The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1587

The twentieth color in a flash!

Even though Fuxi hasn't lost at this moment, he still shows hopelessness.

Cultivation to the ancestors, every liter of 1 Heavenly Layer is the difference between Heaven and Earth. Ten Nine Layers Heaven is the nightmare of all ten 8 Heavenly Layers.

In the past, Netherworld River Old Ancestor had 10,000 Ten 8 Heavenly Layer Avatars, and none of them was an opponent of Ten Nine Layers Heaven.

Now, I barely managed to achieve Ten Nine Layers Heaven, but discovered that the number of fate may be advancing to the twentieth day.

Twenty heavens?

Who is the opponent?

Is this the truth in exchange for all my hard work?

What a cruel truth.

Is everyone wrong, or is the common people's extinction irreversible?

"no!" Fuxi roared desperately. Fierce stimulus force.

However, the power of fate is getting stronger and stronger.

On the fate of the neck, zombie Yan Chuan's head is also struggling at the moment, slowly breaking the seal of fate.


The seal is broken.

On the side, Fuxi took a moment to look at zombie Yan Chuan. There was a gossip figure swimming in Fuxi’s eyes. Suddenly, he saw zombie Yan Chuan’s eyebrows flashing slowly A droplet is average.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor's New World?" Fuxi asked in surprise.


Zombie Yan Chuan wanted to help Fuxi, opened his mouth, and spit out a Netherworld River.


Netherworld River hit the head of the fate, instantly letting out the advantage of fate, and was shaken by strikes, and was knocked out by Fuxi.

"Quick!" zombie Yan Chuan called to Fuxi.

Fate Shun turned his head and looked towards zombie Yan Chuan’s head: "courting death, when I destroy Fuxi, it will be your death date!"

Fate number consciousness has been awakened for a quarter Third, I naturally understood the seriousness of Yan Chuan's variable, and immediately showed murderous intention.

Fuxi didn't dare to hesitate, and instantly hit the fist again with his fist.


Mingshu and Fuxi are in a stalemate.

"Fuxi, you are already ten Nine Layers Heaven. At this moment, first under the heavens, if you fail again, there will be no more life for the common people. I will help you together and destroy your life!" zombie Yan Chuan shouted.

During shouted, zombie Yan Chuan manipulated his left hand with all his strength.


With a slight movement, the power of fate suddenly deflected.

Fuxi's heavy blow slammed into Fate's head.


Mingshu's head exploded.


The Great Emperor altar at Yan Chuan's feet suddenly lit up, and then the head of the dead number that had just exploded, grew again.

"Asshole, dare to interfere with me killing Fuxi, it's really courting death!" Mingshu stared angrily.

While speaking, Tanshou will destroy Yan Chuan's head.

When Fuxi saw it, he rushed forward quickly, and had no choice but to give up. However, he turned his head and spit out a golden light again.


Yan Chuan's head was sealed again.


Shuangquan and Fuxi stalemate again.

Fuxi is staring at Yan Chuan. I was also very surprised, Yan Chuan actually broke through the suppression of his fate?

Furthermore, Netherworld River Old Ancestor also passed all inheritance to Yan Chuan. Netherworld River Old Ancestor gave up repairing self-destiny, and achieved Yan Chuan, giving the heart of New World to the world. Yan Chuan, pin all hopes on Yan Chuan?


Fuxi's eyes flashed with confusion over the number of fate.

There are few heroes in the world that Fuxi admires, but Netherworld River Old Ancestor is one of them.

In the past, I often communicated with each other, and I naturally understood the heart of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

Unconvinced, unconvinced, to open up a new Great World.

How could a person with such a heart entrust his hope to Yan Chuan?


In Fuxi's eyes, the two gossip pictures quickly spun up, staring at Yan Chuan's eyebrows, Fuxi's gaze, as if seeing the past.

The powerful deduction technique, the swallowed Dao Zun, is also extremely shocking at this moment.

Deducing, deducing, Fuxi saw what she wanted. In Fuxi's eyes, I gradually saw the Netherworld River Old Ancestor that day.


"I understand, Yan Chuan, I underestimated you. You don’t have no background, but you have more Everyone has a strong background. Hope? Hahaha, the hope for the common people?"

"I wait for the heroes, facing the fate, almost always holding the determination to die, I will die, I will not hesitate, cutting Off one's means of retreat, you have no way to go, and force yourself to move forward. But you are different, you have hope in your heart, the hope of the world in your heart, you firmly believe that the common people are saved, you insist on this hope. You are led by hope Yes, we force ourselves. This is your background, this is what you like a hot knife through butter. Today’s background is achieved. Our various divine abilities are just tools on your journey, and you have the greatest Background!"

"Yan Chuan, today, I will make you perfect!"

"My power is for you to use, not for you, but for the common people!"

"We all underestimated the fate, I underestimated him, hahaha, he is not what you think, the four realms are about to unite, I just heal all the injuries, not the fate of the opponent, you are different , Yan Chuan, you have what we don’t have, so I want to perfect you, you can contend with the fate, and the first time you contend, you succeeded, so I perfect you!"

"Yan Chuan , You carry my hope, you must succeed, must!"

"New World was born and destroyed, but I have perfected the heart of the world, and now I am sealed in your eyebrows, looking at me I can wake up again!"

"May I wake up again, my fate is gone, everyone in the world can survive, everyone is like a dragon!"

------ -------

The scenes of Netherworld River Old Ancestor's words are constantly being deduced by Fuxi.

At this point in the deduction, Fuxi showed a bit of bitterness.

"It turns out that Netherworld River Old Ancestor also saw the twentieth color, and he saw it too!" Fuxi said with a bitter smile.

"It’s no wonder that he has perfected the heart of the world and chose to sacrifice himself. Originally, I thought his heart of the world could not be perfected. It turns out that his creation has been realized, but he encountered more terrifying things, the pursuit of fate. "Fuxi thought solemnly.

In a stalemate with the number of fate, Fuxi was suppressed more and more thoroughly, and his face was bitter.

"My thoughts are also right, the number of lives lost in the fight, the common people are saved, but I still underestimated the number of lives, set up Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and achieved ten Nine Layers Heaven, still not enough, still short-sighted. !" Fuxi showed bitterness.

Looking at the sealed Yan Chuan, and then at the hideous fate. Fuxi's expression gradually became dignified.

"Fighting is undefeated. I have failed this time. If I fail, Yan Chuan will definitely die. After all, the fate is not like the last time. The consciousness is restored to three-quarters. I admitted Yan Chuan wrong!" Fuxi stared at Yan Chuan.

Fuxi's eyes flashed with determination.

"Dao Zun, this offense, but he still fell short, I am very sorry!" Fuxi said loudly.

In Fuxi's body, a golden fate gleams with golden light, and a soft lament: "No need to be sorry, the common people’s robbery, you do your own way, you are also for the common people, but the fate counts the foundation, the most powerful, I Don’t blame you, but mourn the common people!"

"The common people are immortal, and the great roads are not limited! Although we are defeated, there is still life for the common people, and there is more hope, Dao Dao, I need you to cooperate with me. Leave a fire for the common people!" Fuxi said seriously.

"Tinder?" Dadao Zunwei has doubts.

Fuxi immediately transmitted the calculated things to Dao Zun.

"Hope, with the hope of the common people, I understand, Fuxi, I will help you!" Dao Zun said seriously.

When facing Mingshu, he showed doubts: "Tinder? What hope do you say?"

Mingshu stared at Fuxi coldly.

"Dao Dao, your realm is close to the fate. At this moment, the awakening part of the fate has failed to reach the Peak. Do your best to burn your fate and practice the Usurping Fate Technique!" Fuxi said seriously.

"Okay!" Dao Zun's voice came out.

"Fate, in the past, it was you who erased common people's memories. Today, I will erase your memory and emptied your fate!" Fuxi opened the mouth and said.

Yan Chuan's eyes widened.

Erasing the memory?

How can Fuxi and Dadaozun erase the memory of fate?


Fuxi's whole body suddenly emits dazzling nineteen-color rays of light, and the rays of light shrouded the fate in an instant.

Fuxi's whole body is burning fast, with a burning flame, rushing to the fate.

"What?" Ming Shu suddenly exclaimed.

"Burn my life, burn your memory!" Dao Zun's voice came out.

Fuxi's usurpering technique, with the full support of Dao Zun, rushed away.

"hong long long!"

The four people were submerged by the rolling force.

Zombie Yan Chuan knew Fuxi's plan as soon as he saw it, and a sorrow flashed in his eyes.

In the place of Yan Chuan's body, a bit of bitterness is revealed, and his consciousness gradually converges, sinking into the sea of ​​chaos, pretending to be in a coma.

"hong long long!"

The memory of fate flows backwards, and gradually the memory of the previous battle disappears.

Slowly return to the time of at first.

all around, a crowd of peerless powerhouses stared at the scene in shock.

"hong long long!"

The fleshy body of Fuxi's body gradually burned.

The figure of Fuxi and Mingshu gradually retreated to the place of Yan Chuan.

Fingshu's expression is slightly hollow, and many memories have been erased.

Suddenly, the fateful pupils condensed.


The consciousness of fate returns, breaking all the power of usurping fate.

At this moment, Fuxi and Dao Zun were all destroyed.

"May everyone live in the world!" Fuxi faintly sighed. The light and shadow gradually dissipated.

While his fate is sober, he has lost some of his previous memories.

At this moment, I suddenly saw that not far away, countless cracks appeared in the life of Dao Zun.

"ka ka ka ka!"

The life of Dao Zun gradually shattered, and then turned into a rolling road, flooding into Heaven and Earth again.

Mingshu stared at her strangely.

"I didn't find you yet, you became feathered by yourself? Dao Zun? What about your courage? Hahaha, it is ridiculous!" Ming Shu looked at the collapsed Dao Zun Ming with a sneer.

In my memory, Ming Shi felt that Dao Zun was awakened, and then he was awakened.

But just after waking up, I saw that Dao Zun was "scared" and collapsed?

Fate number showed a weird color, although it seemed that something went wrong, but it seemed that there was no problem at all.

Looking at all around, Fate slowly closed his eyes.


The fate is slowly receding away.

Zombie Yan Chuan's fateful head on his shoulders also slowly dispersed.

And the fate cage that trapped Yan Chuan's body also disappeared.

The two Yan Chuan'just in time' woke up.

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