The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1573

Yin Sector, Neibeizhou!

Undead teaching field.

Outside the territory, at this moment, a group of black robed sillhouettes are flying. The first one is the tomb bones of the tomb family, who fought with Fenmu Guihuo many times in the past. Now that Fenmu Guihuo has fallen, apart from the patriarch tomb Immortal King, the status of the tomb's phosphate bones has also reached the largest in the family.

In the black robe, the appearance of the tomb's phosphate bones is extremely permeable, and the bones on the face are growing out of the flesh, emitting bursts of blue light.

"Elder, this is it!" shouted a man next to him.

Grave bones eyes slightly narrowed.

"The Immortal Church? It is also called the Undead Territory!" Said solemnly of the tomb bones.

"Elder, this emperor, is indeed bold, the goods of courting death, the immortal territory is what she can call?" a child flattery said.

"Yes, Elder, where I am tomb can be called Immortal Territory. This emperor is obviously act recklessly, arrogant and conceited!" Another kid also called.

"What's even more annoying is that the emperor actually established a teaching, dare to claim to be an immortal teaching ground!"

"You know what a fart!" Said solemnly of the tomb bones.

"Huh?" Everyone was taken aback.

"The emperor is the daughter of Dahuangzun. Of course, he is qualified to establish Sect field'immortality'." The tomb bones said solemnly.

"Huh? The Great Phoenix?"

"The daughter of the Seventy-two Reincarnation of the Great Phoenix?"

………… ……



A group of Grave Clan’s children suddenly exclaimed.

Even if he has no eyesight anymore, he understands the identity of the emperor now.

The Tomb clan is a clan that grew up within reincarnation. During the cultivation, various reincarnations are needed. In other words, on the other hand, the tomb clan should probably be regarded as the dísciple of Dahuangzun.

Nowadays, there is actually a daughter of Da Huang Zun alive?

Everyone has a solemn expression. Although they are only loyal to the family, no one is disrespectful to the Grand Phoenix.

"In the first era, the established Sect of Dahuangzun did not die. What's wrong with her daughter who teaches immortality again?" The tomb bone said solemnly.

"Yes, I'm waiting for the lie!" everyone said immediately.

"Elder, even if the great phoenix is ​​powerful, my grave clan patriarch is definitely not weaker than her, patriarch is now ten 8 Heavenly Layer, it should be similar to the old phoenix!"

"Yes, patriarch can control even Da Shizun, it is certainly not weak Dahuangzun!"




Everyone said again.

"Well, regarding patriarch and Dahuangzun's affairs, I won't be allowed to chew on the roots of my tongue any more!" said the tomb bone.


"Elder, what are we going to do here this time?"

Grave bones thought for a while and said: "Go Once, the Sect Lord major event was disrupted by the Netherworld River Old Ancestor. In the end, the Netherworld River Old Ancestor failed. Patriarch had no choice but to do it again. The great power was lost and could only be in the First Age. I am looking for a peerless powerhouse to assist the patriarch. This time, I am waiting to come, but I am a patriarch lobbyist, asking for the emperor. When the time comes, don’t talk too much and disturb the patriarch major event!"

" Yes!" everyone responded.


As he said, everyone flew towards the Immortal Cultivation Ground.

Just when stepping to the immortal teaching field.


In the distance, a scream of the Heavenly Phoenix shook from the Immortal Cultivation Field.

Then, naked eye could see from a palace in the distance, suddenly a huge 72-tail Phoenix illusory shadow flew out. Soaring to the sky, illuminating the entire territory.

“bang! ”

The endless sun shines, the aura is soaring, and the sky is raining. A huge breath radiated from a distance.

The phosphate bones of the grave stopped abruptly and looked into the distance in surprise.

"Elder, what's going on?" everyone was surprised.

The bones of the grave said: "patriarch calculated that the lifeless soul obtained by Fenmu Guihuo eventually died in the hands of the emperor, and the emperor has regained the inheritance of the great phoenix. Now, it should be the emperor’s breakthrough. That's it!"


"The emperor is already ten 7 Heavenly Layer!" The tomb bones said with an ugly face.

"So what, it's only ten 7 Heavenly Layer?" a family kid said.

Looking at the bones of the grave, there was a trace of contempt: "You know what a fart, have you seen the emperor’s battle? It is always skipping grades to battle, ten 7 Heavenly Layer, which means he already has Challenge the strength of Ten 8 Heavenly Layer, do you think he is a waste like you?"


" Ten 7 Heavenly Layer? This negotiation, I will wait Maybe it will take more effort!" Tomb Bone said bitterly.

Speaking, with a group of younger generations, continue to head towards the Immortal Cultivation Field.


Yin Sector, above the inner southern continent.


A place suddenly burst into dazzling rays of light, the void swayed slightly, and a white robe silhouette came out from the inside.

It is Yan Chuan, the silver pupil.

Finally refining other lifeless souls. But the silver pupil remained the same.

It is still the silver pupil, but at this moment the silver pupil is more and more dazzling, his eyes opened, as if he could penetrate Heaven and Earth.

“bang! ”

Six thousand Heavenly Dao suddenly surrounded him, three thousand Heavenly Dao from Great Thousand World and Great Evil World, now more and more perfect.

Yan Chuan stepped out, just in time to see the giant phoenix of Inner North Island soaring into the sky.

"Emperor, have you broken through?" Yin Tong Yan Chuan asked with a hint of surprise.

After the surprise, Yan Chuan showed a grave expression, and disappeared in place.


Yang Sector. outer northern continent, Zhongshan study.

"Lord of the world, Yan Chuan has lived in the old Baishi!" Yi Yan said seriously.

"Lived?" Zhong Shan said with eyebrows.

"Yes! Sacrifice to Emperor Bai, only Yan Chuan is the body, but zombie Yan Chuan has been sitting in the dragon's house before coming out!" Yi Yan said seriously.

Zhong Shan sat on Dragon Throne and pondered for a while.

"It is worthy of winning, he is waiting for me to challenge!" Zhong Shan said with a smile.

"Oh? Then Yan Chuan is not in Xianyang, so I don't want to mobilize the power of the past?" Yi Yan asked in surprise.

Zhong Shan shook his head: "In this battle, Yan Chuan does not intend to mobilize the power of the two dynasties between him and me for a full duel, just me and him!"

" en? ”

“You first enter the old place of Bai’s, and say that I will arrive in three days!” Zhong Shan said seriously.

"Yes!" Yi Yan withdrew in response.

Yi Yan left, but Zhong Shan stepped out of the study, looking at the distant direction.

Soon, some important ministers rushed to get news.

"Lord, are you ready to confront Yan Chuan?" a courtier called out immediately.

"The time has come!" Zhong Shan certainly nodded.


Three days later.

The former site of Baishi, the top of a mountain.

There is a pavilion on the top of the mountain, and there is an open space on which some Great Zhen officials are standing.

In the pavilion, sitting human bodies Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan.

There is a stone table in front of the two.

A messenger, Yi Yan, was standing beside him.

Yan Chuan fell silently, all around without a trace of noise.


In the distance, there was a sudden wind and light sound.

Zhong Shan stepped on auspicious clouds and brought a group of courtiers.

The two Yan Chuan stopped everything at hand, and the person Yan Chuan spoke.

"Are you here?" Yan Chuan lightly said with a smile.


Zhong Shan stepped down into the pavilion.

Yi Yan bowed slightly and retreated behind Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan looked at the two Yan Chuan faintly smiled and said: "Is here?"

"This is my Baijia observatory, my grandfather almost most of the time. Here, please!" Yan Chuan nodded.

Zhong Shan is also nodded.

The three of them sat down slowly. An officer from Great Zhen pours tea on the side.

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