The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1554

True Dragon is above the sea of ​​Foreign Domain.

Dark clouds, violent wind erupted.


There was a loud thunder, and the heavy rain fell suddenly.

The sea is rushing and roaring in the wind.

The huge waves soared to the sky to welcome the storm.

And in the sea, there is a water area of ​​color, the water area will have 16 colors, one will be seventeen colors, one will be eighteen colors, and the colors will change back and forth.

Except for the color, there is nothing special about it, just like ordinary sea water.


A thunder and lightning rushed down.

In the wind and waves, the colored waters are swayed towards the thunder and lightning.

The waters, thunder and lightning, fierce collisions, soft water, and thunderous front, even if they know the result, they will never hesitate.


The colored waters were instantly evaporated into water mist, and a piece of water was completely dissipated, but even if it dissipated, the lightning was distributed.

The colored mist evaporates and rises above the sky, gradually blending with the dark clouds.

In an instant, it turned into a dark cloud, and it was on the opposite side of the sea below.

“bang! ”

The formation of particles from the dark clouds once again created a huge thunder and lightning, which slammed into the sea.

A colored thunder and lightning went straight to the sea.


Like the previous repetition, lightning and sea water collide again.


This time, after the collision, the silhouette of Yan Chuan suddenly condensed.

Yan Chuan gradually turned into a human form again, sitting on the surface of the sea, realizing the strange experience just now.

"Everything in the world is transforming each other, maybe I am you and you are me?" Yan Chuan opened his eyes.

Two bursts of light burst into the sky in the eyes.

“bang! ”

The clouds cleared, and the sky suddenly cleared.

"Tai Chi? It turns out that this is the real Tai Chi. Tai Chi derives all things, but all things are the same sect. All things are Tai Chi! It turns out that everything is the same. Tai Chi is eternal and the heart moves all things!" Yan Chuan realized countless in an instant.

Although the cultivation base is still ten 6 Heavenly Layer, Yan Chuan understands that the ten 6 Heavenly Layer at this moment is much stronger than before.


While laughing, Yan Chuan stepped into the sky and headed towards Xianyang.


Xianyang City.

Xianyang City stands on a huge dragon head. At this moment, far away from the dragon's head, a mountain rises from the ground, soaring to the sky, reaching the same level as the dragon's head.

A sword-shaped mountain, on the top of the mountain, is sitting cross-legged with a white clothed man.


In Xianyang City. A restaurant.

"Did you see it? That is Jianao, who came to challenge the Great Emperor!"

"So powerful Jianao, I can't get close!"

"Close? He is full of sword intents. He has been here for three years. The vegetation around him is Supreme sword intent. I feel his sword intent, and my sword dao has improved innumerably!"

"Yes, now many practitioners come from all directions, just to observe Jianao's sword intent. It's too strong!"

"This person sword dao first under the heavens?"

"It's been three years, why not see the Great Emperor playing?"

"Will the Great Emperor be an afraid right?"

"Fart, how is the Great Emperor?" Are you afraid of him?"

"Why doesn't the Great Emperor appear yet?"

"What do you know, I don't know why the Great Emperor did not appear, but you know, the sword Why did Ao come to challenge the Great Emperor?"


"Because of rumors, I was defeated by the Great Emperor once!"

"Huh? "




There are countless discussions in Xianyang. Around this Jianao who came to challenge.

Toward the entrance of the temple, Crown Prince looks at Jianao in the distance every day.

"The father has been wandering the world for ten years. I don't know where he is now?" Pluto frowned.

"The father will be back soon!" King Xing frowned.

"Jianao is here to challenge? What a fierce sword intent!" Hades frowned.

"Dongfang Zhengpai, what do you think of Jianao's strength?" King Xing looked towards Dongfang Zhengpai.

Dongfang Zhengpai's complexion is slightly weird: "I am not an enemy of his sword!"

Everyone is full of hearts.

"Pan Jia, you are the Ten 6 Heavenly Layer, comparable to Jian Ao, what do you think of Jian Ao's strength?" King Xing looked towards Pan Jia on the side.

Pan Jia looked at Jianao in the distance, and was silent for a while: "A month ago, I was close to that mountain, but the sword intent from that mountain can rush into my body. , Tear my body. I, I can't beat him either!"


"Maybe it's not the enemy of one of the swords!" Pan Jia said bitterly.

Everyone was silent for a while.

"Two Crown Princes, my ancestors once said that sword dao may have been first under the heavens!" Jin Dayu said on the side.

"Kill the emperor?" King Xing's eyes lit up.

You must know that the strength of killing the emperor, but ten 7 Heavenly Layer Peak. That is the real peerless powerhouse, and perhaps the most pertinent evaluation of killing the emperor.

"What else did you say about killing the emperor?" Pluto asked.

Jin Dayu said with a bitter smile: "My ancestor said that if he fights against one, he may not be able to defeat Jianao!"

"What?" the others exclaimed.

To kill the emperor is ten 7 Heavenly Layer Peak. Not necessarily able to defeat Jianao?

Panjia and the others have already thought of Jianao's strength very high, but I can't expect that the emperor will give such an evaluation, he is only 10 6 Heavenly Layer, this has already made 10 7 Heavenly Layer The people at Peak dare not say that they will win. If Jianao hits the Ten 7 Heavenly Layer, wouldn’t it be possible to challenge the Ten 8 Heavenly Layer’s absolute powerhouse?

"What, what should I do?" Liu Gang said in surprise.

"My ancestors said, if you want to deal with Jianao, it is best to fight against the zombie body of the Great Emperor!" Jin Dayu said again.

"I'm afraid it's impossible!" King Xing shook his head.

At this moment, in the distance, Jianao, sitting cross-legged on the top of the mountain, suddenly opened his eyes.

As soon as I opened my eyes, two sharp sword edges shot out from my eyes.

Jian Ao stood up suddenly.


In the past three years, Jian Ao has attracted all the eyes of Xianyang. At this moment, the whole Xianyang suddenly boiled.

Why did Jianao get up?

But I saw that Jianao turned his head and looked towards the west.

In the west, a rainbow cut through the sky and instantly reached the entrance of Chaotian Temple.


There is no wind coming, like rays of light falling.

"Father!" Pluto's eyes lit up.

"Meet the Great Emperor!" All the officials suddenly shouted.

"The Great Emperor is back!" "The Great Emperor is back!"………………

Xianyang is full of joy.

Although many people know that Jianao is powerful, their belief in Yan Chuan makes nearly everyone stand on Yan Chuan's side.

Yan Chuan landed at the entrance of Chaotian Temple, took a step, looked towards Jianao in the distance.

"Yan Chuan, you are finally back!" Jianao said seriously.

"Long waiting!" Yan Chuan nodded.

"Jianao, please fight again!" Jianao said seriously.

Yan Chuan was once in his first life, but now it’s the second time.

"Okay!" Yan Chuan nodded agreed.

"In the past, Jianao was still a mortal, you who challenged the ancestors in ignorance, this time, Jianao has also grown up to the same level as you, with fierce soldiers, you can do it with all your strength!" Jianao Hand hold long sword to self-believe.

"I will, this is Xianyang, there is my Great Zhen people, you and I enter the starry sky, don't hurt my people!" Yan Chuan stepped into the sky again.

Jianao browses slightly wrinkle and said: "I mean, you can fight me with three bodies!"

"Why? Do you think I am not enough now?" Yan Chuan was in in midair said with a smile.

"I know, you have the will of Kong Huangtian, but I am stronger than Kong Huangtian. In the past, the golden Great Emperor's seal of the Great Emperor was equivalent to the Heavenly Emperor Ziwei. I can defeat him at the 5th Heavenly Layer. , Kong Huangtian 10 6 Heavenly Layer is almost too!" Jian Ao said confidently.

Kong Huangtian is strong, but Jianao is stronger than Kong Huangtian.

In the old days, Yan Chuan relied on Kong Huangtian's will to strengthen himself, so Jian Ao was so confident.

"Oh, you are better than Kong Huangtian, but I am not only Kong Huangtian will, let's go!" Yan Chuan said.

Jianao finally nodded.


The two stepped straight up to the stars.

Above the starry sky, Yan Chuan stepped on the void without using the Great Emperor altar, only holding the Taidi sword in his hand.

"Do you want to compare swords with me?" Jianao said solemnly.

"Stop talking more, let's start!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Jianao is nodded. Jianao is not an arrogant person. Even if he saw Yan Chuan fighting in the past, he didn't agree with him, but he still took it seriously.

"Tongyang!" Jian Ao stabbed Yan Chuan with a sword in an instant.

A sword pierced out, and the endless brilliance of the four directions immediately gathered, forming countless stab sword qi, surrounding an extremely hot sword gang, tearing shatter void straight towards Yan Chuan.

"There is yang but there is yin, go!"

Yan Chuan greeted him with a sword, but Yan Chuan's sword was like a shatter void, and Yin Qi was rolling from Yin Sector Coming together, rushing towards Jian Ao's sword.


The two swords collided, and the sound shook Heaven and Earth. For a time, the entire Yang Sector was the sound of the sword collision.

The sky was full of stars, and suddenly trembled.

The huge shock instantly shocked powerhouses everywhere in the world.

Wu Zhao, Zhong Shan, and Dongfang Bubai all walked out of their homes and stood on the high ground and looked towards the distant starry sky.

"Use a sword? Yan Chuan use a sword?" Lian Shen stood behind Dongfang Bubai and asked in surprise.

"It's a sword!" Dongfang Bubai solemnly said.

"Dísciple just watched them fight. That sword, even dísciple, can't stop it. How can Yan Chuan swipe it? When he dealt with me, he was clumsy?" Lian Shen said in surprise.

"No, Yan Chuan has become stronger!" Dongfang Bubai shook his head.

outer northern continent.

Zhong Shan watched the battle in the distance, a trace of bright light flashed in his eyes.

"It is worthy of being a win!" A trace of bright light flashed in Zhong Shan's eyes.

outer western continent.

Wu Zhao frowned watching the star wars.

Wu Zhao is already 10 Heavenly Layer, but watching the effect of the battle of Two Great Powerhouses in the starry sky, the complexion changed suddenly.

Above the stars.

A sword strike. Jian Ao and Yan Chuan each had a meal and looked towards each other quietly.

"How did your sword dao suddenly become so strong?" Jian Ao said with a hint of surprise.

I have seen Yan Chuan use Kong Huangtian's sword intent to fight in the past, but it is impossible to be as fierce as it is now.

One of his own swords, but it can hit ten 7 Heavenly Layers, Yan Chuan also swings an evenly matched sword? Is Yan Chuan cultivation base the same as yourself?

"I'm not waving sword dao!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

"oh?" Jian Ao said unexpectedly.

"I waved the way of heaven!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

While speaking, Yan Chuan long sword turned, and suddenly, Jian Ao’s previous'Tong Yang' was swung out by Yan Chuan. The way of swinging the sword was different, but the effect was the same.


Tongyang Yijian, once again slashed towards Jianao.

"The way of heaven, everything and all power are from Tai Chi, everything is the same, why do we need each other?" Yan Chuan cut with a sword.

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