The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1608

New World, inside a great hall.

Yan Chuan faces the emperor.

In front of Yan Chuan, six yellow pillars stand in a row. Under the urging of Yan Chuan, they are like a big yellow river, upstream.

"Six Yellow Springs Roads!" Yan Chuan said.

The emperor nodded, squeezed his hand.


Six Yellow Springs Roads flew to the emperor's all around in an instant, and the emperor's surroundings also exudes a 19-color rays of light.

Gradually, these six Yellow Springs Roads merge into each other.

"hong long long!"

Yellow Springs Road is boiling, but under the emperor's suppression, it is still rapidly blending together.


Gradually, the six Yellow Springs Roads have completely merged, and the yellow has gradually turned into a transparent color, like a clear river rising into the sky.

The emperor looked at the azure river in front of him, gloomy and uncertain in his eyes for a while.

His eyes constricted, and he wanted to continue casting the spell, but, frowned, suddenly stopped, as if he was struggling in his heart.

"What's wrong?" Yan Chuan said curiously.

"It's nothing, you go, I'll take a look again!" The emperor said with a bitter smile.

"There must be something, emperor, I don’t know why Dahuangzun gave up the chance of rebirth and handed over the power to you, but, I think, there must be a certain purpose, please let me know, okay ?" Yan Chuan stepped forward.

"No!" Huang shook his head.

The emperor refused again, Yan Chuan shouldn’t ask any more, but thinking of the emperor’s flash of grief just now, Yan Chuan said again: "Emperor, what's the matter?"

"I said it's okay, it won't hurt you, even, it can be of great benefit to you, don't ask!" The emperor said annoyed.

But the more so, the more Yan Chuan asked: "It's great for me? I don't understand, what does this have to do with me?"

"Don't ask anymore !" The emperor said bitterly.

"No, I want to know!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

The emperor looked at Yan Chuan, his expression was extremely complicated for a moment, and there was a feeling of love, unwillingness, and sadness in his eyes.

Since a while, the emperor sighed. In the end said with a bitter smile: "Actually, I am just a stand-in for Le'er!"


"Yes, to perfect you, or to perfect Dongfang Bubai's stand-in!" Emperor nodded.

"What do you mean?"

"Lifeless soul? There is no life pattern, the purest soul body can be melted into anyone, my mother is transformed into 72 reincarnations , Collect the power of endless reincarnation, and reincarnate absolutely, in order to just inherit all the power to me, and then use the characteristics of my lifeless soul to integrate all the power into another Ten Nine Layers Heaven powerhouse, without seeking to reach two Ten heavens, the least, reaching ten Nine Layers Heaven Peak, beyond the fate!" said the emperor.


"The fate of the 20th heaven is already invincible at this moment, but my mother’s last wish is to do her best to fight the fate of the world, so I will eventually To complete you, and Yellow Springs Road is the key to this. Once Yellow Springs enters the body, my consciousness will be completely wiped out and become a real power for you to melt together!" The emperor said with a bitter smile.

"Fuse you?" Yan Chuan raised his eyelids.

"Yes, I'm like a treasure of heaven and earth, let you eat me!" Angrily flashed in the emperor's eyes.

"Eat it? No, I'm impossible to do it!" Yan Chuan said with firm eyes.

"But, is this the only way to fight the number of lives in the end?"

"Impossible!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

At this time, the emperor was anxious: "Why?"

Yan Chuan looked towards the emperor, there was also an inscrutable feeling in his eyes. Stubborn attitude.

"Yan Chuan, although I am sorry, I am more willing to fulfill you than Dongfang Bubai!" The emperor said anxiously.


Suddenly, a loud noise entered the great hall.

It was Zhong Shan who suddenly broke through the door of the great hall.

"Zhongshan?" Yan Chuan looked towards Zhongshan at the entrance of the temple with a puzzled look.

"Old world, something went wrong!" Zhong Shan called.


Yan Chuan and Huang quickly stepped out of the great hall.

I looked up at the old world in Promise, but saw that the old world was trembling crazily.

"hong long long!"

The whole old world, twenty-color rays of light bloom, and in the old world within the realm, the three thousand superstars are very dazzling.

"Dongfang Bubai's actions!" Zhong Shan frowned.

"Dongfang Bubai?" Yan Chuan complexion changed.

"We have not had time to comprehend the mystery of the old world, and how to give birth to a new soul. At this time, if the old world is destroyed by Dongfang Bubai, then we will never have a chance again!" Zhong Shan anxiously said.

"If the old world is destroyed by Dongfang Bubai, even if there is no life, the common people will slowly go extinct!" Zhong Shan said anxiously.

"No, Dongfang Bubai must be stopped!" Yan Chuan complexion changed.

“bang! ”

Yan Chuan, Zhong Shan, and Huang immediately soared into the sky, rushed into the Promise, and then quickly shot towards the old world.

In Promise, there are three worlds.

Old world, New World, variable world.

Within the realm, the fate is trapped in the sun by Hongjun. At the moment, it seems to feel something, in a fast struggle.

"hong long long!" In the sun, Hongjun's body twisted for a while, trying to bind his fate.

However, Fate seems to know that something bad has happened.

"Hongjun, you worm, let me go!" Mingshu roared.

Hongjun didn't say a word.

"Do you think that by mobilizing the power of the entire variable world, you can trap me? Humph, at worst, I don't want Wu Zhao's body, I can break the seal as well!" Ming Shu shouted.

“bang! ”“bang! ”“bang! ”…………

The fate collided again and again, and was breaking the seal with all his strength.

The variable world at this moment is in a frantic tremor.

The power of fate is too strong, even the entire variable world seems to be unable to resist, as if the entire variable world is about to collapse.


Old world.


Yan Chuan, Zhongshan, Huang flew to the Foreign Domain in the eastern border.

Outside the Oriental Palace.

Dongfang Bubai is white clothed, extremely holy, with long hair draped and arrogant.

Three thousand stars above the head, slowly rotating. Above the three thousand stars, there is a big net in a vague manner.

"Fuxi's push-sky net, three thousand stars?" Zhong Shan said solemnly.

Suddenly, the Zi Wei star brightened.

“bang! ”

Zi Wei star bursts out with a dazzling purple light, and suddenly forms a monstrous purple pillar.


As soon as the Zi Wei star pillar appeared, another huge purple pillar appeared out of thin air.

"Heavenly Dao?" Yan Chuan's eyes condensed.

Isn't this a Heavenly Dao in the old world?

"Broken!" Dongfang Bubai shouting loudly.

Zi Wei star giant pillar, crashed into the Heavenly Dao.

“bang! ”

The Heavenly Dao trembles, and the entire Heaven and Earth shakes.

"Dongfang Bubai, what are you going to do?" Yan Chuan exclaimed.

Dongfang Bubai, is this going to destroy the Heavenly Dao?

Dongfang Bubai took a look at Yan Chuan and the others, faintly smiled and said: "Yan Chuan, Zhong Shan, Huang, you are here, not to mention, watch me change the gift!"

"Change the sky?" Zhong Shan asked in confusion.

Yan Chuan stared in his eyes: "Three thousand stars? Three thousand Heavenly Dao? Dongfang Bubai, do you want to use these three thousand stars instead of three thousand Heavenly Dao?"

"En?" The emperor was also surprised.

"Yes, in the past, my goddess had destroyed Heavenly Dao. It proved that Heavenly Dao is breakable. I want to break the three thousand Heavenly Dao, crush it into pieces, and transform it with three thousand stars. For the new Three Thousand Heavenly Dao, Sovereign, Heaven and Earth, recreate the fate!" Dongfang Bubai said.


"So, the fate of the past will be cut off from this Heaven and Earth, and I will become the new fate of this world!" Dongfang Bubai confidently Incomparable.

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