The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1612

Golden Dragon swallowed White Dragon. When swallowing, all around Heaven and Earth trembled!

Naturally, fate is not just for venting hatred, it has lost the original sustenance of Innate, and sooner or later he will die in this Promise, but there is still this Dongfang Bubai.

Dongfang Bubai incarnates a new life number and holds the current three thousand Heavenly Dao. If Dongfang Bubai can be refining, then everything will be back on track.


Golden Dragon swallowed White Dragon with a hint of excitement.

"Don't even think about living, hahahaha!" Golden Dragon was in a good mood.

At this moment, Yan Chuan sprinted, and White Dragon only had one head left.

Staring at Yan Chuan, full of despair.

"You, your power? Actually..., it's a pity, a pity, if you did this earlier, we would be able to stop the count, almost, almost!" White Dragon cried angrily.

"hahahaha!" Fate swallowed cheerfully.

"Fate? Do you want to refining me? Become this Heaven and Earth fate again? No, I'm impossible to let you succeed, fate, broken! Scattered in Heavenly Dao!" Dongfang Bubai shouting loudly.

“bang! ”

Dongfang Bubai's body, all the rays of light related to Heavenly Dao, suddenly disappeared. In an instant, three thousand Heavenly Dao could not be contacted.

"What? Bastard!" Golden Dragon was vaguely with a big anger.

Open your mouth and bite White Dragon's head in half, leaving Dongfang Bubai's endless screaming eyes.

The Black Dragon transformed by Yan Chuan crashed into the Golden Dragon.

“bang! ”

The Golden Dragon flew upside down suddenly. The powerful force made Golden Dragon also startled.

"Such power is already close to the 20th heaven. It's a pity, a pity, I destroyed the opportunity. If you still have cypress trees, you can redeploy three thousand Heavenly Dao into a new life. Three thousand Heavenly Dao is the original three thousand stars. If you still have a cypress tree, it will be fine, if you still have a cypress tree!" Dongfang Bubai was full of regret.

Although he didn't speak, his mind trembled and made a sound.

"New fate?" Yan Chuan expression changed.


A seed suddenly appeared on Black Dragon's chest.

In the distance and boundlessness.

Seeing that Dongfang Bubai is about to be swallowed, all the heroes are very anxious.

"Master!" Lian Shen cried out sadly.

Black Dragon ran into Golden Dragon, but still failed to get White Dragon out of trouble.

At this moment, a seed flew out of Black Dragon's chest.

"Is that? The seed of the cypress?" Huang expression changed.

"The seed of the cypress tree? Bai Huang deduced in the past, said that the deduction was in the future, and he left Yan Chuan with a relic. Could it be this seed that I brought to him?" Zhong Shan's expression changed.


"Yes, Baihuang deduced that he could break the future and know the future, but he didn't tell anyone that he could break the future and was discovered by the number , To obliterate Emperor Bai, who left his relics, is this seed?" Zhong Shan doubted.

"The seed of a cypress tree?"

In the distance.

In front of Yan Chuan, the seed flew out, emitting a green light.

"Grandfather's relic, the seed of the cypress tree that I left with the last words to keep close to me?" Yan Chuan expression changed.

Suddenly, Yan Chuan seemed to feel something and understood something.


Open your mouth, Black Dragon spit out a divine light, ten Nine Layers Heaven Peak divine light, natural formidable power is huge.


The seed germinates quickly, and under the nourishment of divine light, it rises rapidly at a terrifying speed, and grows bigger and bigger, straight into the sky, It's huge.

"Heavenly cypress trees?" Lian Shen exclaimed in the distance.

"The cypress tree? Wasn't it destroyed by Dongfang Bubai?"

"Alive again?"

"This was left by Emperor Bai. Waiting at this moment, Emperor Bai really can break the future, hahahaha, Emperor Bai!" Zhong Shan exclaimed excitedly.

And White Dragon, who was about to be completely swallowed, also suddenly saw the regenerating cypress tree.

"Cypress, hahahaha, hahaha, the common people are saved, Bai Huang, you are the Number One Person of ancient and modern times, hahaha, Bai Huang, the common people are saved, Yan Chuan, accept Heavenly Dao Strength, kill the number! Seeing hope in despair, Dongfang Bubai burst into laughter.


White Dragon was completely swallowed by Golden Dragon.

"Noisy!" Golden Dragon twisted his head and said.

Golden Dragon has no idea about Cypress’s ability. After all, he was trapped in the variable world before and did not know the dispute between Dongfang Bubai and Yan Chuan.

"Okay, Dongfang Bubai is dead, now, it is you, Yan Chuan? In a short time, you have become so strong? Unfortunately, if there is Dongfang Bubai, you can barely block me , Remember, just reluctantly, as for now, no one can save you!" Mingshu Golden Dragon icily said.

Yan Chuan suddenly roared.


During the roar, a sea of ​​blood suddenly appeared, and the cypress trees revolved wildly. As they revolved, a divine force rushed toward the Three Thousand Heavenly Dao.


Heavenly Dao Strength quickly poured into Yan Chuan's body. Yan Chuan instantly mobilized three thousand Heavenly Dao!

The entire Power of Heaven and Earth is allocated to Yan Chuan.

Black Giant Dragon seems to have three thousand chains attached to the body, and three thousand Heavenly Dao attached to it.

The power of terror quickly expands the Black Dragon. In a blink of an eye, Black Dragon swelled to the size of dragon-like gold.

A sarcoma bulged in front of Black Dragon's body, as if a twentieth dragon claw grew at any time.

The magnificent imposing manner, the entire Heaven and Earth trembled.

An imposing manner more powerful than Dongfang Bubai.

Yan Chuan has almost gathered all the powers, ten Nine Layers Heaven Peak, plus twenty Heavens Power of Heaven and Earth.

Slightly overflowing with a trace of power, all around suddenly surging like a sea of ​​thunder and lightning.

The fierce anger went straight to the Golden Dragon.

The fate of Golden Dragon, at this moment, his face suddenly sinks.

Just now I was still proud of defeating Dongfang Bubai, the strongest of the common people, and another strongest appeared in a blink of an eye? No, stronger than Dongfang Bubai, much stronger.

Look back at the experience of provoking yourself during this period of life.

Netherworld River, ten 8 Heavenly Layer Peak, invokes the power of New World, and barely reaches ten Nine Layers Heaven.

Fuxi, Heaven Beyond the Heaven battlefield body, realm of Dao Zun, absolutely ten Nine Layers Heaven.

Hongjun, ten Nine Layers Heaven, has more control over the variable world, even if he is trapped.

Dongfang Bubai, ten Nine Layers Heaven, plus twenty heavenly world, already ten Nine Layers Heaven Peak power.

Yan Chuan, ten Nine Layers Heaven Peak power, now plus twenty heavens of the world?

Recalling scenes after scenes, Mingshu discovered a terrifying thing. This group of common people are actually getting stronger and stronger. How could this be? The first era has great good fortune, but that is only the world of ten 8 Heavenly Layers. No, there was a great phoenix who had turned into reincarnation and died early.

In the Quaternary Age, there are ten Nine Layers Heaven one after another. If it weren’t for the twenty heavens, wouldn’t it be over?

"roar!" Ming Shu roared with a flustered voice.

"roar!" Yan Chuan also roared.

By mobilizing Heavenly Dao Strength, Yan Chuan's strength has reached a peak feeling, as if he can use this strength at any time to make breakthroughs.

"Fate, now, is your death date!" Black Dragon roared.


Black Dragon crashed away.

Black Dragon carries endless power. As it flies over, the Yin-Yang two sectors are trembling fast.


The two dragon heads collided, the void was torn innumerably, the rolling force swept all over, and the ground below was blown up.

Dragon horn collided, and no one would let it go. In terms of strength, Yan Chuan was able to formally stalemate with the fate at this moment.

"What?" Fate also roared in shock.

Hongjun trapped him, and didn't care about his fate. After all, Hongjun was just taking a trick, and sooner or later he would break the seal because Hongjun was inferior to himself in terms of strength.

Dongfang Bubai previously blocked himself, and it was not a stalemate, but was suppressed by himself.

But now, Yan Chuan's power is actually equal to himself?

Peer to peer?

Mingshu hates this feeling so much that he is invincible. How can someone be equal to him?


The fate roars, continue to exert force.


Yan Chuan is also roaring, mobilizing three thousand Heavenly Dao Strength, Heavenly Dao trembled, and the world trembled, but the strength of the rolling twenty heavens is still Constantly pouring into Yan Chuan's body.

This kind of purest force collided. Although Yan Chuan did not win, Yan Chuan saw that under this strong pressure, the sarcoma at the front of the body was growing rapidly.

The twentieth claw is slowly growing?

Yan Chuan's eyes are bright.

In the Promise, other people were overjoyed when they saw Yan Chuan's fate is evenly divided.

"Good, good, good!" Zhong Shan said three good times.

Lian Divine Eyes looked at the fate with hatred, and when she saw that Yan Chuan's strength did not lose the fate, she also squeezed her fist and prayed for Yan Chuan.

At this moment of life, although the common people can only see a vague outline, they also understand that the Black Dragon is Yan Chuan, the Golden Dragon is the fate, and the two dragons will lose no one.

"Maybe, the Great Emperor can win!"

"Maybe, we can lose our lives!"

"Maybe, the common people can be saved!"




The world is full of prayers The sound, countless prayers, like one after another powerful aspiration, gathered in Yan Chuan's body through Wuji.

The sarcoma in front of Black Dragon grows faster.

"ang!" Ming Shu shouted angrily.


Under the feet of the two dragons, Heaven and Earth turning upside down, the earth is rapidly cracking, and then countless fragments are formed into the sky.

Three thousand Heavenly Dao shine, and the power of twenty heavens is continuously poured into the black dragon body.

"ang!" Black Dragon refused to give up, roaring fiercely.

Yan Chuan feels that he is getting stronger and stronger. Continue to persevere, and my heart becomes more and more excited.

The fate is getting more and more anxious.

"Impossible, you worms, how can you sprint to such a degree!" Fateful roared unwillingly.

"Why not? Fate, the soul of Heaven and Earth? I think, you are wrong, everyone is the soul of Heaven and Earth, but you are the first to be born, you take away the common people All the good fortune of Heaven and Earth, you dominate all the well-being of the common people, and you control the fortune of life. Therefore, you believe oneself infallible the soul of Heaven and Earth. Actually, you are wrong. Every creature born from Heaven and Earth is the one of Heaven and Earth. Soul, you are True Dragon, in fact, everyone is a True Dragon, everyone is the soul of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth has spirituality because of the common people, and the common people are the soul of Heaven and Earth!" Yan Chuan coldly said.

"No, I am the soul of Heaven and Earth!"

"No, everyone is like a dragon, everyone is the soul of Heaven and Earth, and everyone is a Spirit Of Heaven and Earth, I also understand why New World cannot give birth to a new soul, because soul is only the soul of this Heaven and Earth, how can other worlds be born the soul of this world, how can the soul of this world be born? Everyone is the soul of Heaven and Earth, everyone is like a dragon!" Yan Chuan said, staring suddenly.

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