The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1569

"Change life?"

"Oh, it's really fate. I originally planned to fish in troubled waters and steal the Tomb’s secret technique. Taking advantage of the absence of many strongmen from the Tomb’s family, he went straight to the tomb’s ancestral house. It was also easy to succeed. The Tombs had great Accomplishment in Yin-Yang Reincarnation. Even if I return to Great Zhen in the future, I can continue to strengthen myself!" Dark Gui Guzi said with a bitter smile.

"Originally, it doesn’t matter if Yan Chuan is targeted by fate, because he is already ten 7 Heavenly Layer, even if it is destroyed, it is just eclosion. The New World of Netherworld River Old Ancestor is born, and Yan Chuan will one day Wake up!"

"Unfortunately, I found this'Life-changing Dafa' in the ancestral house of the Tomb clan, but it happened that I faced it right away!"

Dark Gui Guzi Said bitterly.

all around Great Zhen Empress, Crown Prince, and courtiers all showed complex colors.

Save the Great Emperor, Gui Guzi will be destroyed, and Gui Guzi can’t evolve yet, and if you save it, you will destroy both body and soul. Can it be saved? Can it be saved?

Everyone's eyes flashed with expectations, but no one opened his mouth for a while.

"Heh!" Gui Guzi also showed a wry smile.

Dark Gui Guzi looked around Yan Chuan for a while, then looked at the huge cypress tree on the side, and finally flashed a vicious look in his eyes: "Gui Guzi, change!"

Gui Guzi looked towards Darkness Clone.

"For the future, who can tell you clearly, if Yan Chuan emerges, I don’t know when and how long it will be. At that time, can I get revenge or two things to say. Today, Yan Chuan can resist the will of fate, I Believe in this Martial Nephew!" Dark Gui Guzi said solemnly.

Gui Guzi breathes deeply.

"I was born from your grievances. I am not afraid of death. What are you afraid of? Your life was given by the grandfather of Martial Nephew. Without the emperor, you would have died long ago. Today, your life is even more given by Martial Nephew’s parents. If Bai Ye wasn’t to save you, would Ruoyun die? Your life came from Ruoyun’s death. Now Ruoyun’s son is in front of you. Have you forgotten what happened in the past? Ruoyun died because of you, Bai Ye was mentally and physically exhausted because of Ruoyun's death, Bai Ye and Ruoyun both died because of you, are you greedy at this time?" Dark Gui Guzi said solemnly.

"teacher? Ruoyun? Bai Ye?" Gui Guzi showed pain on his face.

Breathes deeply again, Gui Guzi looked towards Darkness Clone, nodded and said: "Go ahead, change your life for the Great Emperor!"

"en!" Darkness Gui Guzi nodded.

"This is a life-changing method!" Dark Gui Guzi raised his eyebrows at Gui Guzi.

Suddenly, the life-changing Dafa was introduced into Gui Guzi's mind.

The two will quickly join the meeting through the life-changing Dafa, and follow the method to prepare for the final life-changing.

All around are quickly drawn by the two on a special rune, like a major ceremony.

However, the Queen of Great Zhen, Crown Prince, and the courtiers all stepped back.

Retreat to the distance and watch the two Gui Guzi's actions.

Said Emperor stood aside, a sigh flashed in his eyes.

Xing Wang Fu Su suddenly solemnly bowed to the two Gui Guzi.

As if contagious, the queen, Crown Prince, and courtiers all saluted the two Gui Guzi.

It is not an ordinary ritual of superiors and subordinates, but a grand gift of the face of the emperor when facing Yan Chuan.

The entire central hall square is extremely solemn and solemn.


In Promise.

Fate has sealed Yan Chuan's head. At this moment, there is no interference from Yan Chuan, and he will fight Netherworld River's New World with all his strength.

Netherworld River got the help of New World, high-spirited and vigorous, and the power of Ten Nine Layers Heaven. With a single blow, it shocked the fate.

This is the first time. Although it is evenly divided, it also makes Netherworld River feel the boundless power.

"hahahaha!" Netherworld River laughed comfortably.

In the distance, a group of peerless powerhouses were also slightly excited, but they still watched patiently.

The fate was knocked back, as if provoked. Take a step and strike again with a punch.

Nineteen colors of light gushing, straight to the opposite Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor mobilized the power of a world, still punching it with all its strength.


Once again, with a fierce heavy blow, under the heavy blow, Netherworld River took another step back, and the number of lives also took a step back.

But Netherworld River's face is slightly dark, and the power of the fate just now is twice the previous power?

Without waiting for Netherworld River to think, Fate punched again.


The two punches collided fiercely again, Netherworld River took a step back again, and the entire New World was shocked.

"How come? Doubled again?" Netherworld River was surprised.

The fist of the number of fate hits again.


The collision of fists and the huge impact caused New World to shake again.

"Doubled again?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor's face changed drastically.

How could this be? Has reached eight times the power of at first, isn't the number ten Nine Layers Heaven? Myself too! How could this be?

Mingshu punched again.


New World trembles violently. All of a sudden, countless volcanoes erupted in New World and quiet springs soared into the sky, like a newborn baby, unable to withstand the punch of an adult.

Ten 6x strength impact, even the Netherworld River Old Ancestor flew upside down. Flew hundreds of miles away, his figure quickly stabilized, and he looked towards the fate of the distant place with horror.

And the peerless powerhouses in the distance have also changed their complexion.

"The consciousness with more fate has recovered?" Zhong Shan solemnly said.

"This is not the limit of fate?" Dongfang Bubai complexion sank.

"Fate?" Immortal King's face was gloomy.

In the distance, Fate once again punch towards Netherworld River.


One punch collided, and the Netherworld River flew into the new Heaven and Earth in an instant, smashing the earth out of a huge pit in an instant.

Coughing up blood, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor flew out: "Thirty-two times the power? Thirty-two times the power?"

Fate once again punch towards New World.

"no!" Netherworld River jumped up in horror.

“bang! ”

Under the fierce heavy blow, the entire world shook violently in an instant, as if it collapsed at any time, and the Netherworld River Old Ancestor naturally plunged into the depths of the earth again. With blood all over, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor flew out again.


The new Heaven and Earth is raining blood. It seems to be mourning for my fate, and it will be destroyed immediately after birth.

"Sixty-four times? Hehe, cough cough!" Netherworld River said bitterly while coughing up blood.

New World will be destroyed? Fate does not destroy New World, don't you stop?

Will your own creative ideas be put to waste in the end?


One more punch, the fate hit the Netherworld River, and the huge aftermath hit Heaven and Earth.

"Boom, ka!"

The entire New World suddenly all split up and in pieces.

"no!" Netherworld River cried out sadly.

But still rushed up. 128 times the strength, 128 times.

The entire world is in collapse, and the number of lives is too strong. It is too strong.

At this moment, Ming Shu once again punched.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor shows a bitterness.

"Three thousand Heavenly Dao, but I order to create together!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor mourned.


New World, Three Thousand Heavenly Dao Strength, suddenly burst out with dazzling brilliance, rolling strength, straight to the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor, with a tragic heart, came forward.

The fate is nineteen colors, Netherworld River, with a wave of decisive ferocity, hits hard.


The two punches collided and the force rushed straight behind the Netherworld River.


Three thousand Heavenly Dao broke apart and opened, and the new world was blown to pieces in an instant.

The body of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor was also rapidly shattering, and when the Netherworld River Old Ancestor was desperate, his eyes suddenly condensed.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor looked at the nineteen colors in the fist of the fate of the fate, and there seemed to be something in the depths of the nineteen colors.

"How come?" Netherworld River exclaimed with wide-eyed eyes.


The new world collapsed instantly.

The fate of Da Shizun also collapsed in an instant.

Netherworld River also collapsed instantly.

Everything fell apart, and the whole Promise fell into an endless energy group.

Rolling fortune, suddenly flowing out again, heading straight for the first world.

"It's over?" Lian Shen said in a daze.

"Netherworld River, I still lost! Oh!" Dongfang Bubai faintly sighed.

"Fate?" Immortal King said with a gloomy face.

The fate is too strong, two hundred and fifty 6x strength, how to resist this?

There was a moment of silence in everyone's hearts. The original New World has now become a pair of ruins.

Everything is destroyed, and the consciousness of fate will not pay attention to it.

At this moment, Fate shook his head, turned his head and looked towards the other head beside him, looked towards Yan Chuan.

This Yan Chuan also instantly became a thorn in fate.

No one can ever disobey his will, no one can resist his will, Yan Chuan can.

A murderous intention flashed in Mingshu's eyes.

"roar!" Yan Chuan's head suddenly roared, and at this moment, he broke the seal of fate.


Yan Chuan slammed his head like a masochist.

"roar!" Fate is angry.

Suddenly Yan Chuan fought with the fate, a mess. No one will let each other.

"hong long long!"

In the Promise, the battle will not stop.

Not far away, among a pair of ruins, a black river appeared. The black river slowly solidified, condensing the shape of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor came back to life again, but Netherworld River Old Ancestor's face was full of cracks, and the whole body was cracked, as if one after another gully appeared everywhere on the body.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor looked at a pair of ruins with a bitter smile.

The probe hand slightly scratched, and at the center of the ruins, a small transparent water drop appeared. The appearance of the small water drop was the previous infinite shrinkage of New World.

"hehe!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor smiled bitterly, turned his head and looked towards Yan Chuan in the distant battle.

"Master, Netherworld River Old Ancestor is alive again? But his body is cracked, it seems that his life is broken?" Lian Shen frowned.

"Broken fate?" Everyone looked towards Netherworld River with slight movements.

"If others are like this, they must destroy both body and soul, but I believe that Netherworld River will fight the broken fate and it will definitely be repaired. It is only a matter of time!" Tomb Immortal King said solemnly.

"In spite of this failure, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor also proved that he was correct. However, the fate number is too strong." Dongfang Bubai faintly sighed.

In the distance.

Yan Chuan is not the opponent of fate after all.


Again, Yan Chuan was frozen.

With a strong unwillingness, Yan Chuan stared at Fate.

Nineteen-colored eyes, staring at Yan Chuan.

"He who is against us, die!" Mingshu coldly said.

Yan Chuan shows a bitter smile, is he still invincible after all? I had already broken through its suppression of consciousness, but it was still much worse.

Murderous aura appeared in the eyes of the fate, and the probing hand seemed to destroy Yan Chuan.


A yellow light suddenly enveloped Yan Chuan's body.

"Life-changing Dafa?" Immortal King complexion changed in the distant grave.

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