The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1571

At the moment when the New World of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor was shattered by the fate, the endless fortunes flowed quickly and poured into the first world!

"hong long long!"

Fortune entered the earth, quickly spreading Yin-Yang two sectors, and quickly gathered the Dragon Vein from which the earth had been taken away.

At the same time, these fortunes seem to retain the memories of the past, where they came from and where they went.

A group of peerless powerhouses felt their fate entered between Heaven and Earth, quickly entered Heaven and Earth, and looked towards the sky above Daqin City.

"Gui Guzi?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"In the life of Dafa, Gui Guzi exchanged his own life for Yan Chuan's life? To die for Yan Chuan?" Immortal King said in surprise.

"They have the same fate!"

"The consciousness of fate is only partially awakened, and one fate has been recognized. Regardless of the others, the fate of these two people is exactly the same. Passed the fate?"

"There can only be one life for a person of the same fate, heh, I thought that there would be a battle between Yan Chuan and Gui Guzi, but I didn't expect Gui Guzi to be so righteous!"




Everyone sighed.

"bang!" "bang!"

Two Gui Guzi exploded and opened. At the entrance of the central hall, Yan Chuan was emotionally fierce.

There was silence for a group of peerless formidable persons.

"This time, Gui Guzi replaced Yan Chuan, next time, what shall we do?" Dongfang Bubai faintly sighed.

The fate has faded, Dongfang Bubai also regretted it, and left with the lotus god.

Immortal King took a look at the grave, and finally walked away.

In this campaign, I did not succeed, and Netherworld River Old Ancestor also failed. The common people lost another chance.

Grave Immortal King is not in a very good mood. In a blink of an eye, he reaches the border of the outer western continent, where the grave clan dísciple and Dashan world group are waiting.

"patriarch!" dísciple of the graves cried.

"Let's go, go back!" The grave Immortal King said indifferently.

"Yes!" The crowd flew to the great good world following the tomb of Immortal King.

Zhong Shan stood in the starry sky with Jianao standing beside him, and the two looked at the entrance of the central hall in the distance.

"Ghost Valley Dayi, Yan Chuan escaped this catastrophe. Unfortunately, this Great Emperor altar is not a good thing!" Jianao said solemnly.

The Great Emperor Altar?

Because of the Great Emperor altar, Yan Chuan was the first choice for fate. This thing is indeed not a good thing.

"Not only that, but also the fleshy body of zombie Yan Chuan. Maybe even if there is no Great Emperor altar, Fate will find him!" Zhong Shan shook his head.

The two watched for a while, and finally flew back to Great Thousand World.

Wu Zhao has not participated in the war, but he has been paying attention to the movements of the world. Standing in the dark, watching everything, his mood is getting heavier at this moment.

Wu Zhao found that he was farther and farther away from the crowd.

Today's ten 6 Heavenly Layers, in the old days can be described as extremely tyrannical, but facing today's world, they seem to be extinct at any time.

Tai Chi Temple Gate, Wu Zhao faintly sighed.

At this moment, all of the world suddenly moved.

"ang !" "ang !" "ang !"………………

Countless dragon roars sounded from the depths of the earth, and fortune once again filled the veins of the big Earth Dragon , And then, the overflowing fortune skyrocketed and returned to all parts of the world.

Daqin City and Xianyang City, the rolling fortunes returned again, once again rushed to the sky and the sea of ​​clouds, and entered the Qiyun sea area.

"ang!" "ang!"

Two fortunes of Golden Dragon reappear.

Like the dragon-like luck of the past, I once again recognized the Great Zhen Heaven Realm.

Ten days later.

In Promise.


A haze of eighteen colors swelled from the surface of zombie Yan Chuan.

"Ten 8 Heavenly Layer?" zombie Yan Chuan opened his eyes. Two eighteen-color rays of light burst into his eyes, his eyes are sharp and fierce.

zombie Yan Chuan look at his palms.

"Netherworld River's gift? The full vitality of Netherworld River, as well as the power overflowing from the breaking of New World, made me break through?" zombie Yan Chuan said with a sense of surprise.

The cultivation is difficult in the body of the minister. Jiang Chen has made endless efforts in the past, but only ten 7 Heavenly Layers.

Unexpectedly, Netherworld River is much stronger than the former generals.

Squeezed his fist sharply.

Yan Chuan’s eyes flashed a firmness: "Netherworld River Old Ancestor, thank you for the gift. This gift is extremely important to me. It saves me all the effort, although I don’t understand what you said at the end. What do you mean, Jiang Chen said that the fate has become stronger, and you said you underestimated the fate, but I will do my best not to let down those who pin my hopes!"

"My grandfather, Bai Huang, Gui Guzi, Kong Huangtian, Jiang Chen, Netherworld River, Grand Majesty, Da Shizun, look at it, I will do my best, if my dream comes true, I will try my best to help you wait, hope I will wait, and there is still a chance Let's talk about the wine together." Yan Chuan said seriously.

Close his eyes, Yan Chuan's mind enters the center of his eyebrows, in the center of his eyebrows, there is a small droplet at this moment, and the inside looks like the illusory shadow of the previous New World.

"The heart of the world? Although I don't know what this thing can do now, I will ponder it carefully!" Yan Chuan solemnly said.

After finishing speaking, zombie Yan Chuan stepped straight towards the Great Qin City.


Zombie Yan Chuan returned, and some courtiers gathered around.

"Great Emperor!" A group of courtiers surrounded them.

"Let's go!" zombie Yan Chuan said.

Next, with a group of important officials, stepped into Yang Sector.

Yang Sector, Yan Chuan is already waiting, almost everyone in white funeral clothes.

The queen, Crown Prince, and some important ministers are waiting.

The Qilong Nian stopped quietly at the entrance of Chaotian Temple.

Yan Chuan, the queen, and Crown Prince stepped on the dragon's house, followed by a group of courtiers.

"Get off!" Bai Qi called.

"ang!" "ang!"…………

The seven dragons took off and headed north.

Great Zhen, a heavy minister, almost moved toward the outer northern continent, Great Thousand World.

At this moment, Yan Chuan no longer worries about a sneak attack on Great Zhen in the field, and the situation in the world is almost clear now. There are only a few forces left, and Yan Chuan can be sure that they will not take advantage of these few forces.

A few days later, everyone entered the outer northern continent.

outer northern continent, immortality hall.

"Reporting to the lord, Yan Chuan has entered the outer northern continent!" A courtier reported to Zhong Shan.

"I know!" Zhong Shan was nodded.

"Lord, shall I send envoys later?" the courtier asked.

"No need, Yan Chuan took the officials to the Bai family's ancestral hall to pay homage to the tomb of Emperor Bai, and buried Gui Guzi, no need to disturb!" Zhong Shan said.


Bo's ancestral hall.

Seven dragons rushed and came, looking from a distance, endless cypress trees towered into the clouds, and the large mountain range was completely destroyed, but Zhongshan did not let anyone enter here. This is a restricted area, where Bai Huangzhi is buried. Ground.

Far away, Long Nian has stopped. Yan Chuan stared at the surrounding scenery, his eyes were slightly moist.

On Long Nian, there is a coffin and a coffin with Gui Guzi clothing.

"Sir, we are back!" Yan Chuan sighed slightly towards the coffin.

Here, there are countless fond memories of Yan Chuan's first life. Bai Yi grew up here when he was a child, playing here, crying here, and laughing here.

At that time, the Bai family was prosperous. At that time, Emperor Bai was still alive, smiling kindly at Bai Yi. At that time, Gui Guzi was still alive, sternly teaching Yan Chuan cultivation.

At that time, Bai Yi was still carefree. At that time, Bai Yi was still heartless.

the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, everything has changed.

Emperor Bai, Gui Guzi, and the Bai clan have died, and the cheerful valley of the past is silent and dead.

Watching Yan Chuan tears down. The Queen, Crown Prince, and the officials behind him waited quietly.

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