The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1557

Celestial Demon World. A huge valley.

Fuxi sat on the throne, beside him stood a crowd of dísciple and clansman, such as the snake spirit, Meng Rongrong and so on.

In front of everyone, there was a man in gray. The man in gray had a plain expression and could not see the slightest emotion. A pair of golden pupils were extremely cold. If Yan Chuan can be recognized at a glance here, this person is Fenmu Guihuo, who recently used the Great Emperor altar in exchange for the land of the great evil world.

"Many thanks, Fuxi is perfect!" Fenmu Guihuo said seriously.

Fuxi nodded, the snake spirit scout took out a huge roulette. On the roulette, sixty-four blue brain-like things spread out flat, which is the original shape of the exchange beast. Sixty-four exchange beasts.

Fenmu Guihuo's eyes shine brightly.

Only a short while. Fenmu Guihuo slowly stretched out his right palm, with his right palm facing upwards, a cloud of black matter emerged from his sleeve. It is antimatter.

The antimatter is surrounded by Fenmu Guihuo's palm for a while, and gradually condenses the appearance of a blue brain.


An exchange beast condenses in the palm of the golden pupil Fenmu Guihuo.

"Exchange beasts?" Snake Jingjing exclaimed.

In just a while, Fenmu Guihuo has been able to create an exchange beast?

Except for Fuxi, everyone was shocked. You should know that in the past, snake spirits exchanged beasts, but they worked hard and even promised the whole family to help Wu Zhao and Yan Chuan a favor. But the person in front of you can copy and create it in a short while.

Of course, although Yan Chuan will also do this scene, if Yan Chuan is here, he will be surprised as well, because at the beginning, Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, but it took a long time for the performance to come out, but in front of the golden pupil Fenmu Guihuo, also time it takes to drink a cup of tea.

Gold pupil Fenmu Guihuo shook his hand and put away the exchange beast that he had just created in his palm.

On the other side, the snake spirit also quickly put away the huge roulette.

"many thanks!" Fenmu Guihuo said solemnly again.

"Exchanging beasts? Your grave clan really wants to recover Da Shizun?" Fuxi said solemnly.

"The patriarch has made a decision. I will come to you to exchange the beast to observe and observe in order to conceal his fate and revive Da Shizun soon!" Fenmu Guihuo nodded.

"It seems that the grave of Immortal King is close to that step?" Fuxi said solemnly.

"Yes, patriarch this time, for that purpose, you can observe Fuxi, please don't interfere!" Fenmu Guihuo seriously said.

"Go!" Fuxi nodded.

Fenmu Guihuo nodded, stepped out of Celestial Demon World and headed straight for Yin Sector outer western continent.

Yin Sector outer western continent, is the great good world.

Great Shanshi within the realm, Yang Sector, a peculiar territory.

In the territory, it seems to be divided into two halves by a knife, and half is full of vitality, World's Essence Qi is strong, countless fairy birds Divine Beast are flying, and the other half is full of dry bones, Yin Qi is thick and dead. Gas layer.

At this moment, outside this territory, there are two silhouettes, Dongfang Bubai and Lian Shen.

"What a weird territory, half of life is infinite, half of life is terrible? Is this...?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"This is the undead territory!" Dongfang Bubai said.

"Immortal Territory?"

"The general altar of the Tomb clan, the situation of this territory is derived from its patriarch, the grave Immortal King, and the immortal Immortal King!" Dongfang Bubai seriously said.

"Immortal King immortal? Why has dísciple never heard of it?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"Because he erased all the news about him in the world!" Dongfang Bubai said seriously.

"Oh? Then he was from the First Age?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"No, he is a person of the second era, the world has never heard of him, he is walking a left way!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"Left Road?"

"In Dafan's eyes, it is the unorthodox way, but it gave him a living way!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"dísciple don't understand!"

"For example, the cultivation base of general cultivation is improved. According to one's own realm, when the realm arrives, after a certain amount of accumulation, the cultivation base will naturally increase. All aspects will be improved, well-regulated, and open and close, but Immortal King is different. He first cultivation a certain aspect to the extreme, and then cultivation other parts of the body!"


"In the old days, when his cultivation base was Ten 3 Heavenly Layer, his right hand was already Ten Nine Layers Heaven!"

"right hand? What do you mean? Fleshy body?"


"No, it's the right hand, the fleshy body of the right hand, the soul of the right hand, and everything about the right hand." Dongfang Bubai said.

"How is it possible? How can there be such a cultivation method? Is that really Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"It is Ten Nine Layers Heaven, just like the former generals and zombie Yan Chuan now. Their fleshy body has reached the ten Nine Layers Heaven, but other things are still far away. Immortal King is not dead, but he It was the right hand that reached Ten Nine Layers Heaven. Then, his cultivation arm was inch by inch. Now I don't know how far the cultivation is!" Dongfang Bubai exclaimed.

Lian Shen didn't know what to say for a while.

Cultivation right hand first, then slowly cultivation the whole body? How can this be achieved? Cultivation depends more on the comprehension, the right hand alone, how to comprehend it? Comprehend a hand? Realize first with one hand? This is not understandable!

"What a weird Zuo Dao!" Lian Shen sighed.

"Master, how powerful is the Immortal King tomb now?" Lian Shen asked again.

"It should be no worse than me!" Dongfang Bubai said seriously.

Dongfang Bubai 10 8 Heavenly Layer, Immortal King tomb is not worse than Dongfang Bubai?

When Lian Shen was shocked, there was a chuckle from the Immortal Territory: "Haha, Brother Dongfang is too modest. There is no doubt that you are the first under the heavens of the Second Age!"

The voice is hoarse, and it sounds gloomy.

"Brother Grave, for several years, are you ready to go out in the open again now?" Dongfang Bubai said with a smile.

"Time is limited, I have to, Brother Dongfang, please!" A hoarse voice came.


A rainbow emerges from the undead territory.

Dongfang Bubai and Lotus God stepped onto the rainbow and quickly entered the undead territory, before arriving at a great hall in a blink of an eye.

"Immortal King Hall!" Lian Shen read.

All around outside the temple, there are some dísciples of tomb clan, but at the moment, they don’t pay attention to them.

Get the approval of the grave Immortal King. Naturally, no one came forward to stop him.

Dongfang Bubai and Lian Shen stepped into the great hall.

In the great hall, there are layers of dead air. There is a throne in the north, above the throne, a blue robed man is sitting at this moment.

No, I can't say it's a man. Because this person looks terrifying.

On the right side, there is a handsome man, while on the left side, there is a frame of bones, no flesh and blood, no eyes, only white skeletons, and a touch of orchids in the eye sockets.

Half human and half bone?

Rao is the lotus god who sees more scenes of demons in the evil world. Seeing this half human and half bone, he still feels terrified.

"I'm sitting here for a while, Qi of Death, and I can't welcome it far away, Brother Dongfang, don't blame it!" Half-man half-bone said with a terrifying smile.

"It's okay, for a few years, I naturally understand the pain, I will suffer from Qi of Death. It's not an ordinary person, and I can't bear it!" Dongfang Bubai shook his head.

"hahahaha, who I am now, can I be an ordinary person?" Immortal King said with a penetrating smile.

"Little Lian Shen, I have seen Immortal King!" Lian Shen said seriously.

Lian Shen did not feel any aura in the tomb of Immortal King, but there was no sense at all, so Lian Shen had to be careful.

"This is your dísciple? The aptitude is good, but unfortunately I went the wrong way. I borrowed the treasures of the First Age and got rid of it. Otherwise, if you guide me, there will be a Great Accomplishment today!" Grave Immortal King shakes Shook his head.

Speaking of this, Lian Shen was ashamed again. If he had not been short-sighted, thinking that the treasures of the First Age were the strongest, he would have stolen away the grand lotus that the Master dismissed early. Maybe today is another scene.

Looking back at that year, Master had high hopes for himself, but he stole the lotus of the atmosphere, so that Master was finally disappointed and ignored it. He was still complacent back then. Memories at this moment are so ridiculous.

"Everyone has their own artificiality, brother grave, I'm here this time, you should understand what I mean?" Dongfang Bubai said seriously.

"I know you are curious, but, I have already decided. It is imperative to resuscitate Da Shizun. You will not stop me, will you?" The grave Immortal King stared at Dongfang Bubai.

"Everyone has his own way, but I hope you don't cause damage to this world. The Four Realms will soon be united in Perfection, and the fate will appear. The common people can't withstand much toss!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"Don't worry, I won't damage the common people naturally. I have everything ready for the resurrection of Da Shizun. You can just wait and see, as long as you don't interfere!" Tomb Immortal King seriously said.

"Then I will give you a sweep!" Dongfang Bubai nodded.

Yin Sector, Daqin City. Go to the study.

zombie Yan Chuan meets Meng Wenruo.

"Great Emperor, news from Rongrong!" Meng Wenruo handed out a letter.

Yan Chuan looked at it for a while, and the complexion sank: "The soulless soul? The nameless soul of the golden pupil that Fenmu Guihuo got is so powerful?"

Speaking, the letter is delivered. Give Gui Guzi aside.

Gui Guzi took a closer look. In the end, his brows deepened.

At the beginning, three lifeless souls, one gold and two silver, Fenmu Guihuo took Golden's. The two silvers form the silver pupil Yan Chuan and the silver pupil Gui Guzi. From the perspective of the exchange beast deduced by the golden pupil Fenmu Guihuo, this golden pupil Fenmu Guihuo is too powerful.

"Great Emperor, it seems that the news from my other body is absolutely true, the grave clan is really going to resurrect Da Shizun!" Gui Guzi said solemnly.

Yin Sector, outer northern continent. Chujiang Diankou.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor looked at the west.

"Resurrection of Da Shizun?" The old Ancestral God of Netherworld River moved slightly and fell into contemplation.

"Lord, the grave's operation may disrupt our plan!" The Ice God beside him frowned.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor thought for a while, and finally shook his head and said, "It may not be necessary to resurrect Da Shizun? It is also good. Let's advance our plan. Let the Ten Halls be notified, and the Ten Halls Array is ready to operate!"

"Yes!" Bing Shen replied.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor continues to look towards the west, a glimmer of expectation flashes in his eyes, looking forward to the early recovery of Da Shizun.

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