The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1568

The weak Yan Chuan prevented his fate? Even the simple interference is a great thing. even more how, under the suppression of fate, actually awakened?

At first, the generals could not do it.

"How did Yan Chuan do it?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

He Zhi Lian Shen was surprised, everyone here was amazed.

In the distance, Netherworld River Old Ancestor was even more surprised.

I was already desperate, but suddenly this extreme sorrow turns to joy?

Yan Chuan?

The Yan Chuan that he is not optimistic about?

Speaking of which, in the eyes of Netherworld River Old Ancestor, Yan Chuan is really not so good. The most important thing is that Yan Chuan's background is too shallow, not from various bloodline inheritance, but from its own heritage. .

Yan Chuan sang all the way, many of which came from the powerful inheritance, the cypress of the emperor Cypress, the peacock of Kong Huangtian, the inheritance of his own blood sea, and the body of the generals and ministers.

These are the strongest things that have always accompanied Yan Chuan.

In the view of Netherworld River Old Ancestor, anyone can sing along the way.

They are all other people's heritage, but they have been inherited. How can you make yourself look at it?

But now, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor suddenly realized that he seemed to have missed it.

Yan Chuan inherited many backgrounds, but his opponents were also stronger than each one. Only by relying on the background, it was impossible to get to this step.

The only thing that Netherworld River admired was the bronze coffin of the town.

But now, Netherworld River suddenly discovered that the bronze coffin of the town is the true foundation of Yan Chuan. A background that no one can compare.

"cough cough, I understand, I understand, Yan Chuan, I underestimated you. You don't have no background, but you have a background that is stronger than everyone. Hope? Hahaha, for The hope of the common people?"

"When I wait for the heroes, facing the fate, I almost hold the determination to die, I will die until I die, and I will not hesitate, cutting off one's means of retreat, and there is no way back. Force yourself to move forward. But you are different. You have hope in your heart and the hope of the world in your heart. You firmly believe in the salvation of the common people, and you hold on to this hope. You are led by hope, and we are pushing ourselves. This is Your background, this is what you have achieved today like a hot knife through butter. Our various divine abilities are just tools on your journey, and you have the greatest background!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor instantly in the heart Raised Yan Chuan countlessly.

"roar!" "roar!"

In the distance, Yan Chuan's zombie body has two identical heads, one is Yan Chuan's will, and the other is fate That incompletely awakened will.

The two heads roared.

Mitsubishi will once again attack New World.

Yan Chuan quickly stopped him.

If Yan Chuan is another body, this stop will be extremely difficult. After all, Netherworld River Old Ancestor is not a life-counting opponent with all his strength, Yan Chuan 10 7 Heavenly Layer, have what skills and abilities to block the life. ?

But now, Yan Chuan is blocked, because Yan Chuan and Mingshu share one.

It’s a good thing to destroy life time and time again.

"roar!" Fate snarled angrily.

However, Mingshu cares more about the birth of the New World.

Suppress Yan Chuan with a powerful force and pounce on New World again. But since Yan Chuan mastered the physical power, naturally he would not let his fate easily succeed.


In a situation of self-abuse, he suddenly punched himself.

“bang! ”

Shoot himself out again.

In Promise, a group of peerless powerhouses stared wide-eyed, watching Yan Chuan's fight with fate, the two, no, it should be said that a two-headed man was hitting himself in confusion.

Of course, everyone knows why this is, and everyone is shocked by Yan Chuan.

"Will and fate showdown? This Yan Chuan also counts as Number One Person!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"Mingshu now wants to destroy the New World, and didn't think about destroying Yan Chuan first, so Yan Chuan succeeded!" Immortal King tomb said slightly jealous.

"Isn't it better?" Dongfang Bubai said with a smile.

"en!" The grave of Immortal King nodded.

In the distance, Netherworld River Old Ancestor's eyes are full of gratitude.

In the distance, Yan Chuan was fighting with Fate.


Behind Netherworld River, within the realm of the new world, a dazzling nineteenth color rays of light suddenly burst out.

As soon as the nineteen-color rays of light came out, it burst into the whole Promise.

Even, shot into the first world Heaven and Earth.

The whole New World was full of aura in an instant, countless auspicious clouds, a burst of vigor and vitality, and the terrifying vitality exudes a magnificent breath.

In the distance, the number of lives in the battle suddenly stopped.

Yan Chuan also stopped and looked at the New World with nineteen colors in the distance.

A New World like the first world is finally born?

"Alive?" There was a tremor in the voice of Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

"Successful?" Lian Shen couldn't help crying in the distance.

"Successful?" Tomb Immortal King and Dongfang Bubai also excitedly said.

A new world is born, a new Heaven and Earth beyond the control of fate is born?

This Heaven and Earth, without relying on the first world, it can live in the Promise intact, and the common people are saved?

Almost everyone was suddenly excited.

The birth of the new Heaven and Earth, which immediately gave birth to infinite merit, directly rushing into the body of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

Countless new Heaven and Earth energies are quickly pouring into the body of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor created this World and naturally enjoy the greatest gift of this World.

"hong long long!"

The injury of Netherworld River Old Ancestor is recovering at an extremely fast speed.

The power of the new Heaven and Earth is coming, and the Netherworld River exudes more and more power.

"hahahahahaha!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor laughed excitedly.


I have worked hard for many years and finally succeeded! This is the happiest time of Netherworld River Old Ancestor's life. For this World, Netherworld River Old Ancestor has experienced too much, and even almost failed more times before.

But, fortunately, there are surprises and no dangers, and Yan Chuan has twice helped, one to Wujinchao, and two to help cholera.

As for Yan Chuan being destroyed by fate parasitism, Netherworld River did not blame it, because even if Yan Chuan was not parasitized, fate could have other ways to appear. Moreover, by then, fate will recover even more. It is even more unsuccessful.

Everything is satisfied, Yan Chuan is New World's first work.

As the Netherworld River Old Ancestor was grateful, a loud roar suddenly came from a distance.


is the roar of fate, this time, fate no longer ignores Yan Chuan, but specifically aimed at Yan Chuan, and pointed out the right hand, fiercely. .


In an instant, as if hundreds of chains appeared, the head of Yan Chuan was quickly locked up, just like the seal of the old grandeur and dashizun. .

The seal from the fate, quickly sealed the head of Yan Chuan.


Yan Chuan's eyes were staring, and suddenly he was very moved.

Next, Mingshou's eyes condensed, nineteen-color rays of light linger, coldly looking at New World in the distance.


With a fierce roar, Fate is still unwilling. Fate wants to destroy this newly born world, even if this World is already alive, the fate will be reduced. Its destruction.

In the distance, Netherworld River Old Ancestor coldly smiled and said: "The new world has been born, and I am the new World Lord. In other words, I am the fate of this New World. Hehe, still want to destroy? Come on? Let me see how you destroy it!"

The injury of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor has just been repaired by New World.

At this moment, Netherworld River Old Ancestor is backed by New World, linked to New World, and released in an imposing manner. Eighteen-color rays of light instantly enveloped Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

New World immediately spews endless power into the body of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.


Outside the body of Netherworld River Old Ancestor, the nineteenth color rays of light appeared instantly.

Not the faintly discernible of the previous ten thousand Avatars at the same time, but at the moment it is a real nineteen draw.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor mobilizes the new World Strength. In terms of strength alone, it has already achieved ten Nine Layers Heaven.

Stepping on the Promise, Netherworld River shows its arrogance again, and no longer fears the fate of it.

The number of lives is extremely fast, and it is close in an instant, still with the previous formidable power punch.


Netherworld River Old Ancestor hit with a punch.

The two 9th layer might of Heaven collided, and in an instant, each stepped out of it.

But, this time, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor really blocked the fatal blow.

"hahahaha, your power is no longer useful!" Netherworld River said excitedly.

This feeling of subversion is really so relaxing.

The power of Ten Nine Layers Heaven? This is the power of Ten Nine Layers Heaven?

Although his cultivation base has not been reached, his strength has been achieved through the power of one world.

One punch blocked the fateful blow, Netherworld River Old Ancestor high-spirited and vigorous, once again looked towards the fate.

In the distance, a group of peerless powerhouses also show a look of shock.

"The power of Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" Dongfang Bubai said resolutely.

"Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" The grave Immortal King was also gloomy.

The right half of my body is also Ten Nine Layers Heaven, but the left half of the body is dragged down, so my Ten Nine Layers Heaven is still very hydrated. Now, Netherworld River has reached it?

Can stop the number of lives, can save the common people, Netherworld River fulfilled the long-cherished wish of the world's heroes?


The First World, Daqin City, in front of the Central Hall.

Two Gui Guzi entered Yan Chuan's mind and saw everything that Yan Chuan had experienced.


The two let go and withdrew from Yan Chuan's mind.

"How is it?"

"Sir, how is it now?"

"Sir, how is the Great Emperor?"




Everyone asked anxiously.

The two Gui Guzi faces are complicated.

"Sir, what are you talking about?" Pluto said anxiously.

"oh!" Gui Guzi faintly sighed, tell everyone what you see.

Everyone at first was ecstatic, the Great Emperor broke free from the suppression of fate?

Finally, Gui Guzi began to talk about everything in Promise.

Dark Gui Guzi stepped again and walked around the cypress trees.

One hand is pressed against the cypress tree, and slowly rotates around the cypress tree, as if feeling the cypress tree, attaching to the cypress tree.

Walking around, while lamenting.

"teacher, hehe! Is this fate?" Dark Gui Guzi sighed slightly around the cypress.

The other side.

"What? Father has been stared at by fate?" Pluto suddenly shivered.

All around the ministers who heard Gui Guzi's description were also heart trembled.

I was stared at by the fate, so do I need to ask the result? Don't give up if your fate doesn't reach your goal.

Although Netherworld River's New World was born, will Yan Chuan become a victim?

If the fate cannot succeed, Yan Chuan will be angered even more. Now, the fate parasites Yan Chuan, and is even angered by Yan Chuan, the fate will definitely destroy Yan Chuan.


Everyone is anxious.

Gui Guzi is also sitting on the ground in a deep conflict.

Gui Guzi fell into a contradiction, and the dark Gui Guzi circled the cypress tree and returned, and his eyes became firmer at this moment.

"Gui Guzi, maybe this is fate, let us fulfill Martial Nephew!" The dark Gui Guzi's face suddenly became righteous.

"Huh? You?" Gui Guzi looked towards the darkness Gui Guzi in surprise.

You know, the dark Gui Guzi was born out of hating Yan Chuan, but now he first proposed to fulfill Yan Chuan?

With a bitter smile, the dark Gui Guzi faintly sighed and said: "I am not for Martial Nephew, but to repay the teacher. Without the teacher, there would be no us. The teacher waits for me to wait for my gratitude, the teacher’s hatred I want to avenge it!"

"teacher's revenge?" Gui Guzi's face sank.

Dark Gui Guzi is also grim-faced: "Yes, as you have seen, Yan Chuan can do it, this time it can do it, and it will do it later. Netherworld River will definitely not kill you, but , Yan Chuan can, he can definitely, I want to save Yan Chuan, only Yan Chuan can avenge the teacher!"

"How to do it?"

"I just stole the Tombs Patriarch, the tomb has a secret technique, the same fate, change life!" Dark Gui Guzi said grimly.

"Change life?"

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