The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1598

Luoyang City, the entrance to the Tai Chi Temple!

The officials gathered anxiously in the square of Taiji Hall.

Above my head, above the sea of ​​air and clouds, air, merit, fortune, and path are all rapidly draining away, rushing and dispersing. It shows the constant collapse of Great Zhou Heaven Realm at this moment.

Di Renjie, Yuan Tian Gang, Taiping Princess and the others paced back and forth on the square.

"What should I do? Three territories have acknowledged allegiance Great Zhen, Shangguan Wan'er, this cheap girl!" Taiping Princess anxiously said.

"There are not only three, but five, Shangguan Wan'er, it is really a powerful method. Over the years, so many officials have been instigated!" Yuan Tian Gang frowned.

"Why did the Great Emperor choose to retreat at this time?" Di Renjie was also anxious.

Everyone is anxious, but helpless.

A group of guards stood in front of the officials. As long as Wu Zhao did not give an order, no one was allowed to break in.

"Mother!" Princess Taiping anxiously shouted outside the hall.

In the great hall.

Hongjun illusory shadow quietly looked at the cocoon in front of him.

"hong long long!"

In the cocoon, there are roars.

“bang! ”

With a loud noise, as if breaking away from a giant cocoon, Wu Zhao exudes a panic golden light, illuminating the entire great hall, in his eyes, The rays of light glowing with eighteen colors are dazzling and dazzling.

The White Dragon of the cocoon once again turned into a whisk and fell into Hongjun's hands.

"en!" Hongjun is nodded.

Wu Zhao looked at his hands, and for a moment he seemed to feel endless power.

The feeling of Sovereign Heaven and Earth makes Wu Zhao extremely comfortable. This is power, invincible power.

Turning his head, Wu Zhao looked towards Hongjun illusory shadow coldly.

Hongjun is not nervous, his expression is indifferent, and the illusory shadow is getting lighter and lighter, as if it is gradually disappearing.

Wu Zhao squeezed his fist, but after all he did not take a shot at Hongjun, because Wu Zhao understood that Hongjun’s ability was not comparable to him.

Gradually, Hongjun's illusory shadow disappeared, as if it had never appeared before.

"ka ka ka!"

There was a crisp noise in the great hall, which was obviously the prohibition imposed by Hongjun before, and it quickly dissipated at this moment.

Hongjun disappeared.

Wu Zhao also stepped towards the entrance of the great hall.


The door of the great hall suddenly opened.

Outside the hall, Great Zhou's officials are extremely anxious at the moment. Taiping Princess is even going to risk her death to enter the palace.

Suddenly, the door opened.

A powerful imposing manner rushed out.


All around the nearby powerhouse was suddenly rushed out by this imposing manner.

"Mother, you finally came out!" Taiping Princess excitedly said.

"Meet the Great Emperor!" The officials bowed respectfully.

Wu Zhao nodded, walked out.

"hong long long!"

On the top of the head, there are countless losses of luck, merit, luck, and fortune.

Wu Zhao's face is calm, as if he didn't care.

Yuan Tian Gang looked towards Wu Zhao in surprise.

Is the Great Emperor stronger?

"Great Emperor, what's wrong with you?" Di Renjie also found something unusual.

Wu Zhao's eyes now seem to have a tragic meaning, what is going on?

Wu Zhao ignored everyone, and instead looked towards the south, the south, one by one, the territory was constantly being taken by the Great Zhen army.

"Ying Wan'er?" Wu Zhao's face was gloomy.

Because Wu Zhao understands that in this attack on Great Zhou Heaven Realm, the coach is Shangguan Wan'er who he trusted so much in the past. It was she who destroyed Wu Zhao's state.

Unfortunately, Ying Wan'er did not visit the outer western continent in person.

Turning his head, Wu Zhao looked towards Dongwaizhou, looked towards Xianyang City.

Xianyang City is so lucky, countless qi luck, merit, fortune, luck lost from Great Zhou, and finally gathered in Xianyang.

"Emperor Shi? Huh, what about Emperor Shi, the last time, let me come and stir you up in Xianyang, Heaven and Earth turning upside down." Wu Zhao coldly said.

There is a huge gap between Yan Chuan's strength and Yan Chuan. Originally, he could only look up to Yan Chuan, but now he has reached the tenth Heavenly Layer. The jealousy that had been extinguished in the past burst out again.


Wu Zhao stepped towards Xianyang.

"Mother Emperor!"

"Great Emperor!"





The entrance of the Tai Chi Palace is full of anxiety, but no one can stop Wu Zhao's final madness, no one can.


The grave of Immortal King was forced to emerge. All previous strengths could only be vanished.

Formidable power, how ridiculous everything seems at this moment.

Looking at the body of this skeleton frame, is there only the strength of the ancestor 6 Heavenly Layer?

For mortals, Ancestral Immortal 6 Heavenly Layer is already extremely powerful, but now, how ridiculous this strength is.

The graves gather.

"patriarch!" said the tomb's phosphate bone complex.

"Let's go, go to the eastern frontier!" Immortal King said bitterly.

"Yes!" everyone responded.

Beckoned out of the bones of the tomb, with all the children of the tomb family, quickly flew towards the eastern frontier.

"Patriarch, why are we going to the Eastern Territory?" The tomb bones said curiously.

"I am reborn now, and I want to restore my strength to Peak. This is not something I can do in a short while. In this way, no one will sit in the undead territory. At this moment, if there is an attack from a foreign enemy, my grave family may be there. Destroyed!" Immortal King said solemnly tomb.

"What about the Sanshengshi?" The tomb bones were a little unwilling to say.

"Sanshengshi, it's useless to have it now, let's go!" Immortal King said solemnly at the grave.


"Patriarch, what happened to Great Zhou Heaven Realm earlier?" The tomb bone said curiously.

"Happened?" The grave Immortal King's face showed a hideous look.

"It's Hong...!" said Immortal King tomb.

Just halfway through the speech, she stopped abruptly, and a powerful thought came straight into her mind.

"What is red?" The tomb bones were puzzled.

At this moment, the grave Immortal King has a terrified look.

Because, just now when the Immortal King tomb was about to mention Hongjun, a thought of Hongjun came straight into his mind.

"Don't mention me!" Hongjun's voice exploded in his mind.

Grave Immortal King expression turned cold.

I thought that I was reborn and had escaped from Hongjun. He didn't expect that he was still under the control of Hongjun. How strong is this Hongjun?

"patriarch?" The phosphate bones of the grave said curiously.

"Okay, stop talking nonsense, go!" The grave Immortal King said with a solemn expression.

"Oh!" everyone responded.

Everyone flew towards the eastern frontier, when they flew to the central heaven continent.


Suddenly a storm rushed from a distance in front of everyone, leaving behind a billowing storm and heading straight towards Xianyang.

"Wu Zhao, that's Wu Zhao, when did she become so strong?" The Tomb Bone exclaimed.

That powerful imposing manner, that is, the bones of the tomb are all frightened.

You must know that the tomb bones are ten 6 Heavenly Layers. Wu Zhao used to be at most comparable to himself, but now he feels as if he can crush himself.

"Wu Zhao?" The grave Immortal King's face was gloomy.

Although the cultivation base has been lowered, the ability to connect with Heavenly Dao is still there. Through Heavenly Dao, the sight of the Immortal King of the grave follows Wu Zhao towards Xianyang.

"Ten 8 Heavenly Layer?" Tomb Immortal King gnashing teeth, that is my own power.

But everything has nothing to do with me.

Da De Zun?

The grave Immortal King showed a wry smile. He originally wanted to know the world, but finally realized that he had become a foil for the world.


Xianyang City.

"Father, mother, today five territories simultaneously acknowledge allegiance, Great Zhou Heaven Realm still has nine territories left, almost In name only!" Wan'er Princess excitedly turned to Yan Chuan and Zhao A 'fang reported.

"Well! Wan'er you did good!" Yan Chuan praised.

"Miao, Wan'er Princess is very good!" Meow also interrupted with a smile on the side.

"Of course!" Wan'er Princess hugged meowing.

My favorite is Meow stroking hair.

Yan Chuan looked at the sky.

"Time is approaching!" Yan Chuan breathes deeply.

"What's near?" Zhao A'fang said.

"The four realms are united, and only the outer western continent is left!" Yan Chuan said with an eyebrow.

Four realms, most of the places are united, Yin Sector has long been united, and Yang Sector is left with an outer western continent. Once the outer western continent is also merged into one, the four realms will be completely united.

"The four worlds are one, and the fate is counted?" Zhao A'fang said with a complex expression.

"Father, why not wait, the final outer western continent, don't unite!" Wan'er Princess worried.

"It's useless, even if I don't unite them, the time comes, fate will force the four continents to unite." Yan Chuan said solemnly.


"We fuse all continents, if we didn’t do it, fate would do it too. We fuse in advance, but also to cater to our own rhythm. But, Can't stop it!" Yan Chuan frowned.

"Oh!" Wan'er Princess frowned and sighed.

"en?" Yan Chuan suddenly complexion sank, looking towards the west.


A huge sound of breaking through the air swept across the Eastern Sea with the gust of wind.

Yan Chuan looked around, but saw Wu Zhao flying from the west.

"Wu Zhao?" Yan Chuan complexion sank.

Quickly, Yan Chuan flew to Chaotian Temple.

Wu Zhao has not yet arrived, and the billowing breath has swept across Xianyang.

A large number of officials gathered from the four parties.

"Meow, what's wrong!" Meow also said curiously.


The strong wind swept Xianyang, and Xianyang Formation opened quickly.

"hahahaha!" Wu Zhao's laughter came from outside the city.

Probing his hand with a wave.


A huge golden palm print suddenly appeared and crashed into Xianyang Formation.

"oh la la!"

Countless Formations in Xianyang broke apart and opened. Facing the Ten 8 Heavenly Layer, these Formations seemed extremely fragile.

The huge imposing manner is so overwhelming that hundreds of people cannot raise their heads.

Yan Chuan complexion sank, greeted him with a palm of his hand.


Under the tremendous force, the void tore countlessly, and the loud noise shook Nine Heavens.

Under the protection of Yan Chuan, Xianyang was able to be unimpeded, but the previous confrontation made Yan Chuan a surprised look.

"Wu Zhao? Ten 8 Heavenly Layer?" Yan Chuan asked in surprise.


The person Yan Chuan flew out of Xianyang City, stood in midair, and looked at Wu Zhao coldly, with surprise flashing in his eyes.

How long has it been, why has Wu Zhao's strength suddenly become so strong?

Ten 8 Heavenly Layer?

Dancing twice in a row!

"Deserves to be the first emperor, still so fierce!" Wu Zhao coldly said.

"Wu Zhao, what are you doing? The battle between the two dynasties depends on means. Why, if you lose, you want to do it yourself?" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"How about doing it yourself, Yan Chuan, I have never been so deceived, Shangguan Wan'er? I have no trust in her. Today, I am here to kill Shangguan Wan'er and let my heart go. Hate it!" Wu Zhao said grimly.

"Wu Zhao, are you crazy?" Yan Chuan looked towards Wu Zhao in surprise.

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