The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1565

Thousands of Netherworld River Old Ancestors, each of which is 8 Heavenly Layer. The imposing manner is magnificent and fierce!

The huge scene is coming, even if the tombs Immortal King, Dongfang Bubai and the others not far away, they feel a little chill in their hearts.

zombie Yan Chuan, which is today's fate, but he doesn't care about it.

Standing in the Promise, gently stretched out the right palm, the five nails of the right hand grew madly, and in a blink of an eye they rose to the length of a foot. The nails were knife-shaped, like five handles. The slender black blade emits billowing black air.

Mingshu did not fear these 10,000 powerhouses, but took a step and instantly arrived at the nearest Netherworld River Avatar.

The Netherworld River Avatar was beckoned, a black long sword was pierced out, and when it was pierced out, the eighteen-color rays of light exploded in all directions. An unstoppable momentum came straight to the fate.

Mingshu's eyes were cold, and his hand made a sharp stroke of the Wujiadao.


The black long sword was cut into six segments in an instant. The fierce blade passed by, and everything turned into six parts, that is, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor Avatar, also suddenly It was turned away by this five-piece knife, and instantly turned into six breaks.

Unstoppable, like a hot knife through butter, without hindrance.

The Netherworld River Avatar of Ten 8 Heavenly Layer was dismembered instantly?

In the distance, the tomb Immortal King and the others heart trembled.

The speed of the fateful blow was too fast, too ferocious, and instantly killed a ten 8 Heavenly Layer?

However, the number of Netherworld River Avatars is extremely large.

Hundreds of Netherworld River wielded their long swords at the same time, carrying hundreds of fierce powers, like a hundred dragons roaring towards their lives.


The huge blow slammed into the life number, sending out a strong energy surge.

In the Avatar Sea, the body of the Netherworld River solemnly looked at the chaotic energy zone.

The energy to be chaotic is ablated infinitely, exposing the body of fate again.

The fate was unscathed, it was only restrained, and the powerful fleshy body was completely blocked.

Almost everyone is a complexion sank.

"Ten Nine Layers Heaven's body?" Immortal King complexion sank tomb in the distance.

The half body of the Immortal King tomb is also so powerful. Naturally, I know the ferocity of this body, but the half body of the Immortal King tomb is restricted by the other half of the body. It cannot be as perfect as Yan Chuan's fleshy body .

"roar!" With a roar of life, the fate once again rushed towards a Netherworld River Avatar.

"The fleshy body of Ten Nine Layers Heaven? Huh, I don't believe it can't be broken!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor's eyes were cold.

There are thousands of Avatars quickly standing in various directions to form a formation.

"Heaven and Earth, I am the creator!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor shouted.

“bang! ”

Netherworld River Avenue suddenly appeared in Promise, like a rushing black river, circled all Netherworld River Avatars and fate into the rushing black river .

"hong long long!"

The big river is rushing to keep the life.


between Heaven and Earth, Daqin City.

Kill Emperor, Gui Guzi, Mo Yuxi, Zizi and the others all surrounded the unconscious person Yan Chuan.

Suppressed by fate, zombie Yan Chuan's body was seized, and Yan Chuan fell into a coma, which should have been resigned to fate.

But at this moment, Yan Chuan's body surface emits a ray of light of eighteen colors from time to time.

"Mr. Killing, what is going on with my father now?" Pluto asked worriedly.

"I don't know!" Shadi shook his head.

"Let me see!" Gui Guzi called.

At this moment, everyone has nothing to do. Gui Guzi wants to investigate, and everyone naturally gives way to Gui Guzi to investigate.

Although Gui Guzi lost the Great Zhen fortune not long ago, this is force majeure. At least, if the Netherworld River Old Ancestor makes a move, no one can hold it.

Gui Guzi put his probing hand on Yan Chuan's arm, closed his eyes, and slightly activated the mana in his hand.


Beside Yan Chuan, the road suddenly skyrocketed.

A avenue of cypress trees suddenly appeared.

"Huh?" Everyone asked in surprise.

"This is the secret technique that the teacher taught me back then, which can move the road of the Bai family!" Gui Guzi said.

The teacher of Gui Guzi is Bai Huang, which is also the grandfather of Yan Chuan I.

At this moment, the cypress avenue exits, but it emits lush green light. As it slowly rotates, the rolling force floods into the body of Yan Chuan.

"The cypress trees are still running!" Gui Guzi's face was happy.

"What do you mean?"

"The movement of the cypress tree indicates that the will of the Great Emperor has not been completely suppressed, and the will of the Great Emperor is resisting the will of fate!" Gui Guzi said.

"Yan Chuan is resisting the fate?" The Emperor Shao asked in surprise from the side.

"The Great Emperor's will is stronger than that of the generals. The Great Emperor indeed blocked a part of the will of life. He did it!" Gui Guzi suddenly revealed a rejoicing expression.

"How is this possible? The will of the fate is inviolable, Yan Chuan's two-body realm, only ten 7 Heavenly Layer, how can it withstand the suppression of the fate? How can we still resist?" It was incredible.

Gui Guzi flashed a firm, slightly smiled in his eyes: "Because the Great Emperor possesses something that no one has. Because of this thing, the will of the earth can be infinitely expanded and the Great Emperor can be changed infinitely. Strong!"



Yan Chuan means Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Fate invasion, instantly suppressed Yan Chuan consciousness with like a hot knife through butter.

Like a vast ocean of chaos, Yan Chuan is instantly enclosed in the depths of the seabed.

In the past, Jiang Chen had also experienced it.

Consciousness is the most fragile thing of human beings. Under the advent of this chaotic sea, the generals in the past did not resist at all. They sank directly into the depths of the sea,'suffocated' and fell into a coma, and the body was completely reduced to the carrier of fate. no resistance, directly parasitic.

The same is true for Yan Chuan today. He was sunk into the seabed in an instant, the'suffocation' of the chaotic sea, and the rapidly approaching Yan Chuan consciousness would be unable to resist.

Fleshy body was quickly taken over. The person is in a coma and the zombie is under control.

Unable to sense himself, but Yan Chuan's consciousness did not fall into a'coma'. Although'suffocated', there was a white conviction group that enveloped Yan Chuan's consciousness.

This belief is'hope'.

The fire of hope is the fire of hope for the common people.

Starting from the Great Thousand World, Yan Chuan has been fighting for this fire of hope for a lifetime, working hard, and constantly for this immortal belief, Yan Chuan can bury himself alive in the first life.

Just for this hope, the hope that never dies.

This is a Supreme belief. Today, I don’t know how much I have been tempered by Yan Chuan. This belief of'hope' is deeply ingrained in Yan Chuan's body and is also the result of all Yan Chuan's strength. Source.

This is also what Yan Chuan thought could withstand the control of life numbers.

Yan Chuan did it. This belief of'hope' that has been honed with'the world is for the public' since several millions years ago, now envelops Yan Chuan's consciousness and supports Yan Chuan's consciousness. He was'suffocated' by the fate of the Chaos Sea and stunned.

In the depths of the seabed, it seems to be extremely'hypoxic'. With this belief in'hope', Yan Chuan's consciousness is constantly swimming towards the surface of the sea.

Yan Chuan wants to take back his body, must take it back.

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