The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1596

Xianyang City!

"Father, mother!" Wan'er Princess called back to Yan Chuan and Zhao A'fang.

Zhao A'fang also just learned that Shangguan Wan'er is actually his daughter.

He glanced at Yan Chuan complainingly. It should be passed right away.

Yan Chuan is also slightly smiled and deeply exhaled.

Wan'er Princess came back and hugged her parents, and suddenly all around other people with great interest.

I saw Fu Su at first sight.

"Sister!" Fu Su slightly smiled.

"Stupid big brother!" Waner Princess said with a smile happy.

Fu Su is also laughed.

On the side, Mo Yuxi looks strange.

Shangguan Wan'er, she took good care of herself in the past, and she was also called Aunt Shangguan! But in a blink of an eye, Shangguan Wan'er became Yan Chuan's daughter?

Opening his mouth, Mo Yuxi didn't know how to speak for a while.

"hehe, mother and queen!" Wan'er Princess said with a smile.

Mo Yuxi's face is slightly red. At a loss.

"Wan'er!" Zhao A'fang immediately stopped Wan'er Princess.

"I have seen my second sister!" Hades Yan Dongen immediately stepped forward.

Wan'er Princess looked at Yan Dongen, said with a smile: "Third Brother, I grew up watching you!"

"In the past, many thanks two Take care of my sister!" Pluto said with a smile.

Pluto spoke, and Mo Yuxi's expression improved. Although it is still unacceptable, it has gradually improved a lot.

"It's not that I take care of you, it's that my father is partial and teaches me by words and deeds. I didn't have such preferential treatment back then!" Wan'er Princess looked towards Yan Chuan grumbled.

Yan Chuan could only smile wryly.

"From now on, Ying Wan'er is the Great Zhen Princess!" Yan Chuan called out to the officials.

"See you...!" The officials were about to speak.

"Wait!" Wan'er Princess called.

"en?" Everyone is slightly paused.

"Father, you can promise me, I want to make a career, you want to give me a king!" Wan'er Princess called.

"Waner!" Zhao A'fang called.

Ke Wan'er Princess has been staring at Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan slightly smiled: "Okay, make Wan'er Princess the Great Zhen Shangguan King!"

"Oh!" Wan'er Princess said happily.

At this moment, Wan'er Princess completely let go of the coldness of the former Great Zhou, and her heart is completely opened, like a girl who doesn't know the world.

"Farewell to Wan'er Princess, King Shangguan!" The group of officials bowed.

Wan'er Princess smiled happily.

"Wan'er, what you did this time is very beautiful!" Yan Chuan praised.

"Of course, Dad, you are optimistic, outer western continent. I have been in charge of the government several times. It’s hard to say that the Imperial court, all around the Great City, I have already planted countless fuzi. According to my arrangement, the outer western continent can be won soon!" Wan'er Princess said with a smile.

"Okay, so, I will designate you as the Great Marshal of the West, and will be responsible for all matters of the outer western continent!" Yan Chuan said seriously.

"Yes!" Wan'er Princess wore a grimace.

Relax when it's time to relax, and when it's time to be serious, you must be serious.

Wan'er Princess unearthly, a superhuman intelligence, naturally knows a lot more than many people.

Waner Princess came forward, the outer western continent, and quickly received it very easily.

The speed of collection is surprising to everyone in the world.

"Fire Cloud Territory, acknowledge allegiance Great Zhen Heaven Realm!"

"Heavy Heaven Territory, acknowledge allegiance Great Zhen Heaven Realm!"

……… ……………



Every day, all kinds of news spread all over the world.

In the eastern frontier, Lian Shen's face was tangled.

I thought that Great Zhou could resist Great Zhen's steps, but depending on the current situation, where is the resistance? It is simply to send the territory to Great Zhen.

"Yan Chuan, this enchanting evildoer, when did Shangguan Wan'er be accepted as his daughter?" Lian Shen listened to the following dísciple's report, suddenly strange.

After all, I was defeated by Yan Chuan, and there was a trace of brooding in my heart after all.

outer northern continent!

"hahahaha, nineteen, have you seen it? This Shangguan Wan'er is lurking, deeper than you were, and earlier!" Zhong Shan smiled and said with a smile to a son beside him.

Luoyang City.

Tai Chi Temple entrance.

Bad news came one by one, and in an instant, the entire Great Zhou Heaven Realm would collapse.

Wu Zhao's face is gloomy, and the ministers are also gloomy.

Who was impossible to think that Shangguan Wan'er was a traitor.

"Mother, Yan Chuan has already announced to the world, Shangguan Wan'er, who is actually the daughter of Yan Chuan and Zhao A'fang, Great Zhen Heaven Realm Wan'er Princess, now canonized Shangguan Wang, Premier outer western Continent conquest!" Taiping Princess said strangely.

Many people in the group seem to have constipation. That tangled appearance, I don't know how to express for a while.

"Huh! Shangguan Wan'er, I think it's gone!" Wu Zhao said solemnly.

"Great Emperor, what should I do now? Twenty territories have already been in chaos!" Di Renjie said anxiously.

Wu Zhao looked up at the roof of the Tai Chi Hall, as if the sky could be seen through the roof.

There was silence for a while, and breathes deeply said: "Whether it is right or wrong is not determined by the size of the territory. Who is the last laugh, I don’t know yet!"

"oh? "Qunchen looked towards Wu Zhao in surprise.

Wu Zhao did not say any more, but looked towards the east coldly. There was an anger in his heart.


Great Zhou Heaven Realm, the world is in an uproar at this moment.

At this moment, no hundreds of people understand that the Lord Shangguan of aloof and remote is actually Princess from Great Zhen?

There are no hundreds of people discussing this unimaginable thing.

And the immortal territory at this moment.

The grave Immortal King was also startled listening to the report from the descendants of the family.

"Shangguan Wan'er, is Yan Chuan's daughter? This Yan Chuan's fortune is really going against the sky?" Immortal King said strangely.

"Yes, now, almost the whole world is shocked by this news. Who would have thought that Yan Chuan's hand stretched so far?" The Tomb Phosphorus said strangely.

"Far?" The grave of Immortal King was tangled.

"Yes, the Heavenly Emperor was the son of Yan Chuan, who killed many Saints, powerhouses, and formidable persons in Yin Sector. Then Pluto was also the son of Yan Chuan, who killed countless evil worlds. The tribe even destroyed the Lian Shen Pit. The current Shangguan Wan'er is also called Yan Chuan Dad. This Great Zhou Heaven Realm was almost destroyed by her!" The tomb bone bone said strangely.

"en!" The grave of Immortal King was also startled for a long time.

"Patriarch, Wu Zhao is Da Dezun, are we still not doing it?" asked the Tomb Phosphorus.

breathes deeply, Immortal King said solemnly: "There have been two failures in the past. This time I have been a little cautious and studied Wu Zhao carefully for a while to prevent accidents. After all, the cultivation base is weak. Wu Zhao can actually squeeze the land of the next continent in the world. It is unusual in itself. Now that I see Shangguan Wan'er rebellion, I am relieved!" Immortal King said solemnly at the grave.

"Patriarch, Wu Zhao has no other players anymore?"

"All of Wu Zhao's experiences are clear. There was once a powerful Senior Brother Heavenspan, but that can How? Isn’t it a piece of loess? Of course, what I couldn’t see through in the past was Hongjun who guarded Great Zhou. However, he had a problem with his head. He challenged the number of days early and died. There is nothing worthy of my attention. Go!" The grave Immortal King shook his head.

"That's good!" The grave sighed inwardly.

"So, I'm going to catch Wu Zhao, and you will prepare the altar to help me collect the world's merits!" Immortal King said solemnly.

"Yes!" everyone responded.

Turning his head, the grave Immortal King slowly stepped out of the Immortal King hall and looked at Luoyang City.

His eyes were slightly cold, he stepped on his feet, and shot towards Luoyang City instantly.


In a blink of an eye, he disappeared into the sky.

In Luoyang City, failures continue to come, and Wu Zhao is in a very bad mood.

After retiring from the court, Wu Zhao stayed alone in the Tai Chi Hall.

"Shangguan Wan'er? hmph! Do you dare to betray me?" Wu Zhao was annoyed by himself.

"Also, Yan Chuan, the first emperor? hmph!" Wu Zhao's eyes were full of anger.

Sitting in the great hall alone, the more I think about it, the worse I feel.


Suddenly, the door of the great hall closed suddenly.

Outside the great hall, the guards were taken aback for a moment. How did the door of the great hall close? Is it the Great Emperor?

Thinking of this, everyone was relieved for a while.

Wu Zhao understands that the door of the great hall is not closed by himself.

At the moment of the gate pass, Wu Zhao's pupils also shrank suddenly.

Because at this moment, the space of the great hall all around was blocked by a huge force.

Wu Zhao complexion sank's look. But at the moment where I saw the closed door, I was standing in a silhouette.

Half human, half bone.

"Grave Immortal King?" Wu Zhao complexion changed.

"Last time, Daqin City, I was too anxious, the city was full of wind and rain, but I caught a great virtue, and finally got angry inside and out. This time, hehe, I pay attention. Now, Wu Zhao, when I came, no one in Luoyang found it!" Immortal King said with a sneer.

"You, what are you doing to my Great Zhou?" Wu Zhao sat solemnly on Dragon Throne.

The grave Immortal King took a few steps forward.

"I'm here, but for you, all around the void has been sealed by me. No one knows what happened in this hall!" Immortal King said with a sneer to the grave.

"For me? What do you mean?" Wu Zhao said solemnly.

Grave Immortal King faintly smiled and said: "You have a lot of things that you can't remember. It doesn't matter, I know it, Da Dezun!"

"Da Dezun?" Wu Zhao complexion changed.

Seeing Wu Zhao's expression, the grave of Immortal King was also slightly taken aback.

"Oh? You actually know who you are?" Immortal King said in surprise.

Wu Zhao shook his head and said: "I didn't know, I only knew that I should be the reincarnation of a distinguished person, but I don't know who it is. You told me, hahahaha, I am a great virtue. Honor!"

"Knowing that's all, I need your life force, let me refining you first!" Immortal King said with a smile.

“bang! ”

Suddenly, rolling power surrounded the hall.

Squeeze towards Wu Zhao.


Countless forces hit Wu Zhao.

At this moment, Wu Zhao is not afraid, but a sneer.

Faced with the Immortal King's shot at the grave, Wu Zhao did not even resist.

"Oh? Aren't you afraid?" The grave Immortal King asked unexpectedly.

Wu Zhao is too calm, right?

"I don't need to be afraid, because I know that you can't hurt me, especially when I know that I am the Great Virtue, merit? Oh, not everyone can take it!" Wu Zhao coldly said.

"hmph, I'll take it, so what?" Immortal King tomb shouted coldly.

The eighteen-color rays of light turned into eighteen giant dragons and rushed towards Wu Zhao.


With a loud noise, a streamer shield suddenly appeared outside Wu Zhao, blocking the eighteen giant dragons abruptly.

"en?" Tomb Immortal King complexion sank.

Wu Zhao has no ability to block his own blow. What is going on?

Wu Zhao suddenly showed a hint of said with a sneer: "teacher, are you finally willing to show up again?"

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