The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1607

"Okay!" The emperor agreed.

"So, the best!" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

"However, I need you to help me collect six Yellow Springs Roads!" The emperor breathes deeply.

"Yellow Springs Road?" Yan Chuan asked in confusion.

The six Yellow Springs Roads in the world have been studied by Yan Chuan. Yellow Springs Road is not a powerful magic weapon, but has a special attribute that integrates yin and yang! Located in one place, the Yin-Yang two sectors will no longer be significantly divided, and they can shuttle the Yin-Yang two sectors. Other capabilities are limited. Although they can also be used for combat, the formidable power is not large.

"Yes!" The emperor solemnly nodded.

"No problem, there are six Yellow Springs Roads in the world, one for the outer southern continent and one for the outer northern continent. The Da Shizun is here. Zizi has one, and there is also one for the Emperor. The nest once was Article, it's also with Meow!" Yan Chuan nodded.

Six Yellow Springs Roads, Yan Chuan agreed without asking the reason.

"en!" Huang nodded.

The emperor followed Yan Chuan, slowly stepping out of the Hall of Immortality.

Outside the hall, all dísciples are waiting.

"Yan Chuan, if I don't stop, you can help me take care of them!" the emperor breathes deeply.

"You, no more?" Yan Chuan said blankly.

The emperor didn't say any more, but between the steps, a huge vortex suddenly appeared under his feet.


The dísciples retreated quickly in surprise.

"Seventy-two reincarnation, listen to my order, get up!" The emperor suddenly complexion sank.


A huge Samsara Channel soars up into the sky, forming a huge pillar, able to support both heaven and earth.

Yan Chuan waited on the sidelines.

“bang! ”“bang!” “bang! ”………………

A series of 72 samsara, soaring up into the sky, forming a vast vortex shape pillar.

The blue vortex column rotates quickly, and a large number of ghosts that can be clearly seen are performing Samsara Reincarnation inside.

Heaven and Earth square, almost all Phoenix seems to feel.

"Moon!" "Moon!"…………

Countless Phoenix screams like pilgrimage.

Heaven and Earth oscillates, Yin-Yang two sectors, billowing blue energy washes the Quartet.

Countless powerhouses stared blankly at the billowing energy, billowing blue energy seemed to connect all life forms, quickly pulled out of the blue life form, and quickly gathered towards the Yin Sector Inner North Island.

"hong long long!"

The seventy-two samsara roared, and endless energy was extracted and returned.

"Go!" The emperor opened the mouth and said.

while speaking, the emperor rises to the sky.

Behind him, there are 72 reincarnations, like 72 phoenix tails, huge.

Flicking again and again, can drive countless powerhouses to show awe.

Yan Chuan stepped, soaring to the sky, and in a blink of an eye, the two rushed out of Heaven and Earth, entered the Promise, and then, headed towards the New World.

"hong long long!"

The two and the 72 samsara, enter the new Heaven and Earth.

Soon came to a territory.

"Seventy-two reincarnation, make a New World!" The emperor opened the mouth and said.

“bang! ”

Seventy-two reincarnations, crashing into the earth, endless blue energy, covering the entire New World in an instant, faintly, disappeared.

Samsara Power is everywhere.

"Reincarnation? Rooted. From then on, there is only this place, there is reincarnation!" Huang said seriously.

"en!" Yan Chuan was satisfied and nodded.

Not far away, Zhong Shan also came.

"Zhong Shan, you and I are going to migrate to the common people!" Yan Chuan opened the mouth and said.

"Okay!" Zhong Shan answered.

"Emperor, if not, you can live here first, I will help you collect six Yellow Springs Roads. I haven't seen them for many years, and I want to see you too!" Yan Chuan persuaded.

The emperor looked at Yan Chuan with a complex expression, a wry smile flashed in his eyes.

"en!" Huang nodded.

The emperor stayed temporarily.

However, Zhong Shan and Yan Chuan are migrating quickly.

"Great Emperor, good news, it's a success, a new baby has been born in New World!" An official came happily.

"Oh? Take me to see!" Yan Chuan said.


Soon, Yan Chuan came out of a house.

At this moment, Zhong Shan also arrived, looking for the newborn baby.

"Wow, wow...!"

The baby cries loudly.

Zhong Shan's probe hand touched the baby's head.


The baby was slightly trembled, and then the baby stopped crying, a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes.

I looked at everyone all around, and finally saw Yan Chuan and Zhong Shan.

The baby shivered suddenly, and said: "old man, old man pays homage to the Great Emperor, old man actually reincarnated? See the Great Emperor, greet the Great Emperor!"

The baby was obviously too excited, calling himself an old man, and everyone watching was dumbfounded.

"Reincarnated!" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

"en!" Yan Chuan nodded.

The baby was handed over to this family, Yan Chuan and Zhong Shan left again.

"It is the reason of the 72 reincarnation!" Zhong Shan faintly sighed.

Yan Chuan is also very heavy.

"Migrate to the common people first, a year is about to come, fate will be out of trouble at any time, old Heaven and Earth, we can't keep it, no matter what the final result, New World, is the root!" Yan Chuan faintly sighed.

Zhongshan is nodded.

"Unfortunately, New World cannot give birth to new souls, but new lives can only be born through reincarnation, but after death, some souls flew away and scattered. The souls continue to dissipate, and the number of creatures cannot grow. , If this continues, the common people will become less and less, until the end, complete destruction!" Zhong Shan sighed.

"This is already the best way. Please work harder in the future. It is not a short period of time. It may be more than ten thousand years. During this period, no one knows what happens. You and I set The new law prohibits all soul-destroying battles. The ban on fighting for the common people may drag on longer!" Yan Chuan said.

"Unfortunately, the secret of the birth of a new soul is still in the old world, and the Netherworld River has not been able to solve it!" Zhong Shan sighed.

"You and I will work hard to comprehend, and when the old world is comprehend and the new cause of life is born, we will destroy the old world!" Yan Chuan said solemnly.

"Okay!" Zhong Shan nodded.

Next, the two moved quickly to the common people.

The common people are also extremely cooperative.

Until half a year later, in addition to the eastern borders, almost all the common people and plants in the world migrated to New World.

The tomb of Immortal King, the lotus god and the others looked blankly at the barren world.


The gate of the Oriental Palace opened suddenly.

"Master!" cried the two.

But Dongfang Bubai walked out slowly.

Dongfang Bubai left the customs, first look at all around.

"What happened?" Dongfang Bubai said solemnly.

Lian Shen quickly recounted everything.

"Oh? New World? No matter how Yan Chuan is tossing about it, and the common people are migrating, it is good, and it is convenient for me to carry out my plan!" Dongfang Bubai was sure.

"Plan?" Lian's Divine Eyes lit up.

"It's time, I want to let this Heaven and Earth turning upside down, I want to let the fate count, no more homes, Heaven and Earth turning upside down, fate to die!" Dongfang Bubai looked up at the sky, said solemnly.

"Master?" Lotus said curiously.

Dongfang Bubai suddenly looked towards the starry sky, three thousand superstars, in the second era, Dongfang Bubai refining these three thousand stars with three thousand fleshy bodies. The layout of Dongfang Bubai.

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