The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1584

"Does the number of lives have to be fully awakened? Why is it such a spirituality?" The Immortal King of the grave asked in horror.

The fate was light, and he glanced at the tomb of Immortal King, then looked towards the depths of Promise.



The fate rushed away.

"Fate was coldly snorted to me just now? That look? Is Fate completely awakened? No way!" Tomb Immortal King complexion sank.

At this moment, even though the tomb Immortal King was seriously injured, he quickly chased in the direction of his fate.

In the golden ball, Yan Chuan was trapped and couldn't get out.

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"…………

Destroyed again and again, the golden ball only shook for a while.

"Is this Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" Yan Chuan's face flashed ugly.

I was already 10 Heavenly Layer. In the world, I have the strength of Peak, but now my strength is useless in the face of the confinement of fate?

"Also, since this ban cannot be broken, then I will comprehend you to count your own life, you will be my body, and I will explore your emptiness!" Yan Chuan slowly calmed down.

Sitting cross-legged, Yan Chuan sank into his body, to be precise, into the consciousness of fate.

It is still the surging chaotic sea, Yan Chuan's consciousness can't find out for a while, but Yan Chuan understands that the opportunity is rare at this moment, and the fate appears so close, how can it be wasted?

Calm down, Yan Chuan rushes into the sea of ​​chaos.

After a while, Yan Chuan gradually saw the difference in Chaos Sea.

The sea of ​​chaos is not liquid, but like an endless web, densely packed, forming like a sea of ​​chaos, and this web is also connected with endless small spots of light. The colors are different.

"This is? Is it the fate of everyone in the world?" Yan Chuan's expression suddenly became serious.

The big net of fate, link all fate of the world? All fate is under the control of fate?

"Fate?" Yan Chuan's eyes lit up, and he quickly searched the fate of the network, wanting to find his own fate connection.


The first world, around the Northeast Continent.

Dongfang Bubai suddenly looked up at the sky.

"Master, what's wrong?" Lian Shen said curiously.

"Fate has appeared again, and, this time is different, Fate has at least half of the consciousness recovered!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"Half?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"Half!" Dongfang Bubai solemnly nodded.

"How much was it before, when was the last time I played against the Netherworld River Old Ancestor?" Lotus said curiously.

"At most 1/4/2021! There should be a trace of spirituality in the current consciousness of fate. Is it possible that Dao Zun wakes up and shocked him?" Dongfang Bubai said with a gloomy expression.

Speaking, Dongfang Bubai probed his hand and pinched his finger to forget it.

After a while, suddenly complexion sank.

"Fuxi? So that thing was placed by Fuxi?" Dongfang Bubai was surprised.


But it is said that in Promise, in addition to the four worlds where Prophecy can exist, there is another place where Prophecy exists. In, the name is Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven battlefield!

In the past, before the Four Realms were united, the formidable persons of the four realms met in the battlefield of Heaven Beyond the Heaven and fought with each other.

This is a place outside the sky, a very strange place.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven is the original form of the battlefield, but it is a huge and incomparable human form.

Humanoid battlefield, lying in the Promise, each of the four realms has a passage, connected to it, for the powerhouse of the four realms to compete here.

After the four worlds are unified, no one will go back.

But this place stopped silently in the Promise.

Even though Promise continues to ablate, it does not move.

outer northern continent.

"Lord, Heaven Beyond the Heaven, a letter from the entrance has changed!" Yi Yan shouted.

Zhong Shan: "oh?"

While speaking, Zhong Shan quickly passed the entrance of Great Thousand World and Heaven Beyond the Heaven, looking towards Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

The huge battlefield of Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

At this moment, the earth is cracking, cracking layer by layer, shaking quickly.

At the entrance of Great Thousand World, there is a monument to the martyrs of Great Thousand World. It was erected by Zhongshan in the past to pay tribute to the martyrs of Great Thousand World.

At this moment, the monument to the martyrs is about to fall.

Zhong Shan waved his detective hand and grabbed the Monument of Martyrs back.

And along with it, large tracts of land peeled off.

There is no volcano erupting, just a large tract of land moving.

It's like a layer of dead skin spit out.

Slowly, Heaven Beyond the Heaven spit out a layer of skin on the battlefield, exposing the inner shell of brilliance.

It's as brilliant as a jade, with nineteen-color rays of light glowing throughout.

"What is going on?" Yi Yan asked in surprise.

Zhong Shan steps, enter Heaven Beyond the Heaven from the entrance.

"hong long long!"

The'dead skin' fell off, and the outline of Heaven Beyond the Heaven became more and more obvious.

"Really a giant?" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

Jian Ao also came to the side.

"No, how did the battlefield of Heaven Beyond the Heaven become a giant? Is this a corpse? Nineteen-color rays of light, ten Nine Layers Heaven's fleshy body?" Jian Ao was surprised.

"No, it's not a fleshy body, it has a soul!" Zhong Shan stared in his eyes.

"Huh?" Jian Ao was also surprised.

"However, this soul has no spirituality, but it is very good, but it seems to be a patchwork, there are countless...!" Zhong Shan said this, suddenly staring.

"What's wrong?" Jian Ao asked in confusion.

Zhongshan complexion sank: "I understand, I understand, Heaven Beyond the Heaven, someone did it deliberately in order to make this monster with ten Nine Layers Heaven!"

"Intentionally?" Jian Ao suddenly raised his eyelids.

"You mean, in the old days of the Four Realms, the Battle of Heaven Beyond the Heaven was a conspiracy. Someone deliberately provoked the battle, and then used the flesh and soul of all the heroes of the Four Realms to sacrifice this monster?" Jian Ao suddenly complexion sank.

"Yes, when the four realms were separated in the past, there were rumors that all realms wanted to annex each other and use the other's world to nourish their own world. For the common people of their respective worlds, the four realms elected countless Peak peerless Powerhouse, where Heaven Beyond the Heaven is constantly fighting, just like the war of four countries, here is a battlefield, with dead bones, flesh and blood flying, and souls without a place to return. This is all artificially designed!" Zhongshan complexion sank.

"Who?" An anger flashed in Jian Ao's eyes.

This conspiracy made the common people know how many peerless powerhouses died.


At this moment, a golden light suddenly appeared.

It was Fuxi's Spiritual God who had arrived, and the Spiritual God wrapped the Dao Zun's fate and suddenly appeared on the battlefield of Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

Below, the battlefield of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, has already turned into a ten Nine Layers Heaven monster without spirituality, radiating out in an imposing manner.

"Fuxi?" Zhongshan complexion sank.

In midair, Fuxi looked at the Heaven Beyond the Heaven battlefield below.

"Navanling elites have finally nourished the flesh and blood souls, and heroes from all walks of life, your sacrifice will be worth it!" Fuxi shouted loudly.

In the loud voice, Fuxi's spirit god slowly landed on the battlefield of Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

Zhong Shan and Jian Ao backed away quickly.

When retreating, Fuxi Spirit God instantly entered the Heaven Beyond the Heaven battlefield.

“weng! ”

Heaven Beyond the Heaven humanoid battlefield, suddenly burst into dazzling nineteen-color rays of light, grandiose breath, straight to the four directions.

"This aura?" Jian Ao asked in surprise.

"Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" Zhongshan complexion sank.

"hong long long!"

Heaven Beyond the Heaven trembled on the battlefield. As it trembled, the figure gradually shrank. Although the figure was reduced, the imposing manner was surging. But it is getting more and more vigorous.

The eyes of the jade-like fleshy body slowly opened.


In the eyes, two rays of light burst out with nineteen colors.

Turning his body, the humanoid monster slowly stood up straight, and turned his head to look at Zhong Shan and Jian Ao who were not far away.


"Congratulations Fuxi, what a big idea, although with the help of external forces, you have achieved Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" Zhong Shan congratulated.

Fuxi nodded in the distance.

"I have thought of all aspects, body, soul, soul, spirit, god, realm, I have reached ten Nine Layers Heaven, the most perfect ten Nine Layers Heaven, created by Netherworld River in the past New World, it's a pity that even if it mobilizes the power of a world, it is still not a fateful opponent, because Netherworld River Old Ancestor's Ten Nine Layers Heaven still has shortcomings and is not enough. And today, I am enough!" Fuxi nodded said.

Zhongshan is nodded.

Although countless heroes in the past were tired of conspiracy here, if Fuxi really succeeds, everyone will be willing even if they die.

"Ten Nine Layers Heaven? Zhong Shan is here, I wish Fuxi a victory!" Zhong Shan said seriously.

Fuxi nodded, as he said, he ignored Zhong Shan, because Fuxi felt a powerful breath coming from a distance.


Another silhouette of rays of light blooming with nineteen colors suddenly appeared.

It is zombie Yan Chuan, but zombie Yan Chuan has two heads, one is Yan Chuan consciousness, which has been banned at this moment, and the other is naturally fate.

The fate stops not far from Fuxi.

"Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" Mingshu showed a surprised expression.

"Fate is surprised?" Jianao complexion changed in the distance.

Zhong Shan is also a complexion sank. In the past, his fate had recovered, but he was a part of consciousness, his expression was dull, and his thoughts were single. But now, is he surprised?

"The recovery of fate consciousness is far more than before!" Zhong Shan solemnly said.

"Fuxi set up the Heaven Beyond the Heaven battlefield, in order to count the lives of the battle?" Jian Ao solemnly said.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor wanted to build the New World, a place for the common people to live in. It belonged to the common people to avoid fate, but ultimately failed. Fuxi, obviously, is not that simple, Fuxi's idea , Actually defeated the fatal number, killed the fatal number?" Zhong Shan's eyes condensed.

"The number of killings, the common people are naturally safe, but, killing...? This!" Jian Ao was shocked by the Fuxi plan for a while, on the one hand he was a little worried.

"For a long time, you will lose, Fuxi turns from defense to offense, and completely kills!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

At this moment, not only Zhong Shan.

Peerless powerhouses such as Dongfang Bubai, Lotus God, Killing Emperor, Tomb Immortal King, etc., appeared one after another, watching the war that will happen again in this Promise.

Fuxi's 19-color Divine flame broke out.

The Divine flame of the nineteen-color life is still the same.

The two Great Jue powerhouses looked at each other.

The most important thing is that Mingshu's expression at the moment is no longer dull.

"Ten Nine Layers Heaven? Even I concealed it. It's so bold, meatworm!" Mingshu coldly said.

In the course of speaking, the obvious logic makes everyone around all around hang in their hearts.

The fate without spirituality in the past has swept everything, and the fate of spirituality now makes people have one's hair stand on end.

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