The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1564

The vitality is gushing out of the Wujin nest. The days of the past, it also contains the providence of the first world, which seems to be rapidly activating the Netherworld River world!

The life of Da Shizun is floating in the Netherworld River world within the realm. Three thousand Heavenly Dao is rapidly condensing, and is quickly taking root in the Netherworld River world.


Netherworld River world Yin-Yang two sectors quickly extract each other's power, vitality into yang, death into yin.


Above the Netherworld River world, a faintly discernible nineteen-color rays of light appeared. Although it happened in a flash, it seemed to herald that a new world that could survive in the Promise will soon be born.


Netherworld River world rises slightly, just like a human heartbeat, and it's about to live.

"Are you going to succeed?" A trace of complexity flashed in the eyes of Immortal King, a grave in the distance.

There are joys and regrets. If it can be achieved, it will be the blessing of all people in the world, but unfortunately it is not brought by myself.

A New World separated from the first world. A new Tai Chi.

Everyone squeezed their fists, flashing a strong expectation.

Even Netherworld River Old Ancestor is the same now.

The previous unwillingness, because of the Wujin nest sent by Yan Chuan, everything was resolved.

Everything is resolved, as long as there is time, and then time, I must be completely successful.

"Yan Chuan, many thanks, this success, you are the first one!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said with a big smile excitedly.

At this moment, Yan Chuan suddenly felt a strong will, about to rush into his mind.

"Success!" Yan Chuan complexion changed.


Two Yan Chuan without the slightest hesitation, quickly turned around and shot towards Heaven and Earth.

In a blink of an eye, he rushed into Heaven and Earth.

"What's the matter?" Many powerhouses puzzled.

But soon, everyone reacted, everyone is eyes shrank.


Two Yan Chuan crashed into the Great Qin City.

"Yan Chuan, where's my hat? meow!" Meow pounced.


Yan Chuan slapped Meow away with a palm.


in midair, meowing and vomiting a mouthful of blood, looking at Yan Chuan in surprise, Yan Chuan hit me?

"meow!" Meow yelled with extreme incredibleness.

At this moment, both Yan Chuan are shaking. His face was painful.

"Great Emperor, what's wrong with you?" Great Zhen a group of courtiers rushed in quickly.


Two Yan Chuan shot at the same time, knocking everyone out.

Kill the emperor flew to the front.

"Quickly, everyone avoids, the fate is about to invade Yan Chuan!" Said the emperor.

"What?" The Great Zhen courtier who was beaten in the Quartet asked in surprise.

"Great Zhen, the people of the world!" Two Yan Chuan cried out in pain at the same time.

"Lift up, lift up and wait...!" Two Yan Chuan cried out with difficulty.


The intense tremor interrupted what Yan Chuan was about to say.

Yan Chuan wants to mobilize the power of a country to resist the invasion of life. But the invasion of fate was too fierce.

It is stronger than Yan Chuan, and it cannot be resisted at this moment.

With an expression of pain on his face, Yan Chuan could not say a word.


Suddenly, at the feet of two Yan Chuan, seven Great Emperor altars appeared, and the Great Emperor altar quickly rushed out of two white lights.


Suddenly, Yan Chuan's powerful will was instantly unable to withstand a single blow, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, instantly suppressed in front of Fate.


Both Yan Chuan fell to the ground.

"Husband!" "Father!" "Great Emperor!"…………

The entrance of the central hall was anxious.

"Don't come here!" The Emperor quickly stopped everyone.

Said the emperor felt a tyrannical aura radiating, the aura was too fierce, even if he was standing not far away, he suddenly felt his whole body hairy.


The person Yan Chuan suddenly passed out into a coma.

And zombie Yan Chuan, stepping on the four Great Emperor altars, slowly stood up.

"Yan Chuan?" Meow coughed and cried.

zombie Yan Chuan's eyes are cold, his eyes glowing with nineteen colors, he twisted his head slightly, ignoring everyone, and looked up at the starry sky.


zombie Yan Chuan stepped up into the sky, rushing through the sky full of stars in an instant, and entered the Promise.

Yan Chuan was unconscious and collapsed in front of the central hall.

"Husband!" Mo Yuxi hugged Yan Chuan.

"The fate, the fate is born again!" Said the Emperor with an ugly face.

"Mr. Killing Emperor, how is my Husband now? How is it now?" Mo Yuxi looked towards Killing Emperor anxiously.

The Emperor also checked Yan Chuan.

"Yan Chuan cultivation is a derivative of Yan Chuan cultivation, but it is different from others. He separates vitality and death. In fact, two Yan Chuan share the same fate. Fate suppresses Yan Chuan's fate, so Yan Chuan Falling into a deep sleep, zombie Yan Chuan is under control, and Yan Chuan can't move anymore." Said Emperor said solemnly.

"Well, what should I do now?" Mo Yuxi said anxiously.

"There are only two ways. One is that Yan Chuan defeats the fateful will by himself. Oh, but this is basically impossible. How can Yan Chuan's will beat the fate? The second is to wait for the fate to complete his own. After the incident, he retreated by himself, and Yan Chuan woke up at that time!" Said Emperor Killing solemnly.

Everyone was silent for a while.


In Promise.

The heroes watched the recovery of the Netherworld River world, and at the same time worried about Yan Chuan's sudden change just now.

Yes, Yan Chuan will be back soon.

“bang! ”

The fierce speed instantly brings out large swathes of stars and countless heavenly demons like Promise.


The stars, heavenly demon, were instantly melted by the power of Promise.

zombie Yan Chuan steps on the Great Emperor altar and stands not far from the powerhouses.

A breathtaking breath came out, all around many powerhouses complexion sank.

"Fate?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

Among the Promise, Dongfang Bubai, Zhongshan, Immortal King and Lotus God all reveal grave expressions.

Celestial Demon World, Fuxi also showed anxiety.

You must know that Netherworld River Old Ancestor is about to succeed. Once it succeeds, everyone in the world will be saved. But at this time, there was a fate?

The body of a general is really the body that fate likes to parasitize.

In front of Yan Chuan, he looked at the Netherworld River world in the distance with cold eyes.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor also saw this scene, and his face was gloomy.

"The power, the past is gone, why is it reborn? Imitate my body, shape my deity, an abominable parasite!" The voice of fate is ice-cold saying.

There are not many expressions, as before, only a part of consciousness is revived. This part of consciousness has two purposes, destroying Da Shizun and destroying the Netherworld River world.

all around the heroes complexion changed.

The tomb of Immortal King flew over in an instant.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor, although it has seized me the first opportunity, but to survive for the world, I will block my life for you for a period of time, you speed up!" the grave Immortal King called.

"Master!" Lian Shen also looked towards Dongfang Bubai, hoping Dongfang Bubai would take action.

However, Dongfang Bubai shook his head.

In the distance, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor also said solemnly: "Grave Immortal King, I have good intentions, you go away!"

"en?" The grave Immortal King complexion sank.

"The fate is aimed at me, general fate and my world. It is inconvenient for you to intervene. Once you intervene, more thoughts will affect fate, and more fate consciousness will be awakened!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said solemnly.

Immortal King complexion changed to the grave, and I immediately understood it.

The fate has only awakened partly, and the current consciousness has only one purpose. If you intervene, the fate will be even stronger.

"I see!" Tomb Immortal King nodded.

The grave Immortal King quickly retreated, and a group of peerless powerhouses looked worriedly.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor is not afraid of it. At this moment, Netherworld River world is gradually on the right track. Ten Palace Lords control the world quickly.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor took the 10,000 Avatar and stepped out of the Netherworld River World, staring coldly at the fate of the opposite.

"I know that I will face you today, so in the past, when you recovered from the general body, I would fight against you. I hope to be familiar with your strength. This time, I will do my best with Netherworld River. Fight. Fate, come on!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor believes.


Ten thousand Netherworld River Old Ancestor culled towards the fate.

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