The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1561

One day later.


The grandiose deity is shouting loudly, the endless qi transports into a giant dragon and rushes towards the grandiose deity, and all the voids passed by are shattered and billowing fiercely, even though Across the endless fog of fortune, the cultivators of the four regions who are also pressed can't breathe.

"Gui Guzi, you are defeated!" Da Shizun shouting loudly.

One punch hit the giant dragon.

“bang! ”

million li high in the sky, everything is shattered. The impact was so great that Gui Guzi's great grandeur flew upside down in an instant. When it flew upside down, endless energy flowed away, and the awe-inspiring righteousness shattered innumerably.

The derivative world is broken.

The huge force not only defeated Gui Guzi, but the Emperor was knocked back and flew back.


The entire Yin Sector world was shocked.

Booming air waves rushed straight into the four directions.

"ang !" "ang !" "ang !"…………

The qi luck, merit and luck overflowing from the Quartet quickly flowed towards the Great Qin City.

But the endless Great Zhen fortune was suddenly broken by the Da Shizun, and went away.


The giant veins of the First Dragon at the feet of Da Shizun roared, and all the fortunes of Great Zhen flowed away.

"hong long long!"

The giant veins of the Beginning Dragon at Gui Guzi's previous feet collapsed down as seen by naked eye.

I lost!

Gui Guzi is defeated!

The entire Daqin city is full of sorrow.

Ten 8 Heavenly Layer? Da Shizun is too powerful.

Even though Gui Guzi used the power of a country, he still lost to the Da Shizun.

The rolling fortune was seized?

Many courtiers suddenly turned black.

Fortune? This is part of making up the air.

Great Zhen lost her fortune, what should I do next?

The national luck has been lost, is everything over?

On the occasion of national mourning. In the distance, the Killer took the heavily wounded Gui Guzi and flew quickly towards the Great Qin City.


Along the way, Gui Guzi vomits blood.

It was not only a serious injury, but also a heartache. The Great Emperor entrusted such a heavy responsibility to himself, but also put the power of a country in his hands, and the hope of a country was shattered by himself.

"no!" Gui Guzi was still unwilling to vomit blood.


Da Shizun has his feet on the giant veins of the first dragon, and the dragon roar soars into the sky. The entire Yin Sector is trembling, in awe of its infinite size.


With the help of the emperor, Gui Guzi soon arrived in Daqin City.

At this moment, in front of the central hall, the officials showed anxiety.

However, seeing that the two Yan Chuan are still calm and composed, all the talents have found the backbone.

"The Great Emperor, the old officials will die!"

As soon as he entered the Great Qin City, Gui Guzi immediately fell under the feet of Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan stepped forward and held Gui Guzi in his hand.

"Sir, you have done your best!" zombie Yan Chuan shook his head.

"No, I ruined Great Zhen's hope!" Gui Guzi said bitterly.

"Mr. Don’t blame yourself. You did your best. I saw it. All the officials in Great Zhen have seen it. No one will blame you. No one has the right to blame you. Block, no fortune, I am Great Zhen or Great Zhen!" Yan Chuan comforted.

"Yes!" Gui Guzi said with strong guilt.

"hong long long!"

Above the head, Qi Luck, Merit, and Luck return. Everything is the same, but the fortune is gone.

The two Yan Chuan stared at the distance with their eyebrows.


After the Great Zhen's fortune, the imposing manner of Da Shizun became more and more soaring, and the entire Yin Sector was trembling because of Da Shizun.

In the distance, the grave Immortal King smiled with satisfaction.

However, the three nameless souls have not yet come out.

Maybe the golden pupil Fenmu Guihuo has the advantage, and Da Shizun ignored it, but turned his head and looked towards the outer northern continent.

outer northern continent, ten temples!

The sky above the ten temples is also surrounded by traces of fortune, and the earth below the ten territories where the ten temples are, the powerful and large Earth Dragon veins, are showing the endless fortune underground.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor guards the boundless fortune.


Silong's giant pulse roared. Da Shizun manipulated the more powerful Giant Veins of the Beginning Dragon towards the Ten Halls.

Chujiang Temple entrance.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor looked at the Da Shizun who was rushing from a distance, showing a sneer.

"hmph, you asked for it!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said with a sneer.


The first dragon's giant veins rushed, like a vast Golden Dragon across huge boundaries.

In the distance.

The grave of Immortal King narrowed his eyes.

"Brother Dongfang, how about this Netherworld River Old Ancestor?" Immortal King solemnly asked the grave.

"Not weaker than me!" Dongfang Bubai said.

"oh?" Half of the face sank of the Immortal King tomb.


Soon, Shilong's giant veins arrived before the ten palaces.

The ten temples are located on ten territories. Among them is the Netherworld River Old Ancestor at the entrance of the Chu River Palace.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor stepped, suddenly a huge mountain rose from the ground under its feet.


The huge mountain formed the shape of a dragon's head. Gradually, a giant dragon vein formed at the feet of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

The dragon head is huge, and it is no different from the dragon head on the opposite side.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor! Just now, you saw the battle, hand over your fortune!" Da Shizun said solemnly.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor suddenly smiled evilly: "What are you?"

"en?" Da Shizun complexion sank.

"Occupying the shell of the great master, the ignorant junior, dare to impudent in front of me?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said coldly in the eyes.

"Impudent? Huh, I am impudent, so what?" Da Shizun coldly said.

"hehe, impudent, but you have to suffer!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor coldly smiled.

Probing his hand with a wave.

“bang! ”

A sea of ​​blood suddenly appeared, all around several territories, and was immediately submerged by the sea of ​​blood, and the sea of ​​blood rose. The pulse is stuck.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor, since you refuse to hand it over, then I will do it myself!" Da Shizun coldly shouted.

While speaking, when the probing hand was shot out, a giant palm suddenly appeared in the void.


Netherworld River coldly shouted.


In the sea of ​​blood, a nose sword suddenly appeared, and a nose sword came out, cutting out a black sword light, the sword light is huge, and there seem to be countless evils inside. The ghost is struggling.

"One sword produces the world?"

In the distance, Dongfang Bubai's eyes condensed.

It was Abi sword light that instantly cut off Da Shizun's palm, the palm was broken, and a huge bloodstain appeared on Da Shizun's right hand.

One round, Netherworld River Old Ancestor won?

The grave of Immortal King complexion sank.

Stepping, the grave Immortal King rushed out of the throne and shot towards the distance.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor is too strong, it hurts Da Shizun in one round?

“bang! ”

The sea of ​​blood soared to the sky, instantly enveloping the Netherworld River and Da Shizun.

The tomb of Immortal King complexion sank instantly stepped into the sea of ​​blood.

connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, Wang Yang blood sea, Netherworld River Old Ancestor In the blood sea, battle two Great Jue powerhouses.


The entire Yin Sector was shocked.


False space.


In the fire sea recruited by Fenmu Guihuo, a huge Fire Phoenix suddenly flew out towards Yan Chuan, the silver pupil.

The Fire Phoenix is ​​huge, completely formed by flames, but unlike the ordinary Phoenix, this Fire Phoenix actually has 72 tails, which is huge and unstoppable.

“bang! ”

Three thousand Heavenly Dao was in front of him, and couldn't resist it. Fire Phoenix hit, and three thousand Heavenly Dao suddenly fell to pieces.

"What?" Yan Chuan said in surprise.

Fire Phoenix, how could there be such a huge might?

Fire Phoenix is ​​too fast, and with the determination to kill, in a blink of an eye, Yan Chuan is in front of Yan Chuan, to completely crush Yan Chuan.

At this dangerous moment, a silhouette suddenly appeared in front of Yan Chuan.


It is the silver pupil Gui Guzi, who manipulated three thousand Heavenly Dao and slammed into the Fire Phoenix.

In an instant, the illusory space was distorted. Under the huge collision, the three thousand Heavenly Dao of Gui Guzi also collapsed in an instant.

“bang! ”

Fire Phoenix passes through Gui Guzi. At that moment, Yin Tong Gui Guzi pushed away Yin Tong Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan's eyes widened and looked towards Gui Guzi, the silver pupil who sacrificed himself for himself.

"Why?" Yan Chuan said in surprise.

Neither of them have emotions, but even if they have no emotions, Yan Chuan also noticed the difference at this moment.

"Yan Chuan, your perception is higher than me. I die better than you die!" Yin Tong Gui Guzi said at last.


Passing through the 72-tailed Fire Phoenix of Gui Guzi, turned around, and crashed into the head of Gui Guzi again.


Silver pupil Gui Guzi was knocked out in an instant. in midair, the spirit is blown up instantly.

The body instantly turned into a silver liquid.

"Nameless soul? Ha!" Jin Tong Fenmu Guihuo said with a trace of satisfaction.


Open your mouth and inhale, suck the silver liquid into your body.


Golden pupil Fenmu Guihuo trembled slightly, exuding a spirit of enchantment.

Yin Tong Yan Chuan complexion sank, did not feel sad for the destruction of Yin Tong Gui Guzi, because there is no emotion at all, but with the coldest logical analysis, he is in a bad situation.

Step, Yan Chuan will turn around and leave.

"Want to go? Fire sea!" Jin Tong Wraith is coldly snorted.


The entire space was instantly surrounded by fire, trapping Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, on his way, in the fire sea, there are countless seventy-two Fire Phoenix vaguely general.

Yan Chuan complexion sank.

"Now let me know, the difference between me and you, the inferior products, the background of the great phoenix, is not comparable to yours in a inferior product!" Golden Eye Ghost Fire said with a sneer.

while speaking, golden pupil ghost fire detective beckoned.

"Ming!" "Ming!" "Ming!"………………

In an instant, nearly ten thousand small fires emerged from the fire sea. Phoenix, culled towards Yan Chuan.

"Look at me destroying your spiritual consciousness, breaking!" Jin Tong ghost fire shouting loudly.


Wan Feng roared and rushed towards Yan Chuan.

"Heavenly Dao!"


Six thousand Heavenly Dao suddenly appeared, protecting Yan Chuan, but these Phoenix seem to be able to penetrate Heavenly The Dao area was average, and he instantly arrived in front of Yan Chuan.

"Be!" Yan Chuan complexion changed.


Suddenly, the sound of a sword sounded.


With a single stroke, Wanfeng is annihilated.

"en?" Golden Eye Ghost Fire complexion changed.

Turning around, I saw a woman with short hair standing in the fire sea at this moment.

"Emperor? How could you come in, this is a vain space, not in Heaven and Earth." Jin Tong Guihuo said in surprise.

"The illusory space hidden in reincarnation? So what!" Huang coldly said.

"Why did you come in?" Jin Tong Wraith was still a little disbelief.

"Because I am also a lifeless soul!" The emperor said solemnly.

"So are you?" Jin Tong Guihuo asked in surprise.

"The inheritance left by my mother is not for you, but for me. Take it!" The emperor seized it.

"Wanfeng, kill!" Jintong ghost fire complexion changed, manipulating countless Fire Phoenix to rush towards the emperor.


Wanfeng seemed to have a sense of feeling, so he flew to the emperor not far away, and automatically avoided, unwilling to hurt the emperor even a bit.



A snow-white blade light headed straight towards the golden pupil Fenmu Guihuo.

In an instant, he penetrated Fenmu Guihuo's head without any barriers.

"You!" Jin Tong Fenmu Guihuo looked at the emperor incredulously.


The long knife drew.


The consciousness and spirit of Jin Tong Fenmu Guihuo broke apart in an instant. The whole body is transformed into a golden transparent liquid.

In a blink of an eye, was destroyed by the emperor?

Emperor hand grasps, in the golden liquid, a golden Phoenix suddenly appeared.

Phoenix is ​​transparent and is the inheritance of the Grand Phoenix.

The emperor opened his mouth and sucked, and Golden Phoenix sucked into his body.

The original golden liquid has now become silver.

The purest lifeless soul?

The emperor has a look at Yan Chuan.

Stepping, the emperor left the purest lifeless soul, leaving the void of space.

Leave Yan Chuan alone, watching the emperor's departure with a solemn expression.

There was silence for a while, Yan Chuan really couldn't figure out what the emperor meant. After all, there is no emotion, and many things are based on intelligence and it is difficult to understand.

But at least understand that this purest lifeless soul is left to him by the emperor.

Yan Chuan was not polite, and opened his mouth to inhale, sucking the huge lifeless soul into his mouth.


Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, instantly glows in the sky.

Taking two lifeless souls, Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, seems to be purifying himself, sitting cross-legged quietly, closing his eyes and purifying.

Yan Chuan retreats to the illusory space.

The emperor came out of the illusory space, but headed toward his dojo.

North, Blood Sea Overflowing Heavens. covering the heavens, shielding the sun. The fierce impact shocked Heaven and Earth.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor is in a sea of ​​blood, one against two.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor?" The Immortal King roared inside the grave.

"hmph, Netherworld River Avenue, heaven falls and earth rends!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor shouting loudly.


The sea of ​​blood suddenly issued a huge explosion, the explosion was fierce, and the endless sea of ​​blood, instantly splashed the entire Yin Sector, in an instant, Yin Sector Heaven and Earth, Countless blood was spilled.

Lian Shen, standing behind Dongfang Bubai, also changed his face wildly.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor?" Lotus God exclaimed.


I saw that the distant grave Immortal King was blown out by this huge explosion.


From the exploding sea of ​​blood, there was a desolate scream from the giant veins of the first dragon.


The sea of ​​blood exploded, slowly revealing the interior scene.

But I saw that the distant Netherworld River Old Ancestor stepped on the head of the languishing Beginning Dragon Giant Vessel, and Heavenspan Black Sea suppressed the Beginning Dragon Giant Vessel behind him.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor showed a hideous face, but his right palm was stuck on the neck of Da Shizun.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor smiled grimly, and it was impossible to move even a little bit.

Immortal King, a grave in the distance, quickly stabilized his figure. Turning his head in the shock, he found that Da Shizun was restrained by the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, and he was caught alive?

The world powerhouse, when you see it, you can see a look of shock.

Da Shizun, so strong, he has just defeated Great Zhen, and his morale is so high, as if he is invincible in the whole world.

But at this moment, it looks like a dead dog, pinched by the Netherworld River Old Ancestor unable to move?

This, am I dazzled?

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