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Great good world, immortal territory! Immortal King Hall!

The tomb Immortal King sits on the throne, looking at a group of peerless powerhouses of the great world.

"Grave patriarch, now Great Zhen troops are pouring into Dashan world, please help Grave patriarch!"

"Grave patriarch, Dashan world, although the heroes are divided, but I am waiting There will eventually be a covenant. As long as the grave patriarch gives an order, I will obey it. The grave patriarch is the Great Good World Alliance Leader!"

"The grave patriarch, the Great Good world is in distress, please also the grave patriarch help!"





All the great good world peerless powerhouse respectfully Begging.

Although a group of peerless powerhouses are powerful, there are more than ten 6 Heavenly Layer Peak powerhouses. Without Yan Chuan, they would barely be able to withstand Great Zhen, but nowadays, Yan Chuan leader personally brings troops into battle.

Yan Chuan ten 8 Heavenly Layer, plus loose cultivator to kill the emperor also came together.

When you encounter ten 6 Heavenly Layer, killing the emperor can solve it instantly.

How to resist such a strong Great Zhen?

The separatism of the heroes in the great good world also leads to the fact that the people of the great good world do not have that strong centripetal force. From the bottom, they cannot be twisted into one piece. How to resist Great Zhen's raging soldiers?

Great Zhen almost got the evil world.

Yang Sector, there is no threat. Zhong Shan will never declare war on Yan Chuan. At this moment, the forces of Great Zhen Yin-Yang two sectors are coming. Who can resist?

Everyone looked towards the grave Immortal King with eagerness.

The grave Immortal King looked at the crowd with complicated expressions for a while.

The grave of Immortal King also didn't expect Yan Chuan to fight against the great good world.

In the current situation, if you don't intervene, Great Zhen world is sought by Great Zhen, and it will not be long before. Even if he didn't agree this time, the Tomb clan's prestige in the great good world would be instantly lost, and even the group of heroes who obeyed him could immediately turn around and plunge into Great Zhen's embrace.

"Never mind, the deity will walk with you!" Immortal King said solemnly at the grave.

"Thanks to the grave patriarch!" Everyone suddenly excited.


Yin Sector, Neibeizhou, the entrance of the Immortal Palace.

The emperor’s ten second disciple returned. On the square, there were countless dísciples of the Immortal Church. One by one looked at the Immortal Palace blankly.

In the Hall of Immortality, Le'er is dressed in a Great Zhen queen robe, followed by a group of subordinates, looking at the emperor’s ten second disciple in front of him.

Seeing Le'er at the ten second disciple, his expression is extremely complex at the moment.

"Do you know who I am?" Leer said indifferently.

One of the dísciple seriously said: "See you, see you......!"

After talking for a long time, didn't expect how to call it.

"Forget it!" Le'er shook his head.

"Do you know my relationship with the emperor?" Le'er asked again.

The previous dísciple respectfully said: "Yes, you and the Master are one!"

"Just know, the emperor is now in reincarnation, I have already told her, she I also agree!" Le'er said.

"Agree with what?" Everyone was slightly taken aback.

"Include Neibeizhou in the territory of Great Zhen Heaven Realm!" Le'er said solemnly.

"What?" Everyone complexion changed.

"The emperor can't Avatar, I'll order it on her behalf, and you will execute it. The officials governed by Great Zhen, I will bring a group, and there will be more later, you only need to cooperate with these Great Zhen officials! "Le'er said.

"No, how can this be done? This is Neibeizhou in the immortal training ground. We worked hard!" cried the dísciple.

"en?" Le'er stared.

Everyone dared not speak immediately.

"Rest assured, this time the recruitment of the people of Inner Beizhou is because there are important things to do, and they have to do it. In the coming day, Yan Chuan has promised to return the land of your continent! "Happy said solemnly.

Everyone is still a little dissatisfied.

"Well, the emperor has agreed, and now I can represent the emperor here, why, what else do you have to oppose?" Le'er said solemnly.

Everyone stood in a stalemate for a while, and finally said seriously: "Yes!"

"I know you are unwilling, but I don’t want to see when it is now. The world is about to fall. What's the point if you wait to occupy another continent? The emperor is too indulgent to you!" Le Er coldly said.

Everyone's faces stiffened, and finally they said: "Please rest assured, we will cooperate with all your strength!"

"Well, during this time, I will stay here temporarily!" Le Er said solemnly.

"Yes!" everyone responded.

Le'er and the emperor are one person, but not one person. The extremely complicated relationship makes everyone have to be careful.

"Go!" Leer said indifferently.


Yang Sector. Xianyang City.

Personal Yan Chuan study room.

"The Great Emperor, the collection of the Northeast Continent has already begun. Except for the Eastern Territory, the acquisition of other territories will inevitably come soon!" Lu Buwei respectfully said.

"en!" Yan Chuan nodded.

"Great Emperor, Zhong Shan fully cooperated, and most of the people in the world would be able to call it that day. Today, there is an outer western continent left for each Great Influence in the world, Great Zhou Heaven Realm, Great Emperor, Do you need to take it?" Lu Buwei said seriously.

"Great Zhou Heaven Realm? Wu Zhao?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Yes!" A cold light flashed in Lu Buwei's eyes. A chill towards Great Zhou.

At this moment, Great Zhen's footsteps, Sweeping Across the World, Great Zhou Heaven Realm monopolizes 36 territories, and the territory is too big.

"Great Zhou is not Wu Zhao!" Yan Chuan eyes slightly narrowed.

"The minister knows that it is Hongjun, but Hongjun has never appeared since his suspended animation in the past. In the past, he had only ten 5 Heavenly Layers. Even if he reappeared, he would not be able to stop the Great Emperor. Huh?" Lu Buwei frowned.

"Go down, I think about it!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

"Yes!" Lu Buwei could only be helpless for a while.

Lu Buwei leaves, Yan Chuan is in the study, closing his eyes and thinking slightly.

Hongjun is not dead, Yan Chuan has confirmed that there are countless crickets alive in Purple Heaven Palace.

But what exactly did Hongjun seek? How can he still be calm? The more calm you are, the greater the proof.

"Invincible!" Yan Chuan whispered.


Suddenly a dark figure appeared in the study.

"Great Emperor!" The shadow said respectfully.

"I have always wondered why Hongjun would fancy Wu Zhao, and even in the past, Earth made her a female emperor. Maybe we all underestimated this woman. I need to fill the pavilion and enter Purple again. Heaven Palace, check all the news about Wu Zhao, even if you find Wu Zhao’s fake mausoleum, you have to find some clues for me. I will let Dongfang Zhengpai control the time of Purple Heaven Palace, you go and come back quickly!” Yan Chuan seriously said .

"Yin Sector!"


Yin Sector , Outer western continent.

The grave of Immortal King, surrounded by the world peerless powerhouse, came to the front line of the battlefield.

On a huge floating island on the front line.

Zombie Yan Chuan sits on the Dragon Throne, the leader personally bringing troops into battle, his own advisers deploying the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, and Yan Chuan as an emperor, inspires the morale of the whole army.

Above Dragon Throne, zombie Yan Chuan eyes slightly narrowed, and he saw the grave Immortal King on the top of a mountain in the distance.

A group of peerless powerhouses are clustered around the tomb of Immortal King.

The tombs of Immortal King and zombie Yan Chuan are far away from each other.

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