The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1603

"What are you going to do?" Fate Consciousness asked in surprise.

"Sleep, let me master all your powers and benefit the common people!" Hongjun said indifferently, flicking the dust, countless azure lights rushing away in consciousness.

Fate counted and smiled with anger: "hahahaha, Hongjun, you really have a deep plan."

Hongjun didn't speak, and shook the dust in his hand.


Suddenly, on the big fate network, the lines of fate cells were cut and opened, spreading towards all directions, as if fate was about to be abolished.

If the connection is cut off, you will not be able to control the common people.


one after another azure energy permeates all directions, as if hypnotizing life.

The variable world, Purple Heaven Palace.

This is the solar system where the so-called Earth is located.

The first world is no longer able to connect with Mingshu.

Under the urging of Hongjun, the consciousness of fate gradually became drowsy. The fateful number is unwilling after all.

"Hongjun, you will regret it, you hateful worm, I will wake up soon, and soon it will be your death date!" Ming Shu said in a daze.

"stubborn!" Hongjun said indifferently.

The first world, Heaven and Earth vibrates.

Although Fate is the enemy of the world, it has another identity, the soul of Heaven and Earth. The common people live for themselves and contradict Fate, but Fate is the soul of Heaven and Earth and has its own. Absolute consciousness.

Heaven and Earth Pentium, after breaking the connection with the fate.

Suddenly, the outer western continents of the four realms moved closer to each other.

"hong long long!"

Instinctively, the outer western continent is rapidly merging.

The outer western continent is in chaos.

The Great Evil World, Great Good World, Great Thousand World, First World, and Last Continent are finally integrated.

Countless powerhouses all over the world are showing panic.


Central heaven continent, Leer mobilizes 72 Samsara Power, suddenly, the outer western continent has undergone drastic changes.

Standing next to him was the Immortal King and the tomb of Killing Emperor.

"The four worlds are united, will they be completely united?" The Emperor Shao said in astonishment.

"Severing The Three Corpses, combining the three corpses, transcending the most holy?" Immortal King complexion sank tomb.

"What do you mean?" Le'er wondered.

"The big plan of fate is finally completed, Heaven and Earth is detached, Heaven and Earth is about to eternity, achieving immortality, and fate will surely benefit again! The destruction of life is imminent?" Grave Immortal King complexion changed.

"Huh?" Le'er said in surprise.


Eastern territory, Eastern Palace.

Dongfang Bubai suddenly looked towards the west.

"The four realms are finally united perfectly, immortality? Hongjun, can you still be trapped? The situation is over, how can you be sleepy again? Time, if you can give me some more time, then I should How great!" Dongfang Bubai sighed.

While speaking, Dongfang Bubai stepped towards Wuji.

In Promise.

Miao Miao and Dihou Hou use the second divine ability to integrate Qi Luck, Merit, Fortune Road, and Fortune to form Qi.

At this moment, Yan Chuan's body has been completely integrated.

Queen of Die and Meow Miao pale for a while.

Zhong Shan guarded the two girls and handed them to Yan Chuan.

"Bring it back to Heaven and Earth, they are too weak at the moment to withstand the slightest bumps!" Zhong Shan said.

Yan Chuan nodded, turned to looked towards the body and said: "So, the body will take care of you!"

"Don't worry!" Zhongshan is nodded.

Yin Tong Yan Chuan flicked his sleeves, and quickly headed towards Heaven and Earth with Meow and Butterfly.

Zhong Shan looked at Yan Chuan's body not far away.

The human body Yan Chuan and zombie Yan Chuan have been combined into one.

At this moment, the vitality and life power are gathered, Yan Chuan is full of eighteen-color rays of light. Among the rays of light, the nineteenth color flashes and flashes, as if it blooms at any time.

Yan Chuan has reached the most critical moment, can he hit Ten Nine Layers Heaven at any time?

Zhong Shan stood by. At the same time, I looked at a small golden ball. Among the small balls, there is the place where Zhong Shan was born, Earth. To be precise, the small ball is the solar system, which is the Purple Heaven Palace.

Seeing Purple Heaven Palace, Zhong Shan understood that Hongjun had taken the shot, and his fate was trapped in it.

"Hongjun? Really rigorous schemes and deep foresight!" Zhong Shan exclaimed.


Suddenly, Heaven and Earth trembled in the distance.

Zhong Shan turned his head and looked around, but saw that the four outer western continents were rapidly merging.

"Four realms in one?" Zhongshan complexion changed.

"It's going to be a major event!" Zhong Shan said with an ugly expression.

The unity of the four worlds is the perfect day of Heaven and Earth.

At this moment, what will happen to the fate?


Dongfang Bubai steps into Promise.

"Master!" Lotus God immediately flew over and said respectfully.

Dongfang Bubai ignored it, but stared at the golden ball in the distance very cautiously.

Under my eyes, Dongfang Bubai seems to be able to see everything inside.


The land of the four continents is completely one.


In an instant, countless rays of sunshine were born in the four directions of Heaven and Earth, the nectar from the sky, countless clouds flying, and the billowing spirit rushed straight into the four directions.

World's Essence Qi suddenly became more than a few times richer.

There are no hundreds of people in the world showing a surprised look.

“bang! ”

Above Heaven and Earth, in an instant, endless luster blooms, with twenty colors of luster, and endless radiance.

"Heaven and Earth is perfect?" Lian Shen asked in surprise.

Zhongshan in the distance is also complexion sank.

Heaven and Earth is perfect? Where is the soul of Heaven and Earth?

In Purple Heaven Palace.

Wu Zhao's body is standing on the fire star, and Hongjun has gradually fallen asleep.

The consciousness of fate, the nineteen-color rays of light, the twentieth color flashed and flashed, and suddenly, the twentieth-color rays of light brightened up.


The billowing rays of light suddenly shone everywhere, and in an instant, Wu Zhao's body burst into twenty-color rays of light.

"Heaven and Earth is perfect?" Hongjun complexion sank.

"ka ka ka ka!"

The number of drowsy lives bloomed with twenty-color rays of light, and gradually a sound of breaking the ban came out. Fate slowly regained consciousness.


There was a long cry, and the fate was surprised and angry, and he woke up.

"hong long long!"

Wu Zhao's body suddenly couldn't bear the shock of this consciousness, and there were a lot of cracks.

Hongjun complexion changed.

"Make up!" Hongjun waved his probing hand.

“bang! ”

Endless antimatter rushed straight in, filling Wu Zhao quickly, so that Wu Zhao’s body would not be destroyed.

"hahahaha, Hongjun, I woke up, I woke up, you lost, hahahaha!" The sound of fateful laughter came.

"Twenty Heavens?" Hongjun showed an ugly color.

"If it was the Third Age, if you did this, I would really be plotted against by you. Unfortunately, this is the Fourth Age. Heaven and Earth had already cut off the three corpses, and the three corpses became one again. , This is the general trend, no need for me to do anything, nor do I need to do anything else, Heaven and Earth can instinctively be perfect. I succeeded, twenty heaven, Hongjun, you lose! Just enter Heaven and Earth, I will be even more detached, immortality." Ming Shu laughed.


The fate instantly impacted Wu Zhao's body and took control of this body.

Step on the Great Emperor's altar, instantly out of Purple Heaven Palace, appearing in Promise.


Shouting loudly, blooming dazzling twenty-color rays of light.

rays of light instantly shines all around Promise.

In Heaven and Earth in the distance, the same twenty-color rays of light bloom, and then resonate with the fate, shaking vigorously.

"hong long long!"

The entire world is shaking, and the end is finally coming.

"hahahahaha!" Ming Shu burst into laughter.

Looking at the Purple Heaven Palace not far away, there was a said with a sneer: "Variables? Variable world? Variables and definites combine the numbers of Taiyan, but unfortunately, my definite number is about to be perfect. I don’t need it. Variables are about to become the number of Dayan. What about the variable world? What's the use of keeping it?"

We will catch the life of the Detective.


In the distance, Dongfang Bubai made a sudden shot, quickly grabbing the variable world, and the ball escaped the devil of fate.

"en?" Mingshu's eyes sank and looked towards Dongfang Bubai in the distance.

Dongfang Bubai stepped on the Promise. At this moment, he had no reservations. In an instant, his whole body radiated nineteen-color rays of light, and he immediately met his fate.

"Dongfang Bubai, the first under the heavens of the Second Age, is also the Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" Not far from Zhongshan complexion sank.

Who would have thought that ten Nine Layers Heaven would be born in the Second Age?


Purple Heaven Palace was captured by Dongfang Bubai, suddenly an azure clothed old man appeared in front of him, it was Hongjun, Hongjun took over Purple Heaven Palace, with nineteen-color rays of light.

"Hongjun of the Third Age is also Ten Nine Layers Heaven?" Lian Shen opened his mouth wide, surprised.

"Two Ten Nine Layers Heaven? Oh, there is another one over there that is attacking Ten Nine Layers Heaven? I really looked down on you, these fleshy bugs." Ming Shu said with a hint of surprise.

Not far away Yan Chuan is still hitting Ten Nine Layers Heaven, but the two Ten Nine Layers Heaven in front of him have already shocked his fate.

"It's a pity, a pity!" Hongjun sighed long.

Dongfang Bubai is also worried about his eyes.

The fate of the twenty heavens, at this moment, who can stop it?

"hahahahaha, unfortunately, it’s useless. I said that the four realms are one, and all people have to die. Don’t you want to protect them? You group of worms, now is your death date! "Fate said with a big smile.

"Fate, you are the first creature born for Heaven and Earth......!" Hongjun frowned.

"No, I live with Heaven and Earth. I am the soul of Heaven and Earth. Unlike your group of fleshy worms, you are all parasites on my body. Disgusting, you must die!" Fate coldly said.

"No, fate, Heaven and Earth gave birth to the common people, it is the grace of Heaven and Earth, which is not what you want, but the common people also made Heaven and Earth stronger and prosperous, just like you, if there is no common people, just Without your current invincibility, beg for fate, give up the idea of ​​destroying the common people, the common people would like to respect you as Lord!" Hongjun pleaded again.

"Now you know please? When I wanted to refining me, why didn’t you say? It’s a pity, a pity, that’s impossible. Since the birth of the first creature in Heaven and Earth, I hate you , Disgusting worms. How can I be parasitic on my body? All have to die!" Mingshu coldly said.

Hongjun is faintly sighed.

Knowing that the idea of ​​changing fate is simply not feasible.

"Dongfang Bubai, I need your help!" Hongjun looked towards Dongfang Bubai.

"How to do it?" Dongfang Bubai said directly.

"Prevent life from entering Heaven and Earth. It is the soul of Heaven and Earth. Although it is in the 20th heaven, it is only the soul body. Enter Heaven and Earth to merge Heaven and Earth to achieve transcendence. Entering Heaven and Earth, there is no solution. The common people will be destroyed in an instant. I will block his actions now. I will mobilize all the variables of the variable world and enter my fate for a period of time. Remember, only After a period of time, he will destroy the seal formed by my own destiny. At that time, no one will stop him and everyone will be destroyed!" Hongjun sighed.

"I will do my best to help you!" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

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