The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1613

"No, everyone is like a dragon, everyone is the soul of Heaven and Earth, and everyone is the Spirit of Heaven and Earth. I also understand why New World cannot give birth to a new soul, because the soul is just this The soul of Heaven and Earth, other worlds, how can the soul of this world be born, how can the soul of this world be born? Everyone is the soul of Heaven and Earth, everyone is like a dragon!" Yan Chuan stared suddenly and said .


"Absurd!" Golden Dragon roared anxiously. He is not willing to accept this fact at all.


The two dragons continued to fight each other.

The powerful force is concentrated in the two corners. The strength of the stalemate formed a vast expanse of thunder hell, wrapping two Great Jue powerhouses.

"ka ka ka!"

In the front of Black Dragon, the sarcoma is getting bigger and bigger, and gradually, there is a sense of breaking the seal.

At this moment, Three Thousand Heavenly Dao Strength is still pouring strength into Black Dragon continuously.

The common people's aspiration continued to converge, Yan Chuan almost swept all the power and resisted the fate.

In the end, the number of lives is blocked, and he can no longer attack.

"Impossible, roar!" Fate roared.

The force has been mobilized to the maximum, but he can't force the Black Dragon. Even, I can feel that Black Dragon is getting stronger and stronger.

Among the nineteen-color rays of light, the twentieth-color rays of light shine through. The twentieth-color rays are flashing and appearing more and more frequently.

A panic flashed in Mingshu's eyes.

This is going to break through the rhythm of the 20th heaven, how could this be?

Three thousand Heavenly Dao Strength, it must be that at this moment Yan Chuan is in charge of three thousand Heavenly Dao, and three thousand Heavenly Dao is constantly pouring strength into Yan Chuan.

It must be so.

I can’t go on like this anymore. If this goes on, Yan Chuan will inevitably use Power of Heaven and Earth to reach the 20th heaven. At that time, he will be completely defeated.

"no!" The roar of life.


Under the huge impact of the two dragons, the dragon claw touched the ground, pulling the ground below a huge trench.

"hong long long!"

The trench went down.

“bang! ”

Perforating the Yin-Yang two sectors, in the gutter of the Yang Sector, it also appeared in the Yin Sector in an instant.

The impact of the two dragons seemed to tear the earth in half.

"Almost, hahahaha, New World, Three Thousand Heavenly Dao, give me strength!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.


In the New World in the distance, three thousand Heavenly Dao suddenly appeared, and the rolling force passed through the Promise and came straight to the Black Dragon.

New World was created by Yan Chuan, mobilizing World Strength, but with no difficulty.

The power of the two worlds is completely poured into Yan Chuan's body.

"hong long long!"

Another force swept through, and Yan Chuan's impact became more and more rapid.


In the forefront of the Black Dragon, a sarcoma exploded. When it exploded, a dragon claw suddenly appeared.

dragon claw?

The twentieth dragon claw?

The twentieth color rays of light on Black Dragon's body burst out in an instant, shaking strongly, becoming stronger and stronger.

It won’t be long before the twentieth-color rays of light will stabilize.

"Twenty Heavens?" Lian Shen exclaimed in the distance.

More than the Lotus God, countless people screamed.

The twentieth heaven? The twentieth heaven? Yan Chuan hit the twentieth heaven?

"no!" Fate screamed desperately.

Yan Chuan is twenty days old? Although it is not stable yet, it will soon be stable. Once it is stable, will it be over by yourself?

Fate has always been the strongest. I haven't experienced any setbacks. I suddenly found out that I was going to lose. For an instant, I panicked extremely.

Yan Chuan Ten Nine Layers Heaven Peak, not much.

Now, twenty days?

With Heaven and Earth and let it be dispatched, how can you be able to beat it?

Are you finished?

"no!" Mingshu cried angrily.

Compared with the fate of grief and anger, other powerhouses are very excited. Yan Chuan is in the 20th heaven, then don't be afraid of fate anymore, don't worry anymore.

Mingshu recalled everything in the past, with anger, jealousy and hatred in my heart: "I abolished the power of Wanjun. I prepared for the Fourth Epoch and only the 20th Heaven, how easily did you reach it?"

"I don't believe, I don't believe, I'm unwilling, I'm unwilling!" In the desperate roar of fate.

Fear, hatred, jealousy, resentment, all emotions are brewing, and the fate is crazy at this moment.


Fate hits Yan Chuan and looks at Heaven and Earth, which shines endless rays of light at this moment.

"No, no one can surpass me, no one can, I want you to die, I want you to die!" Fate Shu yelled angrily.


With a tail, the fate was thrown to the ground.


Heaven and Earth trembled suddenly. On the ground, numerous cracks appeared in an instant.

"Fate, you are crazy, Heaven and Earth is destroyed, everyone must die!" Yan Chuan yelled.

Yan Chuan’s Twenty Heavenly Heavens is a bit unstable. The main reason is the power of three thousand Heavenly Dao. Once the Twenty Heavenly Heavens is stabilized, there is no fear of fate at all.

"All have to die, I wanted you to die, New World? Your New World must have a problem, so you are fighting for Heaven and Earth, and I will destroy it!" Fate number coldly said.

"After it is ruined, you will not live, and will die in the Promise sooner or later!" Yan Chuan called.

"Death, then die, I would rather perish together than be destroyed by you!" Ming Shu shouted.

"Perish together? You are crazy!" Yan Chuan roared.

"hmph, you are blocking me. I can't get rid of it. Sooner or later, I will fall into destruction. Sooner or later, I will die. I would rather perish together. If I die, I will not let you please. Go to destruction, all die, hahaha!" Fate said savagely.


The huge dragon tail hit the ground again.

"ang !"

Yan Chuan was angry, and rushed away, crashing into the fate.


The two dragons collided, causing countless damage again, but Yan Chuan blocked his life.

"You haven't stabilized in your 20th day, if you stabilize, I won't have a chance, hum, hum, hum, hum, hmph!" Golden Dragon rose fiercely.

"People, raise you and wait for the right hand, lend me strength!" Yan Chuan shouted loudly.

Yan Chuan's voice spread through the entire New World, without the slightest hesitation, the common people quickly raised their right hand.

"bang!" "bang!"…………

The rolling force soared into the sky, as if crossing time and space, and poured into Yan Chuan's body in a blink of an eye.

"bang!" "bang!"

Yan Chuan blocked his life time and time again.

This battle is ten days and ten nights, ten days and ten nights, Yan Chuan still has nineteen colors, and the twentieth color flashes strongly, yet it has not stabilized.

However, these ten destinies have become more and more anxious.

"You don't have time to stabilize the cultivation base? You are impossible to block me!" Mingshu roared angrily.

Yan Chuan didn't care at all, and continued to block his lives and destroy Heaven and Earth.

At this moment, the Yin-Yang two sectors have long been fragmented, but among the three thousand Heavenly Dao Protection, they still failed to collapse.

Fate became more anxious.

Yan Chuan is going to be twenty heavens, over?

No, die together!

"Fate, don't struggle, don't resist, I can let you continue to host Heaven and Earth!" Yan Chuan called.

"hahahaha, no, I don't need it at all, you still want to lie to me now? Haha, die, die together!" Fate screamed.

At the time of the roar, Fate did not continue to collide with Yan Chuan, instead, suddenly the whole body was golden light, and a terrifying aura exuded.

Golden Dragon expands, then shrinks.

"What are you doing?" Yan Chuan exclaimed.

Golden Dragon showed a ferocious smile: "What are you doing? I said, die, everyone must die!"

"You want to self-destruct?" Yan Chuan exclaimed Tao.

while speaking, Yan Chuan flew out suddenly.

On the occasion of flying backwards, he urged the cypress trees with all his strength to reach three thousand Heavenly Dao.

"hahahahaha, the destruction of Heaven and Earth, you are also waiting to go to destruction, everyone must die, all must die!" Ming Shu ruthlessly said.


The fate of the twenty heavens, self-destruct Heaven and Earth.

Formidable power, even Heaven and Earth can't withstand it. In an instant, it exploded.

The rolling force swept the Wuji Quartet, and Wuji was enveloped by this big explosion.

The huge wave hit, Zhongshan and the others in the distance were also rushed out in an instant.

The entire New World has also received a huge impact, shaking endlessly.

Old world, exploded?

The old world is destroyed?




The common people's heart is full of panic, staring at the distant place The explosion of Heaven and Earth.

Is everything over?

The big explosion of fate, destroying everything and destroying the hope of common people?

Everything falls into nothingness? Everything is gone?

Who can resist and who can resist the self-destruct of the 20th heaven?

"It's over?" Lian Shen said bitterly.

"This is over?" The emperor also said bitterly.

Zhong Shan's eyelids twitched wildly, as if he was unwilling to accept this fact.

The common people have struggled for a lifetime, but this is the result in return?

perish together?

Fate count this lunatic, this lunatic!

In the desperate roar of almost everyone.

The exploded ruins slowly became clear for three days and three nights.

Countless Heaven and Earth fragments were infinitely melted, and everything went to extinction.

In the ruins, an illusory shadow appeared, but it was a fateful illusory shadow.

Twenty-claw golden dragon phantom, this is the fate, all the power, all released, and only this weak illusory shadow remains.

"hahahahahahaha, Heaven and Earth are all exploded, die, everyone is dead!" Fateful illusory shadow said grimly.

In Promise, the fate illusory shadow will soon be melted, but the fate feels worth it, everything is worth it, and he destroyed Heaven and Earth and the common people.

Amidst another pile of ruins in the distance, Yan Chuan's voice came.

"cough cough cough cough cough, hahahahahaha!" Yan Chuan laughed loudly.

Looking at the fate, I saw a black dragon that was riddled with holes. A large piece of flesh and blood on the body of the black dragon was blown to pieces, revealing its bones. The dragon horn is even more broken and weak at the moment.

Black Dragon is Yan Chuan. Behind Yan Chuan is a cypress tree. Above the cypress tree, there are three thousand stars of Heaven and Earth fragments.

Black Dragon is repairing his injuries quickly.

"Yan Chuan, you are not dead yet? Just now when you self-destruct, you ran away, but so what? Without this Heaven and Earth, all of you would die, hahahaha!" The illusory shadow is getting weaker and weaker.

Black Dragon twisted his head and flew again. The remaining divine force constantly nourishes the body and restores the flesh.

Gradually, the black dragon body type recovered, and gradually recovered completely.

Although it is still extremely weak, but the appearance is no longer full of holes.

"Nineteen claws? Nineteen claws?" Ming Shu exclaimed suddenly.

The Black Dragon transformed by Yan Chuan has only nineteen claws at the moment. Didn’t it grow twenty claws before? Why is it still nineteen claws, what about the new ones?

"Yes, you read that right, nineteen claws!" Yan Chuan said with a big smile.

"How is it possible, how could you be nineteen claws? Wasn't it the twenty heavens? Was it not twenty claws just now?" Mingshu illusory shadow roared in surprise.

"You are wrong, I have always been nineteen claws!" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

"Is it wrong? Impossible, why am I wrong?" Mingshu illusory shadow asked in surprise.

Then, the fateful illusory shadow instantly reacted.

"You lie to me? You lie to me? You can't attack Twenty Heaven at all, but deliberately pretends to be the illusion of achieving Twenty Heaven, illusion, you lie to me, you lie to me?" The fate suddenly roared.

In the distance, Zhongshan, the emperor, the lotus god and the others are also stared wide-eyed.

"Previously, Yan Chuan, the twenty heavens were fake, did they deceive everyone?" Lian Shen said in a daze.

"What do I say, how can you achieve the 20th heaven? Turns out to be fake? Yan Chuan cheated his fate, cheated him to self-destruct?" The emperor was also excited.

"hahahahahaha!" Zhong Shan laughed.

In the common people, many people show a dazed look.

At this moment, the most sorrowful thing is the fate.

Twenty heavens? No, Yan Chuan is only ten Nine Layers Heaven. He deliberately grew a prosthetic limb to deceive himself?

Yan Chuan mobilized Heavenly Dao Strength, common people's aspiration power, and Cang Life Power, and surely impossible endless persistence. At the time, he was 20 days old, as long as he fights, sooner or later, Yan Chuan will lose.

But, Yan Chuan actually lied to me?

As long as you persevere, you will win sooner or later, and you will definitely win, but you are fooled.

You got fooled?

"no!" More suffocated than before, exploded in Fate's heart.

I was able to win, but I was self-destructed. Now, without the power, without the support of Heaven and Earth, it will soon dissolve in the infinite.

I was deceived by Yan Chuan?

"Liar, Yan Chuan, you are a liar!" Fate Shun shouted desperately.

"Fate, you are completely defeated! The common people have won!" Black Dragon said solemnly.

While speaking, Black Dragon shook his body and transformed into a human body again.

The cypress tree rotates behind Yan Chuan. Above the cypress tree, there are three thousand stars.

"So what? Heaven and Earth are all destroyed, you all wait to die!" Fate said stubbornly.

"Waiting to die? hahahaha!" Yan Chuan laughed.

"What?" Mingshu looked towards Yan Chuan.

Yan Chuan waved his hand, and three thousand stars over the cypress trees quickly absorbed all around the ruins.

"What is that?" Mingshu cried.

"This is the three thousand stars created by Dongfang Bubai, which is three thousand Heavenly Dao, which is Heaven and Earth Source. With them, Heavenly Dao is there!" Yan Chuan said.


The ruins of the old world have completely disappeared, some have been melted away by Promise, some have been included in the three thousand stars.

"I have broken everything, so with these three thousand stars, New World will be able to give birth to a new soul!" Yan Chuan said.

"Impossible, no!" Destiny said in despair.

Next, the fate expression changed: "hahahaha, Yan Chuan, you will re-walk my way, sooner or later, you will destroy the common people, or be destroyed by the common people!"

"Oh, I'm different from you!" Yan Chuan said with a sneer.

Speaking, Yan Chuan hand grasps, and New World flies quickly in the distance.

At this moment, the fate is weak, and there is no way to do any more damage.

"Dao Shengyi, One gave birth to Two, Two gave birth to Three, Three Births Myriad Things!"

Yan Chuan waved his probing hand at New World.


New World seemed to soften quickly, and gradually, it looked like a droplet of the past.

“weng! ”

New World seems to have undergone fission, becoming two.

Then, two changed to four, and four changed to eight, rapidly changing more and more.

It didn't take long for the Promise to appear three thousand New Worlds, exactly the same.

Under the control of cypress trees, three thousand stars quickly merged into a world.

“bang! ”

Every world suddenly shines with endless dazzling brilliance.

Endless auspicious appeared, 3000 New World, once again rapid growth and expansion.

"A new soul, Great Emperor, a new soul is born!" There was a cheer in the first world.

"hahahaha!" Yan Chuan said with a big smile.

"What do you want to do?" Mingshu's eyes were full of puzzlement.

"Three thousand stars merged into three thousand New World. These three thousand New Worlds will all be restored to the same level as before. Common people can live, reincarnate, and rebirth. Heavenly Dao cycle, endless life. I won't Forcibly command the Three Thousand Worlds, everyone is qualified to compete for Peak, everyone is like a dragon!" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

"Everyone is like a dragon? Everyone is like a dragon?" There was a wave of unbelief in Mingshu's eyes.

Yan Chuan actually gave up manipulating common people?

Yan Chuan created the world, he can take the welfare of the common people, and he can take the chances of the common people. Everything belongs to Yan Chuan. He actually gave up?

Furthermore, in the establishment of Three Thousand Worlds, everyone has a chance?

"You, you are an idiot!" Ming Shu yelled.

"Everyone is like a dragon, and Three Thousand Worlds will be more prosperous. The heroes of the common people who were destroyed by you in the past. Hongjun, Netherworld River, Fuxi, Dongfang Bubai, Baihuang, Taiqizun, Dashi Zun, Da De Zun, Dao Zun, and Great Phoenix Zun, all of them will come back from eclosion. They have paid countless for the common people. When they come back, they can get a piece of Heaven and Earth, which can be a piece of Heaven and Earth True Dragon. Everyone has it. Everyone has the opportunity to achieve True Dragon!" Yan Chuan said with a big smile.

"Idiot, Idiot!" Fate is going crazy.

Can everyone reach their own height? Does everyone have a chance?

"Three Thousand Worlds, each has a True Dragon? Are you back? Yan Chuan, hahahaha, I thought about it, I thought about it!" Mingshu suddenly laughed.

Next, Mingshu seems to let go of resistance, allowing Promise to melt itself quickly.

"hmph!" Yan Chuan suddenly coldly snorted.


A black light rushes toward the fate.


The black light instantly bound the lives.

"What are you doing? Yan Chuan what are you doing?" Fate screamed.

"Do you want to feather and come back?" Yan Chuan said with a smile.


"Everyone is like a dragon, and everyone has a chance. If you are born again, you will surely become a member of the common people. With your realm in the 20th heaven, Even if you lose your memory, after a million years, you will definitely be able to reach the height you are now and the strongest again. You said, would I let you come back to Heaven and Earth?" Yan Chuan said with a sneer.

"Yan Chuan?" Mingshu's face was extremely ugly.

Since the Three Thousand Heavenly Dao is here, the fate wants to be reborn, and then the common people will be destroyed again, but it was a pity that Yan Chuan saw it.

"I won't let you feather, I want you, forever trapped, forever!" Yan Chuan said coldly.


The Zhenshi bronze coffin suddenly appeared.

"From now on, you will be sealed in this coffin!" Yan Chuan said.

The bronze coffin of Zhenshi instantly covered the fateful illusory shadow in it.

"Kuang!" The lid of the coffin was closed.

Fate is completely trapped.

"Carry the coffin to build the country, the common people hope, oh, the common people are saved, grandfather, I did it!" Yan Chuan said with a big smile.

Probing his hand with a wave.

"hong long long!"

The giant coffin quickly deformed, and gradually, the giant coffin turned into a huge bronze giant dragon.

"Long Nine Dragons, there is still one missing, you can be the Nine Dragons!" Yan Chuan said.


The bronze giant dragon roared.


Azure Dragon giant dragon rushed into the first Heaven and Earth, and went straight to Yan Chuan.

In the place where the dragon is located, eight giant dragons stared blankly at the starry sky.

"Lao Jiu, Lao Jiu is the number of fate?" Long Wu asked in surprise.

Kowloon’s respective background is quite extraordinary, one is better than the other, but it’s all Yan Chuan pulling carts, so it’s okay to put your mentality right, it’s just that Jiulong has been together for a long time, and the order will be arranged. Boss, second, third...................

Until now the old nine.

Seeing the appearance of the bronze giant dragon, almost all giant dragons are confused.

"Great Emperor very awesome!" After holding back for a long time, Qi Sha said again.


Above the stars, Yan Chuan solved the fate.

Looking at the vibrant Three Thousand Worlds, for a while, I felt very happy.

Turning his head and looking towards the variable world in the distance, he was broken by the fate, and he was about to collapse at this moment.

"There are variables, it becomes the number of Dayan, the variable world, congeal!" Yan Chuan shouting loudly.

“bang! ”

The original variable world, immediately condenses again, and everything is restored as before. Form a small ball.

Yan Chuan waved his hand and the ball flew into Three Thousand Worlds. Under the urging of Yan Chuan, no one knew which world it flew into. Anyway, it entered one of the Three Thousand Worlds.

"Those who are predestined, get it!" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

Turning his head, Yan Chuan flew towards Zhongshan.

At this moment, Zhong Shan laughed and was in a good mood.

Yan Chuan also laughed.

"Zhong Shan, you and I choose one world each, and the other worlds, move to the common people as soon as possible, let everything develop on its own, there will be opportunities, everyone is like a dragon!" Yan Chuan said with a smile.

"Okay!" Zhong Shan said with a smile.

Yan Chuan, Zhong Shan, Huang and the others quickly returned to Heaven and Earth.

"Long live long live absolutely!"

"Hurray long live absolutely!"




The common people cheered.

The fate is sealed, the common people are saved, everything is saved, and the future will be even better.

Everyone is like a dragon, immortality.

The world is jubilant.

Yan Chuan became common people's faith.

Millions of years later, peerless powerhouses have emerged and returned.

One world, once again prosperous.

Although new world masters are gradually formed in each world, no one can forget Yan Chuan, and the strongest immortal kingdom, the Great Emperor!

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