The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1599

"Wu Zhao, are you crazy?" Yan Chuan looked towards Wu Zhao in surprise.

Wu Zhao lost his heart? She was still in Xianyang, so she went to Xianyang to make trouble?

Yan Chuan has already seen that Wu Zhao has eighteen-color rays of light all over his body, even if he has ten 8 Heavenly Layers, shouldn’t he come here just for personal grievances? Besides, I'm still in Xianyang, so both of my bodies are ten 8 Heavenly Layers!

"Crazy? hahahaha!" Wu Zhao laughed.

Wu Zhao is indeed crazy at the moment. Who knows that he is about to die, can he calm and collected? At this moment, Wu Zhao just wanted to go crazy and vent the endless depression in his heart.

From birth, it has been guarded like a bird in a cage until now. Watching her husband die, there is nothing she can do. Can only continue to pretend not to know, continue to face people coldly.

"The avenue, the shape of a dragon!" Wu Zhao shouted, calling Xianyang with a palm. The palms turned into dragon claw, an imposing manner.

"Asshole!" Yan Chuan was angry in his eyes.

“bang! ”

The palms face each other, and Wu Zhao strikes hard.

The void is torn in countless numbers, the starry sky is shaking, and the entire True Dragon territory is shaken strongly.

Under one palm, Wu Zhao retreated slightly, and Yan Chuan was slightly better than palm force.

Just a little bit better?

Yan Chuan raised his brows. How could Wu Zhao's strength suddenly increase so much, he caught up with the Immortal King tomb.

Yan Chuan does not know that Wu Zhao’s power is the power of the Immortal King tomb.


Yan Chuan punched again, pushing Wu Zhao off the ground and toward the starry sky.

"hmph, the first emperor, so what, break!" Wu Zhao shouted loudly.

“bang! ”“bang! ”“bang! ”……………………

Two Great Jue powerhouses fought fast, rumbling sound spread to the world, shocking the world.

Immortal King, who was flying halfway to the tomb, looked into the distance in amazement.

"Wu Zhao, his head is broken?" Immortal King tomb said in astonishment.

In the eastern region, the lotus god is standing in the square of the eastern hall, looking at the stars.

"Wu Zhao, why did he suddenly become so strong?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

outer northern continent.

Zhong Shan watched the battle in the distance.

"Qin Shihuang fights Wu Zetian? Ha!" Zhong Shan laughed.

Zhong Shan is not worried about Yan Chuan, but feels that the scene at this moment is rather weird.

"hong long long!"

The starry sky war is still the same, Yan Chuan is better than Wu Zhao, but not much stronger.

The two gradually entered the starry sky during the battle, and were gradually forced into the Promise by Yan Chuan.

Peerless powerhouses such as Killing Emperor and Zhong Shan rushed into Promise to watch the stunning battle.

zombie Yan Chuan took a deep breath in Daqin City, also entered the Yang Sector, and then soared up into the Promise.

zombie Yan Chuan didn't intervene, just watched from a distance, with a strange look in his eyes.

"Great Emperor, this Wu Zhao, wouldn't he be crazy, right?" The Emperor said in a daze.

zombie Yan Chuan shook his head, but couldn't figure it out for a while.

"Wu Zhao will not become stronger for no reason, let alone be so reckless, but...!" zombie Yan Chuan complexion.

"bang!" "bang!"…………

In Promise, after fighting for a while, Yan Chuan fiercely suppressed Wu Zhao.

The more Wu Zhao fought, the more irritable he felt.

"Wu Zhao, what are you doing? Great Zhou Heaven Realm has been defeated, you give up!" Yan Chuan said coldly.

"No, no, teacher!" Wu Zhao shouted unwillingly.


Person Yan Chuan expression moved, Hong Jun? It was Hongjun who made Wu Zhao attack. What is he going to do?

Wu Zhao did not call Hongjun, but a thought of Hongjun suddenly appeared in Wu Zhao's mind.

"If you lose, then revive your previous life, and then take all the merits of the world and use it for yourself, you can defeat Yan Chuan!" Hongjun's voice suddenly poured into Wu Zhao's mind.

Da De Zun?

Wu Zhao complexion sank. Wu Zhao knows about his previous life, his strength has increased before, but he has not revived his previous life consciousness, because Wu Zhao understands that once the previous life consciousness is born, it will have an impact on this life.

At this moment, being suppressed by Yan Chuan, where is that kind of vent?


Wu Zhao roared, and suddenly, the endless golden light broke out, breaking away from Yan Chuan's impact.


Wu Zhao's body suddenly emits one after another yellow light.

Yellow light radiated, and there was a sudden burst of ka ka crackling on the body.

"ka ka ka ka!"

It seems that the blockade of previous life memory has recovered.


For an instant, countless merits emerged from Wu Zhao's surroundings.

"The virtues of the world, return!" Wu Zhao shouting loudly.

“bang! ”

Yang Sector world, Yin Sector world, for a time, countless merits rushed forward and gathered towards Promise.


Xianyang City, the Golden Dragon of merits roared straight into the starry sky.

"ang !"

Outer northern continent, with great merits turned into giant dragon Straight Clashing Nine Heavens.


Luoyang City, merit boiling, instantly soaring into the sky.

It is the teaching field of the East. At this moment, on the top of Lotus God's head, countless merits suddenly rose to the sky.

"en?" Lotus complexion changed.

"Don't interfere!"

Suddenly a voice suddenly appeared in Lian Shen's ears.

"Master?" Lian Shen looked towards Dongfang Temple not far away in surprise.

The door of the great hall was not opened, but Dongfang Bubai's voice came with commands.

"Yes!" Lian Shen answered.

Thinking about it, Lotus God also rushed into the Promise along with this group of merits.

"hong long long!"

Gun Gun merit comes from all directions. Around Wu Zhao, a crystal light and shadow suddenly appeared.

The crystal slowly condenses into Wu Zhao's body.

"Previous life, you and I have a fusion of consciousness. I am not demanding. Come with me and fight Yan Chuan!" Wu Zhao shouted loudly.

"As you wish!" A voice came.


The crystal is incorporated into Wu Zhao's body. For a time, countless merits hit Wu Zhao's body.


hong long long!

With the influx of merits, Wu Zhao's imposing manner is getting stronger and stronger. The countless merits immediately make Wu Zhao's strength soar.

In an instant, Promise all around, countless auspicious clouds, even if it is ablated by Promise, they are constantly increasing, and a sea of ​​auspicious clouds is formed in a blink of an eye, covering Yan Chuan and Wu Zhao.

"Dehou Heaven and Earth!"

Wu Zhao shouting loudly, surrounded by countless dragon-shaped illusory shadows, hit Yan Chuan with a palm.

Yan Chuan complexion sank, probing his hand and hitting it.


The two palms collided, and Yan Chuan suddenly flew upside down.

Wu Zhao's strength has soared more than twice.

The world's merits are exhausted, and almost all of them are incorporated into Wu Zhao's body.

With rolling strength, the faces of the people in the distance changed wildly.

Even if Yan Chuan was personally beaten back?

However, this is not the key. The key is that the Da De Zun is present and his fate has been discovered again.

Zombie Yan Chuan is in the distance, suddenly shouting loudly: "Zhongshan! Start!"

In the distance, Zhongshan's expression changed, turned around, and Zhongshan went straight to Heaven and Earth .


The huge will to fate once again came straight to Yan Chuan.


The person Yan Chuan fell into a coma.

zombie Yan Chuan suddenly stepped on four Great Emperor altars. Because there was no resistance, zombie Yan Chuan did not grow a second head.

With 19-color rays of light in his eyes, the fate suddenly looked towards the reincarnation of Da De Zun not far away, Wu Zhao.


The number of lives suddenly came close.

At this moment, the consciousness of Wu Zhao and Da De Zun is rapidly merging. Both of them are ten 8 Heavenly Layer, so the fusion of consciousness is also a bit slower.

"Da De Zun, you don't remember my warning, dare to wake up?" Ming Shu coldly said.

In the distance, the lotus god complexion changed.

Fate actually has self-logic, which means that the consciousness has been restored by half?

Gun Gun merit has been incorporated into the body.

Wu Zhao and Da De Zun consciousness merged. Before the two consciousnesses could answer, Wu Zhao's mouth moved on its own.

"Fate, fight if you want to fight!"

The abrupt voice came out. Wu Zhao and Da De Zun's consciousness were startled, and they didn't speak. Why did you speak? What?

Is there a consciousness controlling my body?

Wu Zhao's consciousness trembled suddenly. It was the teacher and Hongjun.

I even came to Yan Chuan to vent, which is part of Hongjun's plot against. He deliberately?

The Da De Zun consciousness also knew that the situation was wrong, and quickly merged with Wu Zhao.


At the foot of Wu Zhao, a Great Emperor altar suddenly appeared.

It seems that Wu Zhao is mobilizing the power of the Great Emperor altar.

This scene, in the eyes of Mingshu, was a surprise.

The Great Emperor's altar, that is his own power, is the Great Emperor crazy? She wants to mobilize my strength to deal with me?

Yan Chuan means Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Looking at the vast sea of ​​chaos, the big net of fate covers all fate of the common people and connects all fate of life.

Yan Chuan's consciousness spreads along the big net of fate.

At the same time, in Xianyang City.

Yan Chuan stepped out of the great hall.

"After meow and butterfly, it will start in a while, get ready for your divine ability!" Yin Tong Yan Chuan said.

After the butterfly looked at the silver pupil Yan Chuan, a strange voice flashed in his eyes: "Our second divine ability, the display of aura and the fusion, the personal Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan merge, you don’t merge together Is it?"

"I'm different, I'm just a lifeless soul, no two bodies are important!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

"Okay!" Nodded after the butterfly.

At this moment, the entire Great Zhen machine is also running quickly.

Following Yin Tong Yan Chuan's orders, Li Si, Lu Buwei, Manchurian Civil and Martial Arts quickly became busy.

"Inform all City Lords and subjects in the world, ready to cooperate with the Great Emperor and take power!" Yi Feng instructed.


outer northern continent, immortality hall entrance.

"Notify the people of the world, all the people, to cooperate with Great Zhen Heaven Realm Yan Chuan and pray for the common people!" Zhong Shan ordered.


At the entrance of the immortality hall, countless officials are also busy.

The fate reappears, there is only one chance. The opportunity is fleeting.

In Promise.

Fate count looked at Yan Chuan, who was unconscious from a distance, and at the feet of Yan Chuan, there were four Great Emperor altars.

At this moment, four Great Emperor altars are counted at the feet, and one Great Emperor altar is at the feet of Da De Zun.

"My things are all here? Well, since they are all together, let's be one!" Mingshu a light shout.


The person Yan Chuan was quickly absorbed, and he came close in a blink of an eye.

The Great Emperor altar is also growing crazy.

In an instant, it expanded to ten thousand li.

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"

Three loud noises.

The Jiufen Great Emperor altar suddenly united. Turned into a super huge circular altar.

Mingshu, Yan Chuan and Wu Zhao stand on the three sides of the altar.

However, Yan Chuan was in a coma, mainly because of his fate to face the newly awakened Da De Zun.

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