The Emperor of the Immortal Realm Chapter 1614

"The Great Emperor" continued "immortality", after more than a year, it was finally over.

When I first opened the book, I was full of confidence and wanted to open another grand world. However, Guanqi made several mistakes.

First of all, in the selection of materials, there is no firm belief in at first. For various reasons, it was changed to a sequel to the longevity in the middle.

After all, there were a lot of readers of immortality at the beginning, and the belief in watching chess was loosened.

So, the cheating comes, and the sequel does not matter, mainly because the protagonist becomes a supporting role, and the supporting role becomes the protagonist.

From "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" to "The Legend of Condor Heroes", although Guo Jing has become a supporting role, the protagonist is the new character Yang Guo, not Yang Kang in the Condor Heroes.

"immortality" and "the Great Emperor" are similar to Guo Jing and Yang Kang.

Therefore, for the first time in this book, there was a scene that shocked me. People who like Zhong Shan and Yan Chuan quarreled in the comments. Well, watching chess was really anxious at the time. This scene , Alexander.

People who like Zhongshan have blacked out Yan Chuan. People who like Yan Chuan also do their part and black out Zhong Shan.

Watching chess drew tears to the wall until dawn. So tangled!

Next, about Yan Chuan’s character, I originally wanted to write something resourceful and slowly pave the way for some conspiracies, but just after setting up some plot, it seems that Yan Chuan is not as clean and neat as in "immortality" , Swept Eight Desolates and Six Directions. (In immortality, Ying has always been invincible. Any enemy can be slapped to death with just one slap.) After all, some tactics need some long bedding.

Because of the finalization of the character attributes in the previous book, this book cannot convert the character attributes, only a few changes can be made. Therefore, let the watch chess have no choice but to give up some advantages. Both the Korean War and the Commercial War were not exciting enough.

Next, the world framework, such as Divine Beast ranking and divine ability ranking, must continue immortality, unable to innovate, and in desperation, unable to have big new ideas, I am really ashamed of everyone, the main framework has been fixed , It's not easy to change.

The Great Emperor of the Immortal Kingdom, I was not too satisfied with watching chess. I didn't choose the best materials for watching chess. I felt a little bit old. However, at the later stage of the book, I can't look back anymore, so I can only go on brace oneself.

The idea of ​​watching chess, like free and unconstrained, without restriction. Guanqi tried his best. However, some friends who like to watch chess books are sorry.

Although the book is a perfect ending, it has not been able to reach a higher level. Slightly regrettable.

Talk about the new book.

Speaking of the new book, it was actually conceived at the beginning of the Great Emperor of Xian Kingdom. Different from'one fate, two luck, three geomantic omen, four accumulate yin, virtue and five reading! 'The system.

A new ideological system novel. A book that Guanqi really wants to write.

It will cover a wide range of topics. The new book, while refreshing the text, will have some really useful knowledge and ideas that need to be considered.

Therefore, after watching chess, a large amount of data must be inquired and collected. The new book requires a lot of knowledge.

The new book will be uploaded two or three months later. After the Chinese New Year.

For these two or three months, watch chess take a break for a while, then check various information, and then save some drafts. Then there will be no rush.

The content of the new book will be different from the previous books of Guanqi. Please keep it confidential for the specific content. Guanqi will not let everyone down.

Please look forward to it!

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