The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1560

Da Shizun and Gui Guzi stood on top of the two giant veins of the first dragon, looking extremely small. Rolling fortune is their source of strength.

"Heh, Gui Guzi, use my power to deal with me? Are you too whimsical?" Da Shizun coldly said.

"Fenmu Guihuo, originally we shouldn’t be fighting each other like this, but we have to do so because we are the masters. I know that you have got the consciousness of Da Shizun and turned it into a new Da Shizun. , The world fortune is at your disposal, but after several centuries, new changes have taken place in the fortune. This is the fortune that I, Great Zhen, got after risking the country several times. I will definitely not let you succeed!" Gui Guzi said solemnly.

"Oh? Change?" Da Shizun said solemnly.

"Great Zhen fortune, listen to my orders, give birth to the world, fog cover Heaven and Earth!" Gui Guzi shouting loudly.

"ang !"

The giant veins of the first dragon at Gui Guzi's feet suddenly roared, and the great fortune of the Quartet Great Zhen skyrocketed, forming a massive golden mist covering all directions, quickly The packages all around several territories.

"Serialization Realm?" The killing emperor in the distance raised his brow.

"It's been a long time since Mr. Derivative World has been used!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

On the other side, the grave Immortal King also showed a sneer: "Xiangjie? Great Zhen uses Feng Shui to fight Da Shi Zun, really act recklessly!"

Dongfang Bubai looked at him quietly.

"Haoran is in the Qi Sea, I am the grandeur!" A light shout sounded from the Derivative World.

"hong long long!"

In the derivative world, countless abundance of righteousness suddenly appeared, and full of righteousness filled the top of the dragon where Gui Guzi was. A holy white lotus flower appeared at the feet of Gui Guzi.

Gui Guzi stepped on the white lotus, all around him was snow white, all around surrounded by the three Great Jue powerhouses, mountain gods, vine gods, and Vajra.

"Derivative grandeur?" Dashizun complexion sank.

The Derivative World, with the power of fortune, simulates a peerless dojo, the master of Dao Transformation.

"Fighting Tianhe with air!" Gui Guzi shouting loudly.

Haoran's righteousness is like a river rushing straight to the Da Shizun.

The power of infinite air transport accompanies the left and right, washing away.


Da Shizun and Gui Guzi fought against each other.

all around the fortune is rolling.

The entrance to the central hall.

The killing emperor expression changed: "so that's how it is, Emperor Yan, you borrowed the atmosphere from me to honor the item of the past year, which is to give Gui Guzi a derivative world?"

"One National Qiyun, for it to call, I hope it can happen!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Perhaps, Derivative World, this is a method of invoking fortune developed by Feng Shui masters, but Da Shi Zun is not good at it. However, Fenmu Guihuo knows what it will be. Kind of results." Kill the emperor nodded.

"hong long long!"

In the sea of ​​fortune, the battle started, but both of them understood the destructive nature of their power, so they did not fight out of the bounds of the derived world.

Ten Diankou.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor stared at the Derivative World, showing a chuckle: "The Derivative World? This Gui Guzi Derivative World is extraordinary!"

"No matter how strong it is, it can’t be compared. Lord, the ten halls on the Lord have turned into entities, and his Gui Guzi derivative world is just a temporary illusion!" The Ice God said with a smile.

"It's a pity that the grave Immortal King is also a talented man. It is a pity that he chose the wrong one and conflicted with me. Otherwise, I really want to see his success!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said solemnly.

"The Lord knows the purpose of the Immortal King tomb? What is he going to do to resurrect Da Shizun?" Bing Shen asked in confusion.

"He wants to wait for Da Shizun to reach Peak, fully extract all the power of Da Shizun, pour into himself, and force his cultivation base into Ten Nine Layers Heaven!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor narrowed his eyes.

"Huh? Ten Nine Layers Heaven? How could it be possible?" Bing Shen asked in surprise.

"There is nothing impossible. The half of the Immortal King tomb is already ten Nine Layers Heaven. The other half of the body has been drained of flesh and blood. He only needs to assimilate the other half of the body to ten Nine Layers Heaven. , That's it!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said solemnly.

"Half? Ten Nine Layers Heaven? Master, it seems that the fate is ten Nine Layers Heaven, right? As long as the grave Immortal King hits ten Nine Layers Heaven, isn't it...?" Bing Divine Eyes' eyes brightened stand up.

"If the grave of Immortal King can reach ten Nine Layers Heaven, then it can formally contend with the fate. The idea is good, but will he succeed? The deity will not place hope on Grave in the hands of Immortal King!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said solemnly.


"No but, if he really has the ability, he can Sweeping Across the World and all powerhouses, even if I block it, it’s nothing difficult, but if he doesn’t I can't pass my block, how can I hit the Ten Nine Layers Heaven? Why did the deity give his hope to him?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said solemnly.

"Yes!" Ice God suddenly nodded.

Yes, if you can dominate the world and no one can rival, others can naturally give him hope, but if even the world's formidable person can't compete, why should everyone believe in him?

Believing in him is self-destructive!

"hong long long!"

In the derivative world, the war is fierce.

At the entrance of the central hall, Yin Tong Gui Guzi came.

"Great Emperor, something went wrong in the derivative world, Jin Tong Fenmu Guihuo, can see through the falsehood, my body is under control!" Yin Tong Gui Guzi frowned.

"See through the falsehood?" Yan Chuan complexion sank.

In the derivative world, everything is vain, because others can't break it, so the use of vain can achieve the effect of deriving a powerhouse.

It can be seen by Fenmu Guihuo, everything is serious.

"Kill the emperor, you take my other body and him into the interior!" Yan Chuan said.

"Me?" The Emperor said in surprise.

"My human body has also entered the Yang Sector, my two bodies, guarding the grave Immortal King!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.


At this time, Yan Chuan and Yan Chuan also entered the Yin Sector.

The Emperor, with silver pupils Yan Chuan and Gui Guzi, stepped into the range of derivative circles.

They are all lifeless souls, Yan Chuan hopes to block the golden pupil Fenmu Guihuo.

Person Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan glanced at each other, staring coldly at the distant grave Immortal King.

If the grave of Immortal King moves, two Yan Chuan will definitely take action.

In the distance, the grave Immortal King seemed to feel Yan Chuan's gaze. Turning his head, he looked faintly smiled.

Great Zhen's other powerhouses naturally stare at the formidable persons of the Dashan world.

At this moment, the two parties with swords drawn and bows bent, waiting to be shot.


The emperor stood on a high mountain, coldly looking at the battlefield of the inner southern continent, and looked at it, and finally, stepping forward, the emperor also stepped into the derivative within the realm.

"hong long long!"

The great grandeur and the great power are fighting against each other.

Silver entered with Yan Chuan and Gui Guzi, and he saw the chaos all over the sky.

But there is no silhouette of Fenmu Guihuo.

The Da Shizun is like a heavy blow on the weak points of the Da Shizun, and the three peerless Divine Weapon derived from it, all burst at this moment.

"Where is Fenmu Guihuo?" Killing Emperor said curiously.

"There!" Yan Chuan said.

"Where?" The Emperor looked at the starry sky blankly, there was no silhouette of Fenmu Guihuo at all.

"You are fast, send us up! There is a vain space cast by the golden pupil ghost fire, only we can see it!" Yin pupil Yan Chuan said.


Avoiding the battle between the Grand Master and Da Shizun, the Emperor Killer quickly took the two to the starry sky.

"I'm going in!" Yan Chuan said.

As he said, he stepped on his feet and disappeared in front of the killing emperor.

"Huh?" Kill the emperor complexion sank.

It's as if Yan Chuan is invisible. I think that when the killer body was still seven people back then, the sixth child had a vain bottle gourd and could possess his own emptiness.

But in front of him, although the Emperor Killing also had this ability, he could not see through the illusory space of others.

"I also went in, and at least interfered with the participation of Golden Eye Ghost Fire, otherwise, the battle below will not be able to fight, if you have nothing to do, go and help me!" Yin Tong Gui Guzi said.

"Okay!" Kill the emperor nodded.

The illusory space is invisible and intangible at all, only their group of lifeless souls can discover it.

Kill the emperor can only join the battlefield below.


The killing emperor rushed away.

And vain space. It seems to exist in a different dimension, Yin Tong Yan Chuan and Yin Tong Gui Guzi step into this new world. Here, it seems to be virtual and real, and it looks like the vast Heaven and Earth, but in the eyes of the two people, there is something very strange. Few particles are arranged in a special position to create an illusion.

In the distance, on the top of a mountain, Golden Eyed Ghostfire looked down and fought below, suddenly raised his head, looking towards Yan Chuan and Gui Guzi who appeared in front of him.

The three of them have cold faces and no emotions at all.

In the past, it was created by the phoenix at the same time, one gold and two silver, but now each is the master.

"You two are inferior, dare to come here too?" Jintong Ghost Fire said indifferently.

"Defective? You are wrong. You just inherited some of the inheritance of the Great Phoenix Venerable. There is no primary or secondary distinction. You have some branding of the Great Phoenix Venerable on your body, but what can you do? ?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Because I know us better, now that I’m here, don’t leave, wait for me to erase your respective consciousness, form the purest lifeless soul, blend into my body, I can become stronger Points!" Jin Tong WISP said.

"Heavenly Dao cycle!" Yan Chuan a light shout.

“bang! ”

Three thousand Heavenly Dao suddenly appeared, and went to the golden eye to wrap around the ghost fire.

"Heh, it's useless to me, fire reincarnation!" Jin Tong Guihuo a light shout.


The entire illusory space burst into endless fire in an instant.

"Heavenly Dao cycle!" Gui Guzi is also shouting loudly.

Three thousand Heavenly Dao wrapped Gui Guzi again.

"Lian!" Jin Tong Guihuo a light shout, suddenly, all around the fire skyrocketed again.

The three lifeless souls each used their moves to fight against each other.


Da Shi Zun and Wei Zun competed. Although Da Shi Zun could not see through the weakness of Tai Shi Zun without the assistance of Golden Eye Ghost Fire, but even so, Da Shi Zun was more powerful than this false Tai Zun.

"hahaha, soar to the sky!" Da Shizun punched.

“bang! ”

The grandeur of the air was knocked down and flew out.

"Baby, please!"

The bottle gourd of killing the emperor releases golden light.


Jin Guang was smashed by Da Shizun with a punch.

"The peerless Divine Weapon of Da Shi Zun? Ha, I am not afraid of Da Shi Zun, and I will still shoot you? Gui Guzi, you can't hold it anymore, hand over Great Zhen's fortune!" Da Shi Zun is confident Incomparable.

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