The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1570

Daqin City, Central Palace Square!

The queen and Crown Prince are standing on the periphery with the officials, and in the center, Gui Guzi has painted countless runes on the ground.

With a violent urge, the rune array suddenly shot out a dazzling golden light, slowly floating Yan Chuan in the center.

"The sky is a grave, and the ground is a mound, floating in the sky!" Gui Guzi shouting loudly.


Outside the body of Yan Chuan, a black and white crystal illusory shadow suddenly appeared. At first glance, almost everyone was palpitated.

On the periphery of this black and white crystal, there is a beam of light with nineteen colors attached to it.

Nineteen-color rays of light seem to suppress this black and white crystal.

"The fate of the Great Emperor?"

"Is that the entanglement of fate?"




Suddenly, a group of courtiers started talking in a low voice.

"Guzi Gui Guzi, farewell to the Great Emperor, wishing my death and becoming the Great Emperor Supreme!" Two Gui Guzi respectfully bowed to Yan Chuan with tears in their eyes.

Then the two closed their eyes, and quickly appeared an illusory shadow crystal outside of the two of them, exactly the same as Yan Chuan's, black and white.

Two identical crystals.

Two Gui Guzi gradually sat cross-legged.

The fate of the two is moving towards Yan Chuan.

Quickly to the front.


Suddenly, he knocked Yan Chuan's fate away and replaced Yan Chuan's fate with his own fate.


all around The void trembled suddenly.

Yan Chuan's life form instantly entered Yan Chuan's body, and everything went back.

At this moment, a huge will came straight to the two Gui Guzi.


Two Gui Guzi instantly soared up into the sky. Among them, the dark Gui Guzi's head suddenly grew out of another.


The new head yelled at the original head.

In life-changing Dafa, Gui Guzi exchanged his own life for Yan Chuan's life, replacing the danger on himself.

At this moment, Yan Chuan was shivered suddenly and suddenly came to his senses. Whether it's zombie Yan Chuan in Promise, or Yan Chuan lying down.

The sky cypress suddenly disappeared.

The person Yan Chuan suddenly stood up.

"Husband, are you all right?" Zizi quickly stepped forward.

"Father Emperor!"

"Congratulations to the Great Emperor!"




A group of people quickly gathered around.

Yan Chuan looked at all around blankly. Just now, the fate was about to kill him, why was it all right suddenly?

I looked down and suddenly saw a big formation.

I looked up and suddenly saw two Gui Guzi in the sky.

"hong long long!"

The two Gui Guzi trembled all over, showing pain.

"Father, my husband used the Dafa of Changing Fate to replace all the cause and effect of fate!" Pluto immediately explained.

"Life-changing Dafa?" Yan Chuan complexion changed, looking up at the sky.

"Those who oppose us, die!" The fate is shouting loudly.

"bang!" "bang!"

The bodies of two Gui Guzi suddenly exploded in the sky.

Break out a large swath of void, destroy both body and soul in a blink of an eye.

"Sir!" Yan Chuan cried out sadly.

"Boy, the teacher, let me teach you, and learn from me in the future!"

"Bai Yi, this is Sea of ​​Bitterness ice, take it for a good sacrifice!"

"Little Bai Yi, what's wrong with you? Someone bullied you? Tell me, I will help you get revenge!"

"If you start a country, I will help!"

"You are the grandson of the teacher, if we can only live one, I will die for you!"

"Your Majesty, Chen will do my best!"

"Your Majesty!"


"Holy King!"

"Heavenly Emperor!"

"Great Emperor !"




Gui Guzi's voice It seemed to fill Yan Chuan's mind in an instant. Through childhood, except for Emperor Bai, it was Gui Guzi who watched him grow up, taught him countless times, and helped himself more.

Even if you have complaints, cut off the Darkness Clone, seal your own darkness and continue to assist Yan Chuan.

But now, for his own sake, he is carrying the destruction of his fate.

For a time, Yan Chuan felt extremely painful.

Facing the ruined place of Gui Guzi.

"Martial Uncle, Bai Yi worships you again!" Yan Chuan bowed in tears.

In Great Zhen, the deepest relationship with Yan Chuan is not the queens, not the Crown Princes, but the self-sacrificing Gui Guzi in front of him.

Yan Chuan worshipped Gui Guzi, and all the courtiers, except for the killing of the emperor, followed.

"If people don't need to grow up, that would be great!" Yan Chuan said with a bitter smile in tears.

"Husband, Mr. has gone, don't be sad!" Mo Yuxi stepped forward and said softly.

"Father, please be sorry!" Fu Su also stepped forward.

"Great Emperor, please be sorry!" The officials said seriously.

Yan Chuan stared blankly at the space that had been exploded from above, and finally revealed a deep sigh.

"Sir, I understand your last will, I will do it, grandfather's hatred, absolutely irreconcilable, your hatred, absolutely irreconcilable, Bai Yi is weak now, but one day he will be tyrannical Yes, I will do better and take revenge for you!" Yan Chuan cursed while gritting his teeth.

"Li Si!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"The minister is here!"

"The world is fine, see him off!" Yan Chuan ordered.


All the people in the world wear white funeral clothes to see Gui Guzi off.

At this moment, no one refuted Yan Chuan. Gui Guzi went to death on behalf of Yan Chuan. It should be such a specification.

"Great Emperor, does that gentleman want to set up a burial mound?" Li Si asked.

"Yes, stay behind, Mr. Bai's cemetery, you can enter the Bai family's ancestral hall, stand next to Baihuang, choose the day I will go personally!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes!" Li Si answered.

In Promise.

Gui Guzi uses life-changing methods.

Zombie Yan Chuan, who was about to be killed by the number of deaths, suddenly covered himself with yellow light. Then, when everyone could see naked eye, the fateful head suddenly disappeared.

In an instant, the fate disappeared from Yan Chuan's body.

zombie Yan Chuan suddenly shivered and avoided a catastrophe.

And the human body instantly knew why.

"Sir!" zombie Yan Chuan suddenly cry out in surprise.

And the peerless powerhouses are unclear.

"What's wrong? Where's the fate?"

"The fate is gone? Isn't it on Yan Chuan?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"I feel like I am between Heaven and Earth?" Dongfang Bubai suddenly turned his head and looked towards Heaven and Earth.

"Life-changing Dafa?" Tomb Immortal King complexion sank.

Quickly, a group of peerless powerhouses headed straight for Heaven and Earth.

When the breath of fate reaches Heaven and Earth, there must be a major event.

Only zombie Yan Chuan stood there blankly, with tears in his eyes, showing bitterness.

"Sir!" Yan Chuan whispered.


Suddenly, a silhouette appeared in front of Yan Chuan.

It is Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

"Yan Chuan, good method, can you break through the suppression of fate?" Netherworld River Old Ancestor exclaimed.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor has countless cracks and broken fate. Even with this injury, Netherworld River still stands in Promise easily.

Yan Chuan is in a very bad mood at the moment and has no time to perfuse the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor, although your life is broken, but with your means, as long as you have time, you can recover. I am in a bad mood now, and I will communicate with you in the future!" zombie Yan Chuan Shook his head.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor is slightly smiled, but there is a bitterness in this smile after all.

"I lost, I lost thoroughly, I had a good idea, but I skipped the fate. After all, it was my biggest failure. However, in that moment, I understood a lot, Yan Chuan, today , Let me fulfill you!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor seriously said.

"en?" Yan Chuan was slightly taken aback.

“bang! ”

The body of Netherworld River Old Ancestor suddenly gushes out black air, and a black river behind him even rushes towards zombie Yan Chuan, like a river rushing, madly Flock to Yan Chuan's body.

"hong long long!"

The boundless power poured into zombie Yan Chuan's body.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor, what are you doing?" Yan Chuan asked in surprise.

Yan Chuan did not resist, because it did not hurt himself. The power of the Netherworld River surged, but it seemed to be improving himself.

"The body of a minister is not easy to improve. I use my life and my will to help you break through to the 10th Heavenly Layer!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor seriously said.

"What? Why?" zombie Yan Chuan puzzled.

"hahaha, why? Yan Chuan, my power is for you to use, not for you, but for the common people!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor seriously said.

"I don't understand?"

"We all underestimated fate, I underestimated him, hahaha, he is not what you think, the four realms are about to be united. I just healed all my injuries, and I am not a fate opponent. You are different, Yan Chuan, you have something we don’t have. Therefore, I have to do my best. You can fight fate and fight for the first time. You succeeded, so I Complete you!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor called.

"hong long long!"

The rolling force poured into Yan Chuan's body.

"ka ka ka ka!" The cracks on Netherworld River Old Ancestor's face are getting more and more.

"But, if you fulfill me, you will be destroyed!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"hahahaha, isn't it just eclosion? The Netherworld River will not disappear, the blood will not disappear, one day I will wake up again. Yan Chuan, you carry my hope, you must succeed, must!" Netherworld River seriously said.


Rolling power poured into Yan Chuan's body, and the powerful confinement of the Netherworld River even made Yan Chuan unable to move.

"New World was born and destroyed again, but I have perfected the heart of the world, and now I close your brows, hope I can wake up again!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor solemnly said.

Then, the drop of liquid in the palm of his hand suddenly tapped into the center of Yan Chuan's eyebrows.

In that drop of liquid, the faintly discernible has the outline of the previous New World, and it instantly penetrates into Yan Chuan's body.


The robe of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor was first feathered. The rolling force continued to pour into Yan Chuan's body.

"May I wake up again, the fate is gone, everyone can survive, everyone is like a dragon!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor said with a smile for the last time.


All the vitality of Netherworld River Old Ancestor poured into Yan Chuan's body, and the whole person slowly faded, gradually turning into a cloud of smoke, Die in Promise.

"hong long long!"

The rolling force agitated inside zombie Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan gradually closed his eyes and absorbed the last gift from the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, the will of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, and the life force of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, all of which became the fleshy body of Yan Chuan tonic.

In the Promise, zombie Yan Chuan has been sitting for 18 days.

Suddenly, zombie Yan Chuan's body made a roar.


A haze of eighteen colors swelled from the surface of zombie Yan Chuan.

"Ten 8 Heavenly Layer?" zombie Yan Chuan opened his eyes. Two eighteen-color rays of light burst into his eyes, his eyes are sharp and fierce.

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