The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1580

Inner Beizhou, in the Palace of Immortality.

Yin Tong Yan Chuan looked at the 108 pictures, and seemed to have captured something in an instant. He closed his eyes and began to comprehend.

Although Yan Chuan has pure reason, sometimes, not the purest reason is the best. After all, in many cases, the improvement of the cultivation base is also related to emotions.

Emotion is a mysterious thing that can make people strong and weak, but Yan Chuan has no such thing.

Although the at first cultivation base has increased very quickly, it surpassed Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan in a short period of time, but now zombie Yan Chuan is already at the eighth Heavenly Layer, and Yan Chuan in human body. I also went to play against Zhong Shan, and I must be not far from Ten 8 Heavenly Layer.

But today's silver pupil Yan Chuan, from the perspective of the cultivation base alone, has only ten 6 Heavenly Layers.

The more difficult it is to cultivation later, Yan Chuan is born with a flaw because he sacrificed his emotions.

Sit cross-legged In the great hall, comprehend these 108 pictures, the silver pupil Yan Chuan seems to have some enlightenment.

Suddenly, Yan Chuan opened his eyes, flashes through a bright light.

Because of the powerful logic analysis ability of Yintong Yan Chuan, the Formations of Daqin City and Xianyang City have been improved by Yintong Yan Chuan. These Formations are connected to Heavenly Dao.

But at the moment, Yan Chuan felt that the Formation he had arranged was broken?

"Who?" Yan Chuan complexion sank, the silver pupil, stepped out of the Immortal Palace.

"Emperor Yan?" The dísciple said curiously of the immortal church.

Yan Chuan didn't pay attention, but turned to look towards Daqin City.

At a glance, it was the grave Immortal King who targeted Meow and Die Empress and shattered the Daqin City Formation.

Yan Chuan's eyes narrowed.

Stepping, Yin Tong Yan Chuan was about to head to Daqin City, but stopped in an instant.

As if seeing the purpose of Immortal King tomb, turning around, Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, flew towards the outer western continent.

The speed of Yan Chuan is naturally not comparable to that of Immortal King.

So if you want to stop the Immortal King from the grave, you can't do it at all, so just go to the outer western continent and wait.


Yan Chuan flew towards the west.

And Daqincheng.

The grave Immortal King also caught Meow and the Queen of Butterfly.


Laughing, the grave Immortal King grabbed the unconscious Meow and the butterfly, and headed toward the west.

The speed of the grave of Immortal King was naturally extremely fast, and it didn't take long before it came to the outer western continent.

Step into Yellow Springs Road and quickly enter the world Yang Sector of Dashan.

Just as soon as Yang Sector is out.


A dazzling golden light came straight.

"en?" The grave Immortal King complexion changed, and I can only greet him with a palm in a hurry.

“bang! ”

The golden light formidable power is huge, under the super heavy blow, the void blows up absolutely.

Even the grave Immortal King suddenly exited ten zhang.

"Bold!" The grave Immortal King yelled.

But not far away, six thousand Heavenly Dao surrounded, and above Heavenly Dao, a huge golden eye.

Below, stood the silver pupil Yan Chuan.

It was Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, who was guarding here, preparing to give a fatal blow to the grave Immortal King. However, the eyes of the sky above Heavenly Dao, even if they did their best, could not help the grave Immortal King.

"Grave Immortal King, you have crossed the boundary!" Yin Chuan Yan Chuan looked at ice-cold saying.

"It's you, Yan Chuan? Haha, you want to stop me too? In the past, the power of a country could not help the Da Shizun under my control. Now in my great good world, you also want to stop me? "Immortal King coldly smiled at the grave.

"Hand over Meow Meow and Butterfly Empress, the body cares about them very much!" Yan Chuan said coldly.

"Oh, if you have the ability, come and get it?" Immortal King said with a sneer to the grave.


Six thousand Heavenly Dao instantly enveloped the grave of Immortal King.

The respective Heavenly Dao loops from the Great Thousand World and the Great Evil World swiftly head towards the tomb of Immortal King.

"hong long long!"

The force of the turbulent current is coming straight.

The power of turbulence is strong, and it's okay to deal with others, but the supreme powerhouse of King Keshi 10 8 Heavenly Layer.

"hahaha, a little trail, dare to be impudent in front of me? Yan Chuan, you found the wrong opponent!" Immortal King said with a sneer.

With a big wave, a monstrous giant palm is formed.


Six thousand Heavenly Dao was crushed by the monstrous giant palm, and the giant palm swept everything. The silver pupil Yan Chuan's methods suddenly failed.

"en?" Yan Chuan complexion sank.

"It's useless, broken!" The grave Immortal King slapped the silver pupil Yan Chuan with a palm.



Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, was hit hard and spewed out of blood.

The grave Immortal King is too strong, the supreme powerhouse of the 10th 8 Heavenly Layer, Yan Chuan can't resist it at all.

In an instant, Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, was completely broken and fell to the ground in the distance.

The tomb of Immortal King stepped high in the sky, coldly looking down at the silver pupil Yan Chuan below.

At this moment, Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, can no longer fight back. The gap is too big.

"Lifeless soul? Humph, you are still far away. This time, I won't kill you. Go and report to your body! Next time you dare to come, don't blame me for being impolite!" Tomb Immortal King coldly said.

Yan Chuan Yan Chuan looked at the grave Immortal King with cold eyes, and fell to the ground with cold eyes.


coldly snorted, with a flick of sleeve, the grave Immortal King flies towards the undead territory.

Amidst difficulties, Yan Chuan got up. Leaning under a big tree, watching the grave Immortal King leave.

Yan Chuan took a deep breath.

"Ontology, I have tried my best to stop me, I understand that you care about Meow Meow, but I faced the battle with my mortal determination, and I was still defeated. At this moment, you break through the last juncture, with the purest reason, I can't inform you in case it interferes with your breakthrough. I have no emotion, so it's useless to blame me. Your strength is the most important thing. I just hope you can break through as soon as possible!" Yin Tong Yan Chuan breathes deeply.

Cross-legs, Yan Chuan, the silver pupil, sits under the big tree, adjusting his breath, and training.


The grave family, the undead territory.

"Patriarch, are you back?" The grave bones said joyfully.

Not far away, Immortal King's grave fell in front of Immortal King's hall with a comatose cat and butterfly.

"Phosphorus bones, prepare all the materials for the altar, I want to awaken Dao Zun!" Immortal King said solemnly tomb.

"Yes!" the tomb bone cried.

With an order, the whole tomb clan moved.

With no difficulty, I found some materials based on the historical background.

"Patriarch, is the awakening of this Dao Zun similar to that of Da Shi Zun?" After the tomb bones explained, he came to the grave and asked Immortal King.

"Of course not. Dao Noble is the closest person to his fate. Naturally, it has its own uniqueness. Even, I think refining them is several times more difficult than Da Shi Zun!" Tomb Immortal King said solemnly .

"Yes, there are only ten 4 Heavenly Layers for Meow and Die Empress?"

"What do you know, I care about its fate, not its cultivation base, Dadao Zun is even more difficult to refining even if it is now the 4th Heavenly Layer!" Immortal King said solemnly tomb.


"I'm going to reopen a space, and I will give you ten days, all the things on the altar will be delivered!" The Immortal King ordered the grave.


The grave Immortal King steps into the Immortal King hall.

Put Meow and Diehou in the great hall, and protrude the 19-color right hand, facing the void a little bit.


A nineteen-color light spot suddenly appeared in the void, and the light was enlarged, and the tomb Immortal King quickly filled the interior with power.

"hong long long!"

For ten days, the Immortal King right hand of the grave was loose.

"patriarch, the materials are ready!" the tomb bones respectfully said.

"Well, go, follow me into this small space!" Immortal King stepped into the grave with meow and butterfly queen.


The phosphate bones of the tomb also stepped in, and in an instant, they entered a special space, in the space, surrounded by three thousand Heavenly Dao.

A vast grassland.

"Quick!" Immortal King said solemnly to the grave.


Under the control of the tomb's phosphorous bones, countless heaven, material and earth treasures quickly spread in all directions, and a huge altar was slowly piled up on the ground. , Half is withered bones, half is lush and green.

Above the huge altar, bursts of yellow light shined.

"patriarch, the altar is ready!" the tomb bones respectfully said.

"en!" The grave of Immortal King nodded.

Put meow and butterfly on top of it.

At this moment, the second woman is still in a coma.

"Between reincarnation, life and death are two points, once the grave comes out, life and death are buried!" Immortal King shouted loudly at the grave.


The rolling force went straight to the two girls.


The two women shuddered suddenly, and the whole person's face was full of savage pain.

Grave Immortal King is quickly refining the two daughters, but after all, the two daughters have a too strong first life, Dao Zun, the person closest to the fate, how can it be so good refining.

The grave Immortal King is rapidly refining.

The bones of the tomb are waiting quietly.

The second woman was in pain and gradually woke up.


Meow yelled in pain.

"elder sister!" The Queen of Butterfly cried bitterly.

"younger sister, elder sister, sorry for you!" Meowing.

"No, I'm fine, elder sister, hurry up, you go to Yan Chuan through the contract, no one can stop you, hurry up!" Butterfly Queen cried.

"No, I won't go!" Meow cried, enduring pain.

"Go? None of you can go, hahahaha!" The grave Immortal King said with a big smile.

"hong long long!"

The strength of the two pours into the minds of the two, and the two women are suffering from chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

"Ah!" The second woman cried out in pain.

This exercise is another 21 days.


On the 21st, the second woman trembled suddenly, her eyes hollowed out.

"Finally refining!" Immortal King breathes deeply at the grave.

"Patriarch, okay?" The grave bones said joyfully.

"Go out!" said the grave Immortal King.


The two quickly flew out of the small space.

The tomb bone is standing aside, but the Immortal King of the tomb is looking at the nineteen-colored dots in front of him. Among the small dots are the refining meows.

"Okay, Dao Zun, recruit the world's fortune road, recruit your first life body, the world's fortune road, only you command!" Dao Zun shouted.


Small light spots, burst into dazzling brilliance in an instant.

At the same time, in the entire great good world, countless red and blue lights burst into the sky in an instant, and then gathered toward the Immortal King Hall in the rush.

"hong long long!"

The four realms trembled almost at the same time, rolling on the road, rushing fast, and quickly converging toward the great good world.

The Road of Endless Luck gathers from all corners of the world, whether Great Zhen, Great Zhou, or Great Thousand World.

Go on the road, as if you have found the real master, rolling in, no one can stop it.

Wu Zhao and Lian Shen looked at the sky blankly.

Just now, the body and zombie Yan Chuan were talking with Zhong Shan.

Suddenly, the two Yan Chuan complexions greatly changed.

"What's wrong?" Zhong Shan asked unexpectedly.

Human Yan Chuan's face suddenly rises savagely: "Bastard, Immortal King, you are courting death!"

shouting loudly, two Yan Chuan skyrocketed towards Xianyang Yellow Springs Road rushed straight away.

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