The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1600

The vast chaotic sea, vast and vast, Yan Chuan's consciousness flattened out with all his strength, and after a while, he barely spread out!

At the moment of spreading out, Yan Chuan contacted the Cangxian Life Style.

Yan Chuan has a dignified consciousness.

On the other side, the huge Great Emperor altar merges into one.

Mingshu looked at Wu Zhao on the opposite side coldly.

The consciousness of Wu Zhao and Da De Zun quickly merged. After the fusion, at this moment, it was also extremely shocked.

Because, I suddenly discovered that my consciousness can't control my body.

My body is completely controlled by a special consciousness.

"teacher......, Hongjun, what do you want to do?" Wu Zhao's consciousness roar said.

It was Hongjun's consciousness that took over Wu Zhao's body. Even if Wu Zhao and Da De Zun were fused and their strengths were monstrous, they were still a lot worse when facing Hongjun.

"How could such a powerhouse be born in the Third Age? Hongjun?" Wu Zhao was horrified in consciousness.

The person first under the heavens of the Third Age is the former Kong Huangtian, but in the face of Hong Jun's strength, what does Kong Huangtian's cultivation base count?

No, the later Netherworld River Old Ancestor was not so exaggerated, right?

What is Hongjun's strength?

"Fate, I recovered, but you only recovered halfway. Why, do you think you can stop me?" Wu Zhao coldly said.

However, it was Hongjun who manipulated Wu Zhao's body to make a sound, but in Mingshu's eyes, it was Dadezun's mouth.

"Oh, ignorant meatworm!" Mingshu coldly shouted.

The opposite Hongjun is waiting, and Mingshu is also preparing to shoot.

At this moment, the fate suddenly complexion changed.

Because Mingshu suddenly heard a voice.

"I am Yan Chuan, Heaven and Earth common people, the four realms are about to be united, the fate reappears, and they want to destroy the common people, the heroes fought one after another, but they could not stop the power of fate, one death after another, the last days It’s approaching, Yan Chuan is not talented, and I am willing to fight the fate with my strength, no matter what, the fate is strong, and Yan Chuan is weak!"

"People, this battle concerns all creatures and dead souls in Heaven and Earth. , Maybe you have a wish, a hatred, and a love, but at this moment, please all the creatures and the dead to help me, help me become the strongest, help me kill the number of lives, after this battle, I Yan Chuan is willing to return peace to the world. What you give today will be returned a hundred times in the future!"

"Everyone, I need the power of your fate, I beg you to let go of the happiness locks, what I ask for, take your power!"

" , Victory means the common people will live together, and defeat, the common people will die, all love and hatred will be turned into nothingness. Maybe if you only have a share of power, you will have a share of power, and if you lose everything, you will have a share. It’s powerful!"

"People, put on the happy lock, and give me the power of life!"


Yan Chuan’s The voice suddenly spread to all the common people of Heaven and Earth following the big net of fate.

In an instant, almost everyone heard Yan Chuan's voice.

Regardless of Yang Sector, Yin Sector, Great Zhen, Great Zhou, Daqian, as long as there is a destiny, everyone can hear Yan Chuan’s voice.

In the Great Zhen world, the people's eyes are firm, almost everyone shouted: "I do!"

"I do!"

"I do! "




The power of rolling is large through fate The net quickly spread to Yan Chuan's fate.

Human Snake Clan, Rock Clan, Dragon Clan, Phoenix Clan, all major races, all release their happiness locks for Yan Chuan to take his own life force.

The power of the fateful life gushes out quickly.

With the Great Zhen official organization, Great Zhen is the fastest.

Next are the territories under Zhong Shan.

"Subjects of the world, please be happy, I Zhongshan guarantees with credibility, what Yan Chuan said is true, please cooperate!" Zhongshan opened the mouth and said.

With a cry, the sound spread to the world.

Suddenly, Zhong Shan's people also cooperated to quickly release the locks.


Suddenly, countless screams came from all directions, one after another vitality was drawn, endless weakness was produced, and many people were uncomfortable for a while.

However, thanks to the efforts of Yan Chuan and Zhong Shan, everyone gritted their teeth and continued to output their strength.

outer western continent, Great Zhou Heaven Realm.

In the midst of war.

No hundreds of surnames show a dazed look, is it true?

The end is coming?

For a time, the people quickly relaxed their hearts. Although not everyone relaxed, they still have a huge base. The propaganda ordered by Yan Chuan made the people aware of the terrifying of fate a long time ago.

Nowadays, an opportunity, if you don't give it, may be destroyed immediately.

Although some people don't like Yan Chuan, they don't reject it at this moment.

One after another power rushes towards Yan Chuan's fate along the fateful network.

Grave Immortal King and the others also stared in surprise.

"Draw Cang Life Power? Yan Chuan, what is he going to do, he has to count his fate?" The grave Immortal King asked in surprise.

"Patriarch, what shall we do?" the grave bone said.

"Let him power!" Grave Immortal King resolutely said.

Although he had an antagonism with Yan Chuan, in the face of his fate, Immortal King tomb immediately became consistent.

"hong long long!"

Rolling force impacts Yan Chuan's fate.

The power of the two Yan Chuan is increasing crazily.

On the Great Emperor's altar.

Wu Zhao's consciousness is also slightly taken aback.

"Yan Chuan, mobilize Cang Life Power?" Wu Zhao asked in surprise.

Hongjun's consciousness also came with a surprise: "Cang Life Power? Oh, Yan Chuan came to the meeting to make a trick, but it disrupted my plan. No matter, I still have something to do this time. , I will help you once!"

The most shocking thing is the fate.

Mingshu was surprised to hear this voice, what's the situation?

Yan Chuan actually used his fate network to mobilize Cang Life Power?

"Asshole!" Shouted loudly.

Consciousness flooded into the Chaos Sea instantly, trying to stop Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan is no longer silent at this moment.


Amidst the ferociousness, Yan Chuan's consciousness rushed out, rushing towards the consciousness of fate.

The fire of hope is ignited again, and it was successful in the past. This time there is preparation for it, and greater success is needed.


Yan Chuan's consciousness and the consciousness of fate burst into a crash.

In the distance, Yan Chuan's eyes are a bit hollow, but his strong will makes Yan Chuan move closer to zombie Yan Chuan.

"hong long long!"

Cang Life Power came together, forming a divine flame in the two Zhou Che.

The endless life force of the blue life makes Yan Chuan's power reach a terrifying point.

The entire Great Emperor altar is trembling.

Yan Chuan's consciousness and half of his fate consciousness, it seems like it is difficult to distinguish the winner or loser.

At this moment, Xianyangkou.

"Qi Luck, Fortune, Luck Path, go to Wuji, and help the body!" Yin pupil Yan Chuan called.

"ang !"

"ang !"

"ang !"

Qiyun Golden Dragon, luck Golden Dragon, luck The Golden Dragon quickly carried Great Zhen's national strength to the sky, rushing towards Wuji.

Yin Tong Yan Chuan personally took Meow Meow and Butterfly Empress and went straight to Wuji.

In a twinkling of an eye, Yin Sector Daqin City, Yang Sector Xianyang City, all luck, fortune, and path are directly in the Promise.

outer northern continent.

"I have great luck, luck, fortune, follow me and enter the Promise!" Zhong Shan shouted.


Wanlong Pentium, Straight Clashing Nine Heavens.

Tai Chi Temple entrance.

The world trembles, fortune, fortune, and air luck, as if feeling the thoughts of Daoqizun, Daozizun, Dashizun in the dark, and slowly walked towards Wuji.

The officials wanted to stop, but no one could stop it.

The entire world was called by Yan Chuan's force, and all the power was quickly gathering towards Promise.

Gather towards the huge Great Emperor altar.

On the Great Emperor altar, in Wu Zhao's body, Hong Jun said: "Wu Zhao, your consciousness, enter Yan Chuan's body and fight against fate!"

"Huh? "

"Wu Zhao, you understand my thoughts, Da De Zun, for the sake of the common people, you should also be willing to sacrifice, go, I will help you become aware of Yan Chuan body!" Hong Jun said indifferently.

“bang! ”

Wu Zhao’s consciousness rushes towards zombie Yan Chuan.

The two Yan Chuan have been enveloped by the rolling force.

Gradually two huge fate patterns, a vitality pattern and a death pattern, seem to be slowly blending together, and the two Yan Chuan are also in fusion, endless Strength, assist the two Yan Chuan to merge together.

However, Naihe is still insufficient.


There was a roar of fate consciousness. With the seriousness of the situation, the consciousness of fate was quickly awakened. The original half of it is now increasing crazily.

Under the Great Emperor altar, the rolling force rushed out quickly, blocking the union of two Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan is also extremely difficult to fight against. Although it carries endless hope, the number of lives is ultimately the first in Heaven and Earth. At this moment, as the consciousness of fate is more and more recovered, it is getting more and more difficult.


Suddenly, Wu Zhao's consciousness surged and shocked the consciousness of fate.

"Great Virtue?" Fateful consciousness roared.

For a time, the rolling consciousness crashed.

On the Great Emperor's altar, two bodies of Yan Chuan and Wu Zhao stood fixedly there. Although they seemed quite calm, there were countless fierce battles deep in their consciousness.

At this time, the silver pupil Yan Chuan, Miaomiao, Diehou, and Zhongshan also reappears, carrying the fortune, luck, and luck of the entire world, rushing towards the Great Emperor altar.

"Zhong Shan, Meow, and Empress, you need to help protect you!" Yin Tong Yan Chuan said.

"Don't worry!" Zhong Shan nodded.

With billowing luck, luck, and fortune, he rushed towards the Great Emperor altar.

"ang !" "ang !" "ang !"………………

Ten thousand dragons roared, all kinds of first-age powers surged in, straight Go to two Yan Chuan.

"hong long long!"

The Great Emperor's altar suddenly felt an intrusion of outsiders, and suddenly there was a surge of force.

"Subdue!" Zhong Shan was shouted.

Suddenly protect everyone.

The two Yan Chuan are getting closer and closer, Cang Life Power, helping them to unite, the vitality and death are united again.

In the Sea of ​​Consciousness, it gradually blocked the fate.

"Asshole!" Ming Shu was furious.

More consciousness quickly awakened.

A power beyond his control, making the half-awakened fate a little at a loss.

Beside, the body of Wu Zhao occupied by Hongjun is watching quietly at this moment.

"Wake up, you only have so much consciousness, it's still a little bit fate, you will wake up all, I am waiting for you!" Hongjun's voice came out lightly.

Hongjun's eyes are more confident.

We are not afraid of fate, and hope that all fate will be awakened. It seems that everything is under control.

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