The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1566

In the Promise.

Netherworld River world is slowly improving. Three thousand Heavenly Dao have taken root in Netherworld River world. The entire world has expanded and contracted, just like a heartbeat.

Netherworld River world is about to be resurrected gradually.

Across the distance of the Netherworld River world, a huge black river spans across.

Among the black river, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor brought thousands of Avatars to resist the destruction of life numbers, and the black river was surging and roaring.

Farther away are a group of peerless powerhouses in Heaven and Earth, staring at the Netherworld River world and the black river one by one.

At this moment, everyone is quite nervous.

The operation of Netherworld River Old Ancestor is theoretically feasible. If it can be done, all the people in the world may be saved. What everyone is striving for will be realized soon?

Everyone is a little nervous, worried that Netherworld River will fail.

Although the grave of Immortal King was seized by Netherworld River, he does not resent Netherworld River at the moment, and is even looking forward to the success of Netherworld River.

Suddenly, the grave Immortal King raised his brows and unexpectedly looked towards Heaven and Earth.

"What's wrong?" Dongfang Bubai said curiously.

The tomb of Immortal King showed a strange color and said: "Is there a Xiaoxiao who broke into my undead territory? Really act recklessly!"

"oh?" Dongfang Bubai also said strangely. .

shook the head, the grave Immortal King said solemnly: "At this moment in the creation of Netherworld River world, there is no time to deal with it, huh, after this battle, I have to see who is so bold and daring Break into my dojo!"

Dongfang Bubai nodded, indeed, at this time, the most important thing is the Netherworld River world. There are thieves out of the grave fairy Wang Family, everything is trivial.


Great good world, immortality territory.

"Bold! Metal beast!"






The center of the undead territory is in chaos. Long sword, long sword, iron kuang, gold mine, endless metal flying all over the sky.

"hong long long!"

All kinds of metals exploded, causing chaos in all directions.


With a loud noise, a metal giant rushed out.


A group of tombs dísciple chased angrily.

The metal giant in midair laughed: "hahahaha, everyone, don’t give it away!"


The metal giant rushed with countless metals Not far from the sea, I jumped into the sea in an instant, and quickly shuttled from the seabed.

Follow a metal vein.


The metal giant disappeared in a blink of an eye.


"Shameless thief!"

"While patriarch is not here, taking advantage of the absence of the patriarch, and the ignorance of Xiaoxiao, dare to come to me Theft of immortal territory?"

"The return of patriarch is your death date. You can't escape from the world!"

"No one can save you!"




A group of graves dísciple roared in anger, Unfortunately, no matter how great the anger is, the thieves have already left.

The thief slowly climbed out of the water in another territory, but his appearance at this moment was no longer the appearance of a metal giant, but the appearance of Gui Guzi.

Dark Gui Guzi.

Dark Gui Guzi sat cross-legged and closed his eyes for an hour.

"hahaha, what a tomb family, there are so many powerful secret techniques hidden in it, it's worthy of my trip! What if I offend the Immortal King tomb? I am not going to be an undercover agent anymore, I Back to Xianyang, I will naturally be protected by Martial Nephew!" Dark Gui Guzi said with a big smile.

Martial Nephew of Gui Guzi in the dark is naturally Yan Chuan.

At this moment, Dark Gui Guzi twisted his head, contented.

Suddenly, Dark Gui Guzi raised his brow.

"Is it Gui Guzi? What happened to the Great Emperor?" Dark Gui Guzi complexion sank.

At this moment, in Daqin City, Gui Guzi looked up at the sky, and connected with each other through their fate.

"Something happened to the Great Emperor, you are coming back quickly, I need your help!" Gui Guzi said.

The dark Gui Guzi brows slightly wrinkle in the Dashan world, and finally said: "I know, I will be back soon!"


"Mr. Kill the Emperor!" Gui Guzi looked towards Kill the Emperor.


"Excuse me, help me pick someone up. It's on the outer western continent, at the Yellow Springs Road entrance to the world Yang Sector of Dashan." Gui Guzi Said.

"Oh? Who?" Killing the emperor puzzled.

"You will know when you go, hurry up!" Gui Guzi said seriously.

The cultivation base of Killing Emperor is the strongest, and the natural speed is the fastest. It can cross a territory between steps, and Gui Guzi will naturally let Killing Emperor go.


The killing emperor quickly went to the great good world.

At this moment, the heroes of the Dashan world, as well as the powerhouses of the grave clan, are still waiting for the return of the Immortal King tomb. No one knows the theft from the clan.


Soon, the killing emperor arrived at Yellow Springs Road on the outer western continent.

At this moment, the dark Gui Guzi has entered the outer western continent from Yellow Springs Road.

"Mr. Killing, here!" Dark Gui Guzi called.

"oh?" Killing the emperor was taken aback for a moment, and finally understood why Gui Guzi said it.

"Let's go back soon!" said Dark Gui Guzi.

"en!" Kill the emperor nodded.


The two quickly headed towards Daqin City at a very fast speed.

Daqin City, in front of the central hall.

The cypress trees skyrocketed, slowly rotating. All the courtiers couldn't intervene at this moment, and their eyes were full of anxiety.

"Sir, what do you do now?" Pluto said with some worry.

"don't be impatient, when Mr. Killer returns, I will enter the heart of the Great Emperor and carefully inspect the situation of the Great Emperor!" Gui Guzi seriously said.

"Enter the father's mind?" Pluto asked in surprise.

"My fate is the same as that of the Great Emperor, so if I do it intentionally, I can help you!" Gui Guzi said.

"Yes!" Everyone can only wait at this moment.

It didn't take long for the Emperor Killer to return with Gui Guzi in darkness.

When the darkness of Gui Guzi returned, many people were surprised. Of course, many people knew their relationship with Gui Guzi and looked as usual.

"Cypress?" Dark Gui Guzi walked to the place of Heavenspan Cypress.

Touch it lightly for a while.

"The teacher's breath has completely dissipated, ha!" Dark Gui Guzi revealed a bit of bitterness.

"Darkness, I don’t have enough power alone, and I need you to help me. Now, the Great Emperor is in a coma, and there are many dangers. I need you to cooperate with me to enter the heart of the Great Emperor and see if there is any help to the Great. The Emperor!" Gui Guzi seriously said.

"No, this person is in danger from the Great Emperor. He had besieged Xianyang in the past and hit the Zizi Queen harder!" A spokesperson suddenly jumped out.

"This person will harm the Great Emperor, don't let him do anything arbitrarily!" Another officer yelled.




Suddenly, a large number of officials called out, after all In the dark on the surface, Gui Guzi is still the enemy of Great Zhen. This is also the main reason why he was able to deceive a subject in the first place.

"Shut up!" Li Si suddenly shouted loudly and drank the officials.

For Yan Chuan's safety, Ke Qunchen still disagrees.

"Mr. Great Emperor believe!" Zi Zi was the first to speak.

"Great Emperor, Mr. Believe!" Mo Yuxi also called.

"Believe in the Great Emperor!"

"Believe in the Great Emperor!"




Great Zhen's great officials kept talking, proving the innocence of the dark Gui Guzi.

The dark Gui Guzi didn't pay attention to the officials at all, but walked in front of Gui Guzi.

"Let's start!" Dark Gui Guzi said directly.

"en!" Gui Guzi nodded.

One person grabbed Yan Chuan by one arm, the two closed their eyes, and the palms released a ray of blue light, and their hearts entered Yan Chuan's mind.

all around The officials waited anxiously.


The moment the two Gui Guzi entered Yan Chuan's mind, they suddenly'seeed' the situation of Yan Chuan's consciousness.

In Yan Chuan's mind, seeing the situation of Yan Chuan's consciousness, the two of them could not intervene in everything about Yan Chuan's consciousness, but they could feel the danger Yan Chuan was facing.

"hong long long!"

The vast chaotic sea, extremely dense, submerged Yan Chuan's consciousness in the'deep sea'.

Yan Chuan tried to float towards the surface of the sea, but the chaotic sea was too deep and too deep, swimming for a long time without reaching the end.

The strong sense of'suffocation' made Yan Chuan unable to hold on. However, the flame of hope all over his body stimulated Yan Chuan's consciousness again and again, even if Yan Chuan's consciousness was dim. Sleepy, but also stabbed Yan Chuan to wake up again and again.

Difficult and slow, Yan Chuan floats upward a little bit.

The two Gui Guzi looked at each other in Yan Chuan's mind, and a shock flashed in their eyes.

The sea of ​​chaos is the will of fate, and the will of Yan Chuan floating upward is the will of Yan Chuan, a weak silhouette in the vast sea, but even though he is weak, he is still fighting against the sea.

With a wave of faith, a wave of common people's expectation, Yan Chuan's consciousness little by little floats up.

The two Gui Guzi were deeply shocked.

"Oh, than chest, you and I are indeed not the opponents of this Martial Nephew, his chest embraces the common people, you and my chest, but just freed from private grievances!" Dark Gui Guzi said with a bitter smile.

"en!" Gui Guzi nodded.

"The teacher once said that this grandson of his can inherit everything from him, and be able to play a broader role of the Bai family, and be able to work harder for the common people than the teacher. Back then, I didn’t believe it, but now I see Come, the teacher is right!" Dark Gui Guzi said bitterly.

Gui Guzi was silent for a while.

The two can't help Yan Chuan, and Yan Chuan doesn't need their help at this moment. They just watched patiently and cheered Yan Chuan silently in the heart.

In the Central Palace Square, other courtiers, Crown Prince, and Queen were anxious.

One day, two days, three days.

With Yan Chuan's unremitting efforts, he finally reached the surface of the Chaos Sea.

The two Gui Guzi both widened their eyes, held their breath, and felt intense excitement in their hearts.


A huge sound of breaking through the sea surface came out, Yan Chuan's consciousness, in the midst of difficulties, finally broke through the Chaos Sea and appeared in the sea. on.

"hahahaha, I know it, I know it!" Yan Chuan said with a big smile with a strong excitement.

“bang! ”

Yan Chuan's consciousness went out to sea, and suddenly burst out, the consciousness of getting out of trouble, went straight to his own body, and quickly grabbed the control of his own fleshy body.


The human body Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan trembled almost at the same time. Yan Chuan's consciousness was finally suppressed by the breakthrough fate, and with fierce hope, broke out.

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