The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1563

Yin Sector.

The world was shaking, but 10,000 Netherworld River Avatars suppressed the world as they stepped on the ground, making the violently shaking Heaven and Earth much calmer.

outer northern continent.

Ten territories slowly surfaced.

"Boom ka!"

Like the sound of breaking with the crust, the ten territories are completely disconnected from the crust. Flew out of the sea and flew towards high altitude.


Four Direction Sea water rushed towards the pothole that appeared suddenly.

The giant veins of the First Dragon at the feet of Netherworld River Old Ancestor have collapsed.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor, what do you want?" Da Shizun shouted in shock.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor doesn't care, but waits for all ten territories to rise to the sky.


Above ten territories, ten great halls suddenly released dazzling rays of light.

“bang! ”

From the ten temples, it seems that one after another new energy emerges, billowing out, and the tetragonal space is stacked on top of each other.

"Meow, is Space Divine Ability? Layers, all Power of Space? How scary?" Meow, standing on Yan Chuan's shoulder, said in surprise.

"hong long long!"

The billowing Power of Space gushes out, gradually, as if connected into one piece, gradually turning into a huge sphere, the vast sphere, the ten All the territories are wrapped up.

Naked eye can see it, like a huge black transparent sphere, enveloping the ten territories.


In the Black Sphere, a new sun and a new moon suddenly appeared.


Netherworld River Old Ancestor shouting loudly.

With the huge Black Sphere, it soars up into the sky, towards the starry sky, towards the Wuji.

"That's it?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

At the entrance of Yellow Springs Road, Zhong Shan's eyes were also condensed.

"Ten temple world? Netherworld River moved the world in the ten temples outside, trapped those ten territories to form a new Heaven and Earth?" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"Lord, but that is Small World after all, it must be stored in Heaven and Earth. After Heaven and Earth, won't it break immediately?" a courtier on the side asked.

"No, I used to go in, that Small World, very unusual, extremely closed, the outermost layer is the absolute space of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor. Space Divine Ability repairer, Netherworld No one can compare River Old Ancestor, and his Space Formation must be extraordinary." Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"Netherworld River world?" Yan Chuan in the distance also said solemnly.

There are countless powerhouses watching.

The huge Netherworld River world quickly entered the starry sky, and gradually, rushed through the starry sky and entered Celestial Demon World.

In Celestial Demon World. Fuxi watched solemnly.


Netherworld River world breakthrough Celestial Demon World, enter the Promise.


Netherworld River world is set in Promise.

Thousands of Netherworld River Avatars have all entered Promise.

Yan Chuan, Killing Emperor, Zhongshan, Dongfang Bubai, Immortal King tomb, peerless powerhouses, followed into the Promise.

"Da Shizun, my world has entered the Promise, now it is your turn to help!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said solemnly.

"Me? What am I going to do?" Da Shizun Ugly Complexion said.

"I want all the fortunes in the world!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said solemnly.

"Impossible, there are two more in the hands of Zhong Shan and Wu Zhao. You don't let me go, how can I get it?" Da Shizun shouted.

"No, I have Space Divine Ability, let me manipulate your power!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said solemnly.

Grasping Da Shizun with both hands, immediately countless spatial forces rushed towards Da Shizun.

“weng! ”

Da Shizun’s whole body is full of yellow light, all around Power of Space cascading, Space Divine Ability, across the Promise, straight to Great Thousand World and Great Zhou Heaven Realm Away.

"hong long long!"

The entire Great Thousand World vibrates, and the entire Great Zhou Heaven Realm vibrates.

More ferocious fortune extraction than not long ago.

"Asshole!" Wu Zhao shouted anxiously.


Utilize the power of a country to quickly guard the fortune, but the fortune is still turbulent and is usually drawn at any time.

Now it is not the power of one person, but now it appears a Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

And Great Thousand World, originally Qi Luck, Merit, and Luck are also suppressing fortune.

But Zhong Shan looked at the starry sky.

"Don't suppress it, let them go!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.


The fortune is freed, and he quickly crosses the space and heads straight to the Netherworld River world in the Promise.

"hahaha, not bad!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said with satisfaction.

On the other side, Wu Zhao suppressed it for a while, but after all, the power of Netherworld River could not be lost. More importantly, ten Netherworld River Avatars rushed towards Luoyang City.

Wu Zhao has a bitter face.

"Go fortune!" Wu Zhao a light shout.

"hong long long!"

The rolling fortune was once again drawn by the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

Thousands of Avatars, Sweeping Across the World, who can stop?

The rolling fortune is coming straight.


Under the control of Netherworld River Old Ancestor, the endless fortune went straight to ten territories in the Netherworld River world.


Ten territories are growing rapidly.

Netherworld River world is getting bigger and bigger, and the ten territories are getting bigger and bigger.

It's like blowing a breath, expanding the Netherworld River world.

"hong long long!"

Three days later, the size of Netherworld River World gradually reached the size of the first world.

The original ten territories have also changed, separating the Netherworld River world into Yin-Yang two sectors.

"Create Heaven and Earth again?" In the distance, peerless powerhouses solemnly said.

As the Netherworld River world reaches the size of the first world, the power to withstand the infinite decomposition is also increasing.

"hong long long!"

Black Sphere Formation outside the Netherworld River world, gradually appeared a tendency of fragmentation.

"It's useless, just by virtue of these fortunes, you are impossible to succeed!" Da Shizun did not believe.

"Impossible success? Haha, you don’t understand. Create Heaven and Earth in Promise, Great Thousand World in the past. I have succeeded once, but I can’t survive for a long time. Now, I want it. To survive, if my Netherworld River world can survive in the Promise, then fate will be completely avoided. Even if the first world is finally unified, even if the fate is finally expelled from the common people, the common people will have a new place to stay, which is my Netherworld. River world!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor self-channel.

"Live? How to live? Do you want this world to survive?"

"To simulate the first world, I want three thousand Heavenly Dao to support the Netherworld River world, which used to be Great Thousand World’s three thousand Heavenly Dao, after all, is not enough, after all, can’t survive, but with you, it’s different, Da Shizun, fate contains two thousand Heavenly Dao, and I can get it together!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said.

"What do you want to do?"

"Decompose you, release two thousand Heavenly Dao, and together with my thousand Heavenly Dao, nourish the Netherworld River world!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor opened the mouth and said.

"Decompose me?" Da Shizun's face changed wildly.

"This is your honor. Give me points!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor shouted.


The power of terror rushed straight into the body of the Da Shizun.


The endless power of Da Shizun burst out instantly.


A Heavenly Dao appeared suddenly.

"Tianmai!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor shouting loudly.

Confront, Weapon, Fighting and Person are all moving forward!

The nine great celestial veins instantly inserted into the nine directions of the Netherworld River world. For a time, the great momentum turned into a cloud of yellow mist, and the Heavenly Dao quickly emerged, quickly supporting a world.

"No, Netherworld River! Stop it, I have Formation in my body. If my body is destroyed, the Formation will be broken and cannot hide the life number. If I destroy it again, the life number will wake up!" Shouted.

"Fate? Wake up, wake up, I don't care anymore!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said grimly.

"hong long long!"

Strips of Heavenly Dao quickly erected in the Netherworld River world, and at the place of great power, a slight cracking sound gradually appeared.


Formation is broken.

"Ah!" Da Shizun made a mournful scream.

But at this moment, the peerless powerhouses in Promise are indifferent, as if looking forward to the success of Netherworld River.

"hong long long!"

Three thousand Heavenly Dao, faintly discernible, are rapidly condensing.

At this moment, the Space Formation outside the Netherworld River world suddenly appeared one after another huge crack.

"ka ka ka ka!"

"What?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor complexion sank.


Thousands of Netherworld River Avatars quickly went to the cracks and quickly filled the cracks with Space Divine Ability.

"Wuji's power of nothingness is too strong!" Dongfang Bubai complexion sank.

"My world hasn't come alive yet, but Power of Space can't resist it?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor complexion sank.

In midair, Da Shizun’s fate is a crystal with eighteen colors, floating quietly in the air. The rolling force overflowed to the outside world, overflowing straight into the two thousand heavenly Dao that seemed to be virtual and real, perfecting the Heavenly Dao of the Netherworld River world.

Three thousand Heavenly Dao are taking root in the Netherworld River World. Once successful, once alive, this World can survive in Promise, resist the invasion of Promise, and become a real world equivalent to the first world.

But now, the outside Power of Space is not enough?

Wuji seems to feel the birth of Tai Chi again, so it produces a stronger power of decomposition.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor complexion sank.

In the distance, a crowd of peerless powerhouses cannot intervene.

Yan Chuan expression moved.

The person Yan Chuan quickly rushed into Heaven and Earth.

"Meow, your little hat, Wujin Nest, hurry up!" Yan Chuan shouted.

"Meow?" Meow was at a loss.

The human body Yan Chuan wearing a meow little felt hat has once again flown into the Promise.

"Meow, Yan Chuan, what are you doing, my hat, my hat!" Meow shouted flustered and exasperated.

In Promise.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor's face is gloomy and anxious at the same time.

Ment in my heart, the world will come to life happily, and must be faster than infinite power.

However, the perfection and integration of Three Thousand Heavenly Dao is quite difficult and takes a long time.

Netherworld River's choice of Promise is to completely strip away the control of fate, but now, some people can't insist on it.

"No, I am not willing to!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor ugly complexion said.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor, this is the nest year, combined with the Heavenly Dao of the first world, a perfect living space, containing endless Heaven and Earth vitality, and more power of space!" Yan Chuan in person Throw the Wujin nest out.

In the distance, Netherworld River Old Ancestor hand grasps.

Check it out quickly.

After investigating for a while, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor burst into laughter: "hahahahaha, good, the god is worthy of me, Wujin nest? Nest, I underestimated you! There is this treasure, I will decide Can succeed!"

The Netherworld River Old Ancestor probed the beckoned, Power of Space in the Ujin Nest, and went straight to the cracks in the square.


The space where the original cracks were all around, instantly rises firmly.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor is madly excited.

At this moment, the two Yan Chuan were slightly trembled. It seemed like a wave of great power flooded into my mind.

"Success!" Yan Chuan complexion changed.

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