The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1567

In the Promise.

Netherworld River world is becoming more and more perfect. Gradually, three thousand Heavenly Dao has been formed, a true New World imitating the first world.


Netherworld River within the realm. There was a loud noise in Da Shi Zun Ming Ge.

Fenmu Guihuo's consciousness collapsed, but the consciousness of Da Shizun has returned to its place.


The sound of laughter sounded from the fate.

Da Shizun instantly understood the entire process of development from Fenmu Guihuo's broken consciousness.

There was a wave of excitement and a wave of excitement in the laughter, even if it was previously controlled by the Immortal King tomb, it could not stop the happiness at this moment.

"Okay, okay, okay, Netherworld River Old Ancestor, you are born in the descendants, it is the blessing of all people, the Netherworld River world is born, the common people are saved, I am used by you to perfect the world, I don’t Blame you, and congratulate you even more, even if the fate is broken, what about it? At worst, if your Netherworld River world is perfect, I will sleep for another, ten, and a hundred years. I am willing, hahahahaha! "Da Shizun's fateful voice is very hearty.

At this moment, the power of life is even more in line with New World.

The power in the hit grid quickly squeezed the final perfection of Netherworld River world.

“weng! ”

Netherworld River world slowly emerges a red light, then orange light, then yellow light, green light, azure light, blue light, purple light, one after Another rays of light appeared in the Netherworld River world, and the entire Netherworld River world became more and more alive.

Victory is in sight. The colorful light gushes out, and a new world is about to be born.

Not far from the Netherworld River world, it is the black river of grandiose.

In the black river, ten thousand Netherworld River Old Ancestors were killed in battle.

At the moment of fate, the nails of both hands turned into ten long knives, and the long knives slashed across, and a Netherworld River Avatar instantly shattered.

But here, the Netherworld River Avatar seems to be immortal. It has just been destroyed and reborn under the condensation of the black river in a blink of an eye.

Forever, thousands of Netherworld River are fierce and invincible.

The fate was surrounded in the center, and the double swords of Ah Bi and Yuantu turned into two Black Dragons and came straight into the fate.

"roar!" fateful roar.

The armour knife made a sharp stroke in his hand.


Ten Netherworld River Avatars were cut to pieces in an instant, and the fierce armor knife cut the black river out of five gash.


Soon, the new river filled the hole again.

Not far away, the face of Netherworld River Old Ancestor's body showed an anxious look.

I have already played against Mingshu just now. I am a Ten 8 Heavenly Layer Peak, but in front of Mingshu, he still lost.

The fate is too powerful.

Now, only the fourth and tenth divine ability can be used to trap lives here.

One by one Netherworld River Avatars take turns to die.

In the rear, Netherworld River can see the world it has set up. It is about to be completed, soon. It's ready soon.

Netherworld River's heart is full of tension, must drag it to completion, must drag it down.


The fate number instinctively roared, vomiting two zombie fangs, and suddenly stopped.

"hong long long!"

The heavy blows hit the body again and again, but the invincible fleshy body made the life unharmed, staring into the distance, as if looking through the black river To the Netherworld River world.

New World is about to be completed?

Sixteen color rays of light broke out. Sixteen lottery?


Mingshu roared in anger. At this moment, Mingshu didn't want to play with these ants anymore, and had to destroy the world.

Under the huge roar, the fierce Ten Nine Layers Heaven imposing manner burst out, and the fierce air forced all around the river away.

"Not good, Netherworld River Avenue, Wanyin suppression!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor shouting loudly.

All the Avatars separated quickly, stimulating the black river together.

Suddenly, the rolling force rushed towards the fate.


The huge black river shrank countless times in an instant, turning it into the strongest crystal, bound by endless power.

Mingshu's face was fierce, and his nails suddenly retracted.

Put out a fist, with a fierce anger, hit the black river that solidified into crystals.


The powerful and fierce force, super heavy blow, instantly burst the black river crystals.

With a punch, all 10,000 Netherworld Rivers were blown out.


Single Fist Breaks Myriad Laws, the fate has found this body method.

The black river burst to pieces, the fate was out of trouble, and he quickly stepped towards the Netherworld River world. The many powerhouses in the distance were suddenly worried.


No, it's almost a bit. At this moment, Netherworld River world has already bloomed the seventeenth color.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor is naturally more anxious.

In the previous black river, Avatars can Undying and Inextinguishable, but the black river is destroyed, so there is no such advantage?

Can you block the current fate?

"No, I can't let you destroy my world!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor showed a hideous face.


Netherworld River Old Ancestor stepped forward. Thousands of Avatars behind him quickly formed a pyramid shape, one by one against the back of the person in front of them.

Ten thousand Avatars, pour all power into the body.

Ten thousand Netherworld River forces are united.

On the body of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, among the eighteen colors, the nineteenth color appears vaguely.

The nineteenth color faintly discernible, Netherworld River Old Ancestor's strength climbed to Peak.

"Fate, take my last punch!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor roared with a decisive expression on his face.

A loud roar, let the fate's attention slightly.

The body of the zombie, trembling slightly, with a huge anger.


Under the roar, the fate was punched.

The fate of the whole body, the nineteen-color rays of light skyrocketed, and the Netherworld River is all over the body. At this moment, it is also the nineteen-color, but the last color is faintly discernible.

Regardless of Netherworld River's current strength, this fist almost carries all the hopes of Netherworld River. The world behind him is about to be completed. If you can't hold back your fate, you will fall short.

"break for me!" Netherworld River roared.

Ten thousand Netherworld River hits with the same force, crashing into invincible life.


Under the huge impact, the two fists touched the ground, bursting out infinite power, and a rolling magnetic field exploded in all directions.

"hong long long!"

Comparing the two punches, they froze for a while.

In the distance, the crowd of peerless powerhouses watching the battle raised their hearts.

Netherworld River has a hideous face, and Fate has a fierce face.

Don't let each other, insist on ten breaths all the time.


The outermost Netherworld River Avatar exploded.

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"………………

One by one, the Netherworld River Avatar exploded quickly.

Netherworld River’s strongest blow is not as good as the fate after all, the fate is too strong.


Under the super big bang, all Netherworld River Avatars exploded instantly.

"hong long long!"

In a blink of an eye, only Netherworld River was left, his whole body covered with blood, and his veins burst open.

“bang! ”

The bloody Netherworld River slammed into the outer wall of New World instantly.

There was a shock on the outer wall, and Netherworld River seemed to fall apart. Completely defeated.

Shortly done?

At this moment, Netherworld River's body was shattered so much that it was difficult to even move.

The pace of fate count keeps coming forward.


Behind the Netherworld River world, the eighteenth color rays of light suddenly appeared.

"Eighteen colors are coming, and the world will be born with another color, and it will be completely alive, and there will be the last color!" Netherworld River desperately said.

At this moment, the Netherworld River Avenue collapsed. Ten thousand Avatars were all shattered, and he was hard to move. He couldn't stop his life.

Are you finished?

Everything is over?

Just a little bit, just a little bit.

"I'm unwilling, I'm unwilling!" Netherworld River called desperately.

There is only this point left, why can't you delay it for a while?

The fate came close in a blink of an eye. Looking at the entire world, he suddenly put out his fist again, preparing to destroy the entire Netherworld River world with one punch.

Fate does not allow such a world to be born and must be destroyed.

It must be destroyed!

Rushing in an imposing manner, even the Netherworld River Old Ancestor not far away will be swept away.

But Netherworld River still struggles to stand in front of the world.

Netherworld River showed hopelessness and failed? Completely defeated?

With a wave of despair and unwillingness, Netherworld River showed a bitter smile.

Facing the fist, Netherworld River is ready to die with its own world.

This is my own everything, my own hope, my countless years of planning, even if it is destroyed, I have to accompany it.

After the bitterness, Netherworld River showed a smile of relief.

That punch is about to hit me.

"Perhaps, this relief, I don't have to be so tired!" Netherworld River finally said with a faint smile.


The fist approached, but with a huge breath of fist, he stopped in front of the Netherworld River for life, and did not continue to fight.


In the distance, all the many powerhouses were taken aback.

It is the person who is waiting for death in Netherworld River, and also shows a dazed look.

Why didn't the fate count?

Fate and conscience discovered? Impossible, it has no conscience at all, but why did it stop?


The fate trembled suddenly.

The fate was set there, and nineteen-color rays of light emerged all over the body. Suddenly a ferocious face appeared on his face, followed by a fierceness, as if two consciousnesses were vying for something.

At this moment, Yan Chuan's consciousness rushed through the chaotic sea of ​​fate, and wanted to regain control of the flesh.

"It seems unrealistic to capture the two bodies at the same time, so let's do your best with the zombie body!" Yan Chuan's voice came.

"hong long long!"

Zombie's body trembled fiercely.

"You dare!" The roar of fate came.

Zombie's body twisted his body desperately, and gradually, on the left side of the zombie's neck, the skin suddenly tore.

"hong long long!"

In a burst of tearing, another head quickly emerged from the left side of the neck.

Zombie's body has two heads in an instant.


The newly emerging head exhales a long time, with a strong excitement in his eyes, while the other head shows a fierce and cold color, but, The quicker one is looking towards Netherworld River world in front of you.

Once again, right fist punch towards Netherworld River world.

"Don't think about it!" Yan Chuan yelled from the left head, and his left hand slammed his right fist.


The left and right fists collided, preventing the destruction this time.

The left hand is fighting with the right hand?

On the other side, the desperate Netherworld River glared.

"Yan Chuan, Yan Chuan?" Netherworld River cannot set the channel.

Not only the Netherworld River, but the peerless powerhouses in the distance are surprised.

"How is it possible that Yan Chuan resisted the will of Fate?"

"Yan Chuan broke through the suppression of Fate?"

" He resisted the fate?"




Many powerhouses, instantly boiled. Boiling in this incredible scene. Yan Chuan of'weak' actually blocked the will to fate?

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