The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1609

"So, the fate of the past will be cut off from this Heaven and Earth, and I will become the new fate of this world!" Dongfang Bubai said confidently.

"Crush Heavenly Dao and recast a new Heavenly Dao? Incarnation of fate?" Yan Chuan raised his brow.

"It can be said that the three thousand stars are all selected very carefully for the sake of today's situation, and I have overcome all difficulties. The original three thousand Heavenly Dao, But it crushed it into countless scattered rules, and then three thousand stars ruled all the rules, recasting a new Heavenly Dao!" Dongfang Bubai seriously said.

Lian Shen said on the side: "Master, if you recast Heavenly Dao, then Heaven and Earth turning upside down, all changes will destroy the entire Heaven and Earth. In this way, the number of lives will be lost. , It's like the soul has lost the fleshy body and will die soon?"

"It is indeed possible!" Immortal King beside the grave also exclaimed.

Dongfang Bubai nodded.

"No!" Yan Chuan called out abruptly.


"Heaven and Earth turning upside down, all the laws of that world will collapse, this Heaven and Earth is likely to be abolished, my new Heaven and Earth still has a problem that hasn't been overcome, wait for a while!" Yan Chuan said.

"Difficulty?" Dongfang Bubai looked towards Yan Chuan.

"New World, no new soul can be born!" Yan Chuan said truthfully.

"hahaha, when a new soul is born, don’t think about it, New World, no matter how perfect it is, it is also a clone. How can a clone give birth to a new soul? That is a creative birth, New World impossible is completed, because this world is the origin, and only this world can give birth to a new soul!" Dongfang Bubai shook his head.

"There will be a way. I, Zhong Shan, and the emperor will definitely find it, so you need to wait for a while!" Yan Chuan shook his head.

"I don't want to waste time with you!" Dongfang Bubai shook his head.


Three thousand stars are suddenly bright.

The giant network of stars is arranged, and three thousand stars rotate slowly.

"Stop it!"

Yan Chuan shouting loudly, suddenly, a huge imposing manner skyrocketed.


A sea of ​​blood suddenly hiding the sky and covering the earth, flooding all around endless places.

Above the sea of ​​blood, Straight Clashing Nine Heavens on Cypress Avenue, the cypress rotates and quickly connects with three thousand stars, preventing the three thousand stars from continuing to move.

"Cypress? hmph!" Dongfang Bubai coldly snorted.

The imposing manner all over his body is soaring, and he is also quickly mobilizing the stars, rolling resistance, and heading straight for the cypress.

Three thousand stars were created by Dongfang Bubai, and Dongfang Bubai naturally mastered it more delicately.

But cypress trees can also be mobilized. Therefore, the two Big Ten Nine Layers Heaven stalemate for a while.

"Yan Chuan, where do you come from and where do you go, I don't want to be your enemy for the time being!" Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

"Your plan will hinder the survival of the common people. If it fails, the common people will be destroyed!" Yan Chuan called.

"Destruction? This is the best way to deal with fate. After Heaven and Earth turning upside down, even if fate is not dead, he will not be able to borrow from Heaven and Earth. He will be weak and I will become Heaven and Earth fate, with the help of Power of Heaven and Earth, you can fight one!" Dongfang Bubai stubbornly said.

"I said, no!" Yan Chuan shouted.

"hmph!" Dongfang Bubai coldly snorted.

In an instant, the two Big Ten Nine Layers Heaven slapped a palm.


Giant palms collided, nineteen-color rays of light, shining everywhere.

Bump impact, go straight to the square.

Zhong Shan and Huang, waved quickly to protect all around.

This time, the two did not intervene, because Dongfang Bubai’s plan blocked Yan Chuan’s plan, but it was feasible, and more importantly, the fate was out of trouble at any time without time. too much.


Yan Chuan and Dongfang Bubai held a stalemate with their palms, their faces were full of hideous colors, staring at each other coldly, not giving way to each other, in strength In aspect, the two are almost equal.

"Okay, okay, okay, Yan Chuan? In the Quaternary Period, your growth is really rapid, the troubled times are heroes, the first under the heavens in the Quaternary Period?" Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

"hmph!" Yan Chuan coldly snorted did not persuade.

Both are extremely stubborn people, each has its own goals, so it is impossible to persuade each other, so, if you do not win or lose from the strength, you will have more say .

"hong long long!"

The two continue to exert their strength, trying to defeat each other.

Although there are various means, but at this moment, those spells, means, everything seems fancy, so the two are just facing each other.

"bang!" "bang!"…………

All around there was a burst of air, but they were all protected by the emperor and Zhongshan.

"You can't stop me, explode for me!" Dongfang Bubai shouting loudly.


The Zi Wei star is bright, and the three thousand stars are also bright, and the force is rushing towards Purple Heavenly Dao in a sudden.

“bang! ”

Super heavy blow, sweeping the entire Heaven and Earth, the entire world trembled suddenly, and then, the purple Heavenly Dao slammed under the huge force Shattered and opened, turned into thousands of brilliance, spreading Heaven and Earth.

“weng! ”

Zi Wei star suddenly turned into a pillar connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, and then quickly purple light spread all over the world, absorbing countless rules, forming a new Heavenly Dao.

"en?" Yan Chuan complexion changed.

A Heavenly Dao has been replaced?

"Heaven, Cypress!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.


The cypress mobilizes the countless small stars in the shallow star layer, rolling star power straight to the remaining 2999 superstars, preventing the continued destruction of Heavenly Dao.

Dongfang Bubai complexion changed.

"What a cypress tree, what a cypress tree, actually took advantage of this loophole!" Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

Because, under Cypress's full strength, although the three thousand stars cannot be used by the other party, it is not easy to be used by oneself anymore. It seems that the card owner operates in general.

Yan Chuan held Dongfang Bubai with his palm, and Dongfang Bubai was helpless for a while.

"Yan Chuan, you can't stop me, Cypress? It can indeed mobilize three thousand stars, but I can destroy it. My previous name was called one and a half. Do you know why one and a half? ?" Dongfang Bubai icily said.

while speaking, Dongfang Bubai figure trembled, and then, an Avatar flew out of the figure, and the Avatar soared towards the cypress tree.

"en?" Yan Chuan complexion changed.

Yan Chuan felt that Dongfang Bubai's strength in front of him was weaker, but he was still able to entangle himself, but the other Avatar went straight to the cypress tree.

"Taiji One, I am probably! That half Avatar has half of my power! Break for me!" Dongfang Bubai shouted loudly.

The power in his hands skyrocketed again.

"Asshole!" Yan Chuan complexion changed, his hands getting harder.


With a palm, Yan Chuan suppressed Dongfang Bubai.

Yes, the Avatar of Dongfang Bubai has reached the place of the cypress.


A palm hits the cypress tree, although only half the strength of Dongfang Bubai, but even so, it is extremely fierce, and it is not what a cypress can do Resisting.


The huge cypress tree broke apart suddenly, and then, suddenly collapsed, soaring to the sky, being absorbed by three thousand stars, flying ash annihilation Up.

Yan Chuan suppressed Dongfang Bubai, but in the end he couldn't stop the three thousand stars.

"Yan Chuan, the cypress is destroyed, you can't stop me!" Dongfang Bubai said with a big smile.

"Not necessarily, your body is separated from the Avatar, and your strength is also weakened. If I prevent your Avatar from merging with you again, you will not be my opponent, Zhenshi!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly .

The bronze coffin of Zhenshi suddenly fell from the sky and went straight to the Avatar of Dongfang Bubai.


The bronze coffin of Zhenshi is now also formidable power. Yan Chuan gathers Cang Life Power, once again, it is extremely tyrannical.

In an instant, both Dongfang Bubai were suppressed by Yan Chuan.

Dongfang Bubai's face was ugly: "Yan Chuan, if you go on like this, you will only delay time, no one will get good, and you will only kill the common people!"

Yan Chuan didn't want to fight the idea, but after all, the fate hangs over everyone's head like a sword. Yan Chuan was gloomy and uncertain for a while.


Suddenly, in the Promise, the variable world made a loud noise.

Everyone looked.

"Not good, the fate is about to get out of trouble, Hongjun can't stop it!" Zhongshan complexion changed.

I saw that in the sun of the variable world, the body of the cricket swelled and twisted.

"hahaha, Hongjun, Wu Zhao's body, I don't want it anymore, you can't stop me, Aung!" Fate's voice roared.

I can vaguely see, in the transparent body of the cricket, a golden dragon with twenty claws, roaring.

"Twenty-claw Golden Dragon? This is, True Dragon, fateful form, True Dragon body, True Dragon of heaven!" said the emperor complexion sank.

In the distance, the True Dragon came out and once again impacted the body of the cricket.

Even though the cricket is strong, how can he compete with True Dragon, but he can see that a trace of cracks gradually appeared in the body of the cricket.


Hongjun can't hold on anymore?

Everyone is complexion changed.

"Yan Chuan, stop, the fate is about to get out of trouble, it's useless if you block me, your plan is too late, let me come!" Dongfang Bubai shouted loudly.

Yan Chuan was gloomy and uncertain for a while.

Then, quickly retreat.

“bang! ”

Dongfang Bubai and his Avatar merged into one, and the rolling force suddenly exploded.

Yan Chuan breathes deeply, showing a bitter smile, New World, is it really difficult to become a climate?

"Dongfang Bubai, do your best! We will help you together!" Yan Chuan breathes deeply.

At this moment, is it a great decisive battle?

Dongfang Bubai looked at Yan Chuan and did not blame him. After all, it was for the common people.

Looking up, Dongfang Bubai looked towards Three Thousand Stars.

"The stars gather together, break for me, Heavenly Dao!" Dongfang Bubai shouting loudly.

"hong long long!"

Three thousand stars burst into dazzling rays of light, emitting one after another huge beam of light.

“bang! ”

Heavenly Dao suddenly appeared, and then, under the full strength of Dongfang Bubai, the old Heavenly Dao crazily shattered.

"bang!" "bang!" "bang!"………………

One by one Heavenly Dao exploded, and the entire Heaven and Earth was chaotic and magnificent. Incomparable.

Yan Chuan with a flick of sleeve, leaving quickly with the common people of the eastern territory.

Everyone entered Wuji and looked at Heaven and Earth turning upside down in Dongfang Bubai in the distance.

And the variable world.

"damned bastard, you group of worms!" Ming Shu felt that Heaven and Earth was destroyed, and roared. Juli struggled, and the cracks on the body of the cricket grew more and more, as if it broke the seal at any time.

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