The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1586

The sea of ​​billowing energy rolls up huge waves.

The center comes out, Fuxi and Mingshu intersect with their fists, stalemate together.

Fuxi easily blocked his fateful punch.

all around Countless practitioners all showed a look of shock.

Zombie Yan Chuan, who lives with the fate, is slightly happy at the moment.

A chuckling appeared at the corner of Fuxi's mouth, but the fate remained unmoved.

Fuxi's other hand slammed a punch, fiercely hitting the fate.


The other hand of the fate number instantly formed a palm shape and thumped up.

The two of them punched each other and collided. The fierce force formed a wave of energy several times more than before.

"hong long long!"

The roaring sound makes all around practitioners look of shock.

"Really strong Fuxi!" Lian Shen said in surprise.

The grave of Immortal King now looks dazed.

"If I reach ten Nine Layers Heaven, will Fuxi be so strong?" Immortal King said blankly.

"Open!" Fuxi shouting loudly.


The huge force immediately knocked the fate away.

Yes, the fate is flying.

What a shocking thing this is. Fate was beaten back for the first time?

Lian Shen, Dashan World Heroes, Jian Ao, all applauded Fuxi.

Fighting fate, Fuxi actually gained the upper hand? What an incredible scene.

"hong long long!"

The rolling energy is quickly and infinitely ablated.

Mingshu stood in the void, looking towards Fuxi with staring eyes.

"Come again!" Fuxi said with a smile.

While speaking, Fuxi flickered and rushed towards his fate.

Fate number complexion sank, fast, with a wave of the probe, a golden light shoots out, like the golden light that trapped Yan Chuan not long ago, as if he wanted to trap Fuxi too.

"Fate's cage? hmph!" Fuxi was coldly snorted and bumped into it.


The destiny cage suddenly burst open, and Fuxi even hit his fate.


The fate was knocked out again.

Rolling hostility broke out, and Fuxi now has unmatched strength.


Fate stabilized his figure and looked towards Fuxi in surprise.

The heroes in the distance have already held their breath at this moment, and the life-saving Peak, which cannot be climbed, is being beaten back and forth in front of Fuxi at this moment?

"Fuxi?" Mingshu's eyes sank.


Mingshu's side, countless lights and shadows suddenly appeared, and in the light and shadows, there were all Fuxi's appearances.

"Master, what is that?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"Fate is investigating the growth process of Fuxi!" Dongfang Bubai explained.


"Fate is in charge of Cang's life style, and everything in life is recorded. Fuxi has been targeted!" Dongfang Bubai solemnly said.

"But, now Fuxi has the advantage!" Lian Shen said with condensed eyebrows.

"You forgot, this is only half of the fate consciousness!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"Uh!" Lian Shen was taken aback for a while.

Not far away, Fuxi's light and shadow showed up for a while.


All the light and shadow disappeared suddenly.

"You actually erased all your own information after the first era?" Mingshu said solemnly.

Fuxi stared at the fate.

"Go on!" Fuxi shook his body and charged straight again.

Fuxi's fate is known, and her face becomes serious.

With a probing punch, he collided with Fuxi's palm again.


The other hand was also palm-shaped and collided with Fuxi's other fist.

“bang! ”

The two all around, once again blasting a huge wave of monstrous energy.

"hong long long!"

The two continue to stalemate.

The power of fate is getting stronger and stronger. After knowing Fuxi's power, more and more consciousness regained consciousness.

The most intuitive understanding is that Yan Chuan's consciousness feels more ferocious in the heaven overflowing giant wave in the sea of ​​chaos.


Yan Chuan's consciousness quickly exited the Chaos Sea.

The fate is getting stronger and stronger.

Fate number and Fuxi stalemate, waves of Divine flame emanating from the surface of the two bodies.

Fuxi gradually became serious, and his fate also became colder and colder.

The original gaze of spirituality has become more and more gloomy now.

Zombie Yan Chuan's eyelids picked up.

"Not good, the consciousness of fate has awakened more!" Zombie Yan Chuan became more worried.

Fuxi and Mingshu are so stalemate that it takes ten days to pass.

In the past ten days, no one has left many powerhouses, and the power has become more and more fierce. The impact is getting bigger and bigger. But there is still no winner.

"Master!" Lian Shen said with some depression.

Dongfang Bubai’s eyes flashed brightly: "It seems that I was right!"

"What's wrong?"

"Fate is again Was awakened in 1/4/2021, that is to say, three-quarters are awakened, but by this time, the fate is no longer awakened!" Dongfang Bubai said.

"What do you mean?"

"In other words, the fate has been confirmed, and now I can defeat Fuxi!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"Huh? Is there any imperfection in Fuxi's Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

"No, Fuxi’s Ten Nine Layers Heaven, although they are patchworked together, are perfect, without flaws. The only flaw is that they still underestimate the fate!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"What do you mean?"

"Can't you see? Fate is only a part of consciousness, and part of consciousness is so strong. Do you think Fate will do its best? The number of lives is ten Nine Layers Heaven, and there have been endless years. Is it not comparable to the ten Nine Layers Heaven that Fuxi has just reached?" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.


Sure enough, the power of fate in the distance skyrocketed again, and while the power skyrocketed, the nineteen-color rays of light all over his body were even more dazzling and dazzling.

The piercing rays of light instantly illuminate the Quartet, and the rays of light even drowned the stalemate Fuxi.


Fuxi urged all his strength, and the war was still in his eyes. Although his fate was getting stronger and stronger, Fuxi refused to admit defeat.

"Fate, I won't let you destroy the common people!" Fuxi said grimly.

Amidst the ferociousness, Fuxi stared at the eyes of Fate.

Staring, staring, Fuxi suddenly shrank her pupils.

Nineteen-color rays of light are emitted from the pupils of the fate number, but Fuxi seems to see another color of light from the nineteen-color rays of light.

The rays of light of light flashed away in a flash, as if they were not yet fully born.

Fu Xi's scalp exploded due to the rays of light that flashed by, suddenly heart trembled.

"The twentieth color? It disappears in a flash? You, are you hitting the twentieth heaven?" There was a trembling sound in Fuxi's voice.

"No, the impossible existence in the realm in reality, how could you hit the 20th heaven? The non-existent, the non-existent!" Fuxi exclaimed.

The huge rumbling sound obscured Fuxi's voice.

Ke Fuxi's expression of horror fell in the eyes of everyone in the distance.

"What happened to Fuxi?"

"Does Fuxi see any terrifying things?"

"It seems like the Netherworld River Old Ancestor played against the fate of It looks like this expression, what did they see?"





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