vain.

Great Zhou Heaven Realm has been extremely peaceful for the past five years. Shangguan Wan'er is acting on behalf of the government, and everything is peaceful.


Not far from the Tai Chi Hall, in a great hall, a purple sword intent soars into the sky.

All the courtiers gathered outside the great hall.

"This is the sword intent of Heavenspan Cult Lord in the past?" Di Renjie's eyes lit up.

"The Great Emperor has fully understood the Heavenspan sword intent, and the breakthrough has been fettered, has reached ten 6 Heavenly Layer?" Yuan Tian Gang's eyes lit up.

"Marina!" The door of the great hall opened suddenly.

Wu Zhao walked out of the great hall slowly.

Wu Zhao of 10 6 Heavenly Layer exudes a more dusty and powerful aura.

"Meet the Great Emperor!" The courtiers respectfully said.

"Flat yourself!" Wu Zhao indifferently said.

"Thanks the Great Emperor!" The group of officials responded.

Wu Zhao raised his head, looked towards the sky, and looked at the east again. Suddenly, his eyes slightly narrowed.

"The Great Emperor, the evil world has been integrated into the first world, except for my outer western continent, they all blend together!" Shangguan Wan'er opened the mouth and said.

Wu Zhao looked at Xianyang in the east, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

"I see!" Wu Zhao said ice-cold saying.


outer northern continent, outside the immortality hall.

Zhong Shan looked at the world in front of him.

"Lord of the world, the outer northern continent of yin and yang, the outer northern continent of the ring, the ring of the southwest continent, and the central heaven continent have been thoroughly smoothed out. Today, the territory can be compared with us, only Great Zhen. However, we still have the Great Thousand World continents, and Great Zhen is also inferior!" An official on the side said with a smile.

"Yi Yan, you are the ambassador to Xianyang, and give this Fire Phoenix to Yan Chuan!" Zhong Shan took out a fiery-red sphere.

"Huh? Lord, isn't this the queen's?" Yi Yan asked in surprise.

"Yes, but Yan Chuan is too generous this time. The borders of more than five continents are delivered without reservation, hehe, I don't want to have too much psychological burden!" Zhong Shan said with a smile .

"But, that is what the realm master deserves. In Promise, it was the realm master who defeated the mountain god. This is what it should be!" Yi Yan frowned.

"Dongfang Bubai also dealt with the god of vines, why did he only take one continent of land? Oh, in the Promise, I have already seized the endless luck of the god of mountains, this can be considered A reward is too late!" Zhong Shan analyzed.

"Okay! The Lord of Fire Phoenix? Such a great gift, Yan Chuan should also be satisfied!" Yi Yan nodded.

The two see the world.


Suddenly, in a frontier behind, suddenly a sword light soars into the sky.

The violent sword qi sprayed out. Covered a piece of Heaven and Earth.

all around the land of a continent, the long swords of countless sword cultivators vibrated instantly, as if they were worshipping King-like.

"Sword Pavilion, Jianao?" Yi Yan said.

"It's Jianao, he has perfection!" Zhong Shan nodded.

"Jianao is going to go to Xianyang for a challenge!" Yi Yan said seriously.

"en!" Zhongshan is nodded.


Xianyang, two Great Crown Princes Regarding politics, Yan Chuan wandered the world alone. zombie Yan Chuan stayed in retreat and fell asleep to prevent his mood from affecting the human body.

The human body Yan Chuan wanders without purpose. Even Yan Chuan didn't know what he needed to realize.

That is where to go.

I walked some city, but the noisy city didn't feel the things, but some gazes of worship and admiration. Yan Chuan immediately left the city and walked towards the mountains.

After walking for a while, except for the beast, the cultivator, and the poisonous miasma, I still can't feel it.

Yan Chuan needs a natural feeling closest to Heaven and Earth.

But everything seems very impetuous.

Until I reach a rushing river.

Yan Chuan stared at the rushing river, slightly stunned. As his status increased, wherever he went, he had an attitude of obedience and admiration, and everything was centered on himself.

My words and deeds affect everything all around.

But now, in the middle of a big river, I simply ignore myself. No submission, no admiration.

It has always been it, and it will always be it.

I have recognized my own essence, everything in foreign object is vain, I do my duty and ignore foreign affairs.

At this moment, Yan Chuan seemed to realize something. But they couldn't capture it. Standing by the river for ten days, there was no more understanding.

"Perhaps turning into water, I will experience more!"

Yan Chuan jumped into the big river, his thoughts merged into the big river, as if he had become a part of the big river.


The big river is surging, Yan Chuan descends down the river, as if it has become a part of the river, hitting all directions, unstoppable.

The river has passed, the goal is single, and go forward courageously!


I hit the boulder on the shore again and again, turning it into smash, and then condensing again, hitting the next boulder again.

The river crashed and scattered, and then gathered again.

Just like Yan Chuan's self-destruct divine ability, burst open, then recover.

The only difference is that self-destruct divine ability, after recovery, the body is slightly weak, after all, the big explosion of self-destruct, but there is energy loss.

The more explosive, the weaker.

Yes, why is the water different?

The more you break apart, the more you disperse and reunite, yet it is crystal clear and near-transparent, but clear and more vigorous?

If the water is too quiet, it will become stagnant water! Now that the water is scattered and the water gathers, it is becoming more and more exciting.

Perhaps, his self-destruct divine ability is very imperfect. If it can be like water, every time it is scattered, it can be stronger, wouldn't it be better?

The more ordinary the place, the more extraordinary things there are. Yan Chuan seems to have found what he wants, quietly feeling it.

No one in the world knows where Yan Chuan is, and it is even more impossible to think that the dignified Great Emperor would turn into the most ordinary river water and flow down the river.

One year later.


At the mouth of the sea, Yan Chuan was washed into the sea.

With the sea, in the rush.

In the eyes of Yan Chuan in the past, these waters can be transpired, moved, and kneaded by themselves, only to find out that maybe anything in the world can make them realize the true meaning of life.

Water is the Source of Life.

In the water, Yan Chuan seems to be able to feel a lot of Heaven and Earth.

In the past, the Heavenly Dao was simulated to form a Heavenly Dao cycle. Although it seems to be powerful, it often imitates Heaven and Earth.

I only know the reason for many avenues, but don’t know why.

But at this moment, Yan Chuan learned a lot of things that he had missed in the past through the flood.

In the vast sea, there is an unremarkable water area with 16-color rays of light. A year later, this water area emits 17-color rays of light.

Three years later, this water area gradually emits a faint eighteen-color rays of light.

As if peerless treasure is about to be born.

Yan Chuan found what he wanted, so he didn't rush back. In other words, the whole person was immersed in this mysterious realization. It seemed that I was really incarnate in a piece of water.

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