The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1594

Great Zhou Heaven Realm!

Wu Zhao sits on Dragon Throne.

Di Ren is outstanding.

"Great Emperor, now I am Great Zhou Heaven Realm, there are rumors everywhere, the end is approaching, the four realms are united, the fate is counted, the world is wiped out, the people were alarmed for a while, according to reliable reports, in the Great City , Some officials cooperate with the propaganda!" Di Renjie said seriously.

Wu Zhao stares down.

"Great Emperor, I don't know if this is a fact?" an official said.

The group of officials looked towards Wu Zhao together.

breathes deeply, Wu Zhao looked at the ministers indifferently said: "The fate is about to come, but it may not be the end!"

"What?" The ministers were in an uproar, showing surprise. The color.

"The Great Emperor, no matter what, people's hearts in Great Zhou are now floating, which is not good for me. The minister felt that perhaps it was the news released by Zhong Shan or Yan Chuan, in order to shake people's hearts and shake my Great Zhou. Guoben, full propaganda, also led to the exposure of one after another hidden enemy spies, and I implore the Great Emperor to order the spies to be captured, and to capture the universe!" Di Renjie said seriously.

"The minister seconded!"

"The minister seconded!"




The officials agreed to capture the spies, but Wu Zhao browses slightly wrinkle.

Wu Zhao tapped Dragon Throne lightly with his fingers, and the great hall was silent for a while.

"Great Emperor!" Shangguan Wan'er stepped forward.


"Now that the news has spread, if the spy is forcibly captured, it may be counterproductive, and if it is used by someone who is interested, it will be even worse!" Shangguan Wan'er seriously said.

Wu Zhao nodded: "The tribulation of the common people, the common people should know that, since it has been spread, let it spread out completely, Shangguan Waner!"

"The minister is here!"


"You write the catastrophe document, pass the Great Zhou world, and guide the people to understand the catastrophe of the common people!" Wu Zhao said solemnly.

"Yes!" Shangguan Wan'er answered.

It didn't take long.

Great Zhou Heaven Realm, in each Great City, there have been announcements. The announcements explain in detail the power of fate, the origin of the catastrophe, and the efforts made by the heroes for the world.

For a time, Great Zhou Heaven Realm was in an uproar.

Eastern territory.


A strong wind blew, and the grave of Immortal King fell at the entrance of the Eastern Palace.

It was the Lotus God who greeted the Immortal King tomb.

"The grave patriarch came here, I don't know why?" Lian Shen frowned.

At this moment, Dongfang Bubai is in retreat and does not want others to disturb him.

"I'm looking for Dongfang Bubai!" Immortal King said solemnly to the grave.

"Master retreats, please wait for the grave patriarch!" Lian Shen shook his head.


Not far away, the door suddenly opened.

"The grave patriarch is coming from afar, enter the hall!" Dongfang Bubai's voice came.

great hall is dim, like a hole, making the grave Immortal King frown.

Lian Shen saw Dongfang Bubai summoned him, so he didn't stop him anymore.

"Grave patriarch, please!" Lian Shen said seriously.

The tomb of Immortal King nodded, follow Dongfang Bubai into the great hall.

In the great hall, it is extremely dark, no, it should be said that it seems to be in a starry sky.

The two of them stepped in, as if they were in a dark starry sky. Above them, three thousand stars slowly revolved. Above the three thousand stars, there was a big net that looked like a virtual reality.

A thrilling breath is approaching the grave of Immortal King.

The grave of Immortal King frowned, and he turned to look towards Dongfang Bubai not far away.

Dongfang Bubai sit cross-legged on a futon, with his eyes slightly opened, but from those eyes, it seems to see two black holes. The pupils of the black holes seem to have a suction. Even the tomb of Immortal King was suddenly in a trance.


A shivered, grave Immortal King quickly wakes up.

"Dongfang Bubai, you!" The grave Immortal King looked towards Dongfang Bubai in surprise.

There is a feeling of being seen through by Dongfang Bubai. What kind of cultivation technique does Dongfang Bubai practice, so terrifying?

"Grave Immortal King, what are you doing in my eastern territory?" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

Grave Immortal King breathes deeply, suppressing the shock in the heart, seriously said: "I want to borrow the seal of the great virtue from you!"

"en?" On the side of the lotus god frowned.

The seal of great virtue, acquired by Zi Wei Great Emperor in the past. After Zi Wei Great Emperor died, he was acquired by the golden Great Emperor. In the past, the Great Emperor acted recklessly to find Dongfang Bubai in trouble. , Was beheaded by Dongfang Bubai with a sword, and then bestowed the seal of great virtue to the lotus god.

"The seal of the Great Virtue?" Dongfang Bubai raised his eyebrows.

"Yes, I used to hang around at a disadvantage, and my plan was disrupted by the Netherworld River and Fuxi. Now, there is another chance, Da Dezun. I want to get and refining Da Dezun, but unfortunately, I have not been able to find it. , You can only use the seal of your great virtue!" Immortal King seriously said.

"hmph!" The lotus god is coldly snorted.

Lian Shen naturally does not want to borrow, and no one knows if he can return this loan.

"Borrow?" Dongfang Bubai frowned.

"Yes! As long as I find Da De Zun, I can refining him. I want to use him to completely attack Ten Nine Layers Heaven." The grave Immortal King said confidently.

Dongfang Bubai did not answer, but stared at the grave Immortal King for a while.

Finally, Dongfang Bubai shook his head: "You are not Good Fortune enough!"

"What?" The grave Immortal King suddenly complexion changed.

"The first time, Da Shizun, you worked so hard, and you were finally gained by the Netherworld River. The second time, Da Dezun, you worked so hard, and finally was gained by Fuxi. You got nothing, but lost a lot! "Dongfang Bubai said truthfully.

But these words were heard in the ears of the grave Immortal King, but they were extremely unpleasant.

breathes deeply: "Dongfang Bubai, I must succeed this time, so I came to find you. Netherworld River and Fuxi are dead, and they have lost the most. They are just exploring the water for me!"

Dongfang Bubai was not annoyed, and shook his head and said: "Can you still not see through?"

"There is nothing to see through, I only need ten Nine Layers Heaven, it will do. I can save the common people! I have been working hard for the common people!" Immortal King said solemnly.

"But, how can you be sure that you must be able to Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" Dongfang Bubai said.

"I, my cultivation technique will definitely succeed!" The grave of Immortal King complexion stiffened.

"What if you can't succeed?" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

"Impossible!" the grave Immortal King called.

Dongfang Bubai stared at the grave Immortal King without speaking.

After a while, the grave Immortal King said solemnly: "Speak up, what do you want? How can you lend me the seal of great virtue!"

"Not borrowing You, I think, borrowing you is equivalent to no more!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

The grave Immortal King looked angry.

"Of course, it's not impossible to borrow you!" Dongfang Bubai said again.


"I am not optimistic about your way this time, so let me lend you the seal of great virtue. If you achieve ten Nine Layers Heaven, then that's all, count as my gift for you, if you still fail, you can join me in the Eastern teaching field!" Dongfang Bubai said.

"Well, if I lose, I will worship you as a teacher!" Immortal King gnashing teeth said tomb.

Dongfang Bubai nodded.

Lian Shen also immediately took out the seal of great virtue, and handed out a big golden seal.

Grave Immortal King grabbed the seal of great virtue.

"Dongfang Bubai, you wait, I will definitely make Ten Nine Layers Heaven!" Immortal King said seriously.

Turning around, the tomb of Immortal King flew out of the Eastern Hall and flew towards the immortal territory.


In a blink of an eye, the grave of Immortal King disappeared.

"Master, will the grave Immortal King really fail?" Lian Shen took a hint of said curiously.

"It is not that it will fail, but that it is impossible to succeed. If you want to take all the power of the Great Virtue, even if the strength of the Great Virtue is not enough, it is still far away!" Dongfang Bubai shook his head .

"So, I will have one more Junior Brother?" Lian Shen said with a smile.

"Soon, the fate may reappear, Lian Shen, remember, just keep it!" Dongfang Bubai instructed.

"Yes!" Lian Shen said seriously.

The grave of Immortal King flew towards the immortal territory with the seal of great virtue.

Along the way, the grave of Immortal King was full of anger.

In the old days, although Dongfang Bubai was the first under the heavens of the Second Age, at that time I just didn't fight with him, and I might not lose him, but Dongfang Bubai was so supercilious?

Is there only failure in front of him?

"hmph! I will definitely be Ten Nine Layers Heaven, no one can stop me!" The grave Immortal King continued to fly towards the immortal territory with a wave of anger.


Not long after, the tomb of Immortal King returned to the Immortal King hall. But his face is still ugly.

"patriarch?" The tomb bones and the others quickly surrounded them.

"Phosphorus bone, this is the seal of the great virtue, the former Supreme Treasure of the great virtue, now I give it to you, you immediately use it to find the three life stone, I need the reincarnation of the great virtue, or great The place where Dezun becomes feathered!" Immortal King said solemnly at the grave.

"Yes!" The phosphate bone of the grave carefully took over the seal of great virtue.

"The imprint of the lotus god on it has been erased by me, you can just sacrifice it!" Immortal King said to the grave.


Mana activates.


A powerful breath radiated out, like a huge suction force, drawing the essence of the phosphate bones of the grave.

With a wave of the tomb Immortal King, rays of light poured into the phosphate bone of the grave, helping the phosphate bone of the grave quickly refining the seal of great virtue.

Everyone came to the Sanshengshi again.

With a wave of the tomb's phosphorous bone explorer, all around the twelve reincarnations slowly emerged, like twelve blue vortexes generally surrounding the grave's phosphorous bone.

Samsara Power poured into the three-life stone, and at the same time, the tomb bones put the seal of great virtue into it.


The whole three-life stone is shaking.

Then, the Seal of Great Virtue slowly melted on the Sanshengshi.

Some images gradually appeared on the Sansheng Stone. A baby appeared slowly.

"Sure enough, she was reincarnated. Everyone remembered how she would grow up in the future, and then searched the world!" Immortal King said.


Everyone stared. The baby in the picture slowly grows larger, and gradually the baby looks like an adult woman.

"This is?" Everyone complexion changed.

"Wu Zhao?"

"Great Zhou Great Emperor?"

"Is it her?"

…………… …



Everyone showed an incredible look. Wu Zhao is a formidable person in the world, and everyone doesn't think much of Wu Zhao, because she has a lot of things to enjoy, but she laughs to the end.

But who would have thought that she would actually be the reincarnation of a peerless powerhouse in the First Age?

"Da De Zun?" The grave Immortal King narrowed his eyes. There was also a surprised look.

Like Meow, it has been exposed to the world, but no one knows?

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