The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1558

Yin Sector, outer western continent!

Located at the junction of the outer western continent and the inner southern continent. All the peerless powerhouses of the great good world come together.

Because all peerless powerhouses have received an order from the Tomb family.

Maybe the Tombs rarely show up in the Dashan world, but almost all powerhouses understand that the Tombs are the strongest in the Dashan world. Don’t ask why, because there were several first under the heavens in the Dashan world. Challenging the graves, they all died.

Over the sea, there are two huge thrones. On one throne sits Dongfang Bubai. On the other throne sits a half-human, half-skeleton man. Grave Immortal King!

Fenmu Guihuo and the Tomb Phosphorus are standing around the tomb of Immortal King. Further on, there are a group of grave children, standing respectfully behind the grave Immortal King at this moment.

Lian Shen stood behind Dongfang Bubai.

And all around, they are all formidable persons in the Dashan world.

At this moment, every great good world formidable person has seen the lotus god. Although the news of Yang Sector is rumored, it is shocking to see it in person.

The lotus god, who was once the Number One Person of the Four Realms, stood respectfully behind Dongfang Bubai?

"This sea, is the place where the great power came to feather, Fengshuihai?" Dongfang Bubai looked at the vast ocean in front of him.

"Don't worry, since I'm prepared, I won't be mistaken for this kind of thing!" Tomb Immortal King nodded.

"So, then I will watch a good show!" Dongfang Bubai said with a smile.

The grave of Immortal King nodded.


A silhouette of a person emerged from the sea below, and it was Fenmu Guihuo of Jintong.

"Patriarch, the big formation has been set up to cover up the fate sense, now it is time to wake up the Da Shizun!" Jin Tong Fenmu Guihuo called.

"Let's start!" Immortal King said to the grave.

"Yes!" a group of graves' children answered.

Be very careful, everyone held out a small box. In the small box, golden liquid is placed.


The golden liquid is quickly poured into the sea.


In an instant, the entire sea was dyed golden.


Above the golden sea, huge chains suddenly appeared, faintly discernible, locking the entire sea.

"Kaifeng!" The grave Immortal King opened the mouth and said.


"bang!" "bang!"………………

For a time, a group of grave children quickly recruited One by one Samsara Channel, straight into the sea.

"hong long long!"

Hundreds of graves’ children quickly rushed into the chains on the sea.

Gradually, a golden lock appeared in the chain.

The Immortal King stared at the golden lock and pointed his hand.


A nineteen-color rays of light emerged from the index finger of the right hand and went straight to the golden lock.


The golden lock burst open.


The golden lock was shattered, and the countless chains on the sea were also retreating.

It's like the old grandeur of the air was born, the grandeur of the air was sealed in a dome, and the grandmaster was in this sea.

The seal of fate was broken by the grave Immortal King.

At this moment, peerless powerhouses are coming from everywhere in the world.

Fuxi in Celestial Demon World. Zhongshan of Yin Sector outer northern continent. The Netherworld River in the Ten Temples. Zombie Yan Chuan of Daqin City.

One by one peerless formidable person, staring solemnly.

Yan Chuan is also standing next to Killing Emperor.

"Nineteen Cai? How could it be possible that that person is the patriarch of the Tomb clan?" The Emperor frowned.

"According to the news from my other body over there, this person is calling the grave Immortal King!" Gui Guzi explained in a deep voice.

"But, the blow just now was too powerful, you know, we used two Yellow Springs Roads in order to open the seal of the grand grandeur, and we also have seven brothers to store a few epochs. The power of the Immortal King, but the grave Immortal King broke the seal of fate with one blow?" The Emperor Shao said in astonishment.

"Have you never heard of the Immortal King tomb?" Yan Chuan looked towards Killing the Emperor.

shook his head and said with a gloomy expression on the Emperor's face: "I have never heard of him. I can get acquainted with Dongfang Bubai. Obviously he appeared in the second era, but I have never had an impression. It can only show that this person is too strong. Strong enough to erase common people's memories, unless a few peerless powerhouses of his level, no one else will be spared!"

"oh?" Yan Chuan's eyes condensed.

"The Great Emperor, the grave Immortal King resurrected, it seems that he must have a plan, but I don't know, what exactly is he planning?" Gui Guzi solemnly said.

"Won't the graves be the same as God World I was originally created by Da Shizun, right?" Said the emperor said solemnly.

Everyone looked at the Western Feng Shui Sea solemnly.

"hong long long!"

Countless chains are galloping, like giant dragons roaring in a sea of ​​feng shui, quickly scattered around and disappeared.

The seal was released, and Feng Shuihai suddenly rolled up the heaven overflowing giant wave.

"The Da Shizun is about to wake up!" The Emperor Shao said solemnly.

However, I saw that the Immortal King tomb in the distance stood up instantly, leaned out his right hand, and slapped his palm toward the sea of ​​Feng Shui.


Feng Shuihai instantly hit a huge vortex.

"Move!" Tomb Immortal King a light shout.

The nineteen-color palm gangway formed by the right palm quickly stirs inside the Feng Shui Sea, stirring the Feng Shui Sea into a larger and larger vortex.

"hong long long!"

The original Pentium of Fengshuihai was controlled by this nineteen-color giant palm in a blink of an eye.

Feng Shui Hai Baoguang soars into the sky, and the original Pentium rhythm is completely controlled by the tomb Immortal King.

The world is everywhere, and many powerhouses are all showing incomprehension.

"hong long long!"

Suddenly, Yin Sector trembled in all directions.

"ang !" "ang !" "ang !"………………

all directions, the great Earth Dragon pulse suddenly awakened, and the rolling dragon roar sounded from the ground, countless Fortune suddenly rushed towards the Feng Shui Sea.

Not only the Yin Sector, the Yang Sector, and even all the places in the Four Realms, the earth is tossing for a while, and the rolling fortune is about to be lost.

Great Zhen Heaven Realm.


Above the sea of ​​clouds, the Golden Dragon of fortune roared, just like the golden dragon of the old fortune saw the grandeur of the air, as if he wanted to escape from Daqin City and flock to Feng Shui sea.

"Subdue!" Yan Chuan let out a deep cry.


Above the sea of ​​clouds, the golden dragon of luck, golden dragon of merit, and golden dragon of luck quickly trapped them.

"Sir, you control the Great Zhen Shilong Giant Vessel, suppress Great Zhen's fortune, and don't lose it!" Yan Chuan ordered.


Gui Guzi quickly went to Yang Sector.


The huge dragon head in Xianyang suddenly roared, and then, a force of suppression, suppressed the Quartet, trapped the world's fortune of beginning to stir.

And in Yin Sector. Feng Shui Hai.

The tomb of Immortal King continued to stir the Feng Shui sea, and at the same time, on the right hand, the power of nineteen colors poured into it.

Countless fortunes came from all directions, forming Qi of Black and Yellow.

"hong long long!"

Feng Shui Hai suddenly shrank, and under the shrink, it gradually gathered together.

A golden humanoid phantom, a golden humanoid phantom, was gradually condensed in the sea of ​​water.

"Da Shizun?" The eyes of countless powerhouses all over the world suddenly condensed.

Rolling fortunes gather towards Da Shizun, the grave Immortal King facial expression grave, right hand nineteen-color rays of light remains the same, constantly instilling power towards Da Shizun’s humanoid phantom.

Like the old days when the grandmaster was born, this is the consciousness of the grandmaster.


The consciousness of Da Shizun, billowing yellow light, burst into the entire Yin Sector in an instant.


Da Shizun made a sound of chanting at Heavenly Dragon. With that sound, countless powerhouse in ones heart trembled under the world, billowing imposing manner across infinity. Can suppress everyone's mind.

In the nearby territory, no hundreds of people bowed down one after another, and were generally suppressed by this huge insulting oppression.

The formidable persons of the great good world are also heart trembled.

It's just the consciousness body, the imposing manner that exudes, it's too powerful.

Eighteen-color rays of light soar into the sky.

Respect for the general trend, and recruit the endless fortune of the world.

For a time, almost all Feng Shui masters in the world seemed to be inspired, as if their Supreme King was born.

Countless feng shui masters quickly knelt down and bowed in the direction of the Da Shizun.

This is the situation, the peerless powerhouse of the first era.

Yan Chuan, Zhong Shan, Netherworld River, Fuxi, etc. peerless powerhouses are all staring into the distance.

Looking at the Da Shizun who is about to dominate the world. While thinking about the relationship between Da Shizun and the grave clan, I saw Da Shizun's consciousness trembling in the distance.


The consciousness of Da Shizun is trembling, as if in pain, as if to get rid of the nineteen-color energy of the Immortal King tomb.

However, the consciousness of Da Shizun cannot get rid of it.


Da Shizun's consciousness roared in pain, and in the roar, all the Dragon Veins in the world screamed.

"ang !" "ang !" "ang !"…………

While the Immortal King waved his nineteen-color rays of light, his forehead appeared at the moment. A cold sweat, at the same time, half of the withered bones have expanded in general.

"Serve!" The grave Immortal King suddenly exploded.

right hand 19-color rays of light instantly doubled.


Da Shizun's consciousness struggled fiercely, and suddenly stopped moving.

Everything seemed to be calm again, but the following movements of Da Shizun made everyone unable to calm down.

I saw the consciousness of Da Shizun, and suddenly, he respectfully saluted the grave of Immortal King.

A gift?

Who is against whom? Da Shizun salutes the grave of Immortal King? Almost everyone opened their eyes wide.

"Fenmu Guihuo!" Da Shizun shouted.

"Yes!" Fenmu Guihuo suddenly flew to the front.

"Destroying its life, from now on, you are the new Da Shizun, the deity helps you refining!" the grave Immortal King called.

"Yes!" Fenmu Guihuo answered.

Stepping, Fenmu Guihuo rushed towards the consciousness of Da Shizun.


The two overlapped in an instant, Fenmu Guihuo suddenly burst into endless golden light, rays of light skyrocketed, the entire Yin Sector, Jin Huangyi film.

The grave of Immortal King swayed a large amount of nineteen-color energy, directly into Fenmu Guihuo's body.


Countless fortunes in the world converge towards Fenmu Guihuo.

At this moment, the world powerhouse is almost dumbfounded.

"Da Shizun, has been refining?"

"That is the powerhouse of the First Age, Da Shizun, the Da Shizun of the 10th 8 Heavenly Layer, was refining by the grave Immortal King? "

"Am I dazzled?"



…… …

Countless shocking sounds came out. At the entrance of the central hall, the emperor's eyes widened, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

"Da Shizun? The grave Immortal King refining Da Shizun? What is he going to do?" The Emperor Shao said in surprise.

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