The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1583

"Grave Immortal King, are you kidding me?" Yan Chuan said coldly.

"No, Dao Zun is gone? I put them here, no? How come they are gone?" Immortal King exclaimed in an incredible way.

“bang! ”

The Immortal King's tomb probe broke open the Space Gate suddenly, revealing all the sights inside.

Withered bones, a huge altar exudes bursts of eighteen-color rays of light.

On the altar, there is no silhouette of Meow and the Queen of Butterfly.

"Not honest yet?" zombie Yan Chuan is coldly snorted.

Stepped straight away.

A punch hit the grave Immortal King.


The huge impact immediately made the undead territory toss again.


Under the aftermath, countless children of the Tomb clan screamed again and again.

Zombie Yan Chuan is blocked by the grave Immortal King.

"bang!" Yan Chuan suddenly appeared and knocked the grave Immortal King away.

"hong long long!"

The three of them fought and rushed into the starry sky again.

"Grave Immortal King, since you are not honest, let me beat you to the true shape!" Yan Chuan roared.


Zombie Yan Chuan and personal Yan Chuan culled to the grave Immortal King together.

"I didn't have it. They were there. They were stolen by others!" Immortal King roared angrily.

Last time, when planning a big boss, it ended up being picked up by Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

This time it was even worse. Not only did he plan on Dao Zun, he was picked up by others, but also Yan Chuan's anger was all directed to him.

"Ha, do you say I believe it?"


Personal Yan Chuan At this moment, where can I believe the words of the Immortal King at the grave? I only think he The dead duck has a hard mouth.

So it is ruthless than before.


Zombie Yan Chuan is very ruthless in his shots.

Ravaged once again.

"Yan Chuan, you lunatic!" the grave Immortal King cried out sadly.

"Crazy man? Humph, why didn't you say that you were crazy when you caught Meow and the Queen of Butterfly? You want me to believe what you said, and you will say it when I am refining!" Yan Chuan was angry. Burn road.

"hong long long!"

The grave of Immortal King was killed by the two again in grief and anger.

It’s not that Yan Chuan doesn’t believe it, but it’s useless to believe it at the moment. Where is Meow?

Now you need to vent your anger. Since your grave Immortal King has come to offend me, you have to endure this angry baptism.

In the Promise, the war is back.

In Celestial Demon World.

Fuxi, the people and snakes, the snake essence, and Meng Rongrong have arrived at a huge altar.

On the altar, there is a golden light group at this moment. Outside the light group, the Sixty-Four hexagrams of Fuxi formed a big net, blocking the inner golden light group.

"Master, what is this?" Meng Rongrong wondered.

"This is the fate of Dao Zun!" Fuxi said indifferently.

"Huh? The Meow and Die Empress Yan and Yan Chuan were looking for were caught by the Master?" Meng Rongrong asked in surprise.

"Yes, at this moment, I want to take her realm and implement a big plan! Meng Rongrong, snake spirit, I need your help!" Fuxi said seriously.

"Huh?" Meng Rongrong didn't know what to do.

"Yes!" The snake spirit responded with excitement.

"roar!" Fuxi opened her mouth.

Suddenly, a suction force swallowed the Dao Zunzhi on the altar, and in the fate, there were faint light and shadow of Meow and the Queen of Butterfly.

"Don't!" Meng Rongrong cry out in surprise.

It's too late, Fuxi has swallowed it in one bite.

Fu Xi then sat on the altar.

Fuxi is in the state of a giant, sitting on the altar like a mountain.

But just now, Fuxi swallowed Miao Miao and Die Empress together.

"I used the sixty-four hexagrams to seal the vitality of the Dao Dao, but it will be revealed soon, and the fate will be discovered soon. Snake spirit, Meng Rongrong, I will I want the spirits to come out of the sheath and envelop the endless spirit, and my body will quickly dry and weather. Under this Dafa, it is extremely dangerous. I need your Primordial Spirit to get out of the body and live in my body, constantly twitching endless heavenly demon to supplement. My body is weathered!" Fuxi said solemnly.

"Huh? Heavenly demon?" Meng Rongrong was taken aback for a moment.

"Yes, heavenly demon is already a great tonic for my body. This is also the reason why I have taught people and snakes to deploy heavenly demon over the years. At that time, all the dísciples of snakes will control the four heavenly demon. , Fill my body!" Fuxi said solemnly.

"Yes!" All the snakes replied.

"The flesh is okay, I will be okay!" Fuxi said solemnly.


Fuxi looked towards Meng Rongrong and the snake essence.

"Meng Rongrong, the snake spirit, I hope you can forget the gains and losses of the ego and make this effort for the common people. My body is beyond the control of one person. Your Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body must not be thorough enough, I You need to energize the Fleshy body and completely turn it into Primordial Physique!" Fuxi said solemnly.

"Yes!" said the second woman.

Fuxi waved his probing hand, and his tumbling force directed at the two women.

"hong long long!"

In a blink of an eye, the fleshy body of the two girls melted, and a yellow transparent body gradually appeared, and the fleshy body slowly melted into the yellow transparent body. in.

"I leave the body, you enter the body! Remember, if my fleshy body is immortal, I will not die!" Fuxi said solemnly.

"Yes!" said the second woman.


Fuxi's fleshy body trembles suddenly, and then, Fuxi's whole person seems to have become a sculpture, with countless cracks on his face.


On top of Fuxi's head, a golden human figure slowly flew out, and the golden transparent body was wrapped in the life style of Dao Zun.


On top of Fuxi's head, a 19-color aperture appeared.

"This is?" Meng Rongrong's Primordial Spirit asked in surprise.

"The king's spirit god has reached ten Nine Layers Heaven, plus the realm of Dao Zun, it is already invincible in the whole world!" Snake Jing explained.


Fuxi's Spiritual God suddenly emerged.

The Fleshy body of Fuxi differentiates rapidly and is dry.

"Meng Rongrong, hurry up!" Snake Jingjing shouted.



Meng Rongrong and the snake essence quickly entered Fuxi's body.

For an instant, Meng Rongrong and the snake spirit appeared in Fuxi's physical eyes.

"Heavenly demon enter the body!"

In Fuxi's fleshy eyes, Meng Rongrong and the snake essence urged the fleshy body, and Fuxi's fleshy body opened his mouth.


Open your mouth and inhale, countless heavenly demon pouring into the mouth.

A crowd of people and snakes moved quickly.

Manipulate all directions and all heavenly demon.

Heavenly demon stirred and moved towards Fuxi's body. Meng Rongrong and Snake Jingjing use Fuxi Fleshy body to refining these heavenly demon, in order to preserve Fuxi Fleshy body.

"hong long long!"

The Demon General Fuxi fleshy body is submerged.

Fuxi's spirit god flies away from the body and heads into the Promise.


Fuxi went straight to the depths of Wuji.


The sixty-four hexagrams in Fuxi's spirit god suddenly collapsed, and Dao Zun's fate could no longer be restrained.

One after another Dao Zun's breath radiates from the fate.

"Where am I?" Dao Zun's breath came.

"Dao Dao, I am Fuxi, let your life and realm help me kill the number of lives!" Fuxi said seriously.

"Accept my realm?" The woman's voice was a little confused.

"My thoughts are passed on to you now, do you see Encore?" Fuxi said while flying.

Fly for a while. The woman suddenly sighed: "Fuxi? A family of humans and snakes, such a big idea!"


"You have planned since the first era, almost I have done it, at least, in this respect, I am not as good as you. My realm is available for you to use. I hope you will succeed and the world will live forever!" Dao Zun's voice was full of compassion.

"I will do everything I can!" Fuxi Lingshen answered.


Fuxi continued to fly quickly towards the distance.

And the other side of Promise.

Two Yan Chuan are ravaging the unlucky grave Immortal King.

The grave Immortal King screamed again and again: "I didn't lie to you!"

"You lie to me!" Yan Chuan shouted.

"I really don't. I put Meow and Butterfly Empress into that space. I really didn't lie to you. It's true, it's true!" The Immortal King muttered sadly.

"I know it's true!" zombie Yan Chuan said while typing.

"Huh?" The grave Immortal King was hit hard in the face, but the whole person's thinking was a little bit unable to keep up?

You know?

"I just want to hit you!" zombie Yan Chuan continued.


The grave Immortal King was so depressed that he vomited blood.

"Yan Chuan, if one can let people off, then spare them, are you enough?" The grave Immortal King said angrily.


Yan Chuan ignored it at all.

The grave Immortal King was terrified.

Suddenly, two Yan Chuan figure stopped, set in the Promise.

"You guys, what are you doing?" The Immortal King said in surprise.

These two people don’t want perverted moves, do they?

Yan Chuan made a decision.

"The fate? The fate is here again? Dao Zun's fate is revealed, let the fate be discovered?" Yan Chuan complexion changed.

"hong long long!"

The fate consciousness of hiding the sky and covering the earth will once again drown Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan resisted naturally. After having the first experience, this time it was much better.


The Great Emperor altar appeared at the feet of the two, and a golden light suddenly poured into the two of them.


Zombie Yan Chuan once again became the first choice for fate. Next to zombie Yan Chuan's head, suddenly, a head grew again.

However, this time Yan Chuan was not in a coma.

"Asshole!" Yan Chuan pounced quickly.

Fate's head appeared, twisted, and suddenly a golden light appeared in the palm of his hand.

“bang! ”

The golden light rushed straight at the human body Yan Chuan, instantly forming a sphere, trapping the human body Yan Chuan in it.

"hong long long!"

The human body Yan Chuan hit the sphere desperately, but the sphere was too hard to break.

"What?" Yan Chuan complexion changed.

It's not because of being trapped, but because of the fateful head.

Fate's eyes are actually more spirituality than before?

Yes, it is spirituality. Although the eyes of Mingshu in the past were nineteen colors, it was extremely dull, but this time there is spirituality?

In other words, this time the consciousness of fate awakening is more than last time, more than any previous time, much more.

“bang! ”

Zombie Yan Chuan also probing his hand and hitting the head of the fate.

"Impudent!" The head of Ming Shu was coldly shouted.

In the mouth, a golden light suddenly spurted out, and the golden light instantly poured into zombie Yan Chuan's head, and zombie Yan Chuan's head was instantly sealed.

Zombie Yan Chuan of Ten 8 Heavenly Layer, in front of the fate at this moment, there's no resistance.

Not far away, the grave Immortal King looked at the number of lives before him in amazement.

"Will the fate be completely awakened? Why is it such a spirituality?" Immortal King of the grave asked in horror.

The fate was light, and he glanced at the tomb of Immortal King, then looked towards the depths of Promise.



The fate rushed away.

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