The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1592

Yin Sector, outer western continent!

Zombie Yan Chuan and the grave Immortal King looked far away coldly.

"Grave Immortal King!" Yan Chuan sat on Dragon Throne with cold eyes.

"Yan Chuan, you Great Zhen Heaven Realm, you really have a big appetite!" Immortal King said solemnly tomb.

Although the grave Immortal King was defeated by two Yan Chuan, there was only one Yan Chuan in front of him, and the grave Immortal King was not afraid.

"Why, do you want to stop me?" Yan Chuan said coldly.

While speaking, a fighting intent rushes out of the body, and a raging fighting spirit rises to the sky.

Immortal King's eyes narrowed at the grave, and the Dashan world heroes who followed were complexion sank.

In addition to Yan Chuan, the killing emperor on the side also has cold eyes.

"In the old days, I caught the butterfly queen and mysterious and disturbed you Great Zhen. Later, you also destroyed my immortal territory. As for the mysterious and the butterfly queen, they were resurrected separately. Should your anger be vented? "Grave Immortal King said solemnly.

"So what?" zombie Yan Chuan gently turned a finger on his finger, his eyes cold.

"The great world is my place!" Immortal King angrily said to the grave.

With a slight sneer, Yan Chuan said solemnly: "So what?"

The grave Immortal King narrowed his eyes and raised his eyelids.

The great benevolent world powerhouse behind him is also extremely ugly. Even if the Immortal King is invited to the grave, Yan Chuan will not buy it, and his words are full of provocations.

The grave Immortal King breathes deeply, speaking of which, the grave Immortal King does not want to fight Yan Chuan again, although there is only one in front of him, but as long as the war is on, the other Yan Chuan will catch up soon. To.

If you really fight then, it will only make yourself more faceless.

It would be great if I had all the power of the Great Virtues now.

"Great good world, Yin Sector, I can give it to you!" The grave Immortal King took a step back.

Yin Sector?

The world peerless powerhouse complexion changed, this, is this shrinking? Everyone suddenly showed a hint of disappointment at the tomb of Immortal King.

Although disappointed, but now I can only rely on the grave Immortal King.

"What about Yang Sector?" Yan Chuan turned and pointed.

"Why, one Yin Sector is not enough?" Immortal King said coldly.

The Yin Sector of the Dashan world is the outer western continent, the thirty-six territory.

Yan Chuan shook his head gently. Did not speak.

The grave Immortal King's face is gloomy.

"Hehe, I'm so greedy. Except for the Yin Sector of the Dashan world and the Yang Sector of the Dashan world, how many continents do you need before you retreat?" Immortal King said solemnly.

Yan Chuan smiled softly, staring at the grave Immortal King and said: "I want it all!"

I want it all?

The grave Immortal King suddenly stared, spouting outrageous anger.

The great world powerhouses behind him show a surprised look.

"So courageous, Yan Chuan, do you really think my mud won't make it?" Immortal King of the grave said furiously.

“bang! ”

Blowing anger into the sky. Swept the Quartet.

"I can not take your undead territory, other territories must be included in Great Zhen!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Impossible!" Immortal King of the grave scolded angrily.

"You came today, didn't you come to me for a fight? Come on!" Zombie Yan Chuan didn't talk nonsense, and slowly flew up into the sky.

Dashan world powerhouses look at the grave of Immortal King.

Immortal King breathes deeply in the grave, and the anger in my heart is hard to dissipate, and I follow my steps to the sky.

"Great Zhen army, all rush to kill, kill the emperor, where there are ten 6 Heavenly Layers who dare to stop Great Zhen army, kill without mercy!" Yan Chuan's voice came from the stars.

“bang! ”

Yan Chuan and the grave Immortal King rushed into the starry sky and entered the Promise again.


The two big ten 8 Heavenly Layers are fighting again.

On the other side, Great Zhen's army culled.

The killer held the Dingguang bottle gourd in his hand and looked at the opposing heroes coldly.

The heroes on the opposite side were complexion stiffened, and looking at the Emperor Slayer, his face was extremely ugly for a while. The Emperor Slayer was at the 7th Heavenly Layer, which is also an extremely powerhouse, and the 7th Heavenly Layer Peak.

Is a group of ten 6 Heavenly Layers, is it enough to kill?


The Great Zhen army swarmed into the battlefield with a shout of killing.

Whether it is a top powerhouse or an ordinary powerhouse, Great Zhen has overwhelmed the world of Dashan, and even in terms of quantity, it cannot be compared with Great Zhen at all.

The war is on. It didn't take long for some peerless powerhouses to stand up.

"The Three Territories of Wen, I would like to acknowledge allegiance Great Zhen!"

"The Territory of Light, I would like to acknowledge allegiance Great Zhen!"

……………… …………



A loud shout came, Yin Sector outer western continent, the basics are downside-down Surrender.

After all, the original hope of the great world, the grave Immortal King, had previously given up Yin Sector, and it was only courting death to fight for it.

The sound of acknowledge allegiance came. The faces of the peerless powerhouses are getting more and more ugly.

In the cold eyes of the killing emperor, he was forced into the Yang Sector.

"hong long long!"

Great Zhen officials quickly occupied all cities in the Dashan world, took over the outer western continent, and pacified the people.

"Fight against the great Yang Sector!" Yi Feng ordered.


The army marched towards Yang Sector.

"hong long long!"

Under the path of killing the emperor, Yellow Springs Road couldn't stop the Great Zhen army at all.

1 month later, the army has already conquered the Yang Sector.

In Promise.

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"…………

Zombie Yan Chuan and the grave Immortal King go to war. At this moment, the grave Immortal King is no longer dominant.

After a month of fighting, zombie Yan Chuan actually blocked the tomb of Immortal King and became stronger and stronger.

"How can this be? How long have you been ten 8 Heavenly Layer? How did you become so strong?" Immortal King said in surprise.

In the past, I lost to two Yan Chuan, but I can suppress one Yan Chuan, but what's going on in front of me, one Yan Chuan can't be the enemy?

"Not long ago, I was destined to host the body. Although I was unable to move, the destiny demonstrated in front of me ten Nine Layers Heaven how the body can be used to be the strongest. It is the destiny taught. Me, make me stronger!" zombie Yan Chuan said coldly.


With a punch, the grave Immortal King was blown out.

Standing in the distance, the grave Immortal King looked uncertain.

"Grave Immortal King, you are gone, don't struggle, whether it is Netherworld River Old Ancestor or Fuxi, you have lost in front of them. Now, let me help me to achieve higher!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"No, no, I am the world's savior, not you!" the grave Immortal King roared.

After roaring, with a strong depression, he headed towards Heaven and Earth.

"Grave Immortal King, remember, you are already defeated, Great World, I allow you to arrange it yourself in a stiff place. I will give you the immortal territory. I want everything else!" zombie Yan Chuan coldly shouted.


The grave of Immortal King rushed into between Heaven and Earth with a great depression.

At the last punch, the grave Immortal King understood that he had lost. There is no reason to compete with Yan Chuan at this moment.

In a wry smile, the grave Immortal King rushes straight into the undead territory.


Look in front of the Immortal King Hall.

"patriarch?" The graves' children said worriedly.

In the distance, Dashan world peerless powerhouse saw the grave of Immortal King, and wanted to come.

"I won't see anyone here!" Immortal King said solemnly at the grave.

"Huh?" The tomb bones asked in surprise.


The tomb of Immortal King stepped into the great hall and closed the door of the great hall.

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