The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1585

Yan Chuan was trapped, and his consciousness sank into the sea of ​​chaos. He saw the entities of the vast network of fate, and felt the connection to the life form of Cang!

Even though all trillions are controlled by Fate, the number is too huge. Yan Chuan's energy is now dazzled. Fate is impossible to pay attention to everyone at all times, only when she needs to target someone. , Will focus on knowing who.

In the vast fate of the Internet, Yan Chuan wanted to find his fate connection, but it was difficult for thousands of years. After looking for it for a while, he couldn't find it.

Yan Chuan's consciousness gradually'closed his eyes', he realized it with his heart, felt his own fate, and found the connection through his own fate.

In the Chaos Sea, Yan Chuan swims for a while.

I don't know how long it has been, maybe ten thousand years, maybe a moment, Yan Chuan's consciousness suddenly'opened his eyes'.

During induction, Yan Chuan found his own line, which was connected to a light spot.

However, this light spot is very unremarkable, all around is still covered with a layer of gray fog, in the trillions of life grid connection, it is even more insignificant.

"This is antimatter, covering the brilliance of my fate?" Yan Chuan's consciousness flashed with satisfaction.

Turning his head, a group of fate connections in the vicinity began to study.

Those who are close to your fate should be people around you, right?

Looking for a fate not far away, Yan Chuan didn't know who it was, and sent a message with the purest consciousness!

"I am Yan Chuan, who are you?"

A brief consciousness spread.

Xianyang City.

Some important officials first returned to Xianyang from the former site of the Bai family to comfort the Quartet.

Bai Qi was explaining something to several guards. Suddenly, Bai Qi complexion changed.

"My lord, what's the matter?" a guard asked in surprise.

"Guard me the law, no one can disturb me!" Bai Qi said solemnly.

"Yes!" everyone responded.

Bai Qi quickly closed his eyes and sat cross-legged.

Because just now, Bai Qi heard a call,'I am Yan Chuan, who are you? '.

Great Emperor?

"Chen Bai Qi, knock on the Great Emperor!" Bai Qi in the heart cried respectfully.

Although I don't know what is going on, Yan Chuan's voice can still be heard.

"Bai Qi?" means Sea of ​​Consciousness, Yan Chuan is happy.

"Yes, the ministers just returned to Xianyang and learned that the tomb of Immortal King was making a big noise in Daqin City. Now the ministers are commanding the Quartet Pill Master to rescue the injured people, and flew away and scattered some of the souls. Perform Soul Evocation!" Bai Qi seriously said.

"Very well, now, I need someone to cooperate with me to test something!" Yan Chuan solemnly said.

"The minister fully cooperates!"

"Very well, I need to borrow the power of your fate, Bai Qi, remember my name, and borrow the power of my fate!" Yan Chuan solemnly opened the mouth and said.

Bai Qi quickly chanted Yan Chuan's name in the heart, and then, a force seemed to disappear out of thin air, through the connection, rushing to Yan Chuan.

At this moment, the vitality is lost, Bai Qi's whole body, immediately lost countless vitality, the original burly and mad person, quickly lost weight, and his face looked haggard.

"My lord? What's wrong with my lord?"

"Not good, my cultivation deviation!"

"Wake up my lord!"




Everyone saw the changes in Bai Qi, their faces suddenly changed, but, Fortunately, Bai Qi's guards have followed Bai Qi for many years, and they have implemented 100% of Bai Qi's orders.

"Stop, your lord hasn't explained, no one can disturb!" A guard took a step forward.

"Head, look, the adult’s blood essence is depleted, this, it would be bad if you don’t wake up!"

The guard's face was flat: "I understand, but, the lord ordered , Above all else!"


Everyone was helpless.

And the leader who blocked everyone was also anxious at the moment.

Bai Qi, who was originally strong, has lost a lot of weight now.

Bai Qi was also aware of the loss of his blood essence, but he was so loyal to Yan Chuan that he did not stop him.


Yan Chuan's voice came. Cut off the absorption of Bai Qi's life force.

"Great Emperor, is that enough?" Bai Qi asked in his heart.

"Very well, very well, Bai Qi, you have helped me a lot and let me master a great power, well, hahahaha!" Yan Chuan's voice slowly cut off.

Bai Qi felt it for a while, and opened his eyes slowly after not feeling Yan Chuan.

"My lord, are you awake?"

"My lord, are you all right!"




Everyone was anxious.

"hahahahahaha!" Although Bai Qi lost countless blood essence, he laughed loudly.

Bai Qi’s laughter is full of joy. Although I don’t know what helped Yan Chuan, I understand the importance of Yan Chuan’s attitude. Bai Qi feels comfortable when he can help the Great Emperor.

"My lord, how are you?" A general stepped forward to investigate Bai Qi.

Blood essence loses, strength great injury, how come adults can laugh?

"Go away, you little bastard, go, my lord is happy, let's go have a drink!" Bai Qi smiled and walked away from the general.


In the sea of ​​chaos.

Yan Chuan just reaped Bai Qi's life force, and a great joy poured into his heart.

The consciousness retreated, and Yan Chuan slowly opened his eyes.

"The big net of fate connects all the common people? Just now I just mobilized the power of Bai Qi's fate. The situation is subtle and did not alarm fate. If, I can mobilize all the power of life of the common people. What?" Yan Chuan's eyes flashed with a gleam.

"No, first of all, the common people will not lend me all their strength, and secondly, if the movement is too large, it will inevitably lead to a counterattack. It is not so easy!" Yan Chuan gradually wrinkled frowned.

"Fortunately, I have the Great Emperor altar, so I can use the east wind, the east wind is ready, I only owe everything!" Yan Chuan breathes deeply, a flash of excitement flashed in his eyes.

Mastering the most critical link is not that difficult in the future.

"Now, try to find someone else to make sure you are safe!" Yan Chuan's consciousness sank into the Chaos Sea again.


In Promise, another battlefield.

Fuxi parasite Heaven Beyond the Heaven monster Avatar, already ten Nine Layers Heaven, fierce and mighty, not weak on the opposite life.

Fate has spirituality, and it is getting more and more frightening.

Fuxi smiled slightly: "Fate is bred by definite number, and it is one with Heaven and Earth. It should conform to Heavenly Dao and coexist with the common people. If you are kind, you are the only one who is respected by the common people, commanding the world to have nothing No, but you are too cold, you are like a worm. After you use it, you want to destroy it. I have no choice but to have today’s calamity!"

"Originally, I hated your group of worms. Now, I hate it even more, and dare to hide it from me and ambush me several times? You all deserve to die!" Mingshu coldly said.

As he spoke, the number of hits was the first to hit Fuxi with a punch.

Heavy punches are invincible, ten 9th layer might of Heaven, reappearing the power of killing the Netherworld River Old Ancestor in the past.

“bang! ”

As far as the giant fist comes, all around the sea of ​​bulging energy.

Fuxi's eyes condensed, and he protruded his right palm, and the palm appeared a gossip pattern.


The palms and fists collided, Fuxi stayed still and blocked this fist, all around the sea of ​​energy burst. The huge waves are terrifying.

But Fuxi easily blocked his life.


In the distance, a crowd of peerless powerhouses, all stared wide-eyed, is Fuxi too strong?

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