The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1559


The body of Fenmu Guihuo merges with the consciousness body of Da Shizun, turning into a new Da Shizun, raising his head and roaring.

“bang! ”

The seas of Yin Sector boil instantly, and the endless fortune is coming towards the new Da Shizun.


The huge impact, the Immortal King tomb on the side also impacted backwards. Instantly returned to the previous throne.

"Huh!" Immortal King exhaled for a long time, a flash of excitement flashed in his eyes.

On the side, except for Dongfang Bubai, everyone looked towards the grave Immortal King, all revealing a look of shock.

Da Shizun, that is Da Shizun, has he been refining by the grave Immortal King at this moment?

"How?" Dongfang Bubai looked towards Immortal King.

"Maybe, no, I must succeed!" A firmness flashed in the eyes of the grave Immortal King.

"Then I will wait and see!" Dongfang Bubai said with a smile.

The tomb of Immortal King nodded, once again looked towards the new Da Shizun not far away.

Rolling fortunes flock to the new Da Shizun.

"Meet patriarch!" Xin Da Shizun respectfully said.

"Wizards, you already control the god of Da Shizun?" Immortal King said solemnly to the grave.

"Yes!" The new Da Shizun is nodded.

"Well, from now on, you are the new Da Shizun, and I will help the deity at that time!" Grave Immortal King seriously said.

"It's an honor for the ghost fire!" said Xin Da Shizun.

"First bring the power of Da Shizun to Peak, absorb all the fortunes of the four realms, which is yours, now take it all back!" Immortal King said.


"Go, I am here to watch!" A light flashed in the eyes of the grave Immortal King.


Da Shizun took a step forward. Standing beside him was Fenmu Guihuo, the refining of the lifeless soul.

"Fortune of the Four Realms, return!" Da Shizun is shouting loudly.

“bang! ”

Once again, the endless profound yellow color's fortune, rushed straight into the body, and quickly poured into the body of Da Shizun.

"hong long long!"

The four realms are shaking, and the natural fortune of the great good world returns fastest.

Da Qincheng, zombie Yan Chuan and killing Imperial Capital are complexion changed.

"The new Da Shizun, want to regain all the fortune in the world?" Kill the emperor complexion sank.


"Emperor Yan, you have to be careful, although this great power is controlled, but the summon fortune is easy, except for the Feng Shui master. , No one can touch it, he wants to plunder, you can't keep it for too long! "Said solemnly.


"Emperor Yan should understand that the four energies of Qi Luck, Fortune, Luck, and Merit, are gathered into Qi, which is what you cultivate Fate all, without luck. , The power will be lost, the country will not be the country!" Said the emperor to kill solemnly.

"Fortune cannot be lost!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"However, in addition to this new Da Shizun, there is also the tomb Immortal King. Even if Dongfang Bubai doesn't make a move, it will be too difficult to block their footsteps!" Said solemnly.

"Never want to take away the things of Great Zhen, if the tomb Immortal King shoots and kill the emperor, you and me will block the tomb Immortal King!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Us? Oh, I think it's reluctant, but I will try my best to help you, but it is already the limit for us to block the grave Immortal King together, but how about Da Shizun?" Shadi shook his head.

"Gui Guzi block it!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"He? Is he all right?" The Emperor Shao revealed a trace of unbelief.

"He is my Martial Uncle!" Yan Chuan's eyes flashed with firm belief.

Outer northern continent, Zhong Shan entered the Yin Sector to watch it. At this moment, he saw a dramatic change, complexion sank.


Zhong Shan quickly enters the Yang Sector.

"Subdue!" Zhong Shan was shouted. Defeat the fortune of Great Thousand World.

And Yang Sector Great Zhou Heaven Realm.

Wu Zhao saw the change of the golden dragon in the sky, and instantly understood what was going on. Like the old majesty, Dashizun was born.

"Subdue!" Wu Zhao shouting loudly.

Wu Zhao mobilizes a nation’s power and quickly suppresses a nation’s fortune without losing it.

The great evil world no longer exists, and now there is almost only the Great Zhen Heaven Realm.


At the mouth of Xianyang, Shilong's giant veins roared.

Silong's giant veins roared, and the whole Xianyang was shaking.

"Great Zhen, the people of the world listen, raise you and wait for the right hand, and borrow my strength!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.

Under shouted, people all over the world heard it instantly. For a time, hundreds of people quickly raised their right hand, and the rolling force gathered towards Xianyang.

The endless power gathers the golden dragon of luck. At this moment, the sea of ​​luck was churning.

The person Yan Chuan looked at Gui Guzi in front of him.

"Sir, this time, I have placed the power of a country on you!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

Gui Guzi complexion changed: "No, the Great Emperor, the country’s heaviest weapon, it cannot be dispatched by the Great Emperor, no one can do it!"

Behind him, a group of Great Zhen courtiers are also complexion. changed.

To mobilize the power of a country and pin it on Gui Guzi? This is the trend of a country, and it bears the national destiny and the expectations of the people. This can only be enjoyed by Yan Chuan alone.

Just like Dragon Throne, Great Zhen is up and down, only Yan Chuan can sit alone. This is the foundation of a country, and no one can shake it.

But now, Yan Chuan will give this opportunity to Gui Guzi? Is this equivalent to Dragon Throne equal to Gui Guzi?

"Great Emperor, no!"

"Great Emperor, national rituals cannot be abandoned!"

"Great Emperor, no!"




The group of officials screamed.

"Great Emperor, absolutely no!" Gui Guzi also immediately denied.

"I said yes, so yes, sir, remember why I founded the country?" Yan Chuan asked.

Establishing a country?

The first life of Yan Chuan was Bai Yi. He left the Bai clan and opened up a great Qin country, not to dominate the king, but to hope for the common people.

To build a country with a coffin, not to bury the common people and bury themselves!

At the beginning, I knew very little, just to keep the Great Thousand World common people, but now, when the four realms are found to be one, this responsibility is even greater.

Many courtiers have forgotten Bai Yi's original intention, enjoying the prosperity of Great Zhen, enjoying the supreme power, but forgetting the original purpose of establishing the country.

Yan Chuan has never forgotten that the establishment of the country is not to oppress the people, not to enjoy the pleasure of aloof and remote, but to turn the hope in his heart into reality, but to lead the common people like a dragon.

"The Great Emperor?" Gui Guzi suddenly didn't know what to say.

"The Great Emperor of the Immortal Kingdom? My wish is not the Great Emperor, but the people of Great Zhen, everyone is the Great Emperor, everyone is like a dragon." Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"But?" Gui Guzi said in shock.

"The fate will wake up, and the world's heroes will use their methods. Victory will lead to life, and defeat will lead to death. I also have my own methods, but I don't want to entrust the lives of the people of a country who follow me to others. Great Zhen's Hope, Great Zhen will fight for ourselves. Therefore, fortune, we can’t lose!” Yan Chuan said seriously.

The officials behind him did not know how to persuade him.

"Sir, your Feng Shui technique, in Great Zhen, there is no one to fight against, Da Shizun is resurrected. Unless he can be pressured, there is no way to resist Da Shizun’s plundering of luck. But, you can, this time, Great Zhen's fortune will be entrusted to you!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

while speaking, beckoned.

"ang !"

Above the sea of ​​clouds, the golden dragon of luck, golden dragon of luck, and golden dragon of merit, which take in the power of the people of a country, rush forward with the golden dragon of fortune Gui Guzi came.

"hong long long!"

The rolling force poured into Gui Guzi's body.

"Sir, you and I have the same fate, so you can withstand the power of Great Zhen. After this battle, there may be countless references, but I will suppress them all for you!" Yan Chuan seriously said .

"Sir, do you still remember our hope of establishing a country? The common people will never die, the common people will never die! Do you remember the wish of Emperor Bai? For me, for grandfather, for Great Zhen, do our best!"

"Chen Accepts This Order!" Gui Guzi breathes deeply, seriously said.

The power of a country, let Gui Guzi call it.

At this moment, Gui Guzi's manipulation of the giant veins of the first dragon is immediately even more handy.


Silong's giant pulse roared. Slowly sinking into the earth.


Xianyang shook and fell on the flat ground.

At the same time, Yin Sector is outside Daqin City.


With a trembling of Heavenly Dragon, the giant veins of the first dragon came out.

"Great Zhen, the people of the world, raise your right hand and wait for my power!" zombie Yan Chuan is also shouting loudly.

"hong long long!"

The rolling force swayed in Yan Chuan, and went straight to Gui Guzi.

The power of Yin-Yang two sectors, all in one person, Gui Guzi.


With a roar, the giant veins of the first dragon instantly locked all of Great Zhen's fortunes, forming a huge potential field surrounding the giant veins of the first dragon.

And far away.

The two Fenmu Guihuo also absorb countless fortunes, but there are still a lot of fortunes locked in each Great Influence.

"Go, regain your fortune!" Immortal King a light shout at the grave.

"Yes!" Fenmu Guihuo answered.

There are still four fortunes in the world, which are in the hands of Yan Chuan, Zhong Shan, Netherworld River, and Wu Zhao.

The first to bear the brunt is the nearest Great Zhen.

As if feeling a little bit, Gui Guzi on the giant vein of the first dragon in the east is ready to hold on to his fortune.

Da Shizun stepped on.

"hong long long!"

Countless fortunes quickly condensed a giant vein of the Beginning Dragon, which rushed into the territory of Great Zhen during the rush.

Da Shizun, Jin Tong Fenmu Guihuo, stepped on the dragon's head and headed towards Gui Guzi in the distance.

Gui Guzi stepped on the head of Great Zhen's Shilong Giant Veins. The Shilong Giant Veins locked all of Great Zhen's fortunes and rushed towards the Da Shizun.

"ang!" "ang!"

The two dragons roared, and no one would let them.

In the distance, the tomb Immortal King complexion sank.

"Great Zhen, Yan Chuan?" Immortal King said solemnly at the grave.

Dongfang Bubai faintly smiled and said on the side: "Grave Immortal King, I will help you sweep the formation, that's it, you are in the Great Zhen conflict, I don't care!"

"Fate will wake up, all by means, you have your ideas, we also have our ideas, each shows divine ability!" Dongfang Bubai said.

"Hehe, it's okay, no one can compare to the fortune of Da Shizun. It was originally his thing, who can steal it?" Tomb Immortal King believes himself.

In the distance.

Da Shizun and Gui Guzi, two fortune forces, quickly gathered in the center of the inner southern continent.


The two dragons stopped, and suddenly rolled up all around the monstrous water. The giant dragons are huge, each spanning a lot of territory.

"Gui Guzi, meet again!" Da Shizun suddenly said with a smile.

The new Da Shizun is Fenmu Guihuo, who has been very acquainted with Gui Guzi from the seal world in the past. At the beginning, Feng Shui and North Sect in the seal world were South Sect and North Sect. Fenmu Guihuo was the North Sect Sect Master and Gui Guzi. It is South Sect Sect Master.

The two Fengshui masters once faced the enemy. But the inheritance of Gui Guzi is used.

Later in this world, together with Yan Chuan, the three won the lifeless soul!

At this moment, giving tit for tat again.

Two dragons fight each other, and the world is watching!

PS: After the three shifts, there are no more today!

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