The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1601


Two Yan Chuan roared.

Under the perfusion of Cang Life Power, Yan Chuan's will finally regained his body with great strength.

The two Yan Chuan moved closer, opening their eyes almost at the same time.


The huge shocks suddenly startled the constant recovery of lives.

"Meatworm!" Mingshu roared suddenly.

How can this person break through his shackles?

Mingshu wants to suppress Yan Chuan again, but Wu Zhao's consciousness is also in Yan Chuan, and he is dragging his fate at this moment.

Yan Chuan regained the initiative and quickly continued to fuse the two bodies, surging in force. The common people continue to gather strength, and Yan Chuan's strength is getting stronger and stronger.

This is an overwhelming force that destroys the world.

The powerful force helped Yan Chuan hit Ten Nine Layers Heaven.

However, Ten Nine Layers Heaven is too difficult, even with the help of Cang Life Power, two Yan Chuan can't fit together.

The billowing luck, fortune, and fortune converge towards Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan was anxious for a while, and his fate was even more anxious, manipulating the life and death of all the people in the world, at this moment, was actually suppressed by a nobody who didn't take a good look?

What a ridiculous thing this is, but it is a fact.

Fate's consciousness is revived more and more, but at this moment it is impossible to suppress Yan Chuan and Wu Zhao's consciousness. It is even more strongly blocked, and Fate's more and more irritable.

Is it stuck here?

"Absurd!" Mingshu shouted.

In anger, the fate suddenly turned around, and then suddenly'looked towards' Wu Zhao consciousness.

"Da De Zun, you are so bold, so bold? Since you are courting death, then it will fulfill you!" The fate was shouted loudly.

"Perfect me? Hehe, it's too late, haven't you found that Yan Chuan is getting stronger and stronger? You will always be trapped here forever!" Wu Zhao coldly said.

"Stupid? No, not sleepy, because the Great Emperor altar, besides Yan Chuan, as well as you, you have also been inhabited by my Great Emperor altar. In other words, I can parasite Yan Chuan, as well as parasite. You!" Mingshu coldly said.

"en?" Wu Zhao's consciousness was taken aback.

"Originally, I wanted to parasitize you, but there were some difficulties, but your consciousness was connected here. In this way, it is convenient for me. My consciousness has been regained three-quarters. I can Destroy your consciousness, follow this line, and pass through your body. At that time, everyone will have to die, meat worms, world worms, I originally wanted to wait to clean up you, now, no one wants to live! "Fate number said savagely.

"Destroy my consciousness and seize my body?" Wu Zhao's consciousness suddenly startled.

"hahahaha, kill it for me!" Shouting loudly.


A super heavy blow hit Wu Zhao's consciousness.

Wu Zhao is strong, but in the face of fate, he has no resistance at all. Was quickly suppressed and ablated.

"Destroy my consciousness, take my body? Take my body? Haha, teacher, you are really all omissions, no omissions, everything is under your control." Wu Zhao issued a final statement. A bitter sigh.


Wu Zhao's consciousness was instantly crushed by his fate.

"Weng!" The fateful consciousness trembled abruptly, and followed an impenetrable connection to Wu Zhao's physical body.

Yan Chuan regained his body, but he still had a sea of ​​Consciousness, and he witnessed the sacrifice of Da De Zun with his own eyes.

The consciousness of fate has slowly disappeared, but because Yan Chuan is connected to the life form, Yan Chuan's consciousness is connected to the big net of fate.

The big net of fate fades from Yan Chuan's Sea of ​​Consciousness and enters Wu Zhao's body.

At this moment, Yan Chuan's consciousness is connected with consciousness, so there is also a trace of interconnected Wu Zhao meaning Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Wu Zhao's consciousness was destroyed by the fate. At that moment, the consciousness of Dadezun was destroyed, and Wu Zhao's body was gradually occupied by the fate.

Yan Chuan understands that this is the most dangerous time, because next, he faces his fate head-on.

"Quick, quick, quick!" Yan Chuan was anxious.

I hope to merge faster, but at this moment, the common people's power is not enough.

"Fortune, luck, fortune, merit, merit, merit!" Yan Chuan was anxious.


Suddenly, countless merits overflowed in Wu Zhao's body, bursting out in an instant. It is mixed with luck, fortune, and luck.

Not far away, Zhong Shan's eyes condensed: "Wu Zhao is dead?"

After finishing speaking, Zhong Shan immediately rushed up with Meow and Butterfly Queen.

"Okay, everything is complete, the butterfly queen, meow, I will protect you, and you will help Yan Chuan break through!" Zhong Shan Shen shouted.

"meow!" Meow answered.

Suddenly, Meow and Die spit out two silver white rays of light.


rays of light rush all around countless ways of luck, fortune, luck, merit.

The four energies are rapidly merging into Yan Chuan's body, melting into Qi.

"hong long long!"

In an instant, two Yan Chuan Zhou Che burst into dazzling 19-color rays of light.

"Quick, quick, quick!" Yan Chuan worried.

The fusion will not happen for a while. It will take a while. During this time, enough fate consciousness is fully recovered.

Is this the last battle?

Yan Chuan's eyes are firm.

On the other side, the consciousness of fate was poured into Wu Zhao's body.

"hong long long!"

Wu Zhao has overflowed with countless merits, but his imposing manner is growing rapidly.

"Yan Chuan? Huh, you must die. Common people? Huh, also must die, my consciousness is about to be fully awakened, my consciousness!" Mingshu coldly said.

"hong long long!"

The entire Heaven and Earth is shaking.

Fate awakens with all its strength, and a huge force trembles Heaven and Earth.

The lotus god, the tomb Immortal King, the killing emperor, and so on, the powerhouse in the world, all showed surprise.

The world is shaking?

Between Heaven and Earth, three thousand Heavenly Dao are also in a great tremor, and the entire Heaven and Earth is brewing an aura of destruction.

People all over the world prayed. I wish Yan Chuan can defeat the fate, because everyone realizes at this moment that if Yan Chuan loses, then the common people will be completely destroyed.

Eastern Hall.

Dongfang Bubai also slowly walked out of the great hall. Standing on the square, looking at the starry sky, directly penetrating Heaven and Earth and seeing the Promise.

"Has the consciousness of fate fully recovered? Fate?" Dongfang Bubai frowned.

Heaven and Earth is the most powerful existence, has it fully recovered?

In Promise.

Body possession of Wu Zhao's fate, Zhou Fang's dazzling nineteen-color rays of light, shooting infinitely.

Among the nineteen-color rays of light, there is a faint twentieth-color rays of light.

Fate is completely awake, and a will to destroy everything emerges.

On the other side, Yan Chuan hasn't merged well yet, so he is anxious at the moment.

"Yan Chuan? Die!" Mingshu shouted.

In the consciousness of fate, punch towards Yan Chuan.

However, a strange scene happened, and the fist of the fate was not thrown, the flesh at the moment, motionless.

"What?" Life number complexion changed.

Why can't I control my body?

Under the Great Emperor's altar, there was a sudden surge of force into the body. However, it was still impossible to move.

"en?" Suddenly, the fate number felt a little bad.

I felt the flesh carefully, and suddenly, Fate felt a will again.

"Who are you?" Ming Shu asked in surprise.

"Poor Daoist, Hongjun!" A voice sounded.

Mingshu gradually saw the appearance of an old man.

At this moment, the old man is sitting firmly on the net.

Sit on top of the fateful network, release an azure breath under the seat, and the breath diverges toward the fateful network all directions.

Unlike Yan Chuan's consciousness attached to the big net of fate, the breath of azure under Hongjun's seat seems to be freezing the big net of fate.

"Hongjun? The long dead Hongjun? Are you alive again?" Mingshu asked in surprise.

"In order to lead you into the urn, Poor Daoist has laid out two epochs!" Hongjun's voice came again.

"Enter the urn? You mean this body?" Ming Shu asked in surprise.

Hong Jun is nodded.

"Haha, does this body want to trap me too?" Surprised and angry said.

"You can try!" Hongjun said softly.

"bang!" "bang!"………………

The fate is quickly manipulating the fleshy body, but at this moment the fleshy body is motionless and cannot be mobilized at all.

"The consciousness of fate, covering the four directions of Heaven and Earth, was previously in Yan Chuan's body. There is no escape!" Hongjun said indifferently.

"You want to destroy me because of your fleshy bugs?" Mingshu coldly said.

"I’m not going to destroy you, indeed, I can’t destroy you at all, but I can control you, in this way, control you, from then on, you will become my puppet, for me Together, benefit the common people!" Hongjun said indifferently.

"You, control me?" The fate was about to explode.

No one has ever dared to do this to themselves, the peerless powerhouses of the first era, don't you just let yourself knead it?

But this person in front of you actually wants to refining himself as a puppet?

Too arrogant.


The fate is overwhelmingly struggling.

No matter what, this body seems to be specially tailored for life, and at this moment, Hongjun is restrained to death.

"Heavenly Dao Strength, follow me to mobilize!" Mingshu shouted loudly.

I want to mobilize three thousand Heavenly Dao Strength, hit here to close.

"It’s useless. Although you can mobilize 3,000 Heavenly Dao Strength, you don’t understand that the time here is different from the outside world. You can enjoy this for one day outside and ten thousand years inside. Feel like a puppet!" Hongjun said coldly.

while speaking, the big net of fate sitting down is completely covered by azure energy.

The dignified fate is trapped in a small space by Hongjun at this moment. There's no resistance, no matter how much it hits, it won't be hit.

"Impossible, why, Hongjun, how could you sleep me?" Mingshu shouted in shock.

"Although you have the twentieth color light in your body, you have not reached the twentieth heaven after all. You are ten Nine Layers Heaven Peak, and I am also the ten Nine Layers Heaven. If you are outside, I I can't trap you, or even against you, but in this urn, you are powerless!" Hongjun said indifferently.

At this moment, Yan Chuan's ray of consciousness has quietly retreated, or Hongjun deliberately let it go.

Yan Chuan's retreating consciousness flashed a shock in his heart.

The world is the most enemy, fate, now becomes the beast in Hongjun's cage?

Hong Jun of Ten Nine Layers Heaven? Just control the fate? control?

Yan Chuan was completely stunned while fusing countless strengths.

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