The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1572

Great Thousand World, the former residence of Perth.

zombie Yan Chuan sits in the dragon's nest, as if retreating.

The person Yan Chuan brought the queen, Crown Prince, and officials to visit the tomb of Emperor Bai.

Looking at the first birth place in front of him, Yan Chuan felt sad for a while. In the past, the prosperous Bai family, every move and every move was seen by the world, but this place is completely destroyed today.

Quitely remembering for a while, slightly sighed, Yan Chuan stepped and flew towards the inside.

The officials followed.

all around a piece of broken mountain, it seems to have experienced eternal years.

Yan Chuan understands that this must be caused by the last battle before Emperor Bai Huang died.

Entering inside, there are countless Formations.

Step on the ground slowly, everything is so familiar, Yan Chuan smiles bitterly all the way.

The officials followed quietly, not daring to interrupt.

Slowly, walk to the highest mountain in the center.

On the top of the mountain, is a huge palace, and the palace plaque reads the four characters "Bo's Ancestral Hall".

At the entrance of the Bai family's ancestral hall, an old man can be seen from a distance, gently sweeping the square with a broom.

The old man lowered his head, his cloudy eyes instantly saw Yan Chuan coming.

Suddenly, the old man was shivered with a surprised look, immediately put down his broom, and walked down the mountain to welcome him.

"Ancestral Dragon, the guilty minister, see the Heavenly Emperor!" The old man knelt down and said, his face was ashamed.

"Ancestral Dragon?" Yan Chuan frowned.

all around A number of courtiers also showed unexpected expression. This person called the Great Emperor the'Heavenly Emperor'. Is it an old courtier of the Great Emperor?

And many of the ministers recognized it at a glance.

"hmph!" "hmph!"…………

A series of coldly snorted voices sounded, obviously in an attitude that is extremely unfriendly to the Ancestral Dragon in front of him.

"Lu Xiang, who is this Ancestral Dragon?" Yi Feng looked towards Lu Buwei in confusion.

"In the past, I waited for the first life, the Supreme, Ancestral Dragon, the national beast of the Great Qin Dynasty. In the past, the Great Emperor gave it a very high status. The Heavenly Court and Ancestral Dragon of the Great Qin were equal to the Great Emperor. The final battle, Great In the final duel between Emperor and Zhong Shan, the two dynasties faced off against each other. Ancestral Dragon, as the main force of Daqin, failed to go all out!" Lu Buwei said solemnly.

"Oh? The former national beast Supreme?"

"Yes, in the old days, Great Thousand World only has two strongest ones, Great Emperor and Zhongshan, Ancestral Dragon is Daqin Supreme , But failed to share the same heart with Da Qin, the last battle, even if the result is destined, if his Ancestral Dragon is spare no effort, even if he loses, no one will blame him. He was the first battle, but in order to not sin on both sides, he failed to spare. No effort, if the Great Emperor wins, even if his battle is flawed, it doesn't matter much. If Zhong Shan wins, he will please Zhong Shan! hmph!" Lu Buwei sneered.

"No wonder you are dissatisfied with the Ancestral Dragon in front of you, more than that, presumably when the Daqin group of officials lived and died with the Great Emperor, his Ancestral Dragon did not follow!" Yi Feng analyzed.

"He? If he was spare no effort, even if he didn't live and die with me, we wouldn't blame him, hmph!" Lu Buwei coldly snorted and said.

Ahead, Ancestral Dragon kneels in front of Yan Chuan.

"Ancestral Dragon, your cultivation base has been blocked?" Yan Chuan solemnly asked.

Ancestral Dragon bitterly said: "The criminal minister deserves it. In the past, he kept his mind and wanted to please both sides. In the end, the Heavenly Emperor fell and Zhongshan achieved immortality. The criminal minister wanted to take refuge in Zhongshan, but Shameless by Zhong Shan!"

"oh?" Yan Chuan stared at Ancestral Dragon.

"The criminal officials deserve it. Zhong Shan saw that the criminal officials had failed to do their best in the battle. Instead of grateful to the criminal officials, he was embarrassed everywhere. No, it should be Zhongshan's officials who are in trouble everywhere. The world is great. , But there is no place for me. Afterwards, Emperor Bai has mercy and recruited into the Bai family!” Ancestral Dragon said bitterly.

"Although you were guilty back then, but you also made countless contributions to the Great Qin, that's all!" Yan Chuan said indifferently.

"The guilty minister is guilty, and he has come to his senses. The emperor Bai also took great care of the guilty minister. The guilty minister was grateful. One day, emperor Bai Deducing Heaven's Mystery seemed to guess that the Bai family was about to suffer a catastrophe. Expenditure me, take a letter to the place of Zhongshan, intercede for me, when I leave, the Bai family will be killed, and the criminals escaped!" Ancestral Dragon said.


"Later, Zhong Shan learned that he still had a grudge against the criminals, and sealed the criminals’ cultivation base, allowing them to set up the Bai’s ancestral hall here forever. Here, to redeem one's sins!" Ancestral Dragon said bitterly.

Looking at Ancestral Dragon, Yan Chuan's expression is slightly sinking: "Bring me into the shrine!"

"Yes!" Ancestral Dragon responded.

Get up, take Yan Chuan with him to the Bai family ancestral hall on the mountain.

Everyone stepped to climb the mountain, no one was flying, step by step, walked to the front of the Bai family's ancestral hall.

Under the guidance of Ancestral Dragon, Yan Chuan stepped into the Bai family ancestral hall.

In the Bai's ancestral hall, there are statues erected at this moment. The statues are lifelike, but there are thousands of them all the way.

When Yan Chuan saw these statues, his eyes suddenly turned red, mostly with familiar faces.

"these all are carved by the criminal officials, the fate of the Bo clan was exterminated. At the beginning, all were destroyed, together with the emperor Bai, and finally die without a whole corpse. The criminal officials buried them together behind this hall, these Sculptures were all carved by criminals over the years based on memories." Ancestral Dragon said with a bitter smile.

Yan Chuan followed these sculptures, looking down one by one, until he saw the northernmost point.

A white robed old man, the old man's face is kind, but his eyes are wise.

Ancestral Dragon has carved each person's shape extremely well.

Looking at the Baihuang sculpture, Yan Chuan's eyes became red again.

He respectfully bowed to the old man sculpture.

Yan Chuan bow down, everyone bows down together.

"grandfather, grandson is back with Martial Uncle!" Yan Chuan said in a slightly hoarse voice.

There is a small door next to it.

Under the guidance of Ancestral Dragon, Yan Chuan walked to the back of the great hall, but it was a huge grave.

Everyone is buried together.

"Mr. Bury!" Yan Chuan said.

"Yes!" said the person who carried the coffin behind him.

"Here, here is free!" Ancestral Dragon immediately guided the crowd to bury Gui Guzi's empty coffin.

Looking at the giant tomb, Yan Chuan felt sad.

Go back to the great hall again.

Yan Chuan waved his hand gently.


Next to the Baihuang sculpture, suddenly appeared a sculpture, a sculpture by Gui Guzi.

Gui Guzi's sculpture leaned against Emperor Bai, showing a respectful attitude.

Next, Yan Chuan led the officials to exit the great hall.

Standing outside the great hall, once again bowed down to the Bai family's ancestral hall.

After bowing down, the officials bowed down together.

Ancestral Dragon stands respectfully on the side.

"Huh!" With a long exhale, Yan Chuan adjusted his mood and looked towards Ancestral Dragon instead.

Probing his hand with a wave.


Ancestral Dragon's body suddenly exploded. A huge breath radiated from Ancestral Dragon's body.

"That's all, these years, with the power of a mortal, you have set up the Bai family ancestral hall. You used to have grievances and grievances, so just let it go. Go wherever you want to go!" Yan Chuan said.

Ancestral Dragon looked at itself, the familiar power rushed again, and the freedom of a long absence was in front of him.

The eyes were slightly moist, Ancestral Dragon knelt down suddenly again.

"The guilty minister was guilty. In the past, he suffered twice and suffered three times. It was Emperor Bai who regained my confidence and dignity. It also allowed me to escape. At first, I was sealed by Zhong Shan, and the culprit paid me back. I have complaints. In the past few years, the guilty minister understood that it was the fault of the guilty minister, ungrateful, and the sin deserved it. The guilty minister did not ask the Heavenly Emperor to forgive, but only asked the Heavenly Emperor to take it in. Even if he pulled the cart for the Heavenly Emperor, the guilty minister was satisfied. , I hope the Heavenly Emperor will give the criminals a chance to atone for their sins, and plead with the Heavenly Emperor!” Ancestral Dragon prostrated.

Ancestral Dragon bowed down, and Yan Chuan's officials behind Yan Chuan looked complicated for a while.

Yan Chuan was also silent for a while.

Look at the Bai family's ancestral hall in front of you, and finally faintly sighed: "So, you follow the Dragon Five and they, pull the cart for me!"

"Yes, thank Heavenly Emperor!" Ancestral Dragon said gratefully.

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