The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1556

"You won!"

"The outcome is not yet divided!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

"No, that sword just now is my strongest sword now. Not only did it not hurt you, but you are stronger. If you continue to fight, there is no need!" Jian Ao shook his head and said. .

"That sword, the sword power is indeed too strong, it should have the power of ten 8 Heavenly Layer, even if I was in the previous state, the sword burst to pieces!" Yan Chuan solemnly said.

"A sword burst to pieces? Oh, aren't you intact as before? You even raised the cultivation base by 1 Heavenly Layer?" Jianao said with a bitter smile.

shook the head, Yan Chuan seriously said: "That's because I can break through life and death, and more importantly, the experience of the past ten years, otherwise, I will not be able to bear that sword!"

"Victory means victory, defeat means defeat, I am not someone who can't afford to lose!" Jianao said firmly.

"In the way of heaven, I am a step ahead of you, but I think one day, you can also cross this threshold!" Yan Chuan nodded. This is a victory.

"What I lost to you is only the way of heaven, not sword dao, Yan Chuan, thank you for your advice this time, and Jianao will come to consult again in the coming day!" Jianao said seriously.

"I'm waiting!" Yan Chuan laughed.

"Farewell!" Jianao nodded.


Jian Ao quickly shot towards the outer northern continent, heading to his Sword Pavilion to get a sense of the battle.

And Xianyang City below.

"How is it?"

"The Great Emperor won!"

"The Great Emperor won? Very good, I know, the Great Emperor is sure Winner!"

"Great Emperor absolutely years old!"




Below, no hundreds of surnames cheered.

At the entrance of the temple, the officials were also cheering.

Said Emperor watched Jian Ao leave.

"Ancestor, Jianao can really reach the formidable power of Ten 8 Heavenly Layer with the previous blow?" Jin Dayu looked towards Killing Emperor curiously.

"There must be, in the past, I have seen a big blow, ten 8 Heavenly Layer strike, that's it, such a powerful sword proud, ten 7 Heavenly Layer, above sword dao, no one Comparable." Killing the emperor exclaimed.

"No one can compare?"

"Yes, Ten 7 Heavenly Layer can break through life and death, and can be erupted. As long as the foundation of eclosion is immortal, it is immortality. Kong Huangtian eclosion requires holes. The clan is immortal. My emergence requires your descendants to be immortal or the bottle gourd species to be immortal, while Jianao's emergence requires only sword dao to be immortal. As long as there is a sword, he can be reborn!" Said Emperor Shao.

"However, the Great Emperor is better than him after all!" Jin Dayu exclaimed.

"Yan Chuan? Even though they are the same ten 7 Heavenly Layer, but I can't see him. Hehe, what has he experienced in the past ten years?" The Emperor was very curious.

The human body Yan Chuan descended from the sky and landed at the entrance of the Chaotian Temple.

"Congratulations to the father!"

"Congratulations to the Great Emperor!"


…… ……


There is joy outside the Chaotian Temple.

At this moment, everywhere in the world, a large number of formidable persons have the same demeanor.

Wu Zhao stared at Dongfang, clenching his fists. There was a jealousy in his eyes, but gradually, the jealousy gradually dissipated and turned into a sigh.

"oh!" Wu Zhao lightly sighed.

When the strength is very close to Yan Chuan, he has been chasing after him, but now the difference is too big, everything is a little bit sloppy.

Wu Zhao has the will of Heavenspan, now ten 6 Heavenly Layer, even if there is a power of the country and the Great Emperor altar, it is at most stronger than the power of Heavenspan.

But the sword proud of Ten 5 Heavenly Layer could defeat Heavenspan.

Now, the Jianao of Ten 7 Heavenly Layer is still lost in the hands of Yan Chuan.

The gap between myself and Yan Chuan is already different as heaven and earth, and more importantly, it is only one of Yan Chuan's three bodies.

outer northern continent.

Zhong Shan burst into laughter. He turned his head and led the officials back to the immortality hall.

Oriental teaching field.

Dongfang Bubai has a solemn expression, but Lian Shen is stunned.

"Master, what has Yan Chuan experienced in the past ten years? How can a person become so strong?" Lian Shen asked in confusion.

"Realize the way of heaven!" Dongfang Bubai indifferently said.

"Heavenly Dao? Is this understanding useful?" Lian Shen asked in confusion.

"It's not Heavenly Dao, it's the way of heaven!" Dongfang Bubai shook his head.

The power of Yan Chuan has already made Dongfang Bubai face it.

Xianyang is full of joy. Yan Chuan returns and wins the world, and the officials are naturally excited.

Many officials here are watching Great Zhen step by step.

Along the way, it can be described as densely covered with thorns. Great Zhen has conquered the world step by step from a weak mortal country, until it breaks the seal world, and then faces the world's heroes.

Many times, Great Zhen was on the brink of destruction, but finally survived.

The world's most powerful powerhouses have also appeared, from the Quaternary Powerhouse to the Tertiary Powerhouse, to the Second Age Powerhouse, and even the First Age powerhouse not long ago.

Great Zhen was blocked one after another.

Now, Yan Chuan has reached ten 7 Heavenly Layers, unifies the world. It is even harder to meet a rival.

The officials cheered and worshipped countlessly.

"Daqian messenger, Yi Yan, have seen Emperor Yan!" At this moment, the messenger sent by Zhong Shan stepped forward.

"Oh? Yi Yan? I haven't seen you for many years!" Yan Chuan looked towards the man in front of him.

Yi Yan, Zhong Shan's courtiers, like Great Zhen's Yi Feng general advisers.

"In the past Great Thousand World, Emperor Yan was famous all over the world. Now the first world, Emperor Yan still has the same style and admiration. I will come here this time with the entrustment of my master, thank you Emperor Yan let go of the evil world Wuzhou, and gave a copy of the "Fire Phoenix Zun" to distinguish the two dynasties!" Yi Yan handed out a fiery-red sphere.

At this moment, the officials quietly looked at Yi Yan.

Distinguish the grievances between the two dynasties?

"A battle without burden? Hehe, I accept it!" Yan Chuan said.

On the side, a guard took over the Lord of Fire Phoenix.

"So, it is perfection in the next!" Yi Yan said with a smile.

"Go back and tell Zhong Shan, I will spare no effort when I fight the first battle!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Yi Yan nodded: "I will truthfully report the words of Emperor Yan. However, the Lord also asked me to inform Emperor Yan that the Lord did not use all his strength when fighting against the mountain gods of the Great Master. Be careful!"

"hahahaha, good! Millions of years have passed, I also want to see what kind of prosperity is Zhongshan now!" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

Yan Chuan and Zhong Shan, starting from Great Thousand World, are opponents, both opponents and friends.

There is no hatred, just the purest friend and opponent.

"Farewell here!" Yi Yan nodded.

The personal Yan Chuan fights the sword proudly.

Zombie Yan Chuan has also left the customs and once again manages the entire Yin Sector Great Zhen.

"reporting to Great Emperor!" Gui Guzi frowned and looked towards zombie Yan Chuan.

"What's wrong? Sir?" Yan Chuan said curiously.

"There was news from the dark Gui Guzi just now, the graves, may have to awaken Da Shizun!" Dark Gui Guzi seriously said.


"Dashizun, Peerless powerhouse of the First Age, in charge of a Yellow Springs Road, embodied the world's fortune, is the originator of Fengshui repairers, no, he is Feng Shui, all Feng Shui masters repair him!" Gui Guzi said seriously.

"Sir, your other body has entered the graveyard?" Yan Chuan asked in surprise.

Gui Guzi shook his head with a wry smile: "No, only with a few Dashan world owl heads. I heard that Da Shizun is about to be awakened by the grave clan. Once awakened, hehe, for me, Great Zhen, is one thing. A disaster!"

Yan Chuan narrowed his eyes.

Da Shizun?

In the old days, the grandiose deity awakened, and the fate appeared, forcing it to emerge. Now, the grandiose deity also wakes up, isn’t the fate still to appear?

How does the fate appear?

Yan Chuan, Zhong Shan, Wu Zhao.

The three had the Great Emperor altar, but Zhongshan did not refining. Only Yan Chuan and Wu Zhao refining the Great Emperor altar. In this way, the fate lies in the body of the two.

In the current situation, Yan Chuan is definitely the one who lives in the body.


Yan Chuan stood up solemnly. Can the current self be able to contend with the fateful host?

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