The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1576

The former site of Bai's, in the pavilion!

Rolling World's Essence Qi went straight to Yan Chuan and Zhong Shan's body.

zombie Yan Chuan sat aside, watching them quietly.


Zhong Shan's body suddenly made a loud noise.

In an instant, the sound of the rolling track blasted into the sky, and the Yang Sector was filled with the sound of Dao Yin. After Dao Yin, the sky was filled with pink lotus flowers.

The pink lotus is very coquettish, revealing a peaceful atmosphere.

Countless pink lotuses floated away, but the lotus god in the eastern church was extremely surprised.

"What kind of lotus is this, why is it stronger than my Azure Lotus?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"Zhong Shan broke through!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"What? Impossible, impossible!" Lian Shen exclaimed in disbelief.

How can a detached person break through? Although Zhong Shan had said to God Lotus in the past, God Lotus didn’t believe it at all. The detachment is already the ultimate cultivation, how can it go further?

Turning my head to look north, I saw that in the pavilion, outside of Zhongshan, countless Divine Beast phantoms surrounded, the sound of the road rolled, the sky was full of glow, and a huge pink appeared on the top of Zhongshan. The lotus is the number one lotus in the world.

Even though it is infinitely far away, Lotus God feels a breath of greatness.

"How could this happen, he can actually break through?" Lian Shen's face showed a bitterness.


The body of Yan Chuan also made a loud noise.

In an instant, Taoyin different from Zhongshan spread all over the world, and countless cypress illusory shadows suddenly appeared after Taoyin passed by. Compete with Fenlian in general.

"Ten 8 Heavenly Layer?" Dongfang Bubai solemnly said.

"Yan Chuan is also on the 8th Heavenly Layer?" Lotus God said something numb.

"Well, this is the weather of Ten 8 Heavenly Layer, the atmosphere is soaring, and the voice burns the sky!" Dongfang Bubai nodded.

Lian Shen looked at the two people on the outer northern continent. For a while, he looked bitter and sighed. The people he didn't look at in the past have now reached the point where he can look up.

Dongfang Bubai's eyes flashed bursts of light.

The bodies of Yan Chuan and Zhong Shan have all reached a very high height.


Yan Chuan opened his eyes and shot out two rays of light with eighteen colors.

Ten 8 Heavenly Layer, as today is the highest cultivation base of powerhouse.

Taking a deep breath, Yan Chuan looked towards Zhong Shan in front of him.

Zhong Shan's expression is introverted, but from the endless pink lotus in the world, it can be seen that Zhong Shan's strength is not weaker than Yan Chuan.

"Congratulations!" Zhong Shan said with a smile.

"Tongxi!" Yan Chuan said.

In front of the three people on the stone table, all the chess pieces have been turned into powder at this moment.

Above the starry sky, countless stars seem to be completely disrupted, still staying in the scene where the two of them finally landed.

"This game of chess is indeed a bit big!" Zhong Shan said with a smile.

"So and so, there is your realm in this game of chess, leave it to the world to observe!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Good too!" Zhong Shan nodded.

all around, the two courtiers all showed curiosity. In this battle, who has won?

"The detached person, immortality, now is 10 6 Heavenly Layer, and I am 10 8 Heavenly Layer, but I can't beat you, really mysterious anomaly!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"I can't beat you either. It's easy to be detached, but the cultivation is more difficult. If you want to break through, it may be indefinitely!" Zhong Shan faintly sighed.

"Others said, I will believe, you Zhongshan? Haha, I will look forward to it!" Yan Chuan said with a big smile.

Zhong Shan smiled slightly, not much to say.

This time, the two used this battle to make breakthroughs. Zhongshan has an eight-pole tail, which is becoming more and more fierce.

The two fought a game, but it was only a draw, but now, the two are not ready to continue, although each has its own means, but at this moment, no one has the mind to fight again.

Yan Chuan suddenly stuck out his right hand.


The palm of the palm appears a small pink bead, which seems to be sealed with a transparent sky-swallowing beast.

"Eyah, Eyah!" The Baji Tianwei on Zhong Shan's shoulder exclaimed in excitement.

The Octopus Skytail seems to instinctively want to pounce on the small beads, with a strong desire in his eyes.

"This is?" Zhong Shan restrained the Octopus Tianwei and said solemnly.

"Although your Octopus Skytail has swallowed up the Divine Beast and advanced to the No. 1 Divine Beast, I think its body is the Sky Swallowing Beast. This small ball is what I used to face. The swallowing sky-tailed beasts group finally gathered the essence of two hundred and one sky-swallowing beasts together. I think this thing should be useful for your Octopus Skytail!" Yan Chuan handed it out.


The Octopus Skytail quickly rushed over and swallowed it.

Zhong Shan didn't even have time to stop him, showing a wry smile.

"Many thanks, this little ball really helped my octopus tail, and even helped it improve itself and become stronger, but I don’t understand, why did you give it to me? "Zhong Shan seriously said.

The person Yan Chuan also gave a wry smile: "You should understand that the Great Emperor altar is under my feet!"

"But I remember, last time, you were able to break the fate It’s suppressed, now you should be stronger!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"Fate? How can I be stronger, the fate is too strong, in order to guard against the unexpected, if in the future, I will be completely eroded by the fate, I hope there is another one that can stop me People, I am the enemy of fate, absolutely irreconcilable! If one day, I become fate, please must kill me!" Yan Chuan seriously said.

"Kill you?" Zhong Shan's pupils shrank suddenly.

breathes deeply, Yan Chuan shook his head, and finally said seriously: "I am not jealous that you are stronger. I just leave another hope for the common people. If I am unfortunately parasitized, I cannot resist. Please also Don't be soft, you must kill me, definitely!"

All around, the courtiers of the two courts all showed a surprised look towards Yan Chuan.

At this moment, Zhong Shan was shocked in his heart.

In the end, there was a silence for a while before Zhong Shan opened the mouth and said: "In other respects, I haven’t been able to tell the outcome for the time being, but I understand that for one thing, you have surpassed me. No, you surpass most of the people in the world. Your mind! At least among the people I know, no one has a broad mind for you!"

Yan Chuan still stares at Zhong Shan.

"I promise you, I will, if you are parasitized by fate, I will do my best to kill fate!" Zhong Shan said with a firm tone.

"en!" Yan Chuan smiled nodded.

Zhong Shan smiled slightly and waved his hand.

"hong long long!"

The entire Great Thousand World vibrated.

Then, in the Great Thousand World, the major territories moved quickly, some territories moved to the north, and some territories moved to the south.

“bang! ”

Boom Great Thousand World, rushing towards Great Zhen Heaven Realm.

"This is the Great Thousand World that I control. Where the territory of Great Zhen is located, I will give you the corresponding territory of Daqian. These all are what you laid down in Great Thousand World in the past. Now, the thing belongs to the original owner! "Zhong Shan seriously said.

"hong long long!"

Dongwaizhou, outer southern continent, ring southeast continent, Yin Sector Dongwaizhou, Yin Sector outer southern continent, inner southern continent, six continents The land, quickly integrates the territory of Great Thousand World.

The Four Realms tremble again!

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