The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1578

"Grand Master?" the emperor asked in confusion.

"Dao Zun, the person closest to fate, at least in that era, he was the person closest to fate, not because of his strength, but his realm. It is rumored that his ability to measure the world is already comparable. The fate is counted!" The grave Immortal King did not hide it.

The emperor looked towards the grave Immortal King still puzzled.

"Of course, I've been to the place where Dao Zun erupted, and found that the place where he evolves has changed, that is to say, Dao Zun has been reincarnated!" said Immortal King tomb.


"Yes, I passed samsara reincarnation. In the reincarnation, there must be a record. I came to Junior Sister this time and asked Junior Sister to help me , Find who Dao Zun reincarnated!" Grave Immortal King seriously said.

"oh?" The emperor looked towards the grave Immortal King.

Now the emperor is 7 Heavenly Layer, but the emperor’s character is fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth, even the tomb Immortal King would never want to threaten himself.

Grave Immortal King also understands that he is asking people now, so he speaks very politely, even lowering his posture to call him Junior Sister.

"I also said it straight. From here into the depths, there is a secret treasure of Dahuangzun. My grave clerk has not been able to get it. This is something of Dahuangzun, so my grave clerk doesn’t I forced it. Junior Sister got it. It is something of Junior Sister. However, if you want to get the secret treasure, you must stir the reincarnation. When it is stirred, a three life stone will emerge from the hole. I can find the Dao Zun Reincarnation Body through the three life stone. !" The grave Immortal King seriously said.

"Oh? In that case, why should I come?" A trace of unbelief flashed in the emperor's eyes.

"Junior Sister knows something, is it easy to disturb reincarnation? Although I am ten 8 Heavenly Layer, but I am rejected by reincarnation, if I contribute, I might even destroy reincarnation, but I can’t inquire about reincarnation. , Only Junior Sister can do it, and it is not easy to detect the Sanshengshi. It needs an inheritance left by the Great Phoenix Venerable. This, it happens that the tomb bones are obtained!" Grave Immortal King said.

"oh?" The emperor looked towards the Tomb Phosphorus.

The tomb's bone detector waved his hand.


Suddenly twelve reincarnations soared into the sky.

"This is, the honor of Weifeng?" The emperor said solemnly.

"Yes, at the time the Great Phoenix had left Six Paths inheritance that mobilized Samsara Power, Fire Phoenix, Ice Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, Azure Phoenix, Thunder Phoenix and Mighty The phoenix, the phosphorous bone got the phoenix of the prestige in the within reincarnation, which is recorded by the three life stone!" Immortal King said with a smile.

The emperor looked at the two of them, and an uncomfortable flashed in his heart.

However, there is not much objection at this moment. After all, for the emperor, nothing is lost. Moreover, there are treasures left by the mother in the reincarnation, so naturally they cannot fall into the hands of others!

"Junior Sister, how? You take your treasure, we will investigate the three-life stone, and only understand the Reincarnation Body of Dao Zun!" The grave Immortal King said again.

The emperor thought for a while, then looked at the deep hole below, and finally nodded.

There is no loss, and the emperor will naturally not stop it.

Stepping, the emperor instantly jumped into the deep hole.


Bang Samsara Power, and instantly wrapped the emperor. The emperor is the daughter of Dahuangzun, so naturally it won't hurt him.

Soon, the emperor reached the depths of reincarnation, where a huge node appeared, and the emperor went deeper and deeper.

"You are here!" In the depths of Samsara, a woman's soft call suddenly came.

The emperor was slightly startled. From the voice, the emperor felt a strong cordiality.

"Mother?" the emperor cried out tremblingly.

"Come on, my son!" The woman's voice continued.

As if forming a road, let the emperor continue walking along the passage.

At this moment, a huge boulder slowly emerged from the original hole.

The huge stone quickly blocked the hole, preventing anyone from entering.

But there is no need to enter the tomb of Immortal King anymore. Seeing the yellowed boulder, his eyes lit up.

"Sure enough, I guessed right, the tomb bones, hurry up, mobilize Samsara Power, and look for the Reincarnation Body of Dao Zun with the teardrops left by this Dao Zun in the first era of compassion for the common people!" Tomb Immortal King said.

"Yes!" The tomb bone immediately respectfully took over the teardrop that bloomed with eighteen-color rays of light.

“bang! ”

Samsara Power quickly poured into the Sanshengshi. In an instant, countless lights and shadows appeared on the Sanshengshi, as if it had recorded all the reincarnation records of common people.

The tomb bones quickly put the teardrops on.


The teardrops were absorbed by the Sanshengshi.

In an instant, all the light and shadow disappeared.

Amidst the light and shadow, an extremely beautiful woman appeared. As the woman looked at the sky in compassion, a teardrop fell from the corner of her eyes, which was the previous teardrop.

Next, the light and shadow flowed quickly, gradually releasing the silhouette of the woman's reincarnation.


Another stunning woman appeared in the picture.

"Quickly, see where this is. This woman is the reincarnation of Dao Zun!" said Immortal King tomb.

But the tomb bones are weird: "patriarch, this person doesn't need to be found, I know!"

"oh?" The grave Immortal King was taken aback.

What's the situation? Know the bones of the grave? Isn't it dark under the lights?

"This is from Great Zhen Heaven Realm, the Queen of Butterfly!" the tomb bone said strangely.

"The Queen of Butterfly? The daughter of the nest?" Immortal King said solemnly at the grave.

Yes, next moment, the butterfly on the screen changed into a meow shape.

"Huh?" The tomb bones asked in surprise.

"Patriarch, how is this possible? Another one comes out. Isn't this Yan Chuan's meow? Will this three-life stone be broken?" The Tomb Phosphorus asked in surprise.

"No, it's not bad, I remember it, I remember it!" Immortal King said with a smile to the grave.


"Mysterious is the lucky Goddess, the butterfly queen is the bad luck Goddess, all luck, luck? The reincarnation of Dao Zun is divided into two, they are two , They are all Dao Zun, so they are Dao Zun!" A self-belief flashed in the eyes of Immortal King tomb.

"Two Dao Zuns?" The tomb bones said blankly.

The picture on the Sanshengshi suddenly flashed and disappeared.

"Yes, the power of the Dao Zun can be filled by one reincarnation? The Dao Zun divided himself into two sides, and reincarnated separately. Good, good, good, I have been in front of one's eyes, Yan Chuan? It’s really a great fortune. The Dao Zun who is closest to his fate is by his side! No wonder Yan Chuan has been so fortune. This is the fortune. Yan Chuan came into being. How could it be so big? It turns out that the path of luck is at his side, hahahahaha!” Immortal King said with a big smile.

"Patriarch, Die Empress and Miao Miao are all people that Yan Chuan values ​​very much. Maybe something is wrong, right?" Tomb Phosphorus asked with some worry.

After all, Yan Chuan's strength, the bones of the grave are clear.

"hmph, what's wrong, I don't know that's all, but now I know that this great master will naturally be fulfilled by me, hmph!" Immortal King said solemnly.


"Needless to say, wait for the guard's house, don't be fooled by the Lesser Stage again, I'm going to capture the reincarnation of Dao Zun!" The grave Immortal King said solemnly.

"Yes!" everyone responded.

Dao Zun quickly pinched and calculated.

"Oh? All in Daqin City? Yan Chuan left with the Queen, Crown Prince, and the officials, but these two people still have Da Qin City? Well, it saved me a lot!" The grave Immortal King said solemnly.


The Immortal King stepped on the grave and shot into the distance instantly.


Yin Sector, Daqin City. In a great hall.

Die Hou and Miao Miao sat quietly in the great hall.

"Meow, Fluttershy, hurry up!" Meow shouted.

"I have tried my best!" The butterfly queen speechless saying.

"The last time Dad gave me the inheritance of the year, it was Dad’s understanding of Heaven and Earth. Dad was the most powerful. Three thousand Heavenly Dao, even Netherworld River Old Ancestor, didn’t have all of them. But Dad has mastered the general framework of the three thousand Heavenly Dao, we will deduct it as soon as possible, and give it to Yan Chuan!" Meow happily said.

Die Hou rolled his eyes and said: "This is what Dad left for us to protect ourselves!"

"So what, isn't it the same for Yan Chuan? Here, who Can move us?" Meow shouted suddenly.

"However, Dad's inheritance message back then cannot be disclosed to outsiders, saying that there will be people who will be unfavorable to us in the future, and we must keep self-protection!" Diehou said.

"I believe in Yan Chuan, don’t you know? Yan Chuan is going to Yang Sector now, just to fight Zhongshan. I heard Yan Chuan said that after that battle, it may be a breakthrough. At that time, what are you still worried about? Yan Chuan is ten 8 Heavenly Layer! Besides fate, who are you afraid of?" Meow was disdainful.

"Promoted to the tenth 8 Heavenly Layer? Well, I said I was going to check it out!" Diehou complained with a grievance.

"Okay, let's watch it slowly from now on. You and I are all ten 4 Heavenly Layers. Can you understand it after reading it? Our deduction is about to end. At that time, I will give Yan Chuan one Surprise, he was promoted to the 10th 8 Heavenly Layer, even if he was given a gift for promotion, how about? I'm so smart, meow!" Meow proudly said.

"Well, but, can't you have a contract with him? Can you sense Yan Chuan, how do you feel about him now?" Butterfly Queen asked.

"It has already started, how can I bother him at this time? Doesn't this affect his promotion? I have cut off the induction with him!" Meow shook her head.

"Okay!" The Queen of Butterfly felt helpless.

As Die Empress and Miao Miao continued to comprehend the inheritance left to them by the nest, a huge fierce might suddenly oppressed the Great Qin City.


Qiyun Golden Dragon, luck Golden Dragon, merit Golden Dragon, luck Golden Dragon, together roaring at the fierce and mighty place.

The entire Great Qin City was instantly plunged into chaos.

Countless soldiers soared into the sky.


"Where is Xiaoxiao, dare to come to Great Zhen impudent?"


……… ……………



During a series of screams, the Formation of Daqin City was fully opened, and the resistance came from the sky. Suddenly oppressed.


With a loud noise, Daqin Formation burst open.

Some soldiers who soared into the sky even flew out from the impact and went straight to the great hall where Meow and the Queen of Butterfly were located.


The great hall was smashed and opened.

"Meow, which bastard dares to disturb me!" Meow yelled angrily.

The great hall collapsed and burst into pieces. Meow and the queen were exposed instantly. The sisters looked angry and looked towards the south of the Great Qin City.

It is the southern part of Daqin City. In the air, there is a silhouette standing at this moment, half of the human body and half of the bones.

"Grave Immortal King?" Someone recognized it, staring in surprise.

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