The Era of Gods Chapter 224


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In the following days, Lin Xiao will almost always reside in Divine Realm, staying in it almost every day.

Research on spell and various spell theoretical knowledge, through the Tower of Truth, let all intelligent goblins participate in it. Feedback from more than three thousand intelligent goblins makes him advanced by leaps and bounds in the theory of spells. In terms of theory, he can Certainly no one in the class can compare to him, and perhaps few can compare to him in the entire high school stage.

The theoretical knowledge of spell is solid, so it is fed back to the Tower of Truth. In the tower, more esoteric books of spell theory gradually appeared for the wisdom goblin to study.

He brought knowledge into the Tower of Truth for the wisdom goblins to learn, and all the gains from the wisdom goblin study and research were fed back to Lin Xiao, so that he could gain more profound theoretical knowledge, and then to the Tower of Truth for the wisdom goblins to learn. Repeatedly back and forth, various theoretical knowledge about spell in the Tower of Truth has grown rapidly.

At the same time, as Divine Realm continues to expand, Lin Xiao feels that Divine Realm is empty and there are too few dependents. At the same time, the intelligent goblins are too crazy in learning and unwilling to give birth, which leads to slow reproduction speed. The initial two thousand Wisdom goblins only rose a thousand in 20 years, which is too slow.

He has already begun to make conscious adjustments, and he has given Slardar a metaphor to guide the wise goblins to multiply and breed, and at the same time add a limit to the tower of truth, let the wise goblins do something else and interesting Things, don’t be at home alone.

I have to say that mandatory adjustments are still somewhat effective. Under his mandatory restrictions, the intelligent goblins cannot enter the Tower of Truth at any time as before, and can only free up time to do other things after a research is over.

Some people with strong hands-on ability will study other things derived from spell theory, and the remaining hands-on ability are not strong enough, only follow Slardar’s arrangement to do some beneficial activities for the body and mind, and contribute billions of points to the prosperity of the intelligent goblin race .

It is worth mentioning that the pure spirit of divinity that cost him five points of divinity has already been reincarnated, successfully reincarnated as a divinity intelligent goblin, and has shown extraordinary wisdom and ability since childhood.

Divine Realm has grown into an adult in just ten years, and has now emerged as a well-known young talent in the wise goblin family.

On the day of birth, Lin Xiao personally came to give the name Alement. Lin, with the last name at the back and the first name, hoping to become the most intelligent existence in Divine Realm in the distant future.

Now it seems that he has not lived up to his expectations. He is already the most intelligent member of the intelligent goblins at a young age, and has shown a very strong innate talent in spell since he was a child.

Finally, after the second week of the first big class, the first intelligent goblin hero Alement successfully cast his first spell without a career card, and formally became a mage.

This is a real mage, not a fake mage with a professional card.

The mage employed by the professional card originated from a super crystal wall system called Toril. It relies on the existence of the magic net. Not only does it have restrictions on using spell, it is also restricted by the magic net’s spell position limit.

The mage career that Alemante obtained through self-study is more similar to the mage in the pseudo DND game. It relies on blue mana to cast spells instead of magic nets, so as long as the mana is enough, you can cast spells at will, without any restrictions, naturally more powerful .

After taking the job as a mage, Alemante’s divinity in reincarnation was officially inspired and became a mage hero with an epic template.

Lin Xiao checked Alimonte’s hero panel and gave an evaluation of the potential that is not inferior to Slardar.

Hero: Alemante (divinity creature)

Race: Wisdom Goblin.

Level: Epic.

Hero Aura: Magic Aura-All casters in the aura range reduce their mana and spirit strength consumption by 25%, increase their casting speed by 25%, increase their casting distance by 25%, and increase spell formidable power by 25%.

Hero general innate talent: Epic hero physique-immunity to death damage, higher life regeneration, physical damage reduction 25%, and overall resistance +25%.

divinity biological innate talent: divinity biological—all attributes +20%, overall resistance +20%, and higher life regeneration.

The hero’s unique innate talent: the brilliance of the goblin-inherits the last brilliance of the ancient goblin, and possesses a super innate talent in magic creation.

Hero skills: None.

physique: 19+4 points. (Slightly…}

Strength: 16+3 points. (Omitted…)

Agility: 21+4 points. (Omitted…)

Spirit: 60+12 points. (Your spirit is beyond the reach of mortals, your wisdom is extraordinary, you are a born spell master.)

Evaluation: Legendary goblin hero who inherits the afterglow of ancient goblin.

From the innate talent, it can be seen that Alemante is not the kind of wizard hero who is good at combat, but the innate talent in magic creation is very high, which makes him look forward to.

Alemende does not have hero skills yet, but his ability to cast spells has grown rapidly after becoming a hero. Within a few years, he was promoted to the sixth rank of the archmage level and became a very powerful wizard leader.

Yes, since Alemend became an official mage, other intelligent goblins seem to have opened up, and successively experienced intelligent goblins who have studied spell for many years successfully cast spells and become a true mage.

It is worth mentioning that only intelligent goblins who are not employed as Frost Warlock can become true wizards. If they are employed as Frost Warlock, they will never be able to become true wizards.

However, this does not mean that they will have no way after they have taken up the job of Frost Warlock. They can continue to study the theory of spell, so as to learn various spell skills and super magic skills by themselves, and become a senior Frost Warlock that is stronger than the conventional profession.

Lin Xiao was very satisfied with the changes of the smart goblin, promoted Alement to the patriarch of the smart goblin family, and selected twenty outstanding smart goblin mages as his pastors, and ordered him to establish an established Sect subordinate organization—— The Palace of Truth is responsible for the control and protection of the Tower of Truth, as well as the manufacture of magic machinery and weapon armor for the church.

At this time, apart from the headquarters, the Church of Truth has only one subordinate branch of the Palace of Truth, but the second branch of the Tribunal is under preparation.

The duty of the arbitration court is generally to monitor the inside of the church, arrest the convicts of the church and try the rebellion. Equivalent to East Factory Bright Gown Guard, the power is quite large.

Lin Xiao currently does not have any family member qualified to hold this position, so he can only leave it temporarily.

Time has passed with the rapid development of Divine Realm. Every week Lin Xiao returns from Divine Realm and immediately sends a message to Shen Yuexin.

They made an appointment a month ago to contact them at the same time every week, and now it is the fourth time.

The content of the chat is mostly some interesting things encountered in the development of their respective Divine Realm, or some interesting things during class, including the courses and content of their respective classes. Now Lin Xiao has a good understanding of the Elite Class courses in Huiyao No.1 Middle School .

Generally, it is not much different from the second middle school, but the teaching method is slightly different. The most important thing is that the treatment of the two teachers and the counselors in the Elite Class of the first middle and high school is completely different.

Summarize in one sentence: excellent students and whisper, poor students fend for themselves.

Fortunately, the little aunt performed well, which is an example of top students.

Then they talked for a while, and they hung up reluctantly when they were almost in the classroom.

Although they talked very little, the relationship between them was not cold due to the lack of talk, but improved. She no longer rejected his occasional verbal molesting on the Internet.

This is a huge improvement. When a girl does not reject a boy who is slurring her own words, it means that she has a good impression of the boy, and she can win it if she works harder.

Lin Xiao is already considering one day to find an opportunity to meet with her and decide the relationship first.

Thinking all the way to the door of the classroom, Lin Xiao quickly put his mind back when seeing the serious-looking classmates coming one after another, because today is the second big class of this semester.

According to the teacher in charge of the last big class, the teacher in the lobby will no longer release water, and everyone is a little nervous.

Of course, this doesn’t include him. During the 30-year development of Divine Realm in the main world in one month, his Divine Realm’s strength has made tremendous progress. Compared with the last time, he has the confidence to face any Previous Senior.

Entering the classroom, the crystal plate stopped in its place. Students came one after another but there was not much sound in the classroom.

Most students have been like this in the past month. It doesn’t feel like they are in school. It’s more like the so-called dísciple in Sect in the novel. Everyone is a competitor.

When all the students arrive, the class bell rang, and the class teacher and counselor arrived on time. Sun Court Academecian is a theoretical teacher, and this kind of actual combat class usually does not come.

As always, wearing a full-body armor, even the body is invisible, the divine light constantly swallowing pupils sweeping through all the students, as always, the voice has no emotion:

“The second big class is the same as one month ago, but this time will simulate 100% of the previous Senior projection. Students who failed the last big class should pay attention. If this big class continues to fail, you Will be persuaded to leave to Class 2.”

There is no sound in the classroom, but Lin Xiao knows that everyone is definitely not at peace.

“tsk tsk, a group of people will be eliminated in the first two months of school. This competitive pressure…”

Fortunately, he has grown rapidly during this time.

Not to mention the intelligent goblins who have grown up. With the current big naga and murlocs, he has the confidence to face any opponent. As long as he is not the Senior who has encountered the previous cream of the crop, even the flame lord may not need it. summon.

Thirty years of development, not only has he continuously used the extraordinary ability of reproduction to increase the reproduction speed of the great naga, he also deliberately traded a total of nine five-star rare quality reproduction cards on the Internet with three mythical quality cards. Three cards are combined to form three reproduction cards of mythological quality.

This is the upper limit of multiplication cards. Even if there are more fusions, there will be no ancient quality multiplication cards, so three in one is the most cost-effective.

The duration remains unchanged for ten years, but the reproduction speed has changed from 300% to 500%. Divine Realm has used three cards for thirty years, sharing three card slots.

With the multiplication speed increase of 500% in 30 years, plus the extraordinary ability of reproduction, even if the reproduction ability of the big naga is low, it will be forcibly increased. At this time, the number of big naga in Divine Realm is compared It has been added half a year ago

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