The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1577

"hong long long!"

The Four Realms tremble, Great Thousand World and the Six Continents quickly fall into Great Zhen, Heaven and Earth are in chaos.

Two Yan Chuan and Zhong Shan stood quietly in the pavilion, watching the drastic changes in the world.

In the past several times, the officials of Great Zhen no longer need the guidance of Yan Chuan, and they know how to comfort the people.

"hong long long!"

The world is shaking. Under Zhong Shan's full urging, it is much faster than before. In just one day, Great Thousand World has integrated into the first world, Great Zhen Heaven Realm, and has become more and more rich in World's Essence Qi.

"Huh!" Zhong Shan exhaled for a long time.

Obviously, months of things will be completed in one day, and the consumption will be huge.

Personal Yan Chuan slightly smiled, just about to say some words of gratitude, suddenly two Yan Chuan complexion greatly changed.

"What's wrong?" Zhong Shan asked unexpectedly.

Human Yan Chuan's face suddenly rises savagely: "Bastard, Immortal King, you are courting death!"

shouting loudly, two Yan Chuan skyrocketed towards Xianyang Yellow Springs Road rushed straight.

"Zhong Shan, Great Zhen has an accident today, I will tell you again in the future!" Yan Chuan's distant silhouette heard a leave.

While the Queen of Great Zhen, Crown Prince, and the courtier are all at a loss, what happened to Great Zhen? Why did the Great Emperor leave so anxiously?

"Liu Gang, contact Xianyang and Daqin City quickly and ask what happened!" Lu Buwei called immediately.

"Yes!" Liu Gang answered.

Everyone quickly fell into a state of worry.

"Zhong Realm Lord, my father is gone, and I will also leave!" Xing Wang Fu Su stepped forward.

Zhong Shan was nodded, he knew that Great Zhen must have had a major event, and he did not want to stay.

"Go!" Mo Yuxi called.

A group of grandiose people flew towards Xianyang quickly.

Something happened in Xianyang? What's the matter?

Zhong Shan took his courtiers, stood in the pavilion, watched all the courtiers of Great Zhen leave, his expression moved slightly.

"Lord, it seems that Xianyang has a major event!" Yi Yan said to the side.

Zhong Shan nodded, suddenly, a loud bang exploded from the sky, between Heaven and Earth is flooded with countless red and blue lights, rays of light hiding the sky and covering the earth, the whole world is full of rays of light, rays of light are like a big river rushing towards the west.


Over Xianyang, a Golden Dragon roared abruptly, and in an instant, it headed toward the west with a rolling red and blue light.

"Luck Road?" Zhong Shan's expression changed.

"My Great Thousand World is the same, the endless path of fortune is being lost. Lord, could it be the birth of Dao Zun?" Yi Yan expression changed.

"The Dao Zun, who is the ancestor of the usurper, is the ancestor of the usurper. It seems that he is about to be born!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"Then my Great Thousand World, should I exercise restraint?" Yi Yan said with some worry.

"No, do you remember the old Da Shizun?" Zhong Shan shook his head.

"Yes, if the Dao Zun is successful, then it is the best. If he can't be successful, he will emerge again, and his luck will return to all places!" Yi Yan said seriously.

"Dao Zun? He is unusual. He has one life, two luck, three geomantic omen, four accumulates yin and virtue, and five studies, and he is able to rank closely behind Cultivating Fate. It is also a great thing to want to come. According to the rumors, Dao Zun is the person closest to his fate, this time he was born, but there must be another shocking battle!" Zhong Shan said seriously.

"By the way, Yan Chuan hurried back just now, is it related to this?" Yi Yan said solemnly.

Zhong Shan narrowed his eyes: "Maybe!"

Speaking, Zhong Shan followed Yan Chuan with his gaze, and went straight into the Yin Sector.


One month ago.

Yin Tong Yan Chuan left the former site of Baishi and went straight to Beizhou in the Yin Sector.


It didn't take long for Yin Tong Yan Chuan to reach Neibeizhou, outside the Immortal Church.

"Who!" The anger of the undead teaching ground dísciple suddenly heard in the distance.

When a crowd of dísciple flew to the front, they saw a man standing in midair with clothes whiter than snow, a pair of silver pupils was breathtaking, but this was not the key, the key was his appearance.

"Great Zhen Great Emperor?" Someone suddenly exclaimed.

"Emperor Yan, I don't know why you are here?" dísciple, an immortal teaching field, immediately reverently said.

Everyone knows that Great Zhen has a queen who looks exactly like his Sect Lord, so no one dares to neglect Yan Chuan, even more how Yan Chuan’s current status, even if there is no previous relationship, This group of immortal dísciple dare not impudent.

"I want to see the emperor!" Yan Chuan said directly.

"Sect Lord is meeting guests, Emperor Yan, please!" dísciple said immediately.

Although it cannot be introduced right away, it is normal etiquette to introduce Yan Chuan into the undead teaching field.

Soon, Yan Chuan came to the Palace of Immortality.

"hong long long!"

At this moment, Yang Sector’s Zhongshan Yan Chuan played against each other. Rolling Stars retreated from Yin Sector and was attracted by Yan Chuan with great magic force. Yang Sector went.

Yan Chuan looked up at the sky.

The dísciples of the other immortal teaching grounds also showed a dazed look. What happened this day?


Not far away, the gate of the Immortal Palace opened suddenly.

The emperor stepped out of the great hall, behind him, followed by a group of black robed man.

A group of black robed men stepped out of the great hall and saw Yan Chuan not far away. They were also slightly taken aback.

Everyone looked up at the starry sky.

"Yan Chuan?" The emperor frowned and looked towards Yan Chuan.

"Last time, many thanks!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

Last time in the False Space, the emperor solved the golden pupil Fenmu Guihuo, leaving the silver pupil Yan Chuan with a lifeless soul, making the silver pupil Yan Chuan stronger.

"Nothing!" Huang shook his head.

"Congratulations, for breaking through to ten 7 Heavenly Layer!" Yan Chuan congratulated Yan Chuan again.

"It's just my mother's inheritance that's all, this sky full of stars, is your masterpiece?" The emperor said solemnly.

Yan Chuan nodded.

On the side, the dísciple of the Immortal Training Ground looked towards Yan Chuan in shock. The group of black robed men also looked at Yan Chuan in surprise.

The emperor was not surprised, but said: "I know why you are here. I just want to go out. There are 108 murals in my temple, which are the inheritance of my mother, the soul of lifelessness. You can observe!"

"Are you going out?" Yin pupil Yan Chuan asked.

Emperor nodded, did not say much, Yan Chuan also became interested and did not ask more questions.

"Let's go!" The emperor said to a group of black robed men.

"Okay, please!" Tomb Phosphorus said with a smile.

A group of people are soaring towards the sky towards the great good world of the West.

Yan Chuan looked curiously, but finally did not follow.

Stepping towards the Immortal Hall, at this moment, with the emperor’s explanation, the dísciple of the Immortal Church did not stop him.

Yan Chuan enters the great hall, and suddenly sees the murals in the great hall all around. The murals are mysterious. Each mural is like a world. The silver pupil Yan Chuan shows a hint of surprise .

Sitting cross-legged, Yan Chuan carefully deduced the murals in the hall.


The emperor followed a group of black robed men and flew towards the outer western continent.

"What you said is true?" The emperor still said with a trace of doubt.

"Of course it’s true, patriarch said, the other undead territory where my tomb family is, speaking of which, is actually the dojo of the former Great Phoenix, who was transformed into a seventy-two way in the past. Reincarnation is in that place!" The tomb bones promised.

"Is that my motherly Land of Samsara?" The emperor said solemnly.

"Of course, patriarch invited you to witness this time!" The tomb bone is affirmed.

"If I know you lie to me, no one will want to live!" Huang coldly said.

The voice is cold, and there is a chilling air into the body instantly, and everyone is heart trembled.

"No, how could it?" The tomb bones forced a smile and said.

"The Immortal King tomb was resurrected last time, but it was captured by the Netherworld River Old Ancestor. This time I must refining another powerhouse from the First Age. Isn't it my mother?" Huang eyes slightly narrowed Road.

"No, no, patriarch has confessed, please rest assured, absolutely not!" Grave Phosphorus said immediately.

"That's good, otherwise, I will slaughter your grave clan!" The emperor's voice ice-cold saying.

"he he he!" There was a cold sweat on the forehead of the tomb's phosphorous bone.

Everyone flew quickly and quickly arrived at the outer western continent, and quickly passed the Dashan World's Samsara channel and entered the Dashan world Yang Sector.

The entire group flew fast and soon came outside the undead territory of Dashan world.

Half of the undead territory here is full of vitality, the Divine Beast is flying in the sunshine, the other half is full of death, and the floor is covered with endless bones.

In the distance, at the boundary between life and death, there is a huge palace.

In the palace, the tomb Immortal King opened his eyes. The person who knows to wait has arrived.

Outside the territory, the emperor closed his eyes and felt it, felt it for a while, and took a deep breath.

"Sure enough!" Huang said indifferently.

"I didn't lie to you!" The tomb bone said with a smile.

But the emperor ignored the bones of the tomb, but looked towards the Immortal King hall in the distance.

In the Immortal King hall, the grave Immortal King stepped out slowly.

Half the human body, half the skeleton, looks extremely awkward.

"Junior Sister, welcome to my immortal territory!" The grave Immortal King showed a penetrating smile.

"I'm not your Junior Sister!" Huang coldly said.

Grave Immortal King said indifferently: "My tomb family, growing up within reincarnation, even if the great phoenix does not recognize us, we are still its dísciple, you are the daughter of the great phoenix, you Of course it is my Junior Sister!"

"hmph!" Huang coldly said.

"Junior Sister, please!" said the grave Immortal King.

Speaking, the tomb Immortal King flew away from the Immortal King hall and flew to a mountain peak in the vital area.

The emperor also flew away.

Land on a mountain peak.

Everyone looks at towards the mountain valley, but in the valley, there is a deep and deep pool, and the pool is overflowing with the blue air of one after another.

A faint blue breath came out, and the emperor sniffed slightly. Suddenly, his eyes sank: "Here is...?"

"Junior Sister, you are optimistic. This is the place where the Emperor Huangzun erupted back then. The Fleshy body passes through here and is covered with Heaven and Earth. From here. Here, you can directly enter the cycle of reincarnation." The grave Immortal King said with a smile.

"So what?" Huang Shensheng looked towards the grave Immortal King.

Although the emperor wanted to get into it right away, but he restrained him, the grave Immortal King impossible kindly let himself come to see this deep cave. There must be a plan.

"Junior Sister, don't worry about me, don't worry, I am not looking for Dahuang Zun this time, I want to find another person!" Immortal King said solemnly to the grave.


"In the First Age, the person closest to his fate!" Immortal King seriously said.

"The person closest to his fate?" Huang was slightly taken aback.

Although he got the inheritance of Dahuangzun, he didn't know much about the First Age.

"Grand Master!"

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