The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1602

The whole world is waiting for news of Yan Chuan's fate!

A group of queens also stayed in Xianyang to wait for the news, not because they didn't want to watch Yan Chuan fight, but because they were worried that they would be distracted by Yan Chuan.

The women waited patiently.

Queen Le'er looked anxious.

"How is it?" Le'er looked towards Zhao A'fang and the others.

The girls shook their heads, not knowing the result.

The world was shaking, and people were alarmed.

Le'er bit her lip, and suddenly a voice came into Le'er's ears.

"Happy!" A soft female voice.

"Who?" Le'er was slightly taken aback.

The queens also looked towards Le'er strangely.

"My son has fun!" The voice came again.

Listening to the voice, Le'er suddenly felt a sense of kindness.

"Mother, mother?" Le'er asked in surprise.

mother? Great Phoenix? A mother in the form of 72 samsara?

all around all the queens looked towards Le'er in surprise.

"Le'er, although you don't have the emperor's innate talent, but after all, you are my bones and blood, with my purest bloodline, I am in reincarnation, and I know everything about the world!" Da Huang Zun's voice came.

"Mother, are you going to be born again?" Joyfully said.

"No, it’s too early, it’s too early. If I am born again, I will fall short. Happy, the Promise, I feel it, but if I can’t intervene, it’s up to you to help Yan Chuan. !" Da Huang Zun's voice came.

"Me? I want to go, but, mother, I only have 10 Heavenly Layer, I can't help!" Le'er said with a grieved expression.

"Ten 3 Heavenly Layer is enough. Collect all the phoenixes, and then I can mobilize all my strength. Hongjun has a lot of plans. If he is in the Third Age, he will win. Unfortunately, there is No one can stop a mistake, and no one can stop it. You can only rely on you, Le'er, Yan Chuan is about to face life and death, are you willing to help him?" Da Huang Zun's voice came.

"I am willing, mother, what should I do?" Le'er said immediately.

"Collect the venerable phoenixes, refining into your eggshells, and mobilize my power. There are five in Mo Yuxi, and there is a mighty phoenix, and I will guide you whereabouts!" Zun's voice came.

"Yes, yes!" Le'er said immediately.

In turn, Le'er immediately looked towards Mo Yuxi in doubt.

"My mother just gave me a sound transmission, Yu Xi sister, Husband is in danger, please help me!" Le Er anxiously said.

"Danger?" Mo Yuxi suddenly became anxious.

"How can I help?" Mo Yuxi said eagerly.

"I want the Venerable of the Dark Phoenix, the Venerable of the Thunder Phoenix, the Venerable of the Fire Phoenix, the Venerable of the Ice Phoenix, the Venerable of the Azure Phoenix, I want to be fast!" Le'er said.

"Can you save Yan Chuan?" Mo Yuxi asked in surprise.

"Mother said yes, but these five are given to you by Husband, I...!" Le Ernuo said.

Mo Yuxi without the slightest hesitation, open your chest quickly.


In Mo Yuxi's body, the five streams of light suddenly burst into dazzling rays of light.

"weng!" "weng!" "weng!"………………

Five light clusters slowly emerged from Mo Yuxi's body. When they emerged, Mo Yuxi's whole person became extremely weak, but at the moment he did not complain at all.


Le'er quickly took out two eggshells, the two upper and lower shells, and they just became one dome.

It is the dome that hatched Le'er.

Five light balls quickly poured into the eggshell.


Mo Yuxi was weak, as if he was about to fall.

Zhao A'fang quickly stepped forward and held Mo Yuxi in a hand.


Above the stars, the killer returned suddenly.

When he returned, his face changed wildly, because he heard a voice.

"In addition to fate, the first under the heavens of the first era?" When the killing emperor flew down, he was still shocked.

I want to create a grand grandeur who kills the emperor back then, and when I meet the grand phoenix, I will also hold the gift of Junior.

The great phoenix is ​​incarnate in seventy-two reincarnations, allowing common people to resurrect and accumulate the world’s heritage. It can be described as a person of great kindness to the common people.

Summon yourself suddenly at this moment?

The killing emperor quickly arrived in Xianyang.

"Queen Le'er, is the sound transmission of the great phoenix respected to me, let me come!" Killing Emperor said seriously.

Le'er received five phoenixes. Looking at the killing emperor, "my mother said, she will guide us to find the last majestic phoenix. It's hard work!"

"It should be!" the killing emperor said seriously.

Suddenly, a pointer appeared in the hearts of the two of them.

"Queen, gone!" Said the Emperor.

With a flick of sleeve, roll up Le'er and head towards the west.

The killing of the emperor was extremely hard, and the speed was extremely fast, and it didn't take long for him to reach the central heaven continent.

central heaven continent.

The Tomb clan felt the vibration of Heaven and Earth, and it was also shocked at this moment.

At the request of the Immortal King tomb, the tomb clan also lends their strength to Yan Chuan. Even if they have enemies, they can face their fate at this moment, and the Immortal King also knows what the general situation is. Unanimously external.

"Patriarch, hehe, I will wait for my weakness and rest for a while before leaving!" The tomb bone said with a bitter smile.


Before the tomb of Immortal King opened his mouth, a gust of wind suddenly appeared.

Said Emperor arrived with Queen Le'er.

"Kill the emperor?" Tomb Immortal King complexion sank.

Today's own strength can't be compared to Killing the Emperor.

The grave clan is like an enemy.

However, at this moment, Killing Emperor did not speak, but Le'er took a step forward.

Looking at everyone's weakness, Le'er immediately understood the reason.

"Le'er is on behalf of Husband, thank you for your generous lending!" Le'er solemnly said to everyone.

"Queen Great Zhen, what do you want?" Immortal King said solemnly at the grave.

Le'er breathes deeply: "My mother said, the Venerable Phoenix is ​​in the hands of the bones of the grave, and my mother wants me to get it back!"

"Your mother?" Everyone's eyelids One pick.

Le’er’s identity may not be known to others, but within the Tomb clan of reincarnation cultivation is very clear.

First under the heavens. Dahuang Zun.

Da Huang Zun said?

A shivered bone in the tomb.

I looked at the grave of Immortal King and saw that the grave of Immortal King did not speak, and seriously said: "Okay, so, here you are!"


The tomb's phosphorous bones did not dare to be forced to stay, and gradually forced the majesty of the phoenix out.


Inhale the two eggshells, and suck the breeze into the body.


The two eggshells are perfectly integrated.

"Mother, what should I do now?" Leer said curiously.

"Swallow them, they will naturally melt into your body, but they can mobilize all my strength once!" The voice of the Great Phoenix Venerable came.


Le'er urged her to lay it down, and the egg body gradually became smaller. At the end, Le'er opened her mouth and swallowed the egg.


Leer Zhou Che, suddenly burst into a vast array of rays of light.

“bang! ”

rays of light ten thousand zhang, radiating four directions.

"Ten, nineteen colors?" Immortal King of the grave said in horror.

“bang! ”“bang! ”“bang! ”………………

All directions, all of the Samsara Channels suddenly skyrocketed, and all around the earth was trembling. Endlessly, the seventy-two reincarnations suddenly floated all around in Le'er. The power of trembling, Straight Clashing Nine Heavens.


Wujizhi in.

Yan Chuan's consciousness retreated from Wu Zhao's body shockingly.

Hong Jun, actually trapped his fate? isn't this too ridiculous?

On the Great Emperor's altar.

Two Yan Chuan merge quickly.

Under the divine ability of Meow Meow and Butterfly Empress, Qi Luck, Merit, Fortune, and Luck are all combined into one, turning into Qi Numbers, and the Qi Numbers poured into two Yan Chuan's bodies.

"hong long long!"

The two Yan Chuan bodies are almost fused, the human body and the zombie body are gradually united, but there is still a strong repulsive force in the body.

However, under the miracle of aura, this repulsive force slowly disappeared.

Zhong Shan protects Yan Chuan and Miao Miao.

Yan Chuan saw the departure of the Emperor Killer, and with a hint of curiosity, he went towards Heaven and Earth.

"hong long long!"

The fusion of Yan Chuan is becoming more and more successful. Eighteen-color rays of light burst out all over his body, and among the eighteen-color rays of light, it is vaguely , With the nineteenth color rays of light.

"Meow, once Yan Chuan is successfully integrated, it will be Ten Nine Layers Heaven!" Meow said excitedly.

Although Yan Chuan was shocked by the strength of Hongjun, he still pays more attention to himself at this moment.


A huge force came from Yan Chuan's body.

Yan Chuan's feet broke the Great Emperor altar.

Yan Chuan finally left the Great Emperor altar.

In Promise, continue to blend together.


On the other side, Wu Zhao's body.

At this moment, Wu Zhao's consciousness is annihilated, and only Hongjun remains trapped in his fate.

No matter how fate is struggling, he can't break away from this confinement.

"Hongjun? You really surprised me, but if you want to trap me, no one is impossible!" Ming Shu shouted.

Amid the roar, Heaven and Earth suddenly burst into dazzling rays of light.

Nineteen-color rays of light suddenly gushing out of the whole world, coming straight to the Great Emperor altar.


The Great Emperor's altar gushes out the rolling power again, and rushes directly at Wu Zhao's body.

"I am the soul of Heaven and Earth, I am trapped, Heaven and Earth naturally provide me with strength to destroy this fleshy body!" Fate number coldly said.

Hongjun sits on the big net of Mingshu.

"Your fate has been frozen by me. I can't contact Heaven and Earth. There are only three thousand Heavenly Dao left to save you instinctively. Unfortunately, they can't save you!" Hongjun indifferently said.

while speaking, Hongjun flicked the dust.


In Heaven and Earth, nine small balls suddenly flew out, and the small balls came straight into Wu Zhao's body.

One of them flew out from Yan Chuan, but it was a small ball leading to Purple Heaven Palace.

“weng! ”

Nine balls are unified, and then Wu Zhao's body and the Great Emperor's altar circle are suddenly forbidden to enter.


Entering the sphere, immediately cut off the help from the power between Heaven and Earth.

"What? You cut off Heaven and Earth's help to me? How did you do it? Impossible! Three thousand Heavenly Dao instinctively saved me, how could it be blocked by you?" Ming Shi said anxiously.

"Heaven and Earth are all known as definite numbers, the number of Dayan is fifty, the definite number is 49, and the variable is one of them!" Hongjun said indifferently.

"Here? Is the world of variables?" Mingshu suddenly surprised.

"I said, you can't escape, the world thinks I can't subdue you, but unfortunately, I let others down, and the variables are overwhelmed. You are already exhausted, fate, for your thoughts Pay the price!" Hongjun said indifferently.

while speaking, one after another azure light shrouded towards the consciousness of fate.

"What are you going to do?" Fate Number Consciousness asked in surprise.

"Sleep, let me master all your powers and benefit the common people!" Hongjun said indifferently, flicking the dust, countless azure lights rushing away in consciousness.

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